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									                                                                                     Bernie Michalik
IBM Global Services                                                                B.SC. COMPUTER SCIENCE
Application Services                                                             IBM CERTIFIED IT ARCHITECT

Professional Profile

Bernie Michalik is an IBM Certified IT Architect with and a Master Certified IT Architect with The Open
Group. Mr. Michalik has over 24 years of experience in designing, creating and implementing complex
solutions and is capable of performing a wide variety of roles, from leading large teams to developing
small applications. Mr. Michalik currently sits on the IBM Architect’s Certification Board. He has also
published a number of papers on IT architecture and IT methodology.

Assignment History

   Solution Architect – various Government Organizations
       o Currently leading a team developing an Integrated Case Management system for a federation
           of social services agencies that are looking to combine a variety of smaller applications into
           one single information system based upon Cúram.
       o Acted as the data and legacy system architect for an architecture assessment project for a
           complex government application. Bernie’s assessment reviewed the use of the BI software
           (Business Objects), the data model used, and the design of the COBOL programs used to
           access the data. The project’s deliverables included a final report of Architectural findings that
           was presented to the Deputy Minister and is now in the process of implementation.
       o Solution Architect on a multi-year Integrated Case Management project for a provincial
           government organization, leading an international team of IT architects and IT specialists
           over a 6-month engagement to determine the viability of using the software in their IT
           environment before finally building a pilot application based on the evaluation. Bernie directed
           the IBM application team and the Cúram framework team to model the Cúram data model
           and application to suit the needs of the client.
       o Lead Architect on the e-access project for a provincial pension fund, which enabled pension
           administrators to access a complex backend Oracle system via a front-end, secure,
           WebSphere-based application.
       o Solution Architect for an Ontario Corporation web site redesign project, focusing on insuring
           that the new site was capable of scaling to the increasing load on the system without failing

   Solution Architect – various Financial Institutions
       o Lead Architect for a Mutual Fund company’s self service web site that extended a number of
           internal systems, including Siebel and ReportNet BI systems, to Financial Advisors and their
           Assistants in order to provide them online access to their financial portfolio and other key
           information using RUP as our methodology.
       o Lead Architect on a major web site redesign for a Canadian Securities company that
           concurrently changed all aspects of the site, from the Information Architecture to the
           Linux/Open Source-based Infrastructure. Bernie led the team that create a new data model
           that incorporated data from various sources and extracted, transferred and loaded this data
           into the new data base that was accessed by the new web application.
       o Provided solution consulting for a Canadian Corporation regarding the e-business enabling of
           their existing banking systems.

   WebSphere/Performance Architect – various Financial Institutions
      o Acting as Performance Consultant for a large Retail Banking development program at one of
         Canada’s banks. Responsible for development the performance methodology for the
         program’s various projects as well as advising project members as to what steps they should
         be taking with regards to developing high performance web applications based on Web
         Services and SOA.
      o Consulted with a number of Canadian banks on their web site performance and assisted with
         the analysis of their web site metrics. Developed and implemented software to perform the
                                                                                      Bernie Michalik
IBM Global Services                                                                 B.SC. COMPUTER SCIENCE
Application Services                                                              IBM CERTIFIED IT ARCHITECT

              data gathering, analyzed the results from the performance/stress tests ran against the
              websites of two major Canadian Banks, then presented it to the client.

   Infrastructure Architect – various Canadian Retail and Financial Corporations
        o Responsible for the creation and maintenance of a complex development and test
            environment at one of Canada’s banks. Lead the infrastructure team in all aspects of the
            rollout of the WebSphere based application in their test and production environments, from
            early stages of software development to production launch and use by all their customers.
        o Key member of a global team responsible for building IBM's Hosting Environment in Toronto.
            This environment is a complex architecture capable of housing 200 servers and is currently
            hosting servers for many major Canadian corporations.
        o Designed and implemented highly available, highly scaleable infrastructure solutions for a
            number of Canadian companies, including major Canadian Retailers, Airlines, and a Sports
            and Entertainment web site that was receiving over 1 million hits/day.

Education / Recognition / Background

   Recipient of a variety of IBM awards, including an IBM Canada Special Achievement Award, IBM
    Canada Achievement Award, IBM Canada Special Contribution Award , IBM/Advantis Administrative
    Achievement Awards, IBM/Advantis Canada Team Success Awards
   Numerous Courses at IBM and other institutions, both technical and business related
   Bachelor Of Science Degree - Dalhousie University (1979-83), Major in Computer Science, Minor in
   Author of a number of articles:,,,

Skills Summary
           Industries:   Government, Banking, Securities, Media & Entertainment, Retail
         Frameworks:     J2EE ,Cúram, Struts, Hibernate,
            Operating     AIX, Linux, SUN Solaris, Windows 2000/NT, zOS, VM
          Languages:     Java, C/C++, XML/XSL, HTML, REXX, PL/1, Awk, Perl, Prolog, Visual Basic
           Databases:    DB2, ORACLE
          Middleware     WebSphere Application Server, Tomcat, Apache, IBM Directory Server, Novell
                         Directory Server, Netscape Enterprise Server
        Development      IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer, Microsoft Visual C++, CodeWarrior
               Tools:    IDE
      Software Tools:    IBM Rational Software Architect, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project
      Methodologies:     IBM Global Services Method, Rational Unified Process (RUP)
             Areas of    Solution Architecture, Performance Analysis, Network and Infrastructure Design,
      Specialization :   WebSphere Application Server, IT methodologies

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