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					I originally wrote this as a one-year progress report and later updated it to focus on the discussion of
keeping your HubPages account in good health. That is, keeping your Hubber Score high as well as your
individual Hub Scores.

Several family related issues kept me away from writing for several months prior to first publishing this
Hub. I found it interesting that my HubPages account remained in excellent condition with a Hub Score
around 95. I did that by remaining active despite the fact that I didn't have time to be creative writing
anything new.

There are a lot of tasks involved with remaining active on HubPages and it doesn't really take a lot of
time. I think I've proven that being active is all it takes to keep your score up there, based on my own

I was always watching my HubPages account during that time period even though I wasn't publishing
anything new. I was replying to comments, answering questions, fixing problems that cropped up, etc.
So let's begin and I'll tell you all about it...

Fixing Broken Links

Looking over the listing of my hubs on my account page, I sometimes notice a "broken link" reported in
one of my hubs. When you link to other Hubs you have to keep an eye on this. Hubbers sometimes
remove their Hubs, or HubPages removed Hubs that don’t meet the Terms of Service. This causes a
broken link. So you have to edit your affected hub and remove the reference and the link.

I also watch my hub listing to see how the hits are doing. When I see a problem with a hub getting few
hits, I examine it to figure out what might be wrong.

In the process I have found and removed eBay links that no longer were listed and YouTube videos that
had been removed. We need to watch for that as YouTube videos are sometimes removed by YouTube
or by the author.
Fixing References To Low-Quality Hubs

I also keep an eye on the Hub Score of other Hubber’s hubs that I link to, and remove the link if the
score is very low. I decided to make that a policy for myself. It benefits the reader and adds value to your
Hub when your reference other useful Hubs. But if they have low Hub Scores after a while, it might
mean that they are not as good as your thought.

Fixing Useless Tags

I also modify the “tags” when I notice some that are too vague. I watch the “Search Term Data” under
the Stats/Keywords Tab of each hub and I use that to add useful tags. I also include those search terms
in the Hub if I see that they are meaningful and relate well with the subject. While I'm at it, I sometimes
modify parts of hubs if I discover an area that can be improved for clarity. Reviewing tags and search
terms from time to time helps maintain Hubs as time goes on.

Multi-word tags can be more meaningful since single words will match too many queries and bring you
unrelated traffic. That's something you want to avoid because those readers will click away real fast and
that lowers your ranking with Google as I am sure it effects your Hub Score too. When people stay on
the page long enough to be reading it... that shows that you have value in your Hub.

Another thing I do, I click the tags after I create them to be sure they bring up a listing of related Hubs. If
none match at all, or I see hubs that discuss completely different subjects, then it's probably not a good
tag to use. Using tags that are also used on other Hubs written about the same subject can bring in more

These changes seem to help over time. I know because I keep a record of every change I make and I
watch how the stats change on my modified hubs.
Google Analytics Reports Showing Quick Exits

When a Hub has almost no hits after a length of time, it's important to investigate. Once my Google
Analytics report had shown that the people were not reading one of my hubs. How did I know? They just
left pretty quickly. The report shows you how long they stay on each hub.

With some analysis I can easily find some problems. There was one hub I had that really needed
attention for improvement. The first thing that was clear to me was that I had used single-word tags.

Single wowrds are too vague. That is really bad because it causes too many matches in a search that may
not relate sufficiently to the article. So people hit the page for a search they are doing on an unrelated
topic. When they see my hub has nothing to do with their inquiry, they leave. Google monitors that
short length of time and they stop sending other people to the Hub. The assumption is that it has no

There is not way Google can tell if it is off topic. It's up to us to use the proper tags and keywords.
Sometimes it's better to use multi-word keywords known as long-tail keywords. So when I find those
problems in my Google Analytics report, I remove all the single-word tags and replace them with just a
couple of more descriptive multi-word tags.

There is more to do when we find people leaving without reading. Analyzing another hub of mine that
had short view durations, I realized the title needed to be clearer and better tuned to the keywords that
people were using who DID stay longer. And the summary needed to reflect the nature of the hub
better than I had done the first time. Google Analytics shows us the keywords people use to find our
hubs. So we can use that information improve our Hubs to bring in more traffic and hopefully more
revenue in the process.

When done right, Google will send traffic that is actually looking for the information related to our topic.
You definitely don't want random traffic just to get hits. You are wasting the time of those readers and I
am sure you are also lowering your HubScore. HubPages also monitors the View Duration. It's reported
in your Hub Metrics under the Stats Tab of each Hub.
My November 2010 Profile

My Status at the One-Year Mark

So where did I stand after all this? Remember I had been remaining active keeping my HubPages
account alive even though I didn't have time to write hubs. My present Hub Score remained in the mid
90's. I got a few extra accolades added to my profile. Of course the tribute for being a Hubber for One
Year now, but I also got one for having my hubs read over 10,000 times and another for having
answered over 50 questions. I am sure these accolades have helped my Hubber Score.

I also noticed that my overall traffic had been steadily increasing with most of the existing hubs I have
written. I can clearly see that Google sends more traffic after a while when they see that the past traffic
has longer view durations. On the other hand, when the view duration is short they send less traffic,
possibly down to zero, because they assume this means the information is useless.

The best news of all for my one-year anniversary is that I exceeded my minimum pay to get my first
payment from Google! Hooray!!!

Dedication And Sharing

It takes a good year of hard work and dedication to start making money writing. Even if life gets in the
way and you have no time to write, keeping your eye on the ball and not ignoring your dedicated
readers is important.

I've also written quite a few hubs related to other things such as ideas for business success, tips on daily
living, personal inspiration, and other guidelines for writing hubs.

I see I have a growing following and I am sure each one of you have chosen to follow me because of one
or more of these topics. I wouldn’t expect that you follow me for all of them as they are somewhat
unrelated. So I thank you all. For the success I am achieving would not be happening if it were not for
you. But I also have not lost sight of the fact that my own knowledge has not only come from my
research and constant testing, but has also come from all the many intelligent Hubbers who care to
share their knowledge as well.

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