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Room Parent Meeting Agenda


									Room Parent
Heatherwood Elementary
Teacher’s Name _________________________
   Birthday: ______________________________________________
   Children: ______________________________________________

   Colors: ________________________________________________
   Holiday(s): _____________________________________________
   Restaurants: ___________________________________________
   Clothing Stores: _________________________________________
   Stores: _______________________________________________
   Coffee /Tea Stores: ______________________________________
   Book Stores: ____________________________________________
   Leisure Time Activities: ___________________________________
   Snacks/Foods: __________________________________________
   Flowers: _______________________________________________
   Baked Goods: _______________________________________________
   Favorite Indulgence: ______________________________________
   Do you like spa days?                      Yes        No
   Do you like manicures / pedicures?         Yes        No
   Do you like the movies?              Yes         No
   Wish List of Classroom Items:
            ________________________________________________________
         ________________________________________________________
         _________________________________________________________
         ________________________________________________________
         ________________________________________________________
         _________________________________________________________
                                                           Love, Your Room Parents

Room Parent (main contact*) - The Room
Parent will be the main contact between teacher and parents. Any
parties, activities or celebrations that take place IN the classroom
will be organized by this person. In addition, this person is
responsible for relaying any information that the teachers would
like to get out to their classroom parents, regarding their class, For
    winter celebration
    end of year picnic
    birthdays or field trip info.
    volunteers to help in the classroom
    all teachers are different and use their room parents
      differently, please discuss your teacher’s expectations with

We had many volunteers for each class. A main contact was
chosen and there are several secondary room parents listed who are
willing to help. We ask that the teacher communicate primarily
with the main contact.

PTO Rep -          The classroom PTO Rep will attend the monthly
PTO meetings and act as liaison between PTO/administration and
the teacher/parents. This person will distribute any information
that deals with an ALL SCHOOL activity. For example…
    any school-wide PTO function - walk and roll week, movie
      night, etc. They may be asked to help get more volunteers or
      simply forward information on to parents regarding the event.
    Any special news from Heatherwood administration or
      BVSD that needs to get out quickly to school families.
    Direct parents where to go to nominate the school or specific
      teachers for any local awards.

Email is the best line on communication for both.

Classroom/School Celebrations
Halloween Parade
Friday, October 30th will be the all school Halloween Parade. Children may
wear their costumes to school and participate in a morning parade thru the
PIT area. All parents are welcome to come watch. Masks and face make up
are prohibited, as well as any weapons that may accompany their costume.
Please leave those at home. After the parade, students will change back into
their school clothes. Parents from each class will be needed to help the
younger kids.

A Halloween treat will be provided by Colleen and the kitchen staff during
lunch. We ask that students DO NOT bring treats to hand out at school.
The parade and lunchtime treat will take the place of any classroom parties.
Your teacher may want to do a special Halloween/Fall activity, please talk
with him/her about that independently.

Winter Celebration
Friday, December 18th. Each grade level will celebrate differently. For
example, our 1st graders enjoy a Mexican Fiesta while our 3rd graders will
continue with tradition and hold a POW WOW in the PIT area. You’ll need
to contact homeroom teachers to get an idea of how they would like to

Heatherwood Has Heart
Friday, February 12th. Starting last year, Heatherwood decided to forego
Valentine’s Day parties and exchanges and concentrate on doing something
good for the community. Last year, kids made valentines for patients of
Children’s Hospitals & residents of Eldery Communities.

Teacher Appreciation Week
Month of April- TBD. We celebrate and thank our wonderful Heatherwood
teachers with fun themed days throughout the week. Example…‖energize
your teacher day‖ – bring energy drinks/bars, coffee gift cards, mugs etc…

End of School Party
End of May. Each classroom plans its own party for this day. Some choose
to have a picnic at a nearby park or on the school grounds. This is
something you will want to speak to your teacher about during the last

Other celebrations may take place in individual classrooms throughout the
year. This is up to your homeroom teacher. Please keep in contact with
them regarding this issue.

