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									No. 11 / March 2004

Analytica 2004: Laboratory Technology Trend Report

Improved performance and convenience in the laboratory

   Trend toward automation continues
   Efficient, intelligent sample preparation and analysis
   Emphasis on convenience and ergonomics when developing new devices

Analytica 2004 will focus on the latest systems, equipment and techniques that help to make
working in laboratories more efficient and that permit increasingly higher throughput rates.
However, performance is not everything. Ergonomics continues to increase in importance in
the development of new laboratory technologies.

Sample preparation: Grinding, weighing and analysis
Fineness for analysis labs: The new ZM 200 ultra centrifugal mill by Retsch can be used to
grind the widest variety of products – plastics, animal feed and coating powders. The mill
grinds materials to a fineness of 40 micrometers. A motor with controlled speeds ranging
from 6,000 to 18,000 rpm ensures uniform, high-speed grinding. The proven and patented
cassette principle guarantees high sample throughput and convenient sample removal. The
company's PM 100 and PM 200 planetary ball mills can be used for even finer grinding
applications and to grind materials such as minerals, soils and chemicals to a particle size of
0.5 micrometers. Retsch will also introduce its HORIBA LB-550 particle analyzer, which is
used to reliably measure the kernel sizes of nanoparticles. It measures particles between
one nanometer and six micrometers in size.
Complex systems and software for sample preparation also come from Switzerland: Precisa
Instruments is the only supplier that has devices for measuring moisture as well as for
drying and ashing in its product portfolio. The prepASH 129 dries and ashes up to 29
samples at the same time and constantly measures weight and moisture in the process. The
company will also present its current line of scales. Scale specialists Ohaus will have its
latest food scale and a check weigher from the Pro scale series on exhibit. And Fisher

Scientific will present its line of scales at Analytica: Analysis and precision scales that –
thanks to monolithic weighing technology – can weigh items from 0.1 milligram to 0.001 gram
quickly and precisely, will be on display. The company will also introduce a new acid-base
titration technique that does not require the use of a titrating agent as well as a protein
crystallization plate for structural proteomics.
Retsch, Hall A1, Stand 235/334, http://www.retsch.de
Precisa Instruments, Hall A3, Stand 451, http://www.precisa.com
Ohaus Waagen, Hall A1, Stand 291/340, http://www.ohaus.de
Fisher Scientific, Hall A2, Stand 541 und 445/544, http://www.fishersci.com

News from the pipetting robots
Pipetting made easy – that is what Gilson is promising from its intelligent biology
workstation. Quad-Z automates pipetting procedures and, according to the manufacturer, is
capable of learning in the process. User-friendly software allows the user to enter manual
routines that the system then performs automatically. The system has a volume range of 1 to
200 microliters. The use of interchangeable tips – like those used for pipetting by hand –
ensures that all work is contamination free and reproducible. Gilson is also venturing into the
nano-range of liquid chromatography with its 350 micropump. This particularly strong pump
guarantees flow rates starting at 300 nanoliters per minute. Minimum dead volumes,
automatic leak localization and a sophisticated technique for avoiding air bubbles make this
compact pump a reliable and thorough helper in any laboratory. Swiss pipette specialist
Socorex is also a fan of automation. The Acura electro 925 electronic micropipette features
logical program sequences. Various menus such as Direct Mode and Thinning Mode can be
operated quickly and easily using four function buttons. The manufacturer also kept left-
handed lab workers in mind. A press of a button is all it takes to set the pipette on the left or
on the right. HTI Bio-x specializes in the needs of small and medium-sized laboratories that
have an affordable liquid-handling station in its “biostation x-one” – which promises “fun
pipetting” guaranteed. Biozym will present the new Quadra Tower from Tomtec, a compact
pipetting system that uses interchangeable tips ranging from 5 to 450 microliters or can be
equipped for coated steel tips for volumes from 0.5 to 60 microliters. The system also helps
save money with the tips: an integrated miniwasher get used interchangeable tips clean as
clean as a whistle.
Gilson International, Hall A1, Stand 524, Hall A4, Stand 360, http://www.gilson.com
Socorex, Hall A2, Stand 550, http://www.socorex.com
HTI bio-x, Hall A5, Stand 483, http://www.hti-bio.com
Biozym, Hall 5, Stand 321/420, http://www.biozym.com

