Merry Christmas Happy Holidays From Local 4 Merry Christmas Happy by sdfgsg234


									                    Merry Christm as
                     H appy H olidays

                          From L oca l 4
                      LOUIS G. RASETTA, Business Manager
                      WILLIAM D. MCLAUGHLIN, President
                       KEVIN P. BENNETT, Vice President
                         DAVID F. FANTINI, Treasurer
                    THOMAS J. MCCORMACK, Recording Secretary
                    ROBERT W. LEATHERBEE, Financial Secretary

BUSINESS REPRESENTATIVES                                                         EXECUTIVE BOARD
    KEVIN P. BENNETT                                                            PETER R. BERNAZZANI
    MICHAEL J. BOWES                                                              MICHAEL J. BOWES
    PAUL C. DIMINICO                                                              PAUL C. DIMINICO
     DAVID F. FANTINI                                                          CHRISTOPHER T. FOGARTY
 CHRISTOPHER T. FOGARTY                                                           ANTHONY J. FUSCO
   RODNEY A. GILLESPIE                                                          ROBERT D. LAFLAMME
  THOMAS J. MCCORMACK                                                            PAUL D. MOGAVERO

      ORGANIZERS                                                                      GUARD
    JOHN J. GAFFNY, JR.          OFFICE STAFF                                      ERIC H. TRAN
     DAVID F. SHEA, JR.         BARBARA J. PAINE                                   CONDUCTOR
                               KATHLEEN A. ALLEN                                  DAVID F. SHEA, JR.
                                GAIL A. CUMMINGS
                                 JEAN L. DAVIS
                               MAURENE A. HUGHES
                                  AMY S. SMITH
                                                      PR I N TI
                                                 LIED           NG
                                       T RAD E S    UNION
                                                              COU N CIL   28
                                                 STON, MASS.
THE QUARTERLY NOTIFIED MEETING WILL BE                              Brother Mooney will be replaced, as of January 1st, by
HELD AT 8:00 P.M., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20,                           Brother John Gaffny. I have confidence that Brother
2010, AT FLORIAN HALL, 55 HALLET STREET,                            Gaffny will continue with the fine tradition of excellence
DORCHESTER, MA. THE OFFICERS WILL READ                              established by his predecessors there. John is a fine young
THEIR QUARTERLY REPORTS.                                            man who has succeeded wherever he has been assigned in
                                                                    Local 4, and I wish him luck at this new endeavor -
                 DUES REMINDER                                      Congratulations to John.

DUES FOR THE CURRENT QUARTER, JANUARY,                              Also, Brother David Shea will be promoted to the position
FEBRUARY AND MARCH, 2010 ARE NOW DUE AND                            of Director of Organizing. Since Brother Shea began as an
PAYABLE. Failure to maintain your good standing in
                                                                    Organizer, he and John Gaffny have done a great job.
regard to dues may cause your suspension from the                   Many large contractors have been signed up under their
                                                                    direction, and many new jobs have been created for Local 4
Local Union and your removal from the jobsite.
                                                                    members because of their actions – Congratulations to
Members are encouraged to remit dues payments on an                 Dave.
annual basis ($120). Quarterly dues may also be paid in             Congratulations also to Brother Eric Tran on his
three, six, or nine-month increments. Dues payments can             appointment to the office of Guard. Eric is a hard-
only be credited to your account on a quarterly basis, and          working, dedicated member of our Local and I’m sure he
must coincide with the calendar quarters.                           will do a fine job at his new position.
Quarterly dues are due on the first day of each quarter.
                                                                    In speaking about the above mentioned moves, I began to
Mail Dues to: 16 Trotter Drive, Medway, MA 02053                    think about the old adage that says “a Leader is only as
                                                                    good as the people he surrounds himself with.” With that
                                                                    in mind, I will say that I feel very fortunate to have been
                                                                    able to put together the team of Agents and Organizer that
                          BUSINESS MANAGER                          we have in place. I know that each and every one of these
                            LOU RASETTA                             men is loyal, hard-working and devoted to Local 4. The
                   Greetings Brothers and Sisters,                  camaraderie amongst them is an inspiration to me. I
                                                                    believe that this is the greatest leadership team in our
                   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I            Local’s Glorious History. They have helped guide us
                   wish each and every one of you, and your         through these difficult financial times, and I know they will
                   families, a Happy Holiday Season, and a          continue to excel when the economy of our Great Country
                   healthy, safe & prosperous New Year.             turns around.
I’ll begin this letter by announcing the changing of a number       Also to be commended is our Benefits Staff Office. No
of positions throughout Local 4. First and foremost, as             other local has been able to remain in the upper echelon of
many of you may have already heard, our esteemed                    pension plans, and also to have almost two years in
Apprentice Coordinator, Bill Mooney, Jr. has decided to             reserves at our Health & Welfare Fund. In addition, our
retire. Bill has been at the helm of our Training Center for        retirees have just received a $1,000.00 Christmas Bonus –
over sixteen years. He has established our facility as one of       something I am very proud of. Gina Alongi and her Staff
the top engineers’ learning centers in the country. Bill            continue, to look for ways to improve our benefits and to
commands the respect of every Training Director and                 add to the medical and financial well-being of our
Business Manager in the nation. He has been a credit and an         members.
asset to Local 4. I know that my good friend, Bill Mooney,
                                                                    Congratulations also to our Office Staff at Local 4.
Sr., would have been very proud of the legacy that his son,
                                                                    Working under the direction of Barbara Paine, this group
Bill, Jr. is leaving. I will miss Bill very much, both as a
                                                                    of ladies exhibits professionalism and dignity. I am proud
confidant, and a friend. I know that you all join with me in
                                                                    of them all.
wishing Bill Mooney, Jr. a long and happy retirement.