Eco-friendly party packs
        As you know, Heatherwood Elementary is striving to be a waste-
free school. We can do our part by providing special compostable plates and
cups. We can order and the student council can assemble a standard pack of
products. Compostable paper product packages will again be available on
the morning of the party for pick up in the school office conference room.
Please email Susan Siegert ( to place your orders.
You can make out payments to her. Parents usually volunteer to supply these
products. Instead, we can have them volunteer to pay for these products.

Package A: is $5 for 35 paper plates and napkins with 1 compostable trash
bag (does not include cups).
Package B: is $10 for 35 corn ecoproducts cups, paper plates and napkins,
with 1 compostable trash bag.
      All of this can be put in a compost bin and does not create any trash.
There needs to be a delegated parent to help coordinate the trash disposal.
This would include helping students place biodegradable products in the
green compostable bag and other trash in the school trash, since things are
always rushed towards the end of a party. The compost bag then needs to
be placed in the trash bin outside the school for recycled products.

SAMPLE sign up sheet

Mrs. Jenkins' Party Sign Up 2006-2007

Please let us know how you can help by checking the boxes
you'd like to do and return this form by Friday, October 20.
Please be mindful of the ingredients in the food you send
in. There are no known allergies in the class (please alert
us if your child has an allergy) but we'd like to balance the
treats with some other non-sugary snacks. For example,
please don't send caramel corn if you sign up for popcorn.
Please send in your contact information even if you are
unable to help with the parties this year so our class contact
list will be complete.

Phone Number_______________________

                                 Winter        End of Year Picnic
Baked Goods
Fresh Fruit or Vegetables
100% Juice Boxes or 100% Juice
and Cups
Festive Napkins
Festive Plates
Craft, Game, or Activity
Popcorn or Pretzels
Main Dish (Mexican Only)                       XXXXXXXXXX
Available to help with party

Sample Emails

Sample email 1 Re: Winter Fiesta Party
Hello All,

I'm sure you are all aware that Mrs C. is planning a Mexican Fiesta on December 19th..
See below for a complete schedule of all the festivites...

We would like to provide a taste of Mexico, for the kiddos. it will be a great opportunity
for them to sample some mexican food.

Here is what we need for the party, as you will notice some items have already been
filled. Please let me know if you would be willing to sign up to provide a Mexican dish.

Ideas include
Quesdilla (2 people) - Molly Parrot
Chip and Guacamole
or any other of your mexican favorites
 Drink - Water - Anne Roan
       Punch - Kristy Kearny
 Plates/Napkin - Janice Krohn
Forks/Spoons/cups - Brenda Slade
 Veggies or fruit - Wendy Hotlzen, Kathy Kester
       Cookies- Becky Lichens, Sammi Wehmuller

Please let me know if you can not provide what was requested. Please don't feel you
need to contribute, we all know it is at busy time of year. Also, please let us know if you
will be available to help with the craft between 1:20-2:15. Thank you all for helping to
make the Mexican Fiesta a fun and interesting experience for the kids...
See you on December 19th..

        Becky, Janice and Sammi....

December 19th Mexican Fiesta Schedule
11:15-11:35: Kids outside for recess so that we can get the room ready with all the food
11:35-12:05: Kids come into classroom to eat the lunch that parents will have prepared
12:05-12:40: Pinata outside on tree
12:45-1:15: Hotshots concert in the gym
1:20-2:15: Mexican craft
1:15-2:30: Backpacks
2:30:        Home

Sample email 2 Re: End of Year Picnic

Now that Memorial Day weekend and gatherings with family and friends have passed, it
is time to think of the end of the year picnic for our 1st graders.

   The end of the year picnic will be on Tuesday June 5th, from 11am-1pm at the big
Heatherwood Park (the park was booked already for the 6th for UP classes).
Permission slips for this will go out this week, since the park is off campus. Mrs.
Cornachia's 1st grade class will have it with Mrs. Jolie Evans' 2nd grade class. Each
child will bring their own brown bag (disposable) lunch this day (just makes it easier).
There will be treats, cupcakes, and drinks (see sign up below) to be shared between our
classes. We will be celebrating all the summer birthdays together at the picnic .

