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For innumerable decades Lebanon a Middle Eastern state has been tormented with corrupt
governance. Among the myriad of regulations and reformations I would make (had I full authority
to do so) are as follow

Political Reform:

Lebanon would be first declared a full Secular Social Democracy.

Secular Policies:

Religious endowments would be outlawed and their funds and properties would all be confiscated.

All sectarian parties and organizations would be dismantled.

Any reference to sect would be removed from all official records.

Inquiring about ones sect would be made illegal.

Children would not be assigned the religious sect of any of their parents.
    Natural Resource Management
All sectarian parties would be dismantled.

Religion courses would be removed from teaching curricula and replaced with Cultural Studies
    Moustapha Itani 201110544
courses instead.

All religious judicial institutions ought to be shut down.

Environmental Policy:

Two parallel ecological corridors would span both the coast of Lebanon and its Mount.

Street Medians, Sidewalks and Rooftops would serve as part of the coastal ecological corridor.

Nonnative tree species would be systematically replaced with a plethora of native ornamentals.

The sand dunes that once hosted now locally extinct Retama raetem and yellow bells would be
ecologically restored.
Educational Policy:

Children would learn Arabic and Hebrew in schools along with English and French.

Educational institutions with dogmatic labels would be forced to adopt more inclusive terms.

Child Rights:
Child Indoctrination would be outlawed.

Early marriages would be strictly prohibited.

Child labor would be prohibited.

Family Matters:

Family matters that have been and are being governed by as many as 15 personal status codes
(Zaatari, 2005) would be governed by only one.

Civil marriages would be the only legal and officially recognized marriages. Marriages performed by
religious organizations would be illegal and the religious organizations performing them would be

Polygamy would be outlawed on its own term.

Gay Rights would be enforced and Gay Couples would have full Rights to make their own families.
This includes full right to marry and full right to adopt children.

Physical Integrity:

All parties would be disarmed.

Ownership of any firearm would be made illegal.

Male Genital Mutilation would be strictly prohibited. Female Genital Mutilation (even though it’s
rare in Lebanon) would also be prohibited.

Lebanon would provide high levels of protection for the physical integrity of all citizens. The design
and implementation of governmental policies in this area would be upgraded and enforced. Laws
recognizing the concept of spousal rape would be stated.
Gender Equality:

Women would be able to confer citizenship to children born to non-Lebanese fathers and so to their
non-Lebanese husbands as well.

Parental authority would be allocated equally amongst both parents. Both parents would be both
custodians and rightful guardians of their children whether biological or not.

In the event of divorce, child custody would be granted to the parent that is found by specialists
more fitting to do so.

Both sexes (and genders) would be entitled to equal shares of inheritance. Women would be
assigned financial responsibilities towards their husbands and towards their children equal to that
of their husbands.

In essence The Inheritance Act (1959) would be modified to be more inclusive, inclusive to all
Lebanese citizens.

ENSC 630                                        Page 2
The law currently forbidding women to apply for passports without the permission of their
husbands would be modified to allow them to. Any restriction or limitation set by husbands and/or
other family members restricting the extent of wife or female family members to freely move
outside the household or travel would be outlawed and penalized.

Animal Welfare:

Far stronger animal-welfare laws would be drafted and enforced in order to suffice for the dearth of
animal-welfare legislation from pets to livestock and other animals.

Circuses featuring animal shows would be prohibited.

Halal practice would be prohibited as animals ought to be fully unconscious when killed.

Right to Death:

Terminal patients would have the right to be euthanized.

Smoking Policy:

The production and use of Hashish would be made legal as it is not addictive and is part of the
Lebanese tradition.

Smoking would be banned in public places.

Organ Transplant and Donation Policy:

Postmortem organ and tissue transplants would be obligatory.

Obesity Policy:

Overweight people, obese and the morbidly obese would pay a tax for their overconsumption of
valuable resources.

Ownership Rights:

All institutions lending to small-scale rural projects would be forced to provide men and women
with equal conditions.

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press:

Freedom of speech and of the press would be fully granted by which any Lebanese is given full right
to document, criticize and ridicule any figure whether political, historic, dogmatic (religious) et

Criminal Code:

Article 534 of the criminal code would be reformed so that sexual relations between consenting
adults in private would no longer be a crime.

ENSC 630                                       Page 3
The death penalty would be abolished with the exception of the perpetrators of Honor Killing.

Migrant Worker Abuse:

Migrant worker abuse would be closely monitored and perpetrators would be effectively
persecuted and penalized.

Foreign Policy:

Peace with all neighbors of Lebanon would be maintained and secured for good.

Palestinian refugees would all be assigned fully the civic rights of their fellow Lebanese citizens.

Fair Trade:

All corporations permitted to operate in Lebanon would be obliged to comply with Fair Trade

 And so on and on I can go… I have hopes and I have a lifetime to help make a change and so have you!

Among the many references are the following:

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Lebanon Country Report, Freedom House Inc., Washington DC.

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ENSC 630                                        Page 4

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