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									    Newspapers in
   London Libraries
           compiled by
Elisabeth Dew & Catherine Allwood
  City Business Library

                      November 2010
            Contents Page

                 A-Z title list
             A-Z languages list
             A-Z microform list
          Contact details for libraries

Many libraries are currently revising their
newspaper holdings so please contact them before
travelling to confirm that the titles and dates you
need are in stock.
Title                    Location               Holdings
Abhiyan                  Brent                  C
Abhiyan                  Harrow                 C
                         Hammersmith &
Acton & Ealing Gazette   Fulham                 C
Africa                   Westminster            1928-1984
Africa News              Newham                 C
African Times            Tower Hamlets          C
African Voice            Wandsworth             1M
Akhand Anand             Brent                  6M
Akhbar e Jehan           Brent                  6M
Akhbar e Jehan           Hillingdon             3M
Akhbar e Jehan           Newham                 3M
Akhbar e Jehan           Waltham Forest         C
                         Hammersmith &
Akhbar e Watan           Fulham                 3M
Al Ahram                 Westminster            C
Al Arab                  Ealing                 2M
Al Hayat                 Brent                  1M
Al Hayat                 Camden                 6M
Al Hayat                 Ealing                 2M
Al Hayat                 Hackney                6M
Al Hayat                 Haringey               1W
Al Hayat                 Hillingdon             1M
Al Hayat                 Hounslow               2W
Al Hayat                 Islington              6M
Al Hayat                 Lewisham               6M
Al Hayat                 Slough                 2W
Al Hayat                 Westminster            3M
Al Jummah                Tower Hamlets          C
Al Quds                  Ealing                 2M
Al Quds Al Arabi         Wandsworth             C
An Ninh                  Hackney                6M
Ananda Vikatan           Brent                  6M
Ananda Vikatan           Ealing                 2W
Ananda Vikatan           Enfield                3M
Asharq Al Aswat          Hackney                1W
Asharq Al Aswat          Kensington & Chelsea   1M
Asharq Al Aswat          Westminster
Asian Age                Brent                  1M
Asian Age                Croydon                4M
Asian Age                Ealing                 2M
Asian Age                Hackney                6M
Asian Age                Haringey               1W
Asian Age                Harrow                 1M
Asian Age                Hillingdon             3M
Asian Age                Hounslow               1M
Asian Age                Redbridge              6M
Asian Age                Slough                 1M
Asian Age                Waltham Forest         1M
Asian Times              Brent                  C
Asian Voice              Barnet                 3M
Asian Voice              Bexley                 6M
Asian Voice              Brent                  3M
Asian Voice              Croydon                2M
Asian Voice                            Enfield                 1M
                                       Hammersmith &
Asian Voice                            Fulham                  6M
Asian Voice                            Haringey                1W
Asian Voice                            Harrow                  6M
Asian Voice                            Hillingdon              1M
Asian Voice                            Waltham Forest          1M
Asian Voice                            Wandsworth              C
Australian Outlook                     Hackney                 1M
                                       Camomile Street -
Bangla Mirror                          COL                     3M
Bangladesh Observer                    Tower Hamlets           C
Baptist Times                          Lambeth                 C
Baptist Times                          Merton                  6M
Baptist Times                          Slough                  1M
Barbadoes Nation                       Waltham Forest          1M
Barking & Dagenham Advertiser          Barking & Dagenham
Barking & Dagenham Post                Barking & Dagenham      2Y
Barking & Dagenham Recorder            Barking & Dagenham      2Y
Barking East Ham & Ilford Advertiser   Barking & Dagenham
Barnet & Potters Bar Times             Barnet                  3M
Barrons                                City Business Library   1Y
Be My Parent                           Hackney                 C
Benfleet, Canvey & District News       Southend
Bexley Times                           Bexley                  6M
Bexley Times                           Greenwich               3M
Big Print                              Hackney                 3M
Big Print                              Islington               3M
Biggin Hill News                       Bromley                 1966+
Bota Sot                               Westminster             C
Bromley Borough News                   Bromley                 Various years from 1938
Bromley Times                          Bromley                 3M
Bucks Advertiser                       Hillingdon              1Y
Bucks Advertiser                       Slough                  1M
Bucks Free Press                       Slough                  1M
Calabash                               Brent                   C
Camden Gazette                         Camden                  3M
Camden New Journal                     Camden                  1982+
Canada News                            Brent                   C
Canvey News                            Southend
Canvey News & Benfleet Recorder        Southend
Caribbean Times                        Haringey                1W
Caribbean Times                        Brent                   3M
                                       Hammersmith &
Catholic Herald                        Fulham                  1952+
Catholic Herald                        Harrow                  1M
Catholic Herald                        Slough                  1M
Catholic Times                         Merton                  6M
Catholic Times                         Westminster             6M
Chandan                                Brent                   C
Chelmsford Chronicle                   Southend
Chitralekha                            Bexley                  6M
Chitralekha                            Brent                   6M
Chitralekha                            Ealing                  2M
Chitralekha                            Harrow                  1M
Chitralekha                            Waltham Forest          1M
Church of England Newspaper            Hammersmith &           1953+
Church Times               Ealing                 3M
Church Times               Hackney                3M
                           Hammersmith &
Church Times               Fulham                 1951+
Church Times               Harrow                 3M
Church Times               Hillingdon             C
Church Times               Merton                 6M
Church Times               Slough                 1M
Church Times               Wandsworth             3M
Church Times               Westminster            6M
Confluence                 Croydon                1Y
Cooltura                   Harrow                 C
Co-operative News          Hackney                C
Corriere della Sera (Il)   Haringey               1W
Croydon Advertiser         Bromley                2002 +
Cyprus News                Islington              1Y
Daily Ausaf                Brent                  1M
Daily Ausaf                Newham                 1M
Daily Ausaf                Waltham Forest         3M
Daily Express              Barking & Dagenham     3M
Daily Express              Barnet                 1M
Daily Express              Camden                 6M
Daily Express              Croydon                4M
Daily Express              Ealing                 2M
Daily Express              Greenwich              3M
                           Hammersmith &
Daily Express              Fulham                 3M
Daily Express              Haringey               1M
Daily Express              Harrow                 3M
Daily Express              Havering               1M
Daily Express              Hillingdon             1M
Daily Express              Hounslow               2M
Daily Express              Islington              6M
Daily Express              Kensington & Chelsea   2M
Daily Express              Lambeth                6M
Daily Express              Redbridge              6M
Daily Express              Richmond               1M
Daily Express              Slough                 1Ms
Daily Express              Southwark              6M
Daily Express              Sutton                 1M
Daily Express              Waltham Forest         3M
Daily Express              Wandsworth             6M
Daily Express              Westminster            1M
Daily Jang                 Barking & Dagenham     3M
Daily Jang                 Barnet                 2M
Daily Jang                 Brent                  1M
Daily Jang                 Bromley                6M
Daily Jang                 Ealing                 2W
Daily Jang                 Hackney                6M