  The day before the picnic, the kids will decorate their own plain visor. Then they will
wear them the day of the picnic. There will be water balloons, relay races, sack races,
hoola hoops, and soccer balls for the kids to just play with and have fun. Of course, we
will have a tattoo station as well for those who would like one.

 Here is the list of things we will need for the picnic. Mrs Evans class will be providing
the water balloons, some balls, popcorn and half the food / drinks.

*cupcakes for summer birthdays (need 3 people to bring a dozen each)
 *cookies (need 3 people to bring a dozen each)
 *bottled water (need 2 people to bring a dozen each)
*Capri sun juice boxes (need 3 people to bring a dozen each)
 *4 or 5 picnic blankets
 *2 card tables with 1 chair for each
 *4 hoola hoops
 *4-6 soccer/kick balls
 *small bubbles?

   Please let me know asap if you can bring any of these items and/or if you have an
interest in helping in one of these activities;
-water balloons
-food/drink table

  Thank you for all your help making this a fun day for the kids. We are so fortunate to
have such a great class!

       Janice, Becky, and Sammi

Sample email 3 Re: End of Year Picnic
1st grade parents,

Thank you for such a quick response and volunteering to help!
Mrs. Cornacchia bought a few extra visors for younger siblings. Yes, younger siblings
are welcome to come and join in on the festivities.

*cupcakes for summer birthdays (need 3 people to bring a dozen each): Shannon Dunn,
Pam Ruehle, Anne Roan

*cookies (need 3 people to bring a dozen each): Anna McClatchey, Wendy Holtzen,
Michele Bailey

*bottled water (need 2 people to bring a dozen each): Katherine Ann Webster, Wendy
Holtzen, Leann Wilsted

*Capri sun juice boxes (need 3 people to bring a dozen each): Susan Hall, Nancy Casey,
Brenda Slade

*4 or 5 picnic blankets: Anna McClatchey, Susan Hall, Becky Lichen, Janice Krohn

*2 card tables with 1 chair for each: Wendy Holtzen, Romy Laborde (2nd gr room mom)

*4 hoola hoops: Janice Krohn (1)

*4-6 soccer/kick balls: Anna McClatchey, Becky Lichen, Janice Krohn

*small bubbles: Janice Krohn

All parents volunteered to help as needed with the activities. Still could use one more
picnic blanket and hoola hoops. Also, even though the 2nd grade class is bringing 100
water balloons we could use more if up to it (they get used up fast).
  Again, the end of the year picnic will be on Tuesday June 5th, from 11am-1pm at
the big Heatherwood Park. There will be no formal party in the class the last day.

Hope to see many of you at the Heather Heatherwood on Monday.

Take good care,
    Janice, Becky, and Sammi

               Party/Project guidelines and preparations

1.     Ask teachers for list of class allergies and student count.

2.       Email class parents with introduction of room parents, class party date & time,
and sign up list for food/beverages. Emails usually generate quicker responses than
forms sent home with kids. If you do not have an email for every class parent, please call
them to inform of party. Often a parent may have a work email address that may be used
to contact them. You can also include a sign up flyer to be sent home with the kids.
Remind parents to not include peanut or chocolate products due to high incidence of
         The main contacts for each set of room parents should send out 1 survey and
questionnaire to the teacher and class parents. If another room parent would like to do
this that is fine. This way there is only one letter being sent to each group. Please email
results to all room parents in your group. Room parents should consider meeting to
discuss craft ideas and party plans this 3-4 weeks before the party/event. If it is a small
group, you can email each other as well.

3.      Let’s be respectful of all cultural and religious backgrounds by not showing any
bias. In other words, please do not include Santas, grinches, etc. We do not want to
offend anyone, but instead unite the class. Choose colors for crafts that give choices (not
just red and green). Snowflakes, snowmen, and penguins are safe.

4.      Choose crafts and activities that can be completed in 1 hour or less. Choose crafts
that are age appropriate. Generally, each craft can be broken into steps. Save crafts that
have more than 5 steps for the upper pod classes. The easier the craft, parents and kids
tend to be more involved and relaxed. Tell kids the order of events. An example of this
would be: ―We will have until 2:00 to do 1-2 crafts. Then we will eat. After you are
finished eating and cleaning up, you may go to the tattoo station.‖ Allow time for clean
up and gathering of backpacks before heading home. Needless to say, the time goes fast.
Success lies in being prepared and organized. Utilize your parent volunteers in areas they
feel comfortable helping.