On the work front, all indications are that the promised
stimulus money will finally find its way to the infrastructure                           WILLIAM MCLAUGHLIN
work in our Area. I certainly hope that this is so, and I will
do everything in my power to insure it. We have endured a                                  Happy Holidays! I hope this newsletter
difficult year in 2009. However, we have stuck together and                                finds you and your family in good
seen it through. I am confident that Local 4 is poised and                                 health and spirit throughout the
ready for a great year in 2010.                                                            holiday season. As we enter into the
                                                                                           new year, I hope it is a prosperous one
Again, I wish you and your families a healthy, happy and                                   for our local union. I continue to
prosperous New Year, and I look forward to seeing you on             remain optimistic that the work outlook for 2010 will
the jobs and at our meetings.                                        improve as we move forward.
                                 Louis G. Rasetta                    I would like to mention some of the ongoing projects in
                                 Business Manager                    the north of Boston area. I am very pleased to announce
                                                                     the signing of a Project Labor Agreement for the Spaulding
                                                                     Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown. This $200 million
                                                                     project will begin immediately and should provide
            S.A.C. SCHOLARSHIP REMINDER                              opportunities for Local 4. Also in Charlestown, Massport
    THE SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE SCHOLARSHIP                          and Turner Construction just broke ground on a wind
         APPLICATIONS MUST BE MAILED TO:                             turbine testing facility. $25 million in Stimulus Money will
                                                                     be earmarked for this $45 million undertaking. J. Derenzo
            MASSACHUSETTS AFL-CIO,                                   and NEFCO are also present on this site. Wes
    389 MAIN ST, SUITE 101, MALDEN, MA 02148
                                                                     Construction has completed the building of a transfer
                                                                     station for Boston Water and Sewer. At Bunker Hill
   THIS YEAR SCHOLARSHIPS WILL BE OFFERED TO                         Community College, Daniel O’Connell is in the final stages
  MEMBER’S SONS, DAUGHTERS AND GRANDCHILDREN                         of completing a state-of-the-art athletic complex. On the                       Medford/Arlington line, along the Mystic River, CRC is
                                                                     present at the Medford Boat Club with foundation work.
    THE DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS DEC. 16, 2009                        In Cambridge, along Route 2, J. Moriarty & Sons and
                                                                     Allied Pile are starting the construction of Discovery Park.
                                                                     This is a multi-million dollar project consisting of a mixed-
                                                                     use office park which will be completed in several phases.
                                                                     In Watertown, A.J. Welch has just broken ground with site
                                                                     work on a $50 million addition for the Perkins School for
                                                                     the Blind.
                                                                     I would like to congratulate William D. Mooney, Jr. on his
                                                                     upcoming retirement. His contribution to Local 4 and our
                                                                     Apprenticeship Program has been second to none. Thanks
                                                                     for a job well done. I also want to congratulate John
         THE JACKIE O’NEIL MEMORIAL                                  Gaffny on his new appointment as Apprenticeship
             SCHOLARSHIP FUND                                        Coordinator of Local 4. I have no doubt John will
                                                                     continue the tradition of excellence in our nationally
    Please contact for application and instructions:                 recognized program.
            The Union Hall, IUOE Local 4
                    16 Trotter Drive                                 Just a friendly reminder, please keep current with your
                 Medway, MA 02053                                    quarterly union dues. Local 4 has the lowest union dues in
                      508-533-1433                                   the International at $10 per month. So please, make every
                                                                     attempt possible to remain in good standing.
      Deadline for submitting an application is                      In solidarity, as always, thank you for your continued
                   January 29, 2010.                                 support.
 Applications must be sent to the Business Manager,
   at the above address, who then will submit the
  application to the O’Neil Scholarship Committee.