                           Hammersmith &
Daily Jang                 Fulham                 3M
Daily Jang                 Haringey               1W
Daily Jang                 Harrow                 3M
Daily Jang                 Havering               3M
Daily Jang                 Hillingdon             1M
Daily Jang               Hounslow               1M
Daily Jang               Islington              1W
Daily Jang               Kingston               CM
Daily Jang               Lambeth                CM + 1
Daily Jang               Lewisham               6M
Daily Jang               Merton                 3M
Daily Jang               Newham                 1M
Daily Jang               Redbridge              6M
Daily Jang               Slough                 2M
Daily Jang               Southend               2W
Daily Jang               Southwark              1W
Daily Jang               Tower Hamlets          3M
Daily Jang               Waltham Forest         3M
Daily Jang               Wandsworth             6M
Daily Jang/Sunday Jang   Croydon                2M
Daily Mail               Barking & Dagenham     3M
Daily Mail               Barnet                 1M
Daily Mail               Bexley                 6M
Daily Mail               Brent                  1M
Daily Mail               Bromley                6M
Daily Mail               Camden                 6M
Daily Mail               Croydon                3M
Daily Mail               Ealing                 2M
Daily Mail               Enfield                1M
Daily Mail               Greenwich              3M
Daily Mail               Hackney                3M
                         Hammersmith &
Daily Mail               Fulham                 3M
Daily Mail               Haringey               1M
Daily Mail               Harrow                 3M
Daily Mail               Havering               1M
Daily Mail               Hillingdon             6M
Daily Mail               Hounslow               2M
Daily Mail               Islington              3M
Daily Mail               Kensington & Chelsea   4M
Daily Mail               Lambeth                CM + 1
Daily Mail               Lewisham               6M
Daily Mail               Merton                 1M
Daily Mail               Newham                 1M
Daily Mail               Redbridge              6M
Daily Mail               Richmond               1M
Daily Mail               Slough                 2M
Daily Mail               Southend               1M
Daily Mail               Southwark              6M
Daily Mail               Sutton                 1M
Daily Mail               Tower Hamlets          3M
Daily Mail               Waltham Forest         3M
Daily Mail               Wandsworth             6M
Daily Mail               Westminster
Daily Mirror             Barking & Dagenham     3M
Daily Mirror             Barnet                 1M
Daily Mirror             Brent                  1M
Daily Mirror             Bromley                4W
Daily Mirror             Camden                 6M
Daily Mirror             Croydon                3M
Daily Mirror             Ealing                 2M
Daily Mirror             Enfield                1M
Daily Mirror      Greenwich               3M
Daily Mirror      Hackney                 3M
                  Hammersmith &
Daily Mirror      Fulham                  3M
Daily Mirror      Haringey                1M
Daily Mirror      Harrow                  3M
Daily Mirror      Hillingdon              6M
Daily Mirror      Hounslow                2M
Daily Mirror      Islington               3M
Daily Mirror      Kensington & Chelsea    2M
Daily Mirror      Lambeth                 5Y
Daily Mirror      Lewisham                6M
Daily Mirror      Merton                  1M
Daily Mirror      Newham                  1M
Daily Mirror      Redbridge               6M
Daily Mirror      Richmond                1M
Daily Mirror      Slough                  1M
Daily Mirror      Southwark               6M
Daily Mirror      Sutton                  1M
Daily Mirror      Tower Hamlets           3M
Daily Mirror      Waltham Forest          3M
Daily Mirror      Wandsworth              6M
Daily Mirror      Westminster             1W
Daily Nation      Brent                   2W
Daily Nation      Redbridge               1Y
Daily Nation      Slough                  1M
Daily Star        Ealing                  2M
Daily Telegraph   Barbican -COL           1W
Daily Telegraph   Barking & Dagenham      1Y
Daily Telegraph   Barnet                  3M
Daily Telegraph   Bexley                  6M
Daily Telegraph   Brent                   1M
Daily Telegraph   Bromley                 6M
Daily Telegraph   Camden                  6M
                  Camomile Street -
Daily Telegraph   COL                     1W
Daily Telegraph   City Business Library   2M
Daily Telegraph   Croydon                 1Y
Daily Telegraph   Ealing                  2M
Daily Telegraph   Enfield                 6M
Daily Telegraph   Greenwich               12M
Daily Telegraph   Hackney                 1Y
                  Hammersmith &
Daily Telegraph   Fulham                  1Y
Daily Telegraph   Haringey                1M
Daily Telegraph   Harrow                  3M
Daily Telegraph   Havering                1M
Daily Telegraph   Hillingdon              3M
Daily Telegraph   Hounslow                1Y
Daily Telegraph   Islington               3M
Daily Telegraph   Kensington & Chelsea    6M
Daily Telegraph   Kingston                CM +1
Daily Telegraph   Lambeth                 6M
Daily Telegraph   Lewisham                1Y
Daily Telegraph   Merton                  6M
Daily Telegraph   Newham                  1M
Daily Telegraph   Redbridge               6M
Daily Telegraph          Richmond             3M
Daily Telegraph          Slough               6M
Daily Telegraph          Southend             2M
Daily Telegraph          Southwark            1Y
Daily Telegraph          Sutton               1M
Daily Telegraph          Tower Hamlets        6M
Daily Telegraph          Waltham Forest       6M
Daily Telegraph          Wandsworth           1Y
Daily Telegraph          Westminster          1M
Des Pardes               Bexley               6M
Des Pardes               Ealing               5Y
Des Pardes               Enfield              3M
Des Pardes               Hillingdon           6M
Des Pardes               Hounslow             1M
Des Pardes               Kingston             C +3
Des Pardes               Newham               3M
Des Pardes               Redbridge            6M
Des Pardes               Slough               1M
Des Pardes               Waltham Forest       C
Disability Now           Barking & Dagenham   1Y
Disability Now           Enfield              6M
Disability Now           Islington            2Y
Disability Now           Lambeth              2Y
Disability Now           Richmond             6M
Disability Now           Southwark            C
Disability Now           Waltham Forest
Docklands Recorder       Tower Hamlets        1M
Dziennik Polski          Slough               1M
Dziennik Polski          Waltham Forest       1M
Ealing & Acton Gazette   Ealing               18M
East End Life            Tower Hamlets        1965+
East London Advertiser   Hackney              2Y
East London Advertiser   Newham               3M
East London Advertiser   Tower Hamlets        1983+
East London Advertiser   Waltham Forest       C
Eastern Eye              Barking & Dagenham   3M
Eastern Eye              Bexley               6M
Eastern Eye              Brent                3M
Eastern Eye              Camden               6M
Eastern Eye              Croydon              3M
Eastern Eye              Ealing               3M
Eastern Eye              Hackney              6M
                         Hammersmith &
Eastern Eye              Fulham               1Y
Eastern Eye              Harrow               3M
Eastern Eye              Havering             1M
Eastern Eye              Hillingdon           C
Eastern Eye              Islington            1Y
Eastern Eye              Newham               3M
Eastern Eye              Redbridge            6M
Eastern Eye              Richmond             6M
Eastern Eye              Southwark            1Y
Eastern Eye              Tower Hamlets        3M
Eastern Eye              Westminster          6M
Economist                Ealing               1Y
Economist                Islington            1Y
Economist                Lambeth              1Y
Economist                       Redbridge              6M
Economist                       Richmond               3Y
Economist                       Southwark              2Y
Economist                       Waltham Forest         1Y
Economist                       Westminster            1Y
Edgware & Mill Hill Times       Barnet                 1Y
El Pais (Spain)                 Westminster            1M
Eleftheria                      Enfield                1M
Enfield Advertiser              Enfield                3M
Enfield Gazette                 Enfield                6M
Enfield Independent             Enfield                3M
Epoch Times                     Barking & Dagenham     3M
Epoch Times                     Croydon                3M
Epoch Times                     Hackney                6M
Epoch Times                     Harrow                 C
Epoch Times                     Hillingdon             C
Epoch Times                     Islington              C
Epoch Times                     Redbridge              6M
Essex Chronicle                 Redbridge              6M
Essex Chronicle                 Southend               3M
Essex Times                     Havering
Ettela’at                       Kensington & Chelsea   1M
Evening Echo                    Southend               3M approx
Evening Standard                Barbican - COL         1W
Evening Standard                Barnet                 1M
Evening Standard                Brent                  1M
Evening Standard                Bromley
Evening Standard                Camden                 6M
                                Camomile Street -
Evening Standard                COL                    1W
Evening Standard                Ealing                 2M
Evening Standard                Greenwich              3M
Evening Standard                Guildhall              12M
Evening Standard                Hackney                3M
                                Hammersmith &
Evening Standard                Fulham                 3M
Evening Standard                Hounslow               1M
Evening Standard                Islington              3M
Evening Standard                Lewisham               1Y
Evening Standard                Merton                 1M
Evening Standard                Newham                 1M
Evening Standard                Richmond               2M
Evening Standard                Slough                 1M
Evening Standard                Southwark
Evening Standard                Tower Hamlets          6M
Evening Standard                Waltham Forest         6M
Evening Standard (London ed.)   Westminster            3M
Feltham Chronicle               Hounslow               1M
Figaro (Le)                     Bromley                6M
Figaro (Le)                     Haringey               1W
Figaro (Le)                     Westminster            C
Financial Times                 Barbican -COL          1W
Financial Times                 Barking & Dagenham     1Y
Financial Times                 Barnet                 6M
Financial times                 Bexley                 6M
Financial Times                 Brent                  3M
Financial Times                 Bromley                2010+
Financial Times                  Camden                  1Y
                                 Camomile Street -
Financial Times                  COL                     1W
Financial Times                  City Business Library   1Y
Financial Times                  Croydon                 1Y
Financial Times                  Ealing                  2M
Financial Times                  Enfield                 3M
Financial Times                  Greenwich               12M
Financial Times                  Guildhall
Financial Times                  Hackney                 1Y
                                 Hammersmith &
Financial Times                  Fulham                  1Y
Financial Times                  Haringey                1M
Financial Times                  Harrow                  2Y
Financial Times                  Havering                1M
Financial Times                  Hillingdon              2Y
Financial Times                  Hounslow                1Y
Financial Times                  Islington               3M
Financial Times                  Kensington & Chelsea    14M
Financial Times                  Kingston                CM +1
Financial Times                  Lambeth                 6M
Financial Times                  Lewisham                1Y
Financial Times                  Merton                  6M
Financial Times                  Newham                  6M
Financial Times                  Redbridge               1Y
Financial Times                  Richmond                6M
Financial Times                  Slough                  2Y
Financial Times                  Southend                2M
Financial Times                  Southwark               2Y
Financial Times                  Sutton                  2Y
Financial Times                  Tower Hamlets           6M
Financial Times                  Waltham Forest          6M
Financial Times                  Wandsworth              2Y
Financial Times                  Westminster             3M
Financial Times Index            Guildhall               1981-2005
Financial Times Index            Westminster             1981-Jan 2002
First News                       Hackney                 6M
Frankfurter Allgemeine           Bromley                 6M
                                 Hammersmith &
Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle   Fulham                  1989+
                                 Hammersmith &
Fulham Gazette                   Fulham                  2Y
Garavi Gujarat                   Barking & Dagenham      3M
Garavi Gujarat                   Brent                   1M
Garavi Gujarat                   Croydon                 2M
Garavi Gujarat                   Ealing                  3M
Garavi Gujarat                   Hackney                 6M
                                 Hammersmith &
Garavi Gujarat                   Fulham                  2Y
Garavi Gujarat                   Harrow                  6M
Garavi Gujarat                   Hillingdon              3M
Garavi Gujarat                   Hounslow                6M
Garavi Gujarat                   Lambeth                 1M
Garavi Gujarat                   Newham                  3M
Garavi Gujarat                   Slough                  1M
Garavi Gujarat                   Southwark               6M
Garavi Gujarat                   Waltham Forest          1M
Garavi Gujarat                   Wandsworth              1M
Gay Times                                     Brent                   3M
Gay Times                                     Ealing                  3M
Gay Times                                     Enfield                 6M
