; CBD-southeast-endangered.xls - Freshwater Gastropods of North America
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CBD-southeast-endangered.xls - Freshwater Gastropods of North America


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									Freshwater Gastropods Proposed by the Center For Biological Diversity 20Apr10

Family           Scientific Name                 State
Ancylidae        Rhodacme a elatior              Alabama
Ancylidae        Rhodacme a elatior              Tennessee
Ancylidae        Rhodacme a elatior              Kentucky
Planorbidae      Planorbella magnifica           North Carolina
Hydrobiidae      Antrorbis breweri               Alabama
Hydrobiidae      Aphaostracon asthenes           Florida
Hydrobiidae      Aphaostracon chalarogyrus       Florida
Hydrobiidae      Aphaostracon monas              Florida
Hydrobiidae      Aphaostracon pycnus             Florida
Hydrobiidae      Aphaostracon theiocrenetum      Florida
Hydrobiidae      Floridobia mica                 Florida
Hydrobiidae      Floridobia monroensis           Florida
Hydrobiidae      Floridobia parva                Florida
Hydrobiidae      Floridobia ponderosa            Florida
Hydrobiidae      Floridobia wekiwae              Florida
Hydrobiidae      Marstonia agarhecta             Georgia
Hydrobiidae      Marstonia castor                Georgia
Hydrobiidae      Marstonia ozarkensis            Arkansas
Hydrobiidae      Somatogyrus alcoviensis         Georgia
Pleuroceridae    Elimia acuta                    Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Elimia acuta                    Tennessee
Pleuroceridae    Elimia alabamensis              Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Elimia ampla                    Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Elimia annettae                 Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Elimia arachnoidea              Tennessee
Pleuroceridae    Elimia bellacrenata             Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Elimia bellula                  Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Elimia chiltonensis             Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Elimia cochliaris               Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Elimia cylindracea              Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Elimia cylindracea              Mississippi
Pleuroceridae    Elimia lachryma                 Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Elimia melanoides               Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Elimia nassula                  Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Elimia olivula                  Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Elimia perstriata               Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Elimia showalteri               Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Elimia teres                    Tennessee
Pleuroceridae    Elimia vanuxemiana              Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Io fluvialis                    Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Io fluvialis                    Tennessee
Pleuroceridae    Leptoxis arkansensis            Arkansas
Pleuroceridae    Leptoxis picta                  Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Leptoxis virgata                Alabama
Pleuroceridae    Leptoxis virgata                Tennessee
Pleuroceridae    Leptoxis virgata                North Carolina
Pleuroceridae   Lithasia curta          Alabama
Pleuroceridae   Lithasia curta          Tennessee
Pleuroceridae   Lithasia curta          Kentucky
Pleuroceridae   Lithasia duttoniana     Tennessee
Pleuroceridae   Pleurocera corpulenta   Alabama
Pleuroceridae   Pleurocera corpulenta   Tennessee
Pleuroceridae   Pleurocera curta        Alabama
Pleuroceridae   Pleurocera curta        Tennessee
Pleuroceridae   Pleurocera curta        Kentucky
Pleuroceridae   Pleurocera pyrenella    Alabama
Pleuroceridae   Pleurocera pyrenella    Georgia

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