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									The Windows 2000 Service

at the University of Liverpool
Mike Lewis
Head of Systems Services


Background: pre Windows 2000 services

• •

DOS/Win311 Netbooted service
– –

Netware 4/NDS 1994
Netware 4.11/NDS/Zenworks Same Servers, same NDS

Major NT4 Workstation Service 1997

• •

Served to around 5500 PCs on Campus Service delivered to staff in offices
– – – Lecturers Secretaries Administrative staff
• Finance etc etc


Same Service delivered to students
– – – 1000 seats in CSD run centres 17 centres, run unmanned and open during office hours. A number of centres are bookable

• • •

All Users are Power users, no workstation only login 2800 concurrent logged in users at peak times of term 250 applications

Win NT Service Issues
• • • • Lost profiles..
– All users, staff and student, set up to roam.

Change Control
– Nothing in NT for this

No support for USB, PnP etc Performance Issues
– – – – NDS Tree: around since 1994 Old Servers Dross from the DOS Service Technician Installation

Windows 2000 Service
• • • • The Computer Board New Directory Tree New servers New clients
– Must be able to coexist – Self installation


Rapid Rollout
– But no team to do this outside TCs

What was it about Win 2000?
• • • • • Change control at last! PnP, USB etc Roaming profiles said to work No change in licencing and update arrangements
– 32bit API now relatively stable….

Similiar enough to NT to not upset users

The New Directory Service
• Novell Edirectory 8.5
– Scaleable – Mature – secure


Split the tree near the top into roamers and non roamers

The Servers
• 12 servers, 6 student, 6 staff
– Gigabit connection

• 2 backup servers
– Arcserve, DLT Robots, separate network


2 web/ftp servers, staff and student
– Netware Apache with NDS and Netware Home Dir modules

• Sys, Apps32 and User volumes
– Applications synced with Zenith

• Servers managed remotely.
– Adrem for convenience .

The clients
• • • • • • • Windows 2000 Professional Novell Client 4.8 and Zenworks No Microsoft client is installed So far approx 2000 systems installed 2GB minimum, 128MB Office 2000, Mulberry email, IE5, F-secure virus scanner Secure installation using cacls etc for teaching centres

Self Installation
• • No control over user’s machines outside our own Teaching Centres. Imaging
– – – Used under NT, limited success. Told better under W2k, but no time to prove this yet…on our to do list. Not keen on operating this way on staff machines, particularly existing NT users Dual CD set, floppy or NT Service startup. Unattended.txt built on the fly. Customised for the machine. All questions asked at the front
• IP Address info, faculty etc


CD based self installation


All runs from unattended.txt, tuned to our needs.
– – – –

Fires off the standard w2k installer. Follows up with 2nd CD with the applications set.
• Also runs unattended, with Scriptit feeding keystrokes for some difficult apps.


Script attaches to the network during the installation using a special username to carry out patches etc.

Teaching Centres
• • • • • Student Centres updated over the summer Phased out <200MHz/No CD machines Many different PC types in centres Dual Boot needed. NT imaging is clumsy Aiming to move back to imaging for future

• • Office, email locally Zenworks for applications rights, installation and running.
– Associate applications with users, organisational units etc – Some departments have their own applications containers.


179 applications objects to date
– Most install/run on the network – Remainder install locally.

Start Menu

• • • • • • • Essentially the same system as NT MIS database feeds from SCT Banner and our Payroll systems Backends on to our internal Ingres unix database
– Handles registration, user Helpdesk incidents, maintenance service.

All Staff, PGs, Ugs are ‘preregistered’ Self registration via a web front end, users log in as ‘register’. 2001 UG entry registered on W2KS only. All get default 20Mbytes, increased by a web based request page.

Profiles and Packages

Profiles and Packages

• • Softrack, Flexlm for licence allocation where required. CSD Tray application
– Provides Message of the Day (also during login) – 5min check on free local and network disk space – Monitors active applications using a server based list
• Builds file for the machines to ftp to unix every day. • Feeds into a SAS application providing applications and user statistics

• •

Server active users
– Collect Users and IP Addresses

Machine stats
– Short logins provoke TC fault report

Message of the Day

Results to date
• • • • • • Self install CDs released to staff in April 2001 Over 1000 staff machines registered to date 930 TC machines done between June and September
– No budget for last 2 centres!

Use built from 0 in April to 900+ concurrent in October 3400 students self registered for 2K by the beginning of October. Current active TC users split 50-50 with NT turning down.
– Still much NT use by established PGs

• Profiles issues haven’t gone away for Undergrads
– Fewer, but still occurring. Why? – Reintroduce our traffic lights?!

• Some Apache issues
– Periodic Autorestart

• NDS Timesync issues
– Resolved with patches

• Client issues
– Netware client 4.8
• Issue with Nvidia Cards fixed with SP3

• Print Quotas! • Email vs Netware Passwords
– Developing LDAP unix integration

• Salford support
– Close contact via their Dedicated Support Service is valuable

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