                     KEVIN BENNETT
                                                                       Please join me in wishing good luck and a happy retirement
                     Let me begin by wishing you and your              to Apprentice & Training Coordinator Bill Mooney, who
                     families a very Merry Christmas and a             has given so many years of dedication and service to the
                     Happy New Year.                                   Operating Engineers of Local 4. Congratulations to John
                     In my December 2008 newsletter article,           Gaffny, our new Apprentice & Training Coordinator.
                     I wrote the following:                            John’s strong work ethic and knowledge will benefit all of
                                                                       our new apprentice Operating Engineers.
                       “Due to the challenging economic times
                       our country is facing, many of the mega         Finally, if you are interested in helping Martha Coakley for
projects in the Boston area have been postponed and work               Senator Kennedy’s seat, please call the union hall at (508)
continues to move slowly. However, there are many people               533-1433 and have your name added to our list.
working very hard to obtain financing for these projects.              As always, many thanks for your help and support.
The Boston Building Trades recently had a meeting with
Mayor Menino to discuss our concerns with regard to the
many construction projects being shut down in the city. The                                DAVID FANTINI
mayor assured us that both he and his staff are working
diligently with developers and financial institutions to get                               As we close out another construction
these mega projects back underway and ensure new job                                       season, I hope this newsletter is finding
opportunities for our members.”                                                            everybody in good health.
So…what has changed in the past year? Unfortunately, not                                  Work in the area continues, but
a whole lot. Mayor Menino ran for re-election and won,                                    remains slow as far as work
with the help of the men and women of Local 4. I firmly                                   opportunities out of the hall. Sevenson
believe that he is trying to get new construction started in the       has two ongoing jobs, the New Bedford Harbor cleanup
city. For example, he plans to rebuild Black Falcon Pier to            and a small job in Mansfield. The season is coming to an
accept the largest cruise ships in the world and make Boston           end in New Bedford, but the Mansfield job should work
a premiere tourist attraction. A formal request for Stimulus           through the winter. McCourt continues work on the
Money for this project has already been sent to Washington.            widening of Rte. 128. G&C Concrete has just finished up
 There are plans to extend the Boston Convention Center by             and Raito has begun work on caissons for a sound wall.
adding a new auditorium and building a new high-rise hotel.            Martha’s Vineyard is busy. C.R.C. is working on the Oaks
The Fenway area is also covering the Massachusetts                     Bluff Pier, MIG Corp. has a contract to replace two
Turnpike and building several new buildings on top of it.              bridges, Pihl/RDA continues work on their bridge job, and
Finally, the Government Center Garage will be demolished               Lawrence-Lynch has multiple jobs ongoing.
to make room for two new office towers and a shopping                  Upcoming work looks pretty good. Bids are due back to
mall.                                                                  Dominion for another piece of work at Brayton Point.
On a statewide level, the Governor just doesn’t seem to get            J.F. White, A.A. Will, Lawrence-Lynch and Revoli have all
it. Massachusetts ranks 49th out of the 50 states in spending          recently been low-bidders on bridge and utility jobs. SPS
Stimulus Money on construction projects. There is one                  was the low bidder on the Rte. 24 interchange project in
housing project in Roslindale under way, using $33 million in          Fall River. Though they are not signatory, SPS has chosen
Stimulus Money. Business Manager Louis Rasetta has                     to subcontract a large portion of this to D.W. White.
spoken to the Governor and several members of his staff                The November elections did not go as well as we had
trying to get the funds released so that our members can go            hoped. We were successful in Fall River, but not in
back to work. You can also help by contacting our state                Brockton or Quincy. I would just like to thank everybody
and federal legislators, urging them to allocate more of this          that came out and helped. The showing we had in Fall
federal funding for projects that would get our members                River on a rainy Saturday morning did not go unnoticed,
working.                                                               and was greatly appreciated by the new Mayor.
I’m pleased to say that several members who have been                  At our November meeting, the men and women of Local 4
fortunate enough to maintain consistent work have taken                chose to take a small percentage of the December raise to
time off so that their brothers and sisters who needed the             fund a $1000.00 check for all the retirees. The response