Gay Times                                     Islington               2Y
Gay Times                                     Southwark               1Y
Gay Times                                     Waltham Forest          3M
Gazette (Uxbridge/ Ruislip/Hayes/Harefield)   Hillingdon              1Y
Gleaner                                       Brent                   1M
Gleaner                                       Enfield                 1M
Gleaner                                       Hackney                 6M
                                              Hammersmith &
Gleaner                                       Fulham                  3M
Gleaner                                       Haringey                1W
Gleaner                                       Haringey                1W
Gleaner                                       Islington               1Y
Gleaner                                       Lambeth                 6M
Gleaner                                       Slough                  1M
Gleaner                                       Southwark               2W
Gleaner                                       Waltham Forest          C
Gleaner                                       Wandsworth              6M
Gleaner (Jamaica)                             Westminster             C
Goniec Polski                                 Hillingdon              C
Greenford & Northolt Gazette                  Ealing                  18M
Guardian                                      Barbican -COL           1W
Guardian                                      Barking & Dagenham      1Y
Guardian                                      Barnet                  3M
Guardian                                      Bexley                  6M
Guardian                                      Brent                   3M
Guardian                                      Bromley                 6M (01/2010)
Guardian                                      Camden                  6M
                                              Camomile Street -
Guardian                                      COL                     1W
Guardian                                      City Business Library   1M
Guardian                                      Croydon                 1Y
Guardian                                      Ealing                  2M
Guardian                                      Enfield                 3M
Guardian                                      Greenwich               12M
Guardian                                      Hackney                 1Y
                                              Hammersmith &
Guardian                                      Fulham                  1Y
Guardian                                      Haringey                1M
Guardian                                      Harrow                  3M
Guardian                                      Havering                1M
Guardian                                      Hillingdon              3M
Guardian                                      Hounslow                1Y
Guardian                                      Islington               4M
Guardian                                      Kensington & Chelsea    6M
Guardian                                      Kingston                CM +1
Guardian                                      Lambeth                 6M
Guardian                                      Lewisham                1Y
Guardian                                      Merton                  6M
Guardian                                      Newham                  1M
Guardian                                      Redbridge               6M
Guardian                                      Richmond                3M
Guardian                                      Slough                  6M
Guardian                                      Southend                2M
Guardian                                      Southwark               1Y
Guardian                              Sutton               1M
Guardian                              Tower Hamlets        6M
Guardian                              Waltham Forest       6M
Guardian                              Wandsworth           1Y
Guardian                              Westminster          3M
Guardian & Observer                   Hackney              1991+
Guardian & Observer Digital Archive   Camden
Gujarat Samachar                      Barnet               3M
Gujarat Samachar                      Bexley               6M
Gujarat Samachar                      Brent                3M
Gujarat Samachar                      Croydon              2M
Gujarat Samachar                      Ealing               2M
Gujarat Samachar                      Enfield              3M
Gujarat Samachar                      Hackney              6M
                                      Hammersmith &
Gujarat Samachar                      Fulham               1Y
Gujarat Samachar                      Harrow               6M
Gujarat Samachar                      Hillingdon           2M
Gujarat Samachar                      Hounslow             6M
Gujarat Samachar                      Newham               3M
Gujarat Samachar                      Redbridge            6M
Gujarat Samachar                      Waltham Forest       1M
Gujarat Samachar                      Wandsworth           1M
Gujarat Today                         Redbridge            6M
H Kaohmepini                          Haringey             1W
Hackney Citizen                       Hackney              Permanent File
Hackney Gazette                       Hackney              Permanent File
Hackney Gazette                       Hackney              Permanent File
Hackney Gazette                       Islington            C
Hackney Gazette                       Newham               3M
Hackney Gazette                       Tower Hamlets        6M
Hackney Gazette                       Waltham Forest       C
Hackney Homes News                    Hackney              C
Hackney Today                         Hackney              Permanent File
Ham & High                            Barnet               6M
Ham & High                            Camden               1Y
Ham & High                            Islington            C
Ham & High                            Westminster          1M
Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush
Gazette                               Hounslow             1M
Hammersmith Gazette                   Ealing               2W
Harlington and Hayes Gazette          Hounslow             1M
Harrow Observer                       Barnet               6W
Harrow Observer                       Hillingdon           3M
Hornsey & Crouch End Journal          Islington            1Y
Hounslow and Brentford Times          Hounslow             1M
Hounslow and Heston Chronicle         Hounslow             1M
Hounslow Chronicle                    Ealing               3M
                                      Hammersmith &
H'smith & Shepherd’s Bush Gazette     Fulham               3M
Hurriyet                              Enfield              1M
Hurriyet                              Hackney              6M
Hurriyet                              Haringey             1W
Hurriyet                              Islington            C
Hurriyet                              Lewisham             6M
Ilford Recorder                       Barking & Dagenham   1Y
Ilford Recorder                       Redbridge            Permanent
Independent             Barbican -COL           1W
Independent             Barking & Dagenham      1Y
Independent             Barnet                  3M
Independent             Bexley                  6M
Independent             Brent                   1M
Independent             Bromley                 6M (01/2010)
Independent             Camden                  6M
Independent             City Business Library   1M
Independent             Croydon                 6M
Independent             Ealing                  2M
Independent             Enfield                 3M
Independent             Greenwich               12M
Independent             Hackney                 1Y
                        Hammersmith &
Independent             Fulham                  1Y
Independent             Haringey                1M
Independent             Harrow                  2M
Independent             Hillingdon              6M
Independent             Hounslow                1Y
Independent             Islington               3M
Independent             Kensington & Chelsea    6M
Independent             Kingston                CM +1
Independent             Lambeth                 6M
Independent             Lewisham                1Y
Independent             Merton                  6M
Independent             Newham                  1M
Independent             Redbridge               6M
Independent             Richmond                3M
Independent             Slough                  6M
Independent             Southend                2M
Independent             Southwark               1Y
Independent             Sutton                  1M
Independent             Tower Hamlets           6M
Independent             Waltham Forest          6M
Independent             Wandsworth              1Y
Independent             Westminster             3M
Independent on Sunday   Barnet                  6M
Independent on Sunday   Brent                   3M
Independent on Sunday   Bromley                 6M (01/2010)
Independent on Sunday   Camden                  6M
Independent on Sunday   Croydon                 6M
Independent on Sunday   Ealing                  2M
Independent on Sunday   Greenwich               12M
Independent on Sunday   Hackney                 1M
                        Hammersmith &
Independent on Sunday   Fulham                  1Y
Independent on Sunday   Haringey                1M
Independent on Sunday   Islington               3M
Independent on Sunday   Kensington & Chelsea    6M
Independent on Sunday   Lewisham                1Y
Independent on Sunday   Merton                  6M
Independent on Sunday   Newham                  3M
Independent on Sunday   Richmond                3M
Independent on Sunday   Slough                  2M
Independent on Sunday   Southwark               1Y
Independent on Sunday   Sutton                  1M
Independent on Sunday   Tower Hamlets           6M
Independent on Sunday                      Wandsworth             1Y
Independent on Sunday                      Westminster            6M
India Link                                 Harrow                 1Y
India Today                                Brent                  1Y
India Today                                Ealing                 6M
India Today                                Harrow                 6W
India Today                                Hillingdon             6M
India Today                                Newham                 3M
India Today                                Wandsworth             1M
India Today                                Westminster            1M
India Weekly                               Brent                  3M
International Herald Tribune               Camden                 6M
International Herald Tribune               Islington              6M
International Herald Tribune               Kensington & Chelsea   2M
International Herald Tribune               Lewisham               1Y
International Herald Tribune               Wandsworth             6M
International Herald Tribune               Westminster            6M
International News (formerly Daily Jang)   Westminster            1M
Irish Independent                          Brent                  1M
                                           Hammersmith &
Irish Independent                          Fulham                 1M
Irish Independent                          Haringey               1W
Irish Independent                          Harrow                 2M
Irish Independent                          Islington              6M
Irish Independent                          Lewisham               6M
Irish Independent                          Westminster            1W
                                           Hammersmith &
Irish Independent (Sunday)                 Fulham                 6M
Irish Independent (Sunday)                 Kingston               CM +1
Irish Independent (Sunday)                 Tower Hamlets          2W
Irish Post                                 Brent                  3M
Irish Post                                 Camden                 2M
Irish Post                                 Ealing                 2M
Irish Post                                 Greenwich              3M
Irish Post                                 Hackney                3M
                                           Hammersmith &
Irish Post                                 Fulham                 3M
Irish Post                                 Haringey               1W
Irish Post                                 Harrow                 2W
Irish Post                                 Hillingdon             1M
Irish Post                                 Islington              1Y
Irish Post                                 Lambeth                6M
Irish Post                                 Merton                 3M
Irish Post                                 Redbridge              6M
Irish Post                                 Southwark              2W
Irish Post                                 Tower Hamlets          3M
Irish Post                                 Waltham Forest         1M
Irish Post                                 Wandsworth             6M
Irish Post                                 Westminster            6M
Irish Times                                Camden                 6M
Irish Times                                Ealing                 2M
Irish Times                                Greenwich              3M
                                           Hammersmith &
Irish Times                                Fulham                 6M
Irish Times                                Hounslow               1M
Irish Times                                Islington              4M
Irish Times                                Kensington & Chelsea   1M
Irish Times                      Redbridge              6M
Irish Times                      Southwark
Irish World                      Islington              C
Islington Gazette                Hackney                1Y
Islington Gazette                Islington              1Y
Islington Tribune                Islington              1Y
Janomot                          Camden                 3M
Janomot                          Croydon                C
Janomot                          Enfield                1M
Janomot                          Hackney                3M
                                 Hammersmith &
Janomot                          Fulham                 3M
Janomot                          Haringey               1W
Janomot                          Harrow                 2W
Janomot                          Hillingdon             3M
Janomot                          Islington              1Y
Janomot                          Newham                 3M
Janomot                          Redbridge              6M
Janomot                          Tower Hamlets          2002+
Janomot                          Waltham Forest         1M