Convenient microscope use, even when sample throughput rates are high
Anyone who spends several hours a day bent over a microscope appreciates the value of
equipment with good ergonomic features. At Analytica 2004 Nikon will present its Eclipse 50i
and 55i microscopes, which were developed especially for users with high sample
throughput rates. Besides being very easy to use, the two newcomers feature exceptionally
high-quality optics. The reason is the Nikon CF160 Infinity optics. The Eclipse 55i is
equipped with white LED lighting that ensures that the field of vision is evenly lit. As an
option, both microscopes can be equipped with digital image generation. And thanks to an
ergonomic panning telescope tube, aiming a digital camera is no problem.
Nikon, Hall A4, Stand 341, http://www.nikon.de

Fluorescence and luminescence in dark box
Techniques for fluorescent and luminescent marking are becoming more and more
sophisticated – which in turn is causing scientists to increase their demands. It is now
possible to use biological markers at the cell level as well as on living objects. Because mice
don’t really fit onto the stage of a microscope, camera manufacturer Hamamatsu developed
a new system for macroscopic imaging. Aequora detects even the weakest fluorescent and
luminescent signals with wavelengths in the 300 to 1,100-nanometer range. And an emission
filter wheel allows the user to work with multiple markings at the same time or to detect a
double luminescence such as that of Renilla and glow work luciferases.
Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH, Hall A4, Stand 440, http://www.hamatsu.de

Innovations in optical spectroscopy
Efficient systems that are also affordable – those are the requirements that manufacturers of
spectrometry systems are confronted with today. Krüss Optotronic’s development work
focuses mainly on determining the refractive index nD and the sugar concentration %Brix.
The DR6000 series refractometer is a genuine all-round system. The four models in the
series cover different measuring ranges and satisfy specific customer requirements. An
integrated Peltier thermostat makes it possible to heat samples to 20 degrees Celsius.
“65,000 specta in an hour“ – that is the standard to be met by Analytik Jena’s Reader-
FlashScan family. It makes it possible to record and measure at high speeds and measures
the absorption, fluorescent and luminescent of samples with outstanding resolution. The
supplier will also present a new system for atom absorption spectrometry that uses a single
xenon short-arc lamp that covers the entire relevant wavelength range to replace the large
number of element-specific that used to be necessary. A convenient “all-in-one“ system will
be presented by J&M: the new spectrometer system combines a UV/ViS and an NIR diode
array spectrometer in a single unit. Various spectrometer modules can be combined with one
another, allowing the user to measure wavelengths ranging from 200 to approx. 2,200

nanometers. The diode array technology ensures short measuring times in the lower
millisecond range. Perten Instruments will have two generations of its diode array NIR
analyzer on display. The DA 7200 analyzes samples such as grain, animal feed and
foodstuffs for their compositions. Among other things, it measures their percentages of
protein, fat, oil, starch and sugar. The entire analysis takes only ten seconds. The reason:
the device does not require any elaborate sample preparation and the spectral recording
takes only three seconds.
Krüss Optotronic, Hall A3, Stand 254, http://www.kruess.de
AnalytikJena, Hall A3, Stand 420, http://www.analytikjena.de
J&M, Hall 4, Stand 244, http://www.j-m.de
Perten Instruments, Hall A3, Stand 334, http://www.perten.com