hours to qualify for insurance and pension could benefit. I            has been overwhelming. We have members that have been
won’t mention these individuals by name, but we should                 retired so long that the check was almost as much as they
acknowledge their strong sense of commitment and                       got for the year! It is a perfect example of what we are all
brotherhood.                                                           about and what makes UNIONS GREAT!
Apprentice Coordinator Bill Mooney will be retiring at the
end of the year. Business Manager Lou Rasetta has chosen
Brother John Gaffny to be the new Coordinator. John will                                   THOMAS MCCORMACK
do a great job. I would like to wish Brother Mooney all the                                Dear Brothers and Sisters,
best in his retirement and congratulate John on his new
position. The line officers also elected Brother Eric Tran to                              As we approach the upcoming holiday
replace John as the Guard and I would like to congratulate                                 season, I hope this newsletter finds you
Eric on his new post.                                                                      and your families in the best of health.
I wish you all a very happy, healthy, and safe Holiday Season                              First, I would like to extend my
and hope to see you at a meeting!                                       sincerest best wishes to Brother Bill Mooney for a well-
                                                                        earned, long and healthy retirement. I know I speak for
                                                                        everyone in thanking him for all of his dedicated years of
                                                                        guidance as Coordinator for our Apprenticeship Program.
                                                                        I would also like to extend congratulations to Brother John
                                                                        Gaffny on his appointment to replace Bill Mooney as the
                                                                        new Coordinator for our Apprenticeship and Training
                                                                        Center. Taking John’s place at the Guard position is
                                                                        Brother Eric Tran. Best wishes to Eric, I know he will do a
                                                                        fine job!
                                                                        Here are some of the continuing projects in my area along
                                                                        Route 128. In Waltham, the Smedley Company has just
                                                                        moved a crane into the new BJ’s Wholesale Club site to
                                                                        start erecting the pre-cast walls for the Fab-Con Company.
Kiewit continues work on the Brayton Point Cooling Tower project.       Over at the Hobbs Brook Office Building project in
                                                                        Waltham, Marois Bros. remains onsite. This project is
                                                                        winding down and nearing completion. Across the way at
                                                                        the Weston Coop. Center, L.J. Crane is onsite setting the
                                                                        pre-cast panels to enclose the building.
                                                                        Newport Construction is still working on Washington
                                                                        Street in Dedham, widening the road and moving utilities.
               Congratulations to Al Morrell
                                                                        And Ernest Guigli and Sons are still onsite at both the
          On attaining his 60th year of membership
                                                                        Newton North High School project and the Norwood
                                                                        High School project. D. Koury Steel is almost finished
                                                                        erecting steel at Norwood High School.
                                                                        The construction of the new Wellesley High School is
                                                                        underway with Turner as the general contractor. Marois
                                                                        Bros. remains onsite along with Donaldson driving piles
                                                                        and Harvey doing the concrete for the foundation.
                                                                        I know this past year has not been as productive as we had
                                                                        hoped for, but I still feel confident that things will turn
       He has served in the past as the Recording                       around soon. I would like to thank you for your continued
       Secretary and South Shore Business Agent.                        support and wish all of you and your families a very Merry
                                                                        Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