5.      Set up stations (uses less supplies but takes more time to move kids through)
and/or have craft supplies organized for each table (need more supplies but more efficient
use of time and energy). Clear bins and zip lock bags are cheap, kids can see the supplies
through them, and are great tools for organizing. Have one bin per table with a ziplock
bag containing the supplies necessary for each activity/craft.

6.       Explain and demonstrate steps of completing each craft to the kids. Remind them
this is a fun activity, but they do not have to do it if they wish not to.

7.      Remember, most classrooms do not have easy access to sinks for clean up. Avoid
messy crafts. Try to use stickers, and pre-adhesive supplies when ever possible. Have
craft supplies pre-cut and sorted ahead of time. This is a huge time saver and insures
completion of crafts in short period of time.

8.      Try to have one example of each craft at each table. This helps kids and parents
visualize what needs to be done. Kids that may not finish can take the example craft
home. If your class has quite a few younger preschoolers attending the party, you may
set up a ―busy station‖ just for them—their parents will love you.

9.     For kids that get done early, can have mazes or coloring sheets available. Please
provide to teacher at least 3 days before party so they may make copies. Usually need
only 10-15 of these. Kids can also take extras home.

If a parent offers to help with a classroom celebration by bringing a snack,
drink, craft or any other party supply, please inform them that it is their
expense. In the past, we have collected a classroom fund provided by the
families which often paid for such things. We are discontinuing that fund
this year.

                              Teacher gifts

       Since there are new guidelines on gift giving for teachers (see
below) it is a suggestion to organize parents to give Gift Certificates or
gift cards to the same designated stores so that the teachers can buy a
larger item with them collectively.

Gift Giving Guidelines
         (Copied from Husky Highlights 10/17/08)
Gift givers are encouraged to show their appreciation for district employees in ways that
do not exceed the $25 limitation. In lieu of personal gifts to employees, donors are
encouraged to direct gifts in excess of $25 to the school or program. Gift givers include
parents, vendors, textbook publishers, fellow employees or any others wishing to donate
a gift to an employee.
Exceptions to this regulation are as follows:
♦ Employees may accept clothing valued in excess of $25 if the article of clothing is
spirit wear.
♦ Employees may accept tickets with a face value in excess of $25 if the ticket provides
admission to a district-affiliated event.
♦ Employees may accept gifts for travel, housing, admission or food in excess of $25 if
they are performing the duties of a chaperone at a district-sponsored event or when
attending a professional event.
♦ Employees may accept gifts of perishable items including food or flowers with a value
in excess of $25.
♦ Employees may accept group gifts from co-workers or community members for life
events when the individual contributions to the gift do not exceed $25; life events are
those circumstances that are not associated with job performance such as weddings,
births or adoptions. The $25 limit on individual contributions to a group gift does not
apply to circumstances of bereavement, serious illness or retirement.

Expanded Gift Card Program

Heatherwood has expanded our gift card program. Just like Safeway and
King Soopers, many other retailers offer programs that donate a percentage
of what you spend back to the school. You purchase gift cards for major
retailers at face value and they donate between 2 percent and 12 percent to
the school. Some examples are Dick’s Sporting Goods, Eddie Bauer, L. L.
Bean, Macy’s, Starbucks, Noodles and many more. For details you can
email Susan Siegert at
Visit for a complete list of participating retailers.


Supplies teachers generally have:
      Elmer’s glue

Online Craft Supplies:

Online Craft Supply Coupons for free shipping or reduced costs:

Newspaper coupons:
       Sunday Daily Cameron has 40-50% off Michael’s coupon just about every week .
These can be applied to one item (holiday craft kit).

      Hobby Lobby                                   Party America (Longmont)
             (not open on Sundays)                  Michael’s Craft Store
      Walmart                                       JoAnn’s Fabric
      Party Land (Boulder)

Online Craft Ideas:


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