Janomot                          Wandsworth             1M
Jewish Chronicle                 Barnet                 6M
Jewish Chronicle                 Brent                  3M
Jewish Chronicle                 Camden                 1Y
Jewish Chronicle                 Ealing                 3M
Jewish Chronicle                 Enfield                3M
Jewish Chronicle                 Hackney                3M
                                 Hammersmith &
Jewish Chronicle                 Fulham                 1Y
Jewish Chronicle                 Harrow                 2Y
Jewish Chronicle                 Islington              1Y
Jewish Chronicle                 Lambeth                6M
Jewish Chronicle                 Merton                 6M
Jewish Chronicle                 Redbridge              6M
Jewish Chronicle                 Richmond               6M
Jewish Chronicle                 Southwark              6M
Jewish Chronicle                 Tower Hamlets          3M
Jewish Chronicle                 Waltham Forest         1M
Jewish Chronicle                 Wandsworth             3M
Jewish Chronicle                 Westminster            6M
Jewish News                      Hackney                2M
Jewish News                      Harrow                 1M
Jobs & Careers                   Southwark              6M
Jobs & Careers weekly            Bromley                2M
Jobs & Careers weekly            Waltham Forest         1M
Junior Vikatan                   Brent                  C
Kalki                            Ealing                 2W
Kasmo                            Camden                 1Y
Kasmo                            Harrow                 2M
Kasmo                            Tower Hamlets          3M
Kensington & Chelsea Chronicle   Kensington & Chelsea
Kensington & Chelsea Informer    Kensington & Chelsea   6M
Kensington & Chelsea Mail        Kensington & Chelsea
Kensington & Chelsea News        Kensington & Chelsea   3M
Kensington & Chelsea Post        Kensington & Chelsea
Kensington & Chelsea Times       Kensington & Chelsea
Kent Messenger                   Bromley                3M
Khawateen Digest                          Brent                   1Y
Kilburn Times                             Brent                   6M
Kilburn Times                             Camden                  1Y
Kiran                                     Brent                   1M
Kismat                                    Brent                   C
Kumudam                                   Ealing                  3M
Kungumam                                  Newham                  3M
Kunguman                                  Brent                   6M
La Repubblica                             Westminster             1M
Le Monde                                  Islington               C
Leigh Times                               Southend                1983+
Lloyds List                               City Business Library   1Y
Lloyds List                               Ealing                  2M
                                                                  1741-1826 (gaps); 1939-
Lloyds List                               Guildhall               1975
Lloyds List                               Wandsworth              1Y
London Gazette                            Bromley                 1938+
London Gazette                            Ealing                  1M
London Gazette                            Greenwich               6M
London Gazette                            Guildhall               1665+ (gaps)
London Gazette                            Hackney                 1M
London Gazette                            Kensington & Chelsea    2004-2007
London Gazette                            Lambeth                 2Y
London Gazette                            Merton                  2Y
London Gazette                            Richmond                1Y
London Gazette                            Slough                  3M
London Gazette                            Southwark               C
London Gazette                            Wandsworth              1Y
London Gazette                            Westminster
London Review of Books                    Bromley                 1Y
London Review of Books                    Hackney                 6M
London Review of Books                    Islington               2Y
London Review of Books                    Waltham Forest          1Y
Londoner                                  Brent                   C
Londra Gazette (London Turkish Gazette)   Hackney                 C
Loot                                      Camden                  6M
Loot                                      Ealing                  2M
                                          Hammersmith &
Loot                                      Fulham                  3M
Loot                                      Haringey                1W
Loot                                      Hounslow                2W
Loot                                      Islington               6M
Loot                                      Kensington & Chelsea    4 issues
Loot                                      Southwark               1W
Loot                                      Waltham Forest          1M
Loot                                      Wandsworth              1M
Loot (Friday edition)                     Hackney                 1M
Maidenhead Advertiser                     Slough                  1M
Mail on Sunday                            Barking & Dagenham      6M
Mail on Sunday                            Barnet                  1M
Mail on Sunday                            Brent                   1M
Mail on Sunday                            Camden                  6M
Mail on Sunday                            Croydon                 4M
Mail on Sunday                            Ealing                  2M
Mail on Sunday                            Hackney                 1M
                                          Hammersmith &
Mail on Sunday                            Fulham                  1Y
Mail on Sunday                    Hillingdon             6M
Mail on Sunday                    Hounslow               6M
Mail on Sunday                    Islington              3M
Mail on Sunday                    Lambeth                C+1
Mail on Sunday                    Lewisham               6M
Mail on Sunday                    Newham                 3M
Mail on Sunday                    Richmond               3M
Mail on Sunday                    Southwark              1M
Mail on Sunday                    Sutton                 1M
Mail on Sunday                    Waltham Forest         1M
Mail on Sunday                    Wandsworth             6M
Mail on Sunday                    Westminster            1M
Marylebone & Paddington Mercury   Westminster
Mature Times                      Bromley                C
Mature Times                      Hackney                1M
Mature Times                      Redbridge              1M
Mature Times                      Waltham Forest         C
Mercury                           Southwark              6M
Mercury - Greenwich               Greenwich              6M
Meri Saheli                       Bexley                 6M
                                  Hammersmith &
Methodist Recorder                Fulham                 1949+
Methodist Recorder                Merton                 6M
Methodist Recorder                Wandsworth             3M
Metro                             Bromley                2W
                                  Hammersmith &
Metro                             Fulham                 3M
Metro                             Richmond               1M
Metro                             Westminster            1M
Milliyet                          Hackney                1M
Milliyet                          Islington              C
Millyet                           Haringey               1W
Ming Pao                          Newham                 C
Ming Pao Daily News               Westminster            1W
Monde (Le)                        Brent                  1M
Monde (Le)                        Kensington & Chelsea   2M
Monde (Le) (France)               Westminster            3M
Morning Star                      Barking & Dagenham     3M
Morning Star                      Camden                 6M
Morning Star                      Ealing                 2M
Morning Star                      Hackney                3M
Morning Star                      Haringey               1W
Morning Star                      Islington              6M
Morning Star                      Kingston               C
Morning Star                      Redbridge              6M
Morning Star                      Southwark              6M
Morning Star                      Sutton                 1M
Morning Star                      Waltham Forest         3M
Morning Star                      Wandsworth             6M
Mumbai Samacher                   Brent                  C
Muslim News                       Westminster            1Y
Muslim Weekly                     Islington              C
Nation                            Barking & Dagenham     3M
Nation                            Redbridge              6M
Nation                            Slough                 1M
Nation                            Waltham Forest         3M
New African                       Barking & Dagenham     1Y
New African           Harrow                  1Y
New African           Lambeth                 5Y
New African           Southwark               1Y
New Dawn              Merton                  6M
New Nation            Harrow                  6M
New York Times        City Business Library   1Y
New Zealand News      Brent                   C
New Zealand Outlook   Hackney                 1M
Newham Recorder       Barking & Dagenham      1Y
Newham Recorder       Newham                  3M
Newham Recorder       Waltham Forest          3M
                      Hammersmith &
News of The World     Fulham                  6M
News of the World     Lewisham                6M
News of the World     Southwark               1Y
News of the World     Westminster             6M
News Shopper          Bromley                 July 06+
                      Hammersmith &
Noticias              Fulham                  C
                      Hammersmith &
Notun Din             Fulham                  3M
Notun Din             Harrow                  C
Notun Din             Tower Hamlets           C
Observer              Barking & Dagenham      1Y
Observer              Barnet                  6M
Observer              Bexley                  6M
Observer              Brent                   3M
Observer              Bromley                 6M
Observer              Camden                  6M
Observer              Croydon                 6M
Observer              Ealing                  2M
Observer              Enfield                 3M
Observer              Greenwich               12M
Observer              Hackney                 1M
                      Hammersmith &
Observer              Fulham                  1Y
Observer              Haringey                1M
Observer              Harrow                  2M
Observer              Hillingdon              3M
Observer              Hounslow                1Y
Observer              Islington               4M
Observer              Kensington & Chelsea    6M
Observer              Kingston                CM +1
Observer              Lambeth                 6M
Observer              Lewisham                1Y
Observer              Merton                  6M
Observer              Redbridge               6M
Observer              Richmond                3M
Observer              Slough                  4M
Observer              Southend                3M
Observer              Southwark               1Y
Observer              Sutton                  1M
Observer              Tower Hamlets           6M
Observer              Waltham Forest          3M
Observer              Wandsworth              1Y
Observer              Westminster             6M
Olay                  Haringey                1W
Opinion                              Brent                  C
Pais (El)                            Bromley                6M
Pais (El)                            Haringey               1W
Pais (El)                            Kensington & Chelsea   1M
Pais (El)                            Southwark              1M
Pais (El)                            Waltham Forest         1M
Pakiza                               Brent                  1M
Panjab Times                         Bexley                 6M
Parikiaki                            Enfield                3M
Phu Nu Dien Dan                      Croydon                2Y
Pictorial (Southend)                 Southend
Polish Daily                         Lambeth                1M
Polish Daily                         Wandsworth             2W
Polish Express                       Tower Hamlets          3M
Polish Newspaper                     Lambeth                1W
Polish Observer (The)                Newham                 C
Politika                             Haringey               1W
Post: Streatham, Clapham & West
Norwood                              Lambeth                1Y
Potrika                              Barking & Dagenham     6M
                                     Camomile Street -
Potrika                              COL                    3M
Potrika                              Tower Hamlets          3M
Prabasi Anandabazar                  Harrow                 2M
Prabasi Anandabazar                  Tower Hamlets          3M
Pravasi Times                        Harrow                 3M
Punjab Mail                          Newham                 6M
Punjab Times                         Barking & Dagenham     3M
Punjab Times                         Ealing                 3M
Punjab Times                         Hillingdon             6M
Punjab Times                         Hounslow               1M
Punjabi Digest                       Bexley                 6M
Racing and Football Outlook          Hackney                1Y
Rani                                 Brent                  C
Rayleigh Times                       Southend               1985+
Reading Chronicle                    Slough                 1M
Repubblica (La) (Italy)              Westminster            1M
Republica (La)                       Kensington & Chelsea   2M
Richmond & Twickenham Times          Richmond               1Y
Richmond and Twickenham Times        Hounslow               1M
Richmond Guardian                    Richmond
Richmond Informer                    Richmond               1Y
Romford Recorder                     Barking & Dagenham     1Y
Romford Recorder                     Havering
Russian London Info/ Russkaya Mysl   Tower Hamlets          3M
Sada                                 Harrow                 1Y
Sakhi                                Brent                  6M
Sarita                               Brent                  C
Savvy                                Brent                  C
Scotland on Sunday                   Southwark
Scotsman                             Greenwich              3M
Scotsman                             Southwark
Scotsman                             Wandsworth             6M