Other exhibitors in the Laboratory Technology sector at a glance

Company             Exhibits                                                     Stand            Website
Laboratory equipment and consumable materials
Alfa Aesar (Johnson Ultra-pure inorganic compounds, metal organic                A2.524           www.alfa-chemcat.com
Matthey Gruppe)     compounds, alloys, precious-metal laboratory
Dometic             Product series:                                              A2.240           www.dometic.lu
                    Cold Chain: for vaccines
                    Medical refrigeration
                    Blood chain
                    Blood safety: Blood banks and thermo-stabilizers
                    for decreasing mortality rates in developing
Fluxana             Beakers, foils, steel rings, sample storage                  A4.123           www.fluxana.de
                    systems, binding agents and fluxes, reference
                    Vulcan: Fusion machines
                    Uniquant: Software for RFA and reference
Haver & Boecker     Analysis sieves, grid sieves, photo-optical particle A4.361                   www.haverboecker.com
                    analysis machines
HJ-Bioanalytik      “Roboseal“ sealing machines, “Quick Combi                    A2.301           www.hj-bioanalytik.de
                    Sealer“, “Cap Mat Sealer“,“Robopeel“ desealing
                    machines for microtiter plates, “hitplate” deep-
                    well plates
HLC (Haep           Thermomixers, block thermostats for use in                   A5.313           www.hlc-biotech.de
Laborconsult)       biotechnology
Juchheim            Analytica: reaction boiler systems for phrama and A1.482                      www.juchheim-gmbh.de
                    food industries, hydraulic laboratory platforms
                    and DIN-standard lab burners
Kendro              Separation systems for biotechnology; automated A1.361/460                    www.kendro.de
                    incubator and storage cabinets for medicine
                    research. Centrifuges, incubators, workbenches,
                    refrigeration and storage systems, incubation and
                    drying cabinets

Company            Exhibits                                              Stand        Website
Membrapure         EDI compact: Production of ultrapure water using      A1.106       www.membrapure.de
                   reverse osmosis electrodiaresis
Steag Microparts   Truespray aerosol system                              A5.280       www.microparts.de
Miele              “Anorganica” laboratory glass-cleaning machines       A1.105/204   www.miele.de
                   with nine programs, “Organica” for special
                   requirements including disinfection
MUT                HCTS2000: sample sorting based on barcodes or A1.473               www.mut-gmbh.de
                   cap color
Neolab             neoStapelRack laboratory box system for storing       A1.435       www.neolab.de
Normschliff        NGW-Dest-Star Advance: computer-controlled            A1.471       www.normschliff.de
Gerätebau          distillation system with its own operating system
                   and remote-maintenance option
Schleicher &       Intelligent and innovative systems for                A3.321       www.schleicher-schuell.de
Schuell            microbiological quality control and a complete        A5.398
                   selection of filter papers, membrane filters and
                   ready-to-use filter units
Slee               Steel, disposable and hard-metal knives and           A2.455       www.sleemainz.com
                   services for creating microtomes for medicine

SunChrom           “Symbiosis” solid-phase extraction system,            A3.371/470   www.sunchrom.de
                   “Bionisis” MultiOPLC
Sympatec           “HELOS&MYTOS” instrument family,                      A4.390       www.sympatec.com
                   “NANOPHOX” photon cross-correlation
                   spectroscope, “QICPIC image analysis system”
Waldner            mc6: laboratory equipment system with AeroEM          A1.321/420   www.waldner.de
                   ventilator and Cinethek, a combination of
                   presentation table and experiment table with
                   splatter protection and presentation platform
Werksitz           Klimastar series of chairs, ideal for laboratory      A1.594       www.werktec.de
                   use, with microclimatic properties to eliminate
                   moisture; rotating work chairs and stools with
                   adjustable seat height while seated
Wilhelm Werner     Ultrapure water technology: small to medium-          A1.231       www.werner-gmbh.com
GmbH               sized laboratory systems for 200 liter 200 Liter
                   DNA- and RNA-free water; large-scale systems
                   for VE and ultra-pure water production
Westfalen AG       Special-purpose gases for instrumental analysis       A3.324       www.westfalen-ag.de
                   and medical diagnostics, ultra-pure test, zero and
                   fuel gasses, stabile isotopes and mixtures – now
                   filled in convenient 0.5 liter aluminum bottles for
                   shipment by mail
Vacuubrand GmbH    Vacuum technology:                                    A1.310       www.vacuubrand.de
+ Co KG            Variable and compact VARIO chemistry pump
                   stations, rotary and membrane pumps,
                   VACUU∙LAN flexible vacuum network,
                   ATEX chemical membranes
Sample preparation and analysis
Bartec             Bartag sample bottles with RFID transponder for       A2.408       www.bartec.de
                   sample identification and data storage

