san francisco bay blues

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					san francisco bay blues
 /C--/F--/C--/C7-/ /F--/F--/C--/C--/ /F--/F--/C--/A7--/ /D7--/D7--/G--/G7--/
  /G7- /C                                  /F                 /C--/C7--/
  I got the blues from my baby liv-in' by the san fransisco bay
  /F                                      /C--/C7--/
  The o - cean lin - ers not so far a - way
  F                                                  C/         B BES A7
  I didn't mean to treat her so bad/ She was the best-- girl I ever have had---
  / D7                                         G                   /G7
  I said good - bey,--/ I can take a cry---/ I wanne lay down' and die/
  /C                      F                    C     /C7
I ain't got a nicle an’ I/ ain't got a lou -sy dime/    she
F                                             E E7 /       /F
don't come back /ain't gonne lose my mind--- If she ever gome back to
                       C           B      BES A7        /D7
  stay/---it's gonne/ be another brand new / day--- walkin' with my
                G            G7          C /G /
  baby down/ by the san francisco bay/            (Solo = herhaal verse)

  C               F      /C                 /C        F/          C/
 Sit-tin' down, lookin' from a back door, Wondr'in wich way to go
  /F                   /F             C /                       C        /
 The Woman I'm so crazy ‘bout she don't love me no more.
 F                                       /C            B BES / A7      /
 Think I'll cath me the freight train     because I'm feelin' blue
 D7/                 / D7                    /G                 / G7 /
 ride all way to the end    of the line,    Thinking only of you.

 C                 F       /C      /C        F          C/
 Meanwhile, livin in the city Just a-bout to go in-sane
 F                        /F    /E                         /E7 /
 All I heard my ba - by, Lord wishin' you could call my name
       /F                           /C          B     BES /A A7
 If I ever get back to stay      it's gonna be another brand new day
 D7/                              G              / G7      C/ / A7
 Walk-in' with my baby down by the San Fran-cis-co bay. hey hey
 D7/                             /G                G7 / C B BES A/ A7
 Walking with my baby down by the San Fran-cis-co bay                Yeah,
 /D7/                                 /G        G7           C /   GC /
 I’m walking with my baby down by the San Fran-cis-co bay---
 C C7 kazoos ...../

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