                                     Hammersmith &
Shepherd’s Bush Gazette              Fulham                 1972+
Shuwa                                Brent                  C
Sing Tao                             Hackney                6M
Sing Tao                              Haringey             1W
Sing Tao                              Harrow               3M
Sing Tao                              Islington            3M
Sing Tao                              Slough               2W
Sing Tao                              Tower Hamlets        C
Sing Tao                              Wandsworth           2W
Sing Tao                              Westminster          1M
Slough Express                        Slough               1940+
Slough Observer                       Slough               1940+
Socialist Standard                    Brent                1Y
Socialist Standard                    Ealing               current
Socialist Worker                      Hackney              C
South Africa News                     Brent                C
South Essex Critic                    Southend
South London Press                    Bromley              2002 +
South London Press                    Greenwich            6M
South London Press                    Lambeth
South London Press                    Southwark            1Y
South London Press                    Wandsworth           1Y
Southall Gazette                      Ealing               18M
Southend & District Critic            Southend
Southend & Westcliff Graphic          Southend
Southend News                         Southend
Southend News Review                  Southend
Southend Observer                     Southend
Southend on Sunday                    Southend             1996-present
Southend Pictorial Telegraph          Southend
Southend Standard                     Southend             3M approx
Southend Standard Recorder            Southend             1981- present
Southend Star                         Southend
Southend Telegraph                    Southend
Southend Times                        Southend
Southend Times & Southchurch          Southend             1989-present
Southend-on-Sea Observer              Southend
Southwark News                        Southwark            1Y
Spaces – Hackney Society Newsletter   Hackney              Permanent File
Stage                                 Barnet               1M
Stage                                 Bromley              1Y
Stage                                 Ealing               6M
Stage                                 Hackney              3M
                                      Hammersmith &
Stage                                 Fulham               1Y
Stage                                 Haringey             1W
Stage                                 Islington            1Y
Stage                                 Lambeth              6M
Stage                                 Merton               1Y
Stage                                 Redbridge            6M
Stage                                 Richmond             6M
Stage                                 Southwark            6M
Stage                                 Waltham Forest       3M
Stage                                 Wandsworth           6M
Stock Exchange Daily Official List    Guildhall
Streatham Post                        Lambeth              1Y
Stree                                 Brent                1Y
Streetwyse                            Brent                1Y
Sun                                   Barking & Dagenham   3M
Sun                                   Croydon              3M
Sun                            Ealing               2M
Sun                            Greenwich            3M
                               Hammersmith &
Sun                            Fulham               3M
Sun                            Harrow               1M
Sun                            Hillingdon           6M
Sun                            Hounslow             2M
Sun                            Islington            3M
Sun                            Lambeth              5Y
Sun                            Lewisham             1Y
Sun                            Redbridge            6M
Sun                            Slough               1M
Sun                            Southwark            6M
Sun                            Sutton               1M
Sun                            Tower Hamlets        C
Sun                            Waltham Forest       3M
Sun                            Wandsworth           6M
Sun                            Westminster          C
Sunday Ausaf                   Newham               1M
Sunday Express                 Barnet               6M
                               Hammersmith &
Sunday Express                 Fulham               6M
Sunday Express                 Southwark
Sunday Express                 Sutton               1M
Sunday Express                 Westminster          1M
Sunday Independent (Ireland)   Westminster          C
Sunday Jang                    Barking & Dagenham   3M
                               Hammersmith &
Sunday Jang                    Fulham               6M
Sunday Jang                    Hounslow             6M
Sunday Jang                    Lambeth              CM + 1
Sunday Jang                    Merton               3M
Sunday Jang                    Newham               1M
Sunday Jang                    Slough               2M
Sunday Jang                    Waltham Forest       3M
Sunday Jang                    Wandsworth           6M
Sunday Jang                    Westminster          1M
Sunday Mirror                  Barking & Dagenham   3M
Sunday Mirror                  Brent                1M
Sunday Mirror                  Hackney              1M
                               Hammersmith &
Sunday Mirror                  Fulham               6M
Sunday Mirror                  Hillingdon           6M
Sunday Mirror                  Lambeth              5Y
Sunday Mirror                  Lewisham             6M
Sunday Mirror                  Southwark
Sunday Observer                Newham               3M
                               Hammersmith &
Sunday People                  Fulham               6M
Sunday Telegraph               Barnet               6M
Sunday Telegraph               Brent                3M
Sunday Telegraph               Bromley              6M
Sunday Telegraph               Camden               6M
Sunday Telegraph               Croydon              4M
Sunday Telegraph               Ealing               2M
Sunday Telegraph               Enfield              3M
Sunday Telegraph               Greenwich            12M
Sunday Telegraph               Hackney              1M
                        Hammersmith &
Sunday Telegraph        Fulham                  1Y
Sunday Telegraph        Haringey                1M
Sunday Telegraph        Harrow                  2M
Sunday Telegraph        Hillingdon              1M
Sunday Telegraph        Islington               3M
Sunday Telegraph        Kensington & Chelsea    6M
Sunday Telegraph        Kingston                CM +1
Sunday Telegraph        Lambeth                 6M
Sunday Telegraph        Merton                  6M
Sunday Telegraph        Newham                  3M
Sunday Telegraph        Richmond                3M
Sunday Telegraph        Slough                  2M
Sunday Telegraph        Southwark               1Y
Sunday Telegraph        Sutton                  1M
Sunday Telegraph        Tower Hamlets           6M
Sunday Telegraph        Waltham Forest          3M
Sunday Telegraph        Wandsworth              1Y
Sunday Telegraph        Westminster             6M
Sunday Times            Barking & Dagenham      1Y
Sunday Times            Barnet                  6M
Sunday Times            Bexley                  6M
Sunday Times            Brent                   3M
Sunday Times            Bromley                 6M (01/2010)
Sunday Times            Camden                  6M
Sunday Times            City Business Library   1M
Sunday Times            Croydon                 4M
Sunday Times            Ealing                  2M
Sunday Times            Enfield                 3M
Sunday Times            Greenwich               3M
Sunday Times            Hackney                 1Y
                        Hammersmith &
Sunday Times            Fulham                  1Y
Sunday Times            Haringey                1M
Sunday Times            Harrow                  4M
Sunday Times            Hillingdon              3M
Sunday Times            Hounslow                1Y
Sunday Times            Islington               4M
Sunday Times            Kensington & Chelsea    6M
Sunday Times            Kingston                CM +1
Sunday Times            Lambeth                 6M
Sunday Times            Lewisham                1Y
Sunday Times            Merton                  6M
Sunday Times            Newham                  3M
Sunday Times            Redbridge               2M
Sunday Times            Richmond                3M
Sunday Times            Slough                  2Y
Sunday Times            Southend                3M
Sunday Times            Southwark               1Y
Sunday Times            Sutton                  1M
Sunday Times            Tower Hamlets           6M
Sunday Times            Waltham Forest          3M
Sunday Times            Wandsworth              1Y
Sunday Times            Westminster             6M
Sunday Times of India   Ealing                  2M
Surma                   Croydon                 1M
Surma                   Enfield                 1M
                                     Hammersmith &
Surma                                Fulham                  2Y
Surma                                Haringey                1W
Surma                                Harrow                  1M
Surma                                Newham                  3M
Surma                                Tower Hamlets           3M
Surma (Bengali)                      Westminster             C
Surrey Comet                         Kingston                1Y
Surrey Comet                         Richmond                1Y
Surrey Comet                         Wandsworth              6M
Ta Nea                               Haringey                1W
Taiwan Panorama                      Harrow                  3M
Taiwan Review                        Harrow                  6M
Tamil Times                          Brent                   C
Tapoikiakh                           Haringey                1W
TES - Times Educational Supplement   Barking & Dagenham      1Y
TES - Times Educational Supplement   Barnet                  6M
TES - Times Educational Supplement   Bromley                 1Y
TES - Times Educational Supplement   Ealing                  3M
TES - Times Educational Supplement   Hackney                 1Y
TES - Times Educational Supplement   Islington               1Y
TES - Times Educational Supplement   Slough                  6M
TES - Times Educational Supplement   Waltham Forest          6M
Thameside Mail                       Southend
Thamesmouth Magnet                   Southend
THES - Times Higher Education
Supplement                           Bromley                 1Y
THES - Times Higher Education
Supplement                           Ealing                  3M
THES - Times Higher Education
Supplement                           Hackney                 1Y
THES - Times Higher Education
Supplement                           Islington               1Y
THES - Times Higher Education
Supplement                           Slough                  6M
THES - Times Higher Educational
Supplement                           Barking & Dagenham      1Y
THES - Times Higher Educational
Supplement                           Haringey                1M
Thinakural                           Brent                   C
Tien Phong                           Hackney                 6M
Times                                Barking & Dagenham      1Y
Times                                Barnet                  6M
Times                                Bexley                  6M
Times                                Brent                   1M
Times                                Bromley                 6M
Times                                Camden                  6M
                                     Camomile Street -
Times                                COL                     1W
Times                                City Business Library   4M
Times                                Croydon                 1Y
Times                                Ealing                  2M
Times                                Enfield                 3M
Times                                Greenwich               12M
Times                                Guildhall               2M
Times                                Hackney                 1Y
                                     Hammersmith &
Times                                Fulham                  1Y
Times                                Harrow                  4M
Times                               Havering               1M
Times                               Hillingdon             3M
Times                               Hounslow               1Y
Times                               Islington              4M
Times                               Kensington & Chelsea   6M
Times                               Kingston               CM +1
Times                               Lambeth                6M
Times                               Lewisham               1Y
Times                               Merton                 6M
Times                               Redbridge              1M
Times                               Richmond               2M
Times                               Slough                 6M
Times                               Southend               2M
Times                               Southwark              2Y
Times                               Sutton                 1M
Times                               Tower Hamlets          6M
Times                               Waltham Forest         1Y
Times                               Wandsworth             1Y
Times                               Westminster
Times & Sunday Times                Hackney                1991+
                                    Hammersmith &
Times Educational Supplement        Fulham                 1Y
Times Educational Supplement        Hillingdon             3M
Times Educational Supplement        Lambeth                CM + 1
Times Educational Supplement        Redbridge              6M
Times Educational Supplement        Richmond               6M
Times Educational Supplement        Southwark              1Y
                                    Hammersmith &
Times Higher Education Supplement   Fulham                 1Y
Times Higher Education Supplement   Lambeth                CM + 1
Times Higher Education Supplement   Redbridge              6M
Times Higher Education Supplement   Richmond               6M
Times Higher Education Supplement   Southwark              1Y
Times Index                         Barking & Dagenham     1939-1952; 1968-2008
Times Index                         Bromley                1785 - 2009
Times Index                         Camden                 1785-7/2006
Times Index                         Ealing                 1785-2002
