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                                                                                               Partial Client List

                                                                                                 • Marriott Hotels
Keynotes & Workshops
•   Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way                                                             • UPS
•   The Titan Princple®                                                                          • AFLAC
•   Great Customer Service – It’s More than Just a Computer Screen
                                                                                                 • United Natural Foods
•   Impact Negotiations
•   Key Account Selling                                                                          • Wright Medical
                                                                                                 • Morgan Stanley
Consulting & Coaching Services
• Strategic Account Management
• Strategic Account Turnarounds
• Performance Assessments: Management, Sales and Customer Service

     Clients Rave!

     “I want to extend my sincere thanks to you and your associates for your superb
     assistance over the past 15 months in helping my division successfully
     negotiate a major volume 10 year supply agreement… valued at over
     $20MM annually for a total of more than $200MM.”
     R. Brantley Shudders, General Manager, Minerals Industry Division, Cognis Corp.

     “Your presentations were uplifting, engaging and thought
     provoking. You challenged the group on how to think and act differently
     with their customers. Your engaging style kept them involved and attentive
     throughout. In short, it was a great addition to this important meeting.”
     Michael Marrotte, United Natural Foods, Inc., Vice President Sales – Eastern Region

Hire Ron Karr to transform your business & help you
reach greater results.

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Keynotes & Seminars
Keynotes & Seminars

Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way:
    7 Leadership Traits That Will Double, Triple and Even Quadruple The Size
of Most Deals
                                                                                   “Ron’s profound wisdom and
The Titan Princple®:                                                                proven tactics have become
  The Number One Key to Sales Success                                                      our single greatest
                                                                                 competitive advantage. He
Great Customer Service – It’s More than Just a Computer Screen
                                                                                 is, in a word - extraordinary.”
   “Triple A” Approach: Attitude, Action and Accountability
                                                                                   John R. Treace, Executive Vice
Impact Negotiations                                                              President, North American Sales,
  Get What You Want in Less Time                                                  Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

Key Account Selling
  Proven Techniques for Increasing Market Share with Key Accounts                      “Last week, we had you
                                                                                speak to our customer service
                                                                                 teams both in Woodcliff Lake
The above programs are offered in both inspirational keynote and
                                                                                  and in Baltimore. Again, you
intensive content driven workshop formats.
                                                                                   managed to infuse energy
                                                                                and motivate a team that is
                                                                                  constantly on the front lines
                                                                                 dealing with customer issues
Hire Ron Karr to make your next business                                         every day. As a result of this
                                                                                program, there is a renewed
meeting or event a success.                                                             spirit with enhanced
                                                                                               team support.

                                                                                   What particularly impresses
                                                                                        me is how far you go in
                                                                                  customizing your material to
                                                                                   the needs and environment
                                                                                           of the audience. The
                                                                                   customizations and your
                                                                                ability to educate, entertain
                                                                                        and motivate is what
                                                                                 makes your presentations
                                                                                                   so special.”

                                                                                                      John Felitto
                                                                                                   Vice President
                                                                                           Wallenius Willhelmsen

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                                                                                                             Rave Reviews

Clients Rave!                                                                                   Partial Client List

                                                                                            •   AFLAC
“This is a must seminar for any type of sales organization. It is a message that            •   Agfa Corp
all associates can implement immediately, and maintain in the selling process. Ron          •   Agilysys, Inc
Karr is the Tiger Woods of the selling process.”                                            •   Alcatel
Barry Campbell, AFLAC                                                                       •   American Management Assoc.
                                                                                            •   Blue Cross/Blue Shield
“It was a pleasure to have you address our top sales performers at the east Region          •   CEO Clubs NY, Boston, Dallas
Sales Launch… providing our sales leaders with the ability to dramatically              •   Cognis Corp
boost sales by applying techniques of the Titan Principal your participation…..             •   Cowan Financial Group
Was a contributing factor to the events overall success.”                                   •   D’Arcy Advertising
                                                                                            •   Edward Jones & Co.
Camille Kielty, East Region Vice President of Sales, UPS
                                                                                            •   EO
                                                                                            •   Hayward Industries
“Your message was loud and clear…..The skills you described, getting closer to              •   Henkel Corp.
your customer and achieving market domination were right on target…our sales
managers have become better sales people starting that very day.”
                                                                                            •   Hewlett Packard
                                                                                            •   Hertz Corp.
Mike Fahner, Regional Director, Marriott Hotels and Resorts                                 •   Hess
                                                                                            •   Intercontinental Fragrances
“I can honestly say that your processes                                                     •   Int’l Council of Shopping
and talks have made a difference in our                                                         Centers
company. We look forward to continue working                                                •   Marriott Hotels
with you in the future.”                                                                    •   Met Life
                                                                                            •   Morgan Stanley
Timothy A. Seale, President, Timber Trading Group
                                                                                            •   Mutual of Omaha
                                                                                            •   National Assoc. Life
“We have a complex business and product                                                         Underwriters
mix with many inter-related issues, and I was                                               •   National Assoc. of Sales &
very pleased at the way in which you
                                                                                                Mktg Execs.
customized your presentation to address
                                                                                            •   New Jersey Assoc of Realtors
them. Our sales force is successful, confident
                                                                                            •   Preng & Associates
and challenging and anyone who did not
take the time to understand our business                                                    •   Sanford C. Bernstein
the way you did, would not have been so                                                     •   Southwestern Bell
effective.”                                                                                 •   Sun Microsystems
                                                                                            •   TDC of Brazil
Lawrence Graham, Vice President Sales, Consumer Imaging, AGFA
                                                                                            •   Timber Trading
                                                                                            •   Toastmasters Int’l
“The subject matter and delivery of your presentation hit a home run with this              •   TowerGroup
group of design and construction professionals who gave your session high marks in
a post-conference evaluation.”
                                                                                            •   United Natural Foods
                                                                                            •   United Parcel Service (UPS)
Jackie Riscoe, Meeting Planner, International Council of Shopping Centers                   •   U.S. Airforce
                                                                                            •   Vistage
Contact us for more information about Ron Karr’s                                            •   Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics
                                                                                            •   Wright Medical
powerful products and services.                                                             •   YMCA of Greater NY
                                                                                            •   Xomed Surgical Products, Inc.