                    MICHAEL BOWES
                    As we move into the winter season, I
                    would like to wish you and your families
                    a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year
                    to come.
                     Here is a look into some of the new and
                     ongoing work that is going on in the
                     area. Carlin Contracting has been
awarded the $31 million waste water treatment plant in
Marlborough. P. Gioioso seems to be the low bidder on the
$7 million water tank and piping job in Spencer. M.E. Smith
has been awarded a large water main job in Charlton. C&A                       Members Bobby Zollo, Gary Mewhiney,
Construction Co., out of Ludlow, has been awarded the Rte.           Bobby Machemer, Ken Fleming, Rick Allard, Mike Madison and
                                                                         Brian McCoin holding signs for Worcester’s Election.
69 roadway reconstruction project in Southbridge. DeFelice
Corp. has been awarded the wastewater plant in Hopkinton,
and J. P. Cardillo has been awarded a forced main job also in                           ROD GILLESPIE
Hopkinton. J.H. Lynch seems to be the low bidder on the
Rte. 115 roadway reconstruction job in Norfolk, and the Rte.                           Work around the state of Maine
20 Shrewsbury-Worcester paving job. J. Derenzo is still                                continues to be slow at best. The
going strong at their two Genzyme jobs in Framingham and                               crews with Lane Construction are all
Northborough. Marois Bros. has finally started their                                   done, except for a few working in the
Southbridge job, with land clearing going on now, and                                  shop on maintenance. The bids are in
hopefully will go through winter. There are also many other                            and under review for the $60 million
on-going jobs in the area, and I am looking for every                                  Fore River bridge in Portland. The
opportunity for the members of Local 4. These jobs, along                              three bidders are Lane, Cianbro and
with the work that is going to start in downtown Worcester,         Reed & Reed. Some pretty stiff competition for this work
should make for a strong year for the members of Local 4.           in southern Maine. The results will be coming in the next
                                                                    few weeks.
I would like to thank all of the members who came out with
me to hold signs for Joe O'Brien For Mayor of the City of           The demolition of the American Tissue paper mill in
Worcester. Also for Mike Germain, who won his seat for              Augusta with Costello Dismantling is almost complete after
City Councilor. Both Joe and Mike have given us their               several months. The demolition of the Bates Mill in
promise that they will be there for the members of Local 4.         Lewiston was awarded to NASDI, LLC and they should
                                                                    begin work in a few weeks. The Turner Corp. is the
I would like to congratulate Bill Mooney on his retirement as       construction manager for the $100 million Portland Jetport
Apprenticeship Coordinator for Local 4, and wish him and            expansion. We have a number of union site prep
his family good luck in the future. I would also like to            contractors chasing this work. The bids are in and under
congratulate his replacement as Coordinator, Brother John           review for the site and concrete work with more packages
Gaffny. I am sure he will uphold the high standards of Local        to come in the next few weeks.
4. Also, I would like to congratulate Brother Eric Tran on
his appointment as Guard.                                           In Kittery, at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Consigli
                                                                    has awarded the site work to Construction Management
In closing, I look forward to working with all of you now           & Consultants with operators on site. The concrete and
and in the future, and appreciate your support. Also, I             steel erection packages are coming in the near future.
would like to wish everyone again a safe and happy holiday
season.                                                             As I said in the last newsletter, we are still in negotiations
                                                                    with the Maine Energy & Recovery Company in
                                                                    Biddeford for those 65 members at the trash-to-energy
                                                                    facility whose contract expires the end of December, and
                                                                    are in hopes of getting those members a decent
                                                                    We have not received any further info on the FERC filings
                                                                    on behalf of the Wiscassett Power plant or the Calais LNG
                                                                    proposals, but remain optimistic on them both.
In closing, I would remind you to work towards getting your             construction jobs across the board. Without sounding like a
CCO, Mass. Hoisting License or any other certifications                 cheerleader I would like to remind you of what has
from our Training Center while you have time on your side.              happened in the last few years. The hours were reduced
