Removing White Board Marker from the Promethean Board by keralaguest


									Removing White Board Marker from the Promethean Board
April 2008

Here is an update on the removal of markerboard marker from the Promethean Activboard:

Promethean recommended using Markerboard Marker spray cleaner but also said the cleaner
should NOT have alcohol. The Markerboard cleaner spray DOES have alcohol so read your
product’s contents carefully. Promethean offers a spray to use for periodic cleaning.

We have had much luck removing marker from the boards by gently wiping the
marker with a Lysol Kitchen Cleaner and Disinfectant Wipes. It wipes the
marker right off. Our science teacher assures us that there is no alcohol in this
Step 1: Use a white board marker to trace over the original lines. Then erase gently with the
normal white board eraser. You may need to repeat this process several times.

Step 2: With a soft cloth, apply a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water to make the mark(s)
lighter. It may remove them totally, depending how bad the stain is.

Step 3: If that process does not work effectively, try using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This
abrasive sponge will remove the marker completely. CAUTION: The board may not respond to
the stylus in the areas that were affected by the abrasive nature of the Magic Eraser.

Please only use the Promethean Stylus Pen on this board.
This display tool is not a white board.
Please do not use white board markers on this board.

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