Times Index                         Guildhall              1785+
Times Index                         Harrow                 1957-2005
Times Index                         Hounslow               1933-2007
Times Index                         Kensington & Chelsea   1785-2000
Times Index                         Merton                 1864-2003
Times Index                         Redbridge
Times Index                         Wandsworth             1785-1991
                                    Hammersmith &
Times Literary Supplement           Fulham                 1Y
Times Literary Supplement           Lambeth                CM + 1
Times Literary Supplement           Merton                 1Y
Times Literary Supplement           Redbridge              6M
Times Literary Supplement           Richmond               6M
Times Literary Supplement           Southwark              2Y
Times Literary Supplement           Wandsworth             2Y
TLS - Times Literary Supplement     Barking & Dagenham     1Y
TLS - Times Literary Supplement     Bromley                1Y
TLS - Times Literary Supplement     Ealing                 3M
TLS - Times Literary Supplement     Hackney                6M
TLS - Times Literary Supplement     Haringey               1M
TLS - Times Literary Supplement   Islington               1Y
TLS - Times Literary Supplement   Slough                  6M
Toplum Postasi                    Haringey                1M
Tottenham & Wood Green Journal    Enfield                 1M
Tottenham & Wood Green Journal    Hackney                 2M
Tower Hamlets Recorder            Tower Hamlets           1987+
Tribune of Chandigarh             Ealing                  3M
Trumpet                           Hackney                 1M
                                  Hammersmith &
Universe                          Fulham                  1962+
Universe                          Haringey                1W
Universe                          Wandsworth              3M
Urdu Digest                       Brent                   1Y
USA News                          Brent                   C
Veerakesari                       Brent                   C
Virakesari                        Ealing                  2M
Virakesari                        Hillingdon              C
Voice                             Barking & Dagenham      3M
Voice                             Barnet                  6M
Voice                             Brent                   3M
Voice                             Bromley                 6M
Voice                             Camden                  6M
Voice                             Ealing                  3M
Voice                             Enfield                 1M
Voice                             Guildhall               1Y
Voice                             Hackney                 1Y
                                  Hammersmith &
Voice                             Fulham                  2Y
Voice                             Haringey                1M
Voice                             Harrow                  3M
Voice                             Havering                1M
Voice                             Hillingdon              3M
Voice                             Hounslow                2M
Voice                             Islington               1Y
Voice                             Kensington & Chelsea    3M
Voice                             Lambeth                 10Y
Voice                             Merton                  1Y
Voice                             Newham                  3M
Voice                             Redbridge               6M
Voice                             Richmond                6M
Voice                             Slough                  1M
Voice                             Southwark               1Y
Voice                             Tower Hamlets           3M
Voice                             Waltham Forest          6M
Voice                             Wandsworth              6M
Voice                             Westminster             6M
Wall Street Journal (Europe)      City Business Library   1Y
Wall Street Journal (Europe)      Havering                3M
Wall Street Journal (Europe)      Richmond                6M
Wall Street Journal (Europe)      Westminster             3M
Waltham Forest Guardian           Waltham Forest          1Y
Wanstead and Woodford Guardian    Redbridge               1Y
Watford Observer                  Hillingdon              C
Week                              Islington               1Y
Wembley & Kingsbury Times         Brent                   3W
Wembley Observer                  Brent                   1958+
West London Post                  Kensington & Chelsea    1998-2001
Westerham Chronicle                  Bromley       1M
Western Mail                         Greenwich     3M
Western Mail                         Southwark
Westminster & Marylebone Chronicle   Westminster   6M
Willesden & Brent Times              Brent         3W
Willesden Observer                   Brent         3M
Wimbledon Guardian                   Merton        1Y
Xpayth                               Haringey      1W
Yellow Advertiser Southend           Southend      1982+
Ziarul Romanesc                      Newham        C
Zimbabwean                           Slough        1M
Language Title                   Location
Albanian   Bota Sot              Westminster
Arabic     Al Ahram              Westminster
Arabic     Al Arab               Ealing
Arabic     Al Hayat              Brent
Arabic     Al Hayat              Camden
Arabic     Al Hayat              Ealing
Arabic     Al Hayat              Hackney
Arabic     Al Hayat              Haringey
Arabic     Al Hayat              Hillingdon
Arabic     Al Hayat              Hounslow
Arabic     Al Hayat              Islington
Arabic     Al Hayat              Lewisham
Arabic     Al Hayat              Slough
Arabic     Al Quds               Ealing
Arabic     Al Quds Al Arabi      Wandsworth
Arabic     Asharq Al Aswat       Hackney
Arabic     Asharq Al Aswat       Kensington & Chelsea
Arabic     Asharq Al Aswat       Westminster
Bengali    Janomot               Camden
Bengali    Janomot               Croydon
Bengali    Janomot               Enfield
Bengali    Janomot               Hackney
                                 Hammersmith &
Bengali    Janomot               Fulham
Bengali    Janomot               Haringey
Bengali    Janomot               Harrow
Bengali    Janomot               Hillingdon
Bengali    Janomot               Islington
Bengali    Janomot               Newham
Bengali    Janomot               Redbridge
Bengali    Janomot               Tower Hamlets
Bengali    Janomot               Waltham Forest
                                 Hammersmith &
Bengali    Notun Din             Fulham
Bengali    Notun Din             Harrow
Bengali    Notun Din             Tower Hamlets
Bengali    Potrika               Barking & Dagenham
                                 Camomile Street -
Bengali    Potrika               COL
Bengali    Potrika               Tower Hamlets
Bengali    Prabasi Anandabazar   Harrow
Bengali    Prabasi Anandabazar   Tower Hamlets
Bengali    Surma                 Croydon
Bengali    Surma                 Enfield
                                 Hammersmith &
Bengali    Surma                 Fulham
Bengali    Surma                 Haringey
Bengali    Surma                 Harrow
Bengali    Surma                 Newham
Bengali    Surma                 Tower Hamlets
Chinese    Epoch Times           Barking & Dagenham
Chinese    Epoch Times           Croydon
Chinese    Epoch Times           Hackney
Chinese    Epoch Times           Harrow
Chinese     Epoch Times              Hillingdon
Chinese     Epoch Times              Islington
Chinese     Epoch Times              Redbridge
Chinese     Ming Pao                 Newham
Chinese     Ming Pao Daily News      Westminster
Chinese     Sing Tao                 Hackney
Chinese     Sing Tao                 Haringey
Chinese     Sing Tao                 Harrow
Chinese     Sing Tao                 Islington
Chinese     Sing Tao                 Slough
Chinese     Sing Tao                 Tower Hamlets
Chinese     Taiwan Panorama          Harrow
Chinese     Taiwan Review            Harrow
Farsi       Ettela’at                Kensington & Chelsea
French      Figaro (Le)              Bromley
French      Figaro (Le)              Haringey
French      Figaro (Le)              Westminster
French      Le Monde                 Islington
French      Monde (Le)               Brent
French      Monde (Le)               Kensington & Chelsea
German      Frankfurter Allgemeine   Bromley
Greek       H Kaohmepini             Haringey
Greek       Ta Nea                   Haringey
Greek       Tapoikiakh               Haringey
Greek       Xpayth                   Haringey
(Cypriot)   Eleftheria               Enfield
(Cypriot)   Parikiaki                Enfield
Gujarati    Abhiyan                  Brent
Gujarati    Abhiyan                  Harrow
Gujarati    Akhand Anand             Brent
Gujarati    Chandan                  Brent
Gujarati    Chitralekha              Brent
Gujarati    Chitralekha              Ealing
Gujarati    Chitralekha              Harrow
Gujarati    Chitralekha              Waltham Forest
Gujarati    Garavi Gujarat           Brent
Gujarati    Garavi Gujarat           Ealing
Gujarati    Garavi Gujarat           Hackney
                                     Hammersmith &
Gujarati    Garavi Gujarat           Fulham
Gujarati    Garavi Gujarat           Harrow
Gujarati    Garavi Gujarat           Hillingdon
Gujarati    Garavi Gujarat           Lambeth
Gujarati    Garavi Gujarat           Newham
Gujarati    Garavi Gujarat           Slough
Gujarati    Garavi Gujarat           Waltham Forest
Gujarati    Garavi Gujarat           Wandsworth
Gujarati    Gujarat Samachar         Barnet
Gujarati    Gujarat Samachar         Bexley
Gujarati    Gujarat Samachar         Brent
Gujarati    Gujarat Samachar         Ealing
Gujarati    Gujarat Samachar         Enfield
Gujarati    Gujarat Samachar         Hackney
                                     Hammersmith &
Gujarati    Gujarat Samachar         Fulham
Gujarati   Gujarat Samachar                     Harrow
Gujarati   Gujarat Samachar                     Hillingdon
Gujarati   Gujarat Samachar                     Newham
Gujarati   Gujarat Samachar                     Redbridge
Gujarati   Gujarat Samachar                     Waltham Forest
Gujarati   Gujarat Samachar                     Wandsworth
Gujarati   Kismat                               Brent
Gujarati   Mumbai Samacher                      Brent
Gujarati   Opinion                              Brent
Gujarati   Sakhi                                Brent
Gujarati   Stree                                Brent
Hindi      Meri Saheli                          Bexley
Hindi      Pravasi Times                        Harrow
Hindi      Sarita                               Brent
Italian    Corriere della Sera (Il)             Haringey
Italian    Republica (La)                       Kensington & Chelsea
Polish     Cooltura                             Harrow
Polish     Dziennik Polski                      Slough
Polish     Dziennik Polski                      Waltham Forest
Polish     Goniec Polski                        Hillingdon
Polish     Polish Daily                         Lambeth
Polish     Polish Daily                         Wandsworth
Polish     Polish Express                       Tower Hamlets
Polish     Polish Observer (The)                Newham
Punjabi    Des Pardes                           Bexley
Punjabi    Des Pardes                           Ealing
Punjabi    Des Pardes                           Enfield
Punjabi    Des Pardes                           Hillingdon
Punjabi    Des Pardes                           Hounslow
Punjabi    Des Pardes                           Kingston
Punjabi    Des Pardes                           Newham
Punjabi    Des Pardes                           Redbridge
Punjabi    Des Pardes                           Slough
Punjabi    Des Pardes                           Waltham Forest
Punjabi    Panjab Times                         Bexley
Punjabi    Punjab Mail                          Newham
Punjabi    Punjab Times                         Barking & Dagenham
Punjabi    Punjab Times                         Ealing
Punjabi    Punjab Times                         Hillingdon
Punjabi    Punjab Times                         Hounslow
Punjabi    Punjabi Digest                       Bexley
Romanian   Ziarul Romanesc                      Newham
Russian    Russian London Info/ Russkaya Mysl   Tower Hamlets
Somali     Kasmo                                Camden
Somali     Kasmo                                Harrow
Somali     Kasmo                                Tower Hamlets
                                                Hammersmith &
Spanish    Noticias                             Fulham
Spanish    Pais (El)                            Bromley
Spanish    Pais (El)                            Haringey
Spanish    Pais (El)                            Kensington & Chelsea
Spanish    Pais (El)                            Southwark
Spanish    Pais (El)                            Waltham Forest
Tamil      Ananda Vikatan                       Brent
Tamil      Ananda Vikatan                       Ealing
Tamil      Ananda Vikatan                       Enfield
Tamil      Junior Vikatan                       Brent
Tamil     Kalki                                     Ealing
Tamil     Kumudam                                   Ealing
Tamil     Kungumam                                  Newham
Tamil     Kunguman                                  Brent
Tamil     Rani                                      Brent
Tamil     Tamil Times                               Brent
Tamil     Thinakural                                Brent
Tamil     Veerakesari                               Brent
Tamil     Virakesari                                Ealing
Tamil     Virakesari                                Hillingdon
Turkish   Hurriyet                                  Enfield
Turkish   Hurriyet                                  Hackney
Turkish   Hurriyet                                  Haringey
Turkish   Hurriyet                                  Islington
Turkish   Hurriyet                                  Lewisham
Turkish   Londra Gazette (London Turkish Gazette)   Hackney
Turkish   Milliyet                                  Hackney
Turkish   Milliyet                                  Islington
Turkish   Millyet                                   Haringey
Turkish   Olay                                      Haringey
Turkish   Politika                                  Haringey
Turkish   Toplum Postasi                            Haringey
Urdu      Akhbar e Jehan                            Brent
Urdu      Akhbar e Jehan                            Hillingdon
Urdu      Akhbar e Jehan                            Newham
Urdu      Akhbar e Jehan                            Waltham Forest
                                                    Hammersmith &
Urdu      Akhbar e Watan                            Fulham
Urdu      Al Jummah                                 Tower Hamlets
Urdu      Daily Ausaf                               Brent
Urdu      Daily Ausaf                               Newham
Urdu      Daily Ausaf                               Waltham Forest