I expect at some point this winter we will have a Hazmat                from 1200 to 1000, health care benefits have been
refresher course in Clinton for those members with the HR               increased and the Health and Welfare has two years worth
40 Certification.                                                       of reserves. The pension is stable and in the “green zone”
Work safe, drive carefully and enjoy the holidays. Merry                something that almost no one else can claim. Imagine if we
Christmas to you all.                                                   could get some work what good shape we would be in.
                                                                        With your talent, hard work and the leadership of Business
                                                                        Manager Lou Rasetta we will overcome these times
                                                                        through brotherhood and standing together as a strong
                     CHRISTOPHER FOGARTY                                Local.
                     With Thanksgiving in our rear view                 I would also like to congratulate Dave Shea, John Gaffny
                     mirror and Christmas fast approaching,             and Eric Tran on their new appointments. They are all
                     I would like to wish all of you and your           dedicated and will serve the membership well.
                     families health and happiness during the           The New Year will bring us all changes and new challenges,
                     upcoming Holiday season. What is left              as we navigate through uncharted waters. The spirit of the
                     of the construction season is now (in the          Operating Engineers is alive and well! Please keep a few
                     next few weeks) starting to show signs             things in mind over the Holidays. Work safe, drive
of a slow down. Companies are gearing up for snow removal               carefully and keep our brothers in harms way that cannot
and maintenance of equipment during the winter months.                  be home with there families in your thoughts. Merry
Every company I talk to is relaying the same message across             Christmas and Happy New year to all!
the board, that they believe the fourth quarter of this year to
be slow with eyes focused on the beginning of next season.
It has been a rough year but that has not dampened the                                      PAUL DIMINICO
optimism of most, with a catch phrase spoken by many
people these days “ It is what it is”. I think this captures the                            As the winter season is upon us, I hope
feeling out there right now.                                                                everyone      had      an    enjoyable
Equipment companies saw a spike during the last three
months, with the weather being fairly decent into these late                                 NASDI has begun the downtown
fall and early winter days. There have been several movies                                   Lowell demo job at the Appleton Mill
being filmed in our area that have created a great boost to                                  building. This is about a six-month
the rental industry, and kept many of our members busy                                       demo job. They are removing the
through the end of this year. Next year we will see several             interior of the mill building and shoring up the exterior
more get started, and they will be looking to our signatory             shell of the building. C.W.C. still has not awarded the site
companies to service them once again. Sales of new dirt                 work yet.
equipment is at a bit of a stand still, with plenty of inventory        MIG Corp. has just been given the green light for the
in the yards for now. One bright spot being that some new               demo of the Rte. 38 and Rte. 110 bridges in Lowell. This
cranes are on order in anticipation of next year and good               job consists of four bridges that are in serious need of
deals being available.                                                  replacement. S&R has completed the Methuen Bridge and
The concrete pump industry is holding its own for now, with             is now removing the temporary bridge. Pihl is moving
the same ills that have befallen everyone else. Several Field           right along with their Lawrence Bridge and they will
Engineers have been busy at the Brayton Point Cooling                   continue through the winter if weather permits. The Bates
Tower project, a great boost for the 4E members. Through                Bridge in Groveland will be bidding shortly with a
efforts of all of the agents and the proven talent of the               projected price tag of $65 million.
surveyors, the opportunities we had been working to get are             Seabrook Station has helped many of our members get
now starting to trickle in.                                             their hours this season, with a scheduled shut down this
Though these times have been a challenge for the last several           past October. Bill Ernest has been working at the plant for
years, the legacy that is Local 4, has risen to all that has come       33 years and also has been the Steward for many years. He
before us. Health care costs are out of control, pensions               has done a great job watching out for Local 4’s best
being lost, financial meltdown and lack of healthy                      interests. I would like to wish him well in his retirement.