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                                                                                                                        Just Released

Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way:
The 7 Traits of Great Sellers

 In today’s sales world there’s no room for followers. But there’s plenty of room for leaders. Competition is
 intense, and if you don’t take a leadership role in producing results for your clients, someone else will. In
 Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way, Ron Karr outlines a repeatable process based on the powerful idea that
 great sellers lead relationships in the same way that great leaders sell ideas.

 No matter what you sell, you must communicate persuasively and
 effectively what it is you can offer clients. However, sales leaders do
 even more than that. They raise the bar by finding new opportunities and
 creating new levels of performance for their customers. They don’t just
 sell products or services; they sell outcomes that transform a customer’s
 world, and they assume personal responsibility for those outcomes.

 This customer-focused mindset is the key to Karr’s proven leadership
 selling process. Based on decades of research with companies of all sizes,
 Karr reveals what great sellers do and shows how anyone can implement
 the same powerful principles. He offers an in-depth exploration of the
 seven critical traits all sales leaders share. Today’s top sales leaders:
   •   Have a clear vision of where they’re going
   •   Position themselves powerfully in the minds of customers
   •   Build alliances rather than go it alone
   •   Ask powerful questions that result in new sales opportunities
   •   Create a value proposition that neutralizes the competition
   •   Communicate well and persuasively
   •   Embrace accountability and responsibility

 Many sales leaders learn these principles through trial and error. This
 book helps you avoid the trial and error part and skip straight to the
 success part. Why learn the hard way when you can read this book,
 learn these principles, and start — today — selling more, faster, and at
 a higher profit? If you sell things for a living or manage people who sell,
 you face a stark choice that you had better get right — to Lead, Sell or
 Get Out of the Way. Choose wisely and sales success will be yours.

 “Karr does it again! Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way gives you the ultimate approach to giving added value to
 customers and creating value for yourself... The seven traits are what’s needed in today’s world, and this book is an
 outstanding guide to becoming proficient in all of them.”
 –David Preng, Preng & Associates, The Global Energy Search Leader

 “Karr captures a lifetime of winning strategies and experiences and puts them in a practical context for sales
 leaders and sellers. This book challenges many of the older paradigms of selling and emphasizes the importance of
 keeping the focus of the customers and providing positive outcomes. In today’s challenging market conditions, where the
 primary focus is on market share, this is a must-read.”
 –Barry S. Goldstein, Senior Vice President, Global Sales Strategy & Operations, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

 Buy your copy of Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way today!

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                                                                                                About Ron Karr

Meet Ron Karr
Business Transformation Expert

Acclaimed by business leaders as “Leading Business
Transformation Expert,” Ron Karr is a captivating speaker
and in-demand business consultant who serves as
President and CEO of Karr Associates, Inc., a firm that
specializes in helping organizations build high performing
sales cultures. Ron and his company use The Titan
Principle® to help organizations and professionals
generate remarkable sales, produce operational results
and design and implement positioning and sales strategies
that accelerate both sales growth and overall profitability. Clients claim Mr.
Karr’s presentations and consulting services have yielded an incremental                    “What can I say besides
revenue increase of over half a billion dollars.                                             you had standing room
                                                                                          only! On behalf of the HQ
For more than 20 years, Ron has conducted seminars and keynote addresses
                                                                                          Network, I want to thank
on sales, negotiations, leadership and customer service before organizations
                                                                                        you for your participation in
of all sizes on three continents. He communicates his profound ideas with
energy, inspiration and humor and draws audiences worldwide into his                    our annual convention. The
message, motivates them with his strategies and moves them to real action.                network specific research
Ron Karr offers his audiences and consulting clients the real world business             you completed prior to the
success and knowledge he gained during a highly successful career in sales             convention certainly focused
and management.                                                                            your presentation on our
                                                                                           issues and I believe that
In addition to his in-demand speaking and consulting services, Ron has                      everyone was able to
                      authored and co-authored many top-selling books,                  take away some thought
                        including his latest Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way:       processes and techniques
                          The 7 Traits of Great Sellers. Ron is also author of the
                                                                                      to improve their approach
                          acclaimed book The Titan Principle®: The Number
                                                                                        to, and success with, the
                          One Secret to Sales Success and co-author of The
                                                                                                  sales function.”
                          Complete Idiot’s Guide to Great Customer Service.
                         Ron’s articles appear monthly in national publications
                                                                                                    Russell G. Abell
                              and he has appeared on hundreds of television                               President
                                and radio shows throughout the world.                       HQ Network Systems, Inc