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Barking & Dagenham
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Barnet
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Brent
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Bromley
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Ealing
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Hackney
                                                    Hammersmith &
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Fulham
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Haringey
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Harrow
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Havering
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Hillingdon
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Hounslow
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Islington
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Kingston
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Lambeth
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Lewisham
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Merton
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Newham
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Redbridge
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Slough
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Southend
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Tower Hamlets
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Waltham Forest
Urdu      Daily Jang                                Wandsworth
Urdu         Daily Jang (Friday)                        Southwark
Urdu         Daily Jang/Sunday Jang                     Croydon
Urdu         Daily Nation                               Brent
Urdu         Daily Nation                               Redbridge
Urdu         Daily Nation                               Slough
Urdu         International News (formerly Daily Jang)   Westminster
Urdu         Janomot                                    Wandsworth
Urdu         Kiran                                      Brent
Urdu         Nation                                     Barking & Dagenham
Urdu         Nation                                     Slough
Urdu         Nation                                     Waltham Forest
Urdu         New Dawn                                   Merton
Urdu         Pakiza                                     Brent
Urdu         Sada                                       Harrow
Urdu         Shuwa                                      Brent
Urdu         Sunday Ausaf                               Newham
Urdu         Sunday Jang                                Barking & Dagenham
                                                        Hammersmith &
Urdu         Sunday Jang                                Fulham
Urdu         Sunday Jang                                Newham
Urdu         Sunday Jang                                Waltham Forest
Urdu         Sunday Jang                                Wandsworth
Urdu         Urdu Digest                                Brent
Vietnamese   An Ninh                                    Hackney
Vietnamese   Phu Nu Dien Dan                            Croydon
Vietnamese   Tien Phong                                 Hackney
Title                                         Location               Microform
Barking & Dagenham Advertiser                 Barking & Dagenham     1888-1918
Barking & Dagenham Post                       Barking & Dagenham     1928-1930;1932-Dec 2003
Barking & Dagenham Recorder                   Barking & Dagenham     1992-Jun 2003
Barking East Ham & Ilford Advertiser          Barking & Dagenham     1919-1954
Benfleet, Canvey & District News              Southend               N 28-33
Biggin Hill News                              Bromley                1966–1972, 1976, 1979-1980
Bromley Times                                 Bromley                1888-9/2002, 2003+
Canvey News                                   Southend               N 4365-4406
Canvey News & Benfleet Recorder               Southend               N 4033-4364
Chelmsford Chronicle                          Southend               1795-1838
Daily Express                                 Southwark              1998+
Daily Mail                                    Bexley                 Mar 1989 - 1995
Daily Mail                                    Southwark              1998+
Daily Mail                                    Westminster            1996-2001cd, 1Mhc
Daily Mirror                                  Southwark              Dec 2000+
Daily Nation                                  Redbridge              Weekly
Daily Telegraph                               Bromley                1978 – 2003
Daily Telegraph                               Southwark              Oct 2000+
Daily Telegraph                               Westminster            1991-2002Cd, 3Mhc
Des Pardes                                    Redbridge              Weekly
Ealing & Acton Gazette                        Ealing                 1871+
East London Advertiser                        Tower Hamlets          1866-1985, 2002-2003
Eastern Eye                                   Redbridge              Weekly
Economist                                     Redbridge              Weekly
Economist                                     Westminster            1843-2003
Enfield Gazette                               Enfield                1859-1984; 1985+
Epoch Times                                   Redbridge              Weekly
Essex Chronicle                               Redbridge              Weekly
Essex Times                                   Havering               1866-1937
Evening Echo                                  Southend               1969+
Evening Standard                              Bromley                Oct 2009 - Sept 2010
Evening Standard                              Guildhall              1977-1983; 1994+ minus last 12M
Evening Standard                              Southwark              1998+
Financial times                               Bexley                 1987+
Financial Times                               Bromley                1982 - 2009
Financial Times                               Croydon                1990-2004
Financial Times                               Guildhall              1888+ minus last 3M
Financial Times                               Southwark              1982+
Gazette (Uxbridge/ Ruislip/Hayes/Harefield)   Hillingdon             Historical backfile
Greenford & Northolt Gazette                  Ealing                 1871+
Guardian                                      Bexley                 1984-1999
Guardian                                      Bromley                from 1966 - 2009
Guardian                                      Kensington & Chelsea   1960-1995
Guardian                                      Southwark              1998+
Guardian & Observer                           Hackney                CD-ROM
Ham & High                                    Westminster            May 1992- October 1996
Independent                                   Bexley                 1986-1998
Independent                                   Bromley                from 1987- 2009
Independent                                   Southwark              1998+
Independent on Sunday                         Bromley                from 1990 - 2009
Independent on Sunday                         Southwark              1998+
Independent on Sunday                         Westminster            1988-2002Cd
Irish Post                                    Redbridge              Weekly
Irish Times                          Southwark              1998+
Islington Gazette                    Islington              1856+
Islington Tribune                    Islington              2003+
Janomot                              Redbridge              Weekly
Jewish Chronicle                     Redbridge              Weekly
Kensington & Chelsea Chronicle       Kensington & Chelsea   2010+
Kensington & Chelsea Informer        Kensington & Chelsea   1983+
Kensington & Chelsea Mail            Kensington & Chelsea   1995+
Kensington & Chelsea News            Kensington & Chelsea   1862+
Kensington & Chelsea Post            Kensington & Chelsea   1987-1998
Kensington & Chelsea Times           Kensington & Chelsea   1983+
Leigh Times                          Southend               N 1-
Lloyds List                          Guildhall              1827-1938; 1976+ minus last 6M
                                                            1665-Aug. 1800m, 1844-1989 (with gaps),
London Gazette                       Westminster            1990+
Mail on Sunday                       Southwark              1998+
Mail on Sunday                       Westminster            1996-2001Cd
Marylebone & Paddington Mercury      Westminster            1857-2010
News of the World                    Southwark              1996+
News Shopper                         Bromley                12/1968–12/1972,1974–1985, 1987+
Observer                             Bexley                 Apr 1997-1998
Observer                             Bromley                1990 - 2007
Observer                             Redbridge              Weekly
Observer                             Southwark              1998+
Pictorial (Southend)                 Southend               N 5376-5422
Rayleigh Times                       Southend               N 1-
Richmond & Twickenham Times          Richmond               1873+
Richmond Guardian                    Richmond               1989 - June 2008
Richmond Informer                    Richmond               1989+
Romford Recorder                     Havering               1934-present; 1934-1981; 2001-2002
Scotland on Sunday                   Southwark              1998+
Scotsman                             Southwark              1998+
Slough Express                       Slough                 1812+
Slough Observer                      Slough                 1883+
South Essex Critic                   Southend               N 48-76
South London Press                   Lambeth                Microform 1865 -
South London Press                   Wandsworth             1865+
Southall Gazette                     Ealing                 1871+
Southend & District Critic           Southend               N 1-9
Southend & Westcliff Graphic         Southend               V 1-10
Southend News                        Southend               1988-1989, N 1-14
Southend News Review                 Southend               N 300-663
Southend Observer                    Southend               1974-1975 N 1-51
Southend on Sunday                   Southend               N 36
Southend Pictorial Telegraph         Southend               1922-1939, N 1141-1957
Southend Standard                    Southend               1873-1981, N 2-673
Southend Standard Recorder           Southend               1981+
Southend Star                        Southend               1-149
Southend Telegraph                   Southend               1900-1911 N 1-607 & 1913-1922 N 666-1140
Southend Times                       Southend               1922- 1964
Southend Times & Southchurch         Southend               N 1-
Southend-on-Sea Observer             Southend               N 3169-3444
Stock Exchange Daily Official List   Guildhall              Oct 1980-Dec 2003; Jan 2004+
Sun                                  Southwark              1996+
Sunday Express                       Southwark              1998+
Sunday Mirror                        Southwark              12/2000+
Sunday Telegraph                     Bromley                1978–2003
Sunday Telegraph                     Southwark              10/2000+
Sunday Times                         Bexley                 1972+
Sunday Times                         Bromley                from 1956 - 2009
Sunday Times                         Croydon                1973-2004
Sunday Times                         Hillingdon             1966-2005
Sunday Times                         Kensington & Chelsea   1970-1995
Sunday Times                         Redbridge              1970+
Sunday Times                         Richmond               1960+
Sunday Times                         Southwark              1985+
TES - Times Educational Supplement   Bromley                1985-2005
Thameside Mail                       Southend               N 1-352. Too fragile to use
Thamesmouth Magnet                   Southend               N 1-5. Too fragile to use
THES - Times Higher Education
Supplement                           Bromley                1990-2005
Times                                Barking & Dagenham     1900+
Times                                Bexley                 1785-2009
Times                                Bromley                1785 - 2009
Times                                Camden                 1785+
Times                                Croydon                1850-2004
Times                                Ealing                 1785-2007
Times                                Greenwich              1785+
Times                                Guildhall              1785+ minus last 1M
Times                                Harrow                 1957-2005
Times                                Havering               1990-2007; 1900-1996
Times                                Hillingdon             1900-2005
Times                                Hounslow               1933-2007
Times                                Kensington & Chelsea   1785-2000
Times                                Lambeth                1785-1997
Times                                Merton                 1864-2003
Times                                Redbridge              1900+
Times                                Richmond               1785-1850, 1896+
Times                                Slough                 1785-1800, 1895-2008
Times                                Southwark              1785-1985 (Times Digital) 1985+
Times                                Tower Hamlets          1785-2005
Times                                Wandsworth             1785-1998
Times                                Westminster            1950+ m; 1990-2003 cd
Times & Sunday Times                 Hackney                CD-ROM
Times Index                          Barking & Dagenham     1906-1916; 1953-1968
Times Index                          Ealing                 1785-2002
Times Index                          Guildhall              1790-1980 Cd
Times Index                          Kensington & Chelsea   1790-1811
Times Index                          Redbridge              1914+
Times Literary Supplement            Richmond               1902+ microfilm
TLS - Times Literary Supplement      Bromley                1970-2005
Wanstead and Woodford Guardian       Redbridge              Jan 1960 - Dec 1966, Oct 1995+
Wembley Observer                     Brent                  1958 - 1980
Western Mail                         Southwark              Nov 2001+
Wimbledon Guardian                   Merton                 1977 to date at Merton Local Studies Centre
Yellow Advertiser Southend           Southend               N 243-
Contact Details for Newspapers in London Libraries
Barking & Dagenham
Barking Library
BLC Barking Learning Centre
2 Town Square
Barking IG11 7NB
T: 020 8724 8723