Congratulations are also in order to Bill Mooney in his              If you have any leads or information on any non-union
retirement and John Gaffny’s appointment to Training                 contractors, please contact me.
Coordinator. I know John will do a great job as did Bill! I          As always, I thank you for your support and I wish you and
would also like to congratulate Dave Shea as Director of             your families a happy holiday season.
Organizing and Eric Tran as he takes over as Guard.
As we come into the holiday season, the Merrimac Building
Trades come together to help someone in need. This year
we are working on a project at Camp Paul in Chelmsford.
This is a non-profit summer camp that helps out disabled
children. A special thanks is due to the W.L. French
                                                                                  SAFETY CORNER
Company for stepping up when help was needed to demo a               Year after year slips and falls maintain their place as the
couple of rundown camps to make room for newly union                 number one cause of injuries to operators. Falling while
built camps.                                                         getting into or out of heavy equipment is a major cause
I would like to wish all of you and your families a Happy            of injury. We are coming up on the time of year when
Holiday!                                                             these statistics really start to climb.
                                                                     The best way to avoid these hazards is good housekeeping.
                   DAVID SHEA                                        Try to keep all walking surfaces on the machine as well as
                    As this construction season comes to an          around the machine as clean, dry, and as free of
                    end, I hope you and your families are            obstructions as possible. As all of us know, the worst time
                    well.                                            for the operating engineer is in the morning, while
                    I would like to thank Business Manager           performing the pre-start check and machine maintenance.
                    Lou Rasetta for appointing me Director           It is quite common in the morning to have the machine
                    of Organizing. It is a privilege to work         covered in snow, ice, or freezing rain making the task both
                    on behalf of our great local and I will          difficult and dangerous.
continue to work hard towards increasing our market share            Slips can result from how you walk on a surface and also
and creating new work opportunities for our members.                 what type of surface we are trying to walk on. Where slip
I’d like to congratulate Brother John Gaffny on his recent           potential is high, take slow short steps and try, if possible,
appointment as the next Apprenticeship Coordinator. As               to hold onto a secure point on the machine.
co-organizer I have worked very closely with John and have           When getting on or off the machine, always use the
the highest respect for him both personally and                      THREE-POINT SYSTEM. This system means three of
professionally. I know he will be successful in this new             your four limbs are in contact with the vehicle at all times-
position. I would also like to wish Brother Bill Mooney a            two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand.
long and healthy retirement and thank him for his many
years of service. Congratulations to Brother Eric Tran on his        Remember :
appointment as Guard.                                                Always exit and enter facing the cab.
Many of this year’s newly organized contractors continue to          Always use hand holds.
work late into the construction season. Atlantic Site and
                                                                     Always check the ground for proper footing.
Demolition is finishing up jobs in New Bedford and
Worcester, and is just starting the Area B Police Station in         Never carry something in your hands while trying to access
Roxbury. Entech Corp. is expecting to start their relining           the machine.
job in Belmont soon. Construction Management continues               Never jump off the machine.
to have steady work with jobs in Hyde Park, Lawrence,
Haverhill, and Portsmouth, NH. These contractors and                 BE SAFE
others have put many of our brothers and sisters to work             BILL LAFLAMME
this year, making it possible for them to achieve their hours.       CO-SAFETY OFFICER
We have had a few new signings recently; Bowditch
Excavating, a site contractor specializing in golf courses
and ball fields. Union Tree, a land clearing contractor
working on Route 24, J.C. Construction and Creador
Construction, both contractors who specialize in curbing.