Company            Exhibits                                            Stand        Website
Fritsch            Analysette 22 Nanotec: First laser-based            A1.125       www.fritsch.de
                   measuring device for particle-size distribution and
                   particle shape recognition in one
                   Analysette 22 Compact: particle measuring
                   Pulverisette 23: Minimum quantity mill for use in
Heidolph           SilentCrusher: Magnetic stirrers                    A1.220       www.heidolph.de
                   LR 20 Automatic: automatic 24h distillation
                   Synthesis 1: system for parallel synthesis
Steinbrenner       “Liquidator96” 96-channel pipetting system          A5.491       www.steinbrenner-
Laborsysteme                                                                        laborsysteme.de
Sunchrom           Symbiosis: online solid-phase extraction system,    A3.371/470   www.sunchrom.de
                   fully automated sample preparation; MultiOPC
                   separation system for semi-preparative
                   purification of reaction mixtures, LIF detector
                   (laser-induced fluorescence) for use in HPLC / µ-
                   HPLC; detection e.g. of tryptophane to detection
                   limit of 75 attomol
Optical spectrometry
IOM                Products for fluorescence detection:                A5.430       www.iom-berlin.de
                   LF 402 ProLine: process measuring system
                   LF 401 Lambda: fluorescence spectrometer
                   LF 402 NanoScan HT: fluorescence reader
                   (reads microtiter plates with 1536 wells in 15
PicoQuant          Time-triggered fluorescence systems,                A4.430       www.picoquant.com
                   Picosecond diode lasers with new wavelengths,
                   can be connected to laser-scanning microscopes


About Analytica:
Analytica, which includes the Analytica Conference, is the leading European trade fair for
analysis and the life sciences, high-tech laboratory automation and data and process
management. It is held in Munich, the leading trade-fair venue and business location in the
world. Visitors include decision-makers and users from the chemical, medical and
pharmaceutical sectors as well as industrial and government research organizations. It is
held every two years and has established itself as a central marketplace for marketable
products and solutions in the fields of instrumental analysis, diagnostics, laboratory
technology and biotechnology. The 19th Analytica is being held at the New Munich Trade Fair
Centre from May 11 – 14. More than 1,000 exhibitors and 30,000 trade visitors are expected.

Analytica is part of Analytica World, the international network of trade fairs: Analytica World
includes the trade fairs Analytica (2004), AnalyticaChina (2004), Analytica-Anacon India
(2004) and BioAnalytica (2005). The latter is an international trade fair for the European
bioindustry and its solution providers. Additional information about the fair(s) and the
program of events is available on the Internet at www.analytica.de or www. analytica-

Exhibitor and visitor statistics for Analytica are verified by an independent auditor on behalf of
the FKM (Society for the Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics). Exhibitor and
visitor statistics for the trade fairs held in other countries are also verified by neutral parties.

About Munich Trade Fairs International (MMI)
With approximately 40 trade shows for investment goods, consumer goods and new
technologies, MMI (Munich Fairs International Group) is one of the leading organizers of
trade shows in the world. Each year more than 30,000 exhibitors from more than 90
countries and more than two million visitors from approximately 180 countries participate in
trade fairs in Munich. MMI also organizes trade shows in Asia, North America and South
America. MMI has its own global network with five foreign subsidiaries and 75 foreign
representatives serving 89 countries.

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