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What are cell parts and their functions_


									What are cell parts
their functions?
In this PowerPoint you will learn
  the following:

 nine different cell parts
 what function each part has
Even if cells are very tiny, they
 are made up of smaller parts,
 and the parts do different
As you can see cells have many parts. This
week you will learn about 9 of these parts.
cell wall
  The cell wall is only in plant cells.
  Its purpose is to shape and protect the cell like
   the outside wall of a shopping mall, which
   provides shape and protection for it.
  “Supporter and Protector”
cell membrane
  The cell membrane holds and protects
   the cell. It controls what substances
   come into and out of the cell like an
   entrance you have to pass to get into the
   shopping mall.
  “Gate of the Cell”
  The cytoplasm is the watery, gel-like
   material in which cell parts move and cell
   activities take place like the hallways of
   the mall where people move.
  “Area of Movement”
  The mitochondria produces most of the
   energy for the cell, like an electrical
   system of the shopping mall, which
   supplies electrical energy.
  “Powerhouse of the Cell”
  The chloroplast is only in plant cells, like
   the cell wall. It contains chlorophyll,
   which captures energy from sunlight and
   uses it to produce food for the cell like
   the pizza shop in the mall that makes
  “Food Producers”
  The vacuoles store food, water, and
   chemicals, like water tank and pipes of
   the mall, which store water.
  “Storage Tanks”
  The nucleus regulates and controls cell
   activities, acting like the “brain” of the
   cell, like the mall office, which regulates
   and controls activities of the shopping
  “Control Center”
nuclear membrane
  The nuclear membrane protects the nucleus
   and also allow substances to pass in and out of
   the nucleus, as the cell membrane does the
   same for the cell like the main office like the
   walls of the mall and its entrance, which protect
   the office and let workers in and out.
  “Gate of the Nucleus”
 The chromosomes direct the activities of
  cells like a mall office director who works
  in the office and directs all the activities
  of the shopping mall.
 “Director of the Cell”
1. Choose the wrong statement from the
  a) Mitochondria produces most of the energy for
    the cell.
  b) Chloroplasts are “food producers.”
  c) Cell wall controls the movements of materials
    into and out of the cell.
  d) Nucleus regulates and controls all cell
    activities, acting as the “brain” of
  the cell.
2. Match the cell part to the nick name.
  1) Cytoplasm
  2) Nuclear membrane
  3) Vacuoles

  a. Gate of the nucleus
  b. Area of movement where cell parts move
  c. Storage tanks
3. This cell part is surrounded by a nuclear

        Is it a nucleus? YES or NO
4. This cell part is the powerhouse of the cell.

       Is it a mitochondria? YES or NO
5. Are these chromosomes? YES or NO

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