Pictured above are Brothers at the Body Meeting of October, 2009 honoring the 2009 Fifty-year members.

     Brother John J. Moran                Brother Francis G. Peveri               Brother Robert Shaw

Brother Frank R. Conners, III             Brother Kenneth Wilder          Brother Frederick DeMarco, Jr.

     Brother Roy Carson                  Brother John J. Edmond                Brother Ranald Brigham

                                              Robert J. Dambrosio
                                                 Anthony Defino
                                                 David F. Eagle
                                               Charles F. Hurley
                                                Daniel J. Hurley
                                               Wyllard P. Johnson
                                                  Leo L. Lovely
                                               Anthony Micelotti
                                               Albert J. Nardone
                                                John A. Nardone
                                                 Harold Pingree
                                            Francis J. St. Germain, Jr
   Brother Thomas Greene                       William R. Staples           Brother John R. Maynard, Jr.

                    IN MEMORIAM                                             IN RETIREMENT
The Officers and Members of the Local offer their         We wish a long, healthy and well-deserved
sincere condolences to the families and friends of        retirement to the following:
the following:
William S. Balkus       Edward J. Fitzgerald                Edgar A. Bosworth          Edward J. Keegan
Frank Bishop, Jr.       Michael T. Gentile, Sr.             Benjamin A. Bowley         William T. Keenan
George Buffone          Wyllard P. Johnson                  Luis F. Burgos             John M. Komich
Joseph J. Columbo       Nicholas J. Mandella                Jeffrey J. Cordeiro, Sr.   Dolores Levins
William L. Daigle       John P. Pini                        Michael B. DAngelo         Anthony Lombardi, Jr.
Paul A. D’Amico         William G. Sampson                  John R. Duffy              Paul J. Lussier, Sr.
Carl A. Diomandes       Earl H. Storey, III                 William O. Ernest          Frank H. McLean
Richard J. DiPietro     Donald H. Tagg                      Raymond D. French          Mark A. Messina
Thomas B. Faretra                                           Michael Glionna            Martin W. Pacheco
                                                            Michael G. Healy           Dominic V. Paci
                                                            Gary E. Helstrom           Victor J. Paquette
                                                            Paul J. Joyce              Robert E. Pittman, Jr.
                                                            Charles S. Kapela          Corydon M. Smith
                                                                                       Paul A. St. Cyr

                                                                                 Fraternally yours,

                                                                                 Louis G. Rasetta
                                                                                 Business Manager

                                       Wage Settlement June 1, 2008 - May 31, 2011
                                      WAGE SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE 12/01/2009
                                                  6/1/2008       12/1/2008*        6/1/2009*     12/1/2009*       6/1/2010*       12/1/2010*

GROUP I                                                  36.86             36.86         37.36           37.78           39.03            40.28

Daily Rate (Per Hour)                                    42.37             42.49         43.15           43.71           45.13            46.55

GROUP 1a (Boom Length)
           Over 150 Feet                                  1.91              1.95          1.99            2.03            2.07             2.12
            " 185 "                                       3.36              3.42          3.48            3.55            3.63             3.72
            " 210 "                                       4.72              4.80          4.90            5.00            5.11             5.23
            " 250 "                                       7.15              7.28          7.42            7.57            7.74             7.92
            " 295 "                                       9.91             10.08         10.29           10.49           10.73            10.97
            " 350 "                                      11.53             11.73         11.96           12.20           12.48            12.76

GROUP 1b                                                 42.37             42.49         43.15           43.71           45.13            46.55

GROUP 1c                                                 37.86             37.86         38.36           38.78           40.03            41.28

GROUP II                                                 36.56             36.54         37.04           37.44           38.68            39.93

GROUP III                                                27.07             26.81         27.02           27.14           28.06            28.99

a. Fireman                                               31.54             31.39         31.73           31.99           33.06            34.14
b. Other than TC/Gradall                                 21.41             21.00         21.04           21.00           21.73            22.47
c. TC or Gradall                                         24.15             23.82         23.94           23.97           24.80            25.63
d. Daily Rate (TC)                                       26.85             26.59         26.79           26.91           27.82            28.74
e. Scow Rate                                             26.71             26.44         26.64           26.75           27.66            28.57

Daily Rate Differential
GROUP II                                                  3.72              3.79          3.87            3.94            4.03             4.12
GROUP III                                                 2.35              2.39          2.44            2.49            2.54             2.60

Tunnel Differential                                       2.89              2.94          3.00            3.06             3.13            3.20

Health & Welfare                                          8.80              9.05          9.05            9.05            9.05             9.05
Pension                                                   6.75              7.43          8.00            8.70            8.70             8.70
Apprenticeship                                            0.70              0.75          0.79            0.79            0.79             0.79
Annuity                                                   3.00              3.00          3.00            3.00            3.00             3.00
Labor Management Cooperative Trust                        0.53              0.53          0.53            0.53            0.53             0.53
   *     Dues Assessment: 1 3/4% deducted from total Wage and Benefit Package.
   *        Social and Political Action Committees, $0.05 per hour.
   *        The Local may, at its option, utilize parts of these increments for increases to Health & Welfare, Pension, Annuity, Social
            and Political Action Committees, Dues Deduction and the Foundation for Fair Contracting.
   *        Of the 53 cents payable to LMCT, 2 cents will be remitted to the Foundation for Fair Contracting, and 5 cents will be
            remitted to the Industry Advancement Fund.
   *        HAZARDOUS WASTE: Engineers required to work in the HOT ZONE will receive a $2.00 an hour wage differential.


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