                                 Ron is a national director and an active
                                 member of the National Speakers Association
                                                                                           “Your presentation was
                                  and is past president of its NY Tri-State
                                                                                     among the best we’ve ever
                                   Chapter. Ron has also served as an advisor
                                   to several boards and is a Certified Speaking       seen and left our members
                                   Professional (CSP).                                  with tremendous insight
                                                                                     and inspiration to take back
                                                                                        into their professional and
                                    Contact us to discover how                             retail business worlds.”
                                    Ron Karr can lead you to
                                                                                                        Mike Schmidt
                                    rewarding business results                                               President
                                    and ultimate sales success.                                    Warren Business &
                                                                                              Professional Association

                                                                 372 Kinderkamack Rd. | Westwood, NJ 07675
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Case Study

Dan Ross, Mid-Atlantic Area Sales Manager, knows that to
increase his team’s sales revenues, they have to find new
ways to excite clients and position Hewlett-Packard (HP)
as the best alternative. Typically, HP closes 5-10% of new
accounts called on to get the initial appointment. Using
the Titan Principle® Selling Methodology, HP targeted 30                      “We hired Ron Karr to work
potential new accounts for a test.                                            with our sales groups at my
                                                                              last two IPO business ventures.
                                                                              He is terrific and I guarantee if
                                                                              you send anyone to one of his
The Results                                                                   programs, they will return with
                                                                              significantly improved sales
The same sales force closed 40% of these new accounts on the initial sales    skills regardless of their prior
appointment! The news gets even better. Of these initial appointments,        skill level. I don’t own stock in
HP uncovered 6 new deals; 3 times more than what they normally uncover.       Ron’s company but I do owe him
They closed all of these deals within 6 months, generating several millions   as he made and saved our
of dollars in incremental revenue.                                            companies millions of dollars.”

                                                                                                       John Treace
                                                                                             Former Vice President
Dan’s salespeople quickly became more competent identifying and                                    Xomed Surgical
qualifying opportunities by asking powerful questions, rather than focusing         Former Executive Vice President
on the product’s features and benefits. They found that by asking the right                         Wright Medical
questions, senior level executives were willing to give them the answers
needed to position HP products as the best solutions to their client’s
problems. Further, by discussing the consequences of inaction, they were
quickly able to highlight the additional value for the customer of choosing
an HP solution.

  Hire Ron Karr to help you
  generate more sales by
  asking the right questions.

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                                                                      Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement
Karr Associates, Inc.

  “   To help our clients build and sustain
      high-performance sales cultures by
      assisting them in shaping and operating

      out of a customer-centric mindset.

  More important than our mission is how we treat
  our clients. Great customer service is our first
  priority and we deliver results that consistently
  exceed our clients’ expectations.
                                                            “You have equipped our
                                                            seasoned technical sales
                                                            force with new concepts
                                                            to increase their sales
                                                            performance. We have
                                                            learned, through effective
                                                            questioning, much more about
                                                            our customers’ issues and
                                                            challenges. This allows us to
Contact Karr Associates, Inc. to find out how they          get better results faster by
can help you build and sustain a high-performance           targeting our sales proposals
                                                            more effectively.”
sales culture.
                                                                         Bob Pryor, President,
                                                                        Agfa Medical Imaging,
                                                                               North America

                                            372 Kinderkamack Rd. | Westwood, NJ 07675
                                              phone (201) 666-7599 |
Engaging Presentations, In-demand
Consulting, Rewarding Resources -
Real Business Transformation Results
Products and Services from Ron Karr

  To have a successful business in today’s fast-paced world, you must keep one step ahead of
  everyone else. Business Development is a continual process–you can always do something
  better and must continue building upon your current business practices to keep ahead of your
  competition and keep your customers satisfied. Drawing on his own real world success in
  sales and management, Ron Karr is a Leading Business Transformation Expert because he has
  consistently helped businesses improve their skills in negotiating, customer service, sales and
  communications. He helps people stay one step ahead.

  Contact Ron Karr to find out how he can help you sell more in less
  time at higher profit.

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