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Diamond Floor Grinder - Master Builders Association


									                                                    Safe Work Method and Environment Statement
Company                                                                                                                                 Subcontractor:
Project                                                                                                                                 Date:
JobTask                                 Diamond Floor Grinder                                                                           SWMES No.
To be reviewed

Required or other
Standards/Codes of
Personal Protective
Clothing Required
Plant & Equipment
Material Safety Data
Sheets - less than 5 years
Have you considered the site specific   Have you considered weather conditions? Eg.       IN PREPARING A SAFE WORK METHOD STATEMENT YOU MUST:
hazards? Eg.                            - wind                                            1. Consider any site specific potential hazards and include any identified risks in Safe Work Method
- lay of the land                       - rain                                            Statement (SWMS)
- obstacles (buildings, workers,        - heat                                            2. Assess the risk
excavations, plant)                     - cold etc                                        3. Insert controls using the hierarchy of controls for the hazards identified
- changes to site conditions            Have you considered job specific details?         4. Review the residual risk to ensure controls are adequate to safely perform the work
- other contractors’ work in progress   - different material                              5. Document the matters contained in items 1 – 4, above, in this SWMS
                                        - different equipment                             6. Complete the SWMS and Delete these notes to demonstrate that you have considered all relevant
                                        Any other factor that may make affect the risks   7. Ensure that all relevant employees have read, understood and signed off on the SWMS
                                        associated with performing this task?             8. Ensure that work is carried out in a safe manner in accordance with the SWMS
                                                                                          NB: If you are unsure of anything seek professional advice. Master Builders WHS department can
                                                                                          assist members in developing and implementing safety plans, including SWMS.

                                                                                          Cover Page
                                             STEP 1
                                 Hazard - Possible Consequences
    Code        consequences
                                    Death, Toxic release off site with detrimental effect,
      5                              huge financial loss
                                    Extensive injury, loss of production capability, off site
      4                             release with no detrimental effects, Major financial loss
                                    Medical Treatment required, on site release contained
      3                             with outside assistance, high financial loss
                                    First aid treatment required, on site release immediate
      2                             containment, medium financial loss
                 Insignificant      No injury, low financial loss

                                             STEP 2
                               Hazarda - Likelihood of occurrence
                       Likelihood of
    Code                                                       Description
                                                The event is expected to occur in most
      A               Almost Certain            circumstances
      B                   Likely                The event will probably occur in most circumstances
      C                  Possible               The event could occur at some time
      D                  Unlikely               The event might occur at some time
                                                The event is expected to occur only in exceptional
      E                      Rare               circumstances

                                               STEP 3
                                    Hazard - Risk Analysis Matrix
                 Insignificant       Minor        Moderate            Major          Catastrophic
Likelihood             1               2              3                4                  5
  A (Almost
   Certain)            H                H                E               E                E
    (Likely)          M                 H                H               E                E
  (Possible)           L                M                H               E                E
   (unlikely)          L                 L             M                 H                E
    (Rare)             L                 L             M                 H                H

                                                STEP 4
     E          Extreme Risk - Immediate Action Required
     H          High Risk - Senior Management Attention required
     M          Moderate Risk - Management responsibility must be specified
     L          Low Risk - Manage by routine procedures
              Job Steps                Potential Hazard            Risk                  Control                        Residual   Person On Site
                                                                   Rate                                                            Who Will Ensure
                                                                                                                                    This Happens
   Break the job down into steps      What can cause harm at        E     What is going to be done to make                E
                                            each step               H       the job as safe as possible                   H
                                                                    M                                                     M
                                                                    L                                                     L
Preparation                        Electric Shock                         Complete pre start check list and
                                                                          inspection before each use
                                                                          Ensure test tag is within date as require
                                                                          under AS 3760 & 3012
                                                                     M    RCD to be used upstream for all electrical
                                                                                                                           L       [insert responsible person]
                                                                          Only use competent and certified persons
                                                                          to operate machine
Using Diamond floor grinder        Noise                                  Wear appropriate hearing protection in
                                                                     M    compliance with AS 1270
                                                                                                                           L       [insert responsible person]
                                   Foreign body in eye               M    Wear appropriate eye protection                  L       [insert responsible person]
                                   Vibration                              Vibration handle to be used or where not
                                                                     M    possible appropriate glove for vibration to      L       [insert responsible person]
                                                                          be worn
                                   Electric Shock                         Ensure test tag is within date as require
                                                                          under AS 3760 & 3012
                                                                     H    RCD to be used upstream for all electrical
                                                                                                                           M       [insert responsible person]
                                   Slip, trips, falls                     Wear non-slip footwear
                                                                     M    Regularly remove slurry
                                                                                                                           L       [insert responsible person]
Cleaning of slurry after use       Slurry leaking into drain              Containment socks to be in place at drain
                                                                     M    points                                           L       [insert responsible person]
                                                                          Storm water entries to be sealed
                                   Slip, trips, falls                     Wear non-slip footwear
                                                                     M    Regularly remove slurry
                                                                                                                                   [insert responsible person]
Machine cleaning                   Inadvertent start up during            Ensure unit is unplugged before cleaning
                                   cleaning                          M                                                     L       [insert responsible person]

                                   Skin contact with slurry               Full overalls, long sleeves & pants to be
                                                                     M    worn
                                                                                                                           L       [insert responsible person]

                                                                 Diamond Floor Grinder
                                                       Safe Work Method and Environment Statement

We, the undersigned, confirm that we have been consulted regarding the above SWMES and that its content is clearly understood. We also confirm that our
required qualification/s to undertake this activity are current and that we are competent to complete the work safely and without risk to our own health or the health of
others. We clearly understand that the control/s in this SWMES must be applied as documented, otherwise work is to cease immediately, and we will ensure that the
work area is made safe should risks to other works, visitors or the public remain.

              Name                              Job/Title                        Employed By                          Date                        Signed

I, the undersigned Supervisor confirm that I have checked all qualifications tendered and verify they are applicable and current. I have also ensured that
all inductions have taken place and that all tools and equipment are properly maintained and safe to use. I have issued all relevant permits and have
ensured to the best of my ability that the work area is safe and that the work will not damage any property or injure any persons.

Supervisor Name____________________                       Supervisor Signature____________________                                Date____________

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