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					sankalp day care, kanpur

     2010-2011 renewal
                 expenses 2009-2010
• Total expenses incurred during 1st june, 2009 to 31st may,2010 -
1.    Salary-                                 3,67,600/-
2.    Conveyance(payment for van facility)- 2,54,000/-
3.    Rent-                                   1,20,000/-
4.    Annual day & festival celebrations-       22,086/-
5.    Repair and maintenance                    14,525/-
6.    Furniture and other assets(cooler, fan) 12,155/-
7.    Stationary, teaching material & misc.      5,977/-
8.    Advertisement(in local news paper)         3,499/-
                 Total                     Rs.7,99,842/-
•    Total amnt recd from children as
          fees and conveyance charges- Rs.3,95,525/-
•                           Difference: Rs.4,04,317/-
• Asha-SV approved Rs.4.2L for full year, we sent $6K+$2.1K
                        current stats
• students - 43
• staff - 7 teachers for morning shift and 1 for the
  afternoon for children who are there for day boarding
   –   1 speech assistant, 1 speech therapist (visiting)
   –   1 psychologist (visiting 4 days a week)
   –   2 physiotherapist (visiting 5 days a week)
   –   1 aya, 1 male helper.
• Due to increase in number of students, we now have two
  hired vans for the transport of the children.
• We have started an optional day boarding facility for the
  children from September’ 09 as per the need shown by
  some parents.
                    Budget for 2010-2011

        RENT FOR THE PREMISES-          10,000/-
       CONVEYANCE EXPENSES-             26,000/-
       SALARY- CENTRE COORDINATOR-       4,000/-
                TEACHERS- Rs.           17,800/-
                AYA-      Rs.                    2300/-
                SWEEPER- Rs.             2500/-
                PSYCHOLOGIST- Rs.        4000/-
               PHYSIOTHERAPIST- Rs.      6000/-
               SPEECH THERAPIST- Rs.     2000/-
               SPEECH ASSISTANT- Rs.     2300/-
               MISCELLANEOUS- Rs.        1000/-
       TOTAL MONTHLY EXPENSES        Rs.77,900/-

                 FIXED PRIVATE DONATIONS- Rs. 6,100/-
                  TOTAL RECIEPT-           Rs.46,200/-
                       NET DEFICIT-        Rs.31,700/-

•   June 2010 – March 2011 (10 months)     Rs.3,17,000/-   (would be 3,80,400 for 12 mos – less than last yr)
        students progress summary
• Our children have steadily shown improvement in their performances
  through out the year.
    – Some have shown very significant improvements in areas like academic and
      pre-academic performances, motor functions and behavioural problems
    – while in some, the improvement was not as significant due to various
      problems like base line condition of the child, repeated medical illnesses,
      irregular timings at school, inadequate and/or improper inputs at home due to
      various types of limitations faced by parents.
• See Case Studies document/ppt.
• Attempting all-round growth as much as possible
    – During the last year, we have tried to develop our children as complete
      individuals, taking part in a variety of activities, caring for each other, taking
      initiatives and responsibilities and enjoying their work. We had a variety of
      activities and events all through the year apart from routine class room
                   students activities
• Sports

   – In sports activities, older children were exposed to games like badminton and
     cricket apart from simple activities like racing (simple as well as associated
     with other fun activities like toffee race etc), catching and throwing ball,
     throwing ball in basket, jumping and hopping etc. 7 children took part in 5days
     national badminton camp of Special Olympics in Agra in February ’09 and five
     children took part in 5 days national cricket camp of Special Olympics in
     Bareilly in November ’09.

• Cultural
   – In cultural activities, we celebrated holi, raksha bandhan, independence day,
     janmashtami, dusshera, diwali, eid, children’s day and Christmas with simple
     necessary rituals to make the children aware of our customs. Apart from this,
     10 children took part in the inter special school cultural contest organized by
     Pyssum Day care Center, Lucknow along with children from about 10 other
     schools. Though our school did not win the prize but our efforts were
     appreciated and it was a good learning for the teachers as well as the
                    public awareness
1.   a workshop on " neuro-developmental delays" in the local branch of Indian
     Medical Association to create an awareness among the practicing doctors
     about how to go about and what to advice when they come across such
     children in their day to day practice. this was important as most doctors
     were not aware of what to advice the parents after a diagnosis was made
     and what was the actual outcome of the trainings that we do
2.   got an appreciation award by local branch of IMA on woman's day which
     was given to 27 ladies for their outstanding contribution to the society.
3.   held a check up camp at the local "girls reform centre", the govt. home for
     destitute girls where we identified 27 mentally retarded girls, did their
     assessment and gave recommendations on what was needed. we could
     not provide any further help.
4.   got 5-6 articles published in local news papers about the centre and about
     my story at different times.
                                 public awareness
1.   talk last may in Kanpur Parivartan Forum, a local body, for creating awareness for the causes
     and the work done at the centre
2.   did a session at a normal school for the teachers on understanding the children as an
     individual. and a small session with children of 5-10 yrs age on health awareness.
3.   did a session with teachers teaching at various schools run by jagriti about health and related
     issues in children and teachers themselves.
4.   annual day celebration in jan this year where there were guest
     lectures on importance of parents association, what the government can
     provide and what conditions require medications in these children. And the
     audience got to see the capabilities of our children.
5.   The pre-Diwali craft exhibition cum sale was organized in the month of
     October and the response was overwhelming. The items made by the children were
     highly appreciated by one and all. There were decorated candles, decorated diyas, hand painted pillow
     covers and hankies, greeting cards, gift envelopes, wall hangings, bracelets, anklets, mala, food
     items(made by parents) packed by children etc for sale. The older children took active interest in the
                 parents education
• did a 5 day orientation program for the parents in march with
  the aim to make them more aware of ways to handle their
  children. this was attended by parents of about 21 children.
• series of awareness lectures cum interactive sessions
   – “how to proceed with a challenged child” by Mrs Anju Mishra, principal,
     Pyssum Day Care Centre, Lucknow.
   – “scope and limitations of speech therapy” by Ms.Saba Zafar, consultant
     speech therapist, KG Medical University, Lucknow.
   – “Government schemes and legal issues related to challenged children”
     by Mr.K.D.Bajpai from The Spastics Centre, Kanpur.
                teachers training
• did a 5 day teachers orientation workshop in march as there
  were 4 new teachers.
• Two of the teachers pursued the basic foundation course in
  disability from Chetna Institute, Lucknow and two teachers
  have enrolled for B.Ed (special education). We also have
  recruited two new teachers with diploma in special education
  during the last year.
                      misc updates
other important things-
1. the children in the prevocational and vocational group are given
    weekly tests so that they are sincere for their academic work and
    take responsibility of their work. this would help them in long run
    when they are to do some proper job work.
2. children are being encouraged to express themselves more and
    more in better way to enhance their confidence.
3. more activities for group sharing and caring for each others have
    been incorporated.

   still, money is the major factor governing the activities. for the
   vocational training centre that i have in mind, we are not getting
   any suitable place.

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