Burnt Oak Library,
Watling Avenue,
Edgware HA8 0UB
T: 020 8359 3880

Central Library
Townley Road
Kent DA6 7HJ
T: 020 8303 7777

Willesden Green Library
95 High Road
London NW10 2SF
T: 020 8937 3400

Central Reference Library
High Street
Bromley BR1 1EX
T: 020 8461 7155

Swiss Cottage Library
88 Avenue Road
London NW3 3HA
T: 020 7974 6522

City of London Corporation
Barbican Library
Barbican Centre, Silk Street
London EC2Y 8DS
T: 020 7638 0569
Camomile Street Library
12-20 Camomile Street
London EC3A 7EX
T: 020 7332 1855
City Business Library
London EC2V 7HH
T: 020 7332 1812
Guildhall Library
London EC2V 7HH
T: 020 7332 1868/1870

Croydon Central Library
Katharine Street
Croydon CR9 1ET
T: 020 8726 6900

Ealing Central Library
103 Ealing Broadway Centre
The Broadway
London W5 5JY
T: 020 8567 3670

Enfield Town Library
1st Floor Thomas Hardy House
39 London Road
London EN2 6DS
T: 020 8379 2732

Woolwich Library
Calderwood Street
London SE18 6QZ
T: 020 8921 5750

Information Services, Hackney Central Library
Technology and Learning Centre
1 Reading Lane
London E8 1GQ
T: 020 8356 4359
Hammersmith & Fulham
Fulham Library
598 Fulham Road
London SW6 5NX
T: 020 8753 3876

Central Library
High Road
Wood Green
London N22 6XD
T: 020 8489 2780/2781

Civic Centre Library
Station Road
Harrow HA1 2UU
T: 020 8424 1055

Information Services, Central Library
St. Edwards Way
Romford RM1 3AR
T: 01708 432393/4

Central Library
14 High St
Uxbridge, UB8 1HD
T: 01895 250 600

Hounslow Library
24 Treaty Centre
High Street
Hounslow TW3 1ES
T: 0845 456 2800

Reference Library
2 Fieldway Crescent
London, N5 1PF
T: 020 7527 6931
Kensington & Chelsea
Central Reference Library
Kensington Central Library
Phillimore Walk
London W8 7RX
T: 020 7361 2274

Kingston Library
Fairfield Road
Surrey KT1 2PS
T: 020 8547 6400

Lambeth Reference Library
Brixton Oval
London SW2 1JQ
T: 020 7926 1067

Lewisham Reference Library
199 -201 Lewisham High Street
London SE13 6LG
T: 020 8297 9430

Wimbledon Library
35 Wimbledon Hill Road
SW19 7NB
T: 020 8274 5757

Stratford Library
3 The Grove
London E15 1EL
T: 020 8430 6875 / 6874

Central Reference Library
Clements Road
T: 020 8708 2420
Richmond upon Thames
Richmond Reference Library
Old Town Hall, Whittaker Avenue
Richmond TW9 1TP
T: 020 8940 5529

Slough Library
High Street
Slough SL1 1EA
T: 01753 535166

Newington Library
155-157, Walworth Road
London SE17 1RS
T: 020 7525 2110

Sutton Central Library
St. Nicholas Way
Surrey SM1 1EA.
T: 020 8770 4700

Tower Hamlets
Idea Store Whitechapel
321 Whitechapel Road
London E1 1BU
T: 020 7364 1738

Battersea Library
265 Lavender Hill
London SW11 1JB
T: 020 8871 7467
Waltham Forest
Walthamstow Libraries (Information Services)
High Street
Walthamstow E17 7JN
T: 020 8496 1100

Battersea Reference Library
121 Altenburg Gardens
London SW11 1JQ
T: 020 8871 7467


Westminster Reference Library
35 St Martin’s Street
London WC2H 7HP
T: 020 7641 1300

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