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Newsletter Winter 2011 - PDF - PDF by xiangpeng



                       WINTER 2011

                                                                                                                           IN THIS ISSUE:
                                     RW4                            FEATURES:
                                                                                                                           1 ........ RW4, RW4 PLUS
                                     Series Clone Machine           • Duplicates TI fixed code & encrypted
                                                                                                                                      Clone Machine
                                                                      TI transponders
                                                                    • Duplicates fixed code transponders (T2, T5)                     & PLUS Box
                                                                    • Identifies transponder keys                                     (Ilco)
                                                                    • Log and archive capability
                                                                                                                           2 ........ Transponder Keys
                                                                    • Built-in, sealed “soft touch” keyboard
                                                                    • Easy to read LCD display                                        & IDN Automotive
                                                                    • Multiple language support                                       Guys
                                                                    • 12V DC power adapter included                                   (Ilco & IDN)
                                                                    • USB & Serial Port                                    3 ........ Cylinders
                                                                    • Dimensions: 6.3” x 9.7” x 3.2”
                                                                    Mfr.#                      EZ#         List Price EA
                                                                                                                           4 ........ IDN Updates
                                                                    RW4                       087377             3440.80

                                     RW4 PLUS                       FEATURES:                                              Merchandise Program
                                     Series Clone Machine           • Stand-Alone Unit                                     (Kick Off)
                                                                    • Clones TI and Philips encrypted code and fixed
                                                                      code (T2, T5) transponder keys                       Detex, Ilco, Jet &
                                                                    • Identifies presence of a transponder and             Master Lock
                                                                      indicates chip type, value and manufacturer          New Deals for the New Year
                                                                    • Code Generation Capable                              Promotion
                                                                    • Archiving Function                                   (1/3/11 - 1/31/11)
                                                                    • 12V DC adapter included for “on the road” services
                                                                    • Built-in “soft touch” keypad                         Various
                                                                    • Easy to read LCD screen                              Overstock Promotion
                                                                    • Dimensions: 91⁄2 " W x 61⁄2 " D x 31⁄4 " H           (1/3/11 - 1/31/11)

                                                                    RW4 PLUS

                                     PLUS BOX                       FEATURES:
                                     For RW4                        • Easily attaches to the bottom of existing RW4 or
                                                                      Ilco EZ-Clone
                                                                    • No loose cables or modules to be damaged or lost
                                                                    • Includes SNOOP, Serial Cable, Power Supply, and
                                                                      Transponder Program Software                                    Got an idea
                                                                    • Dimensions: 9.625” W x 6.25” D x 1.5” H                   for a future event at an
                                                                                                                               IDN H. Hoffman Branch?
                                                                    PLUS BOX                                                      We’d love to hear it!
                                                                                                                                                            s to
                                                                                                                               Send in your suggestion
                                                                    The SNOOP captures the communi-                   
                                                                    cations between the vehicle and the                             and tell us about it!
                                                                    key when cloning Philips encrypted
                                                                    transponder keys. Two LED’s indicate
                                                                    successful “snooping”

                     IDN H. Hoffman Inc. - Corporate Headquarters      Tel:    708-456-9600
                     7330 W. Montrose Ave                              Toll:   800-323-1918
                     Norridge, IL 60706                                Fax:    708-456-0878

                     Electronic Access Control
                                                                KEY BLANKS
                                                                Stocked at IDN H. Hoffman
                     (EAC) Specialists                          Mfr #             Desc.                         EZ#
                     • Stu Maijala
                                                                B100PT            ‘98 CADILLAC SEVILLE         068253
                     • Susan Biggers
                                                                B103PT            ‘00 GRAND PRIX MSTR          073196

E-mail your questions to:                   B103PT5           ‘00 GRAND PRIX MSTR          073197
                                                                B104PT            ‘00 GRND PRIX VALET          073198
          I've been asked about FIPS readers or                 B111PT            GM 2006/2007 TRNSPDR         088005

          locks. What are they referencing to?                  B112PT            CADILLAC ‘03-‘07 TRNSPDR     088042
                                                                B114PT            SATURN VUE ‘08-’09           101005
          FIPS refers to Federal Information Pro-               B97PT             F/GM TRANSPONDER             066101       Mfr #           Desc.                         EZ#
          cessing Standards. The initial call for these         B97PT5            ‘99 OLDS MST W/TRNSP         069317       INF45PT         INFINITI Q45 ‘98-’02         100810
          standards came about as a result of Home-             B98PT             F/GM TRANSPONDER             066100       MAZ24RT5        ‘98 MAZDA                    068212
          land Security Presidential Directive-12               B99PT             ‘98 CADILLAC SEVILLE         067224       MIT9PT          ‘00 MITSU TRANSPNDR          073415
          (HSPD-12) which called for government-                B99PT5            ‘98–‘99 CAD SEVL MSTR        069319       MIT13PT         ‘01-‘05 MITSUBISHI           090573
          wide standards for secure and reliable                FO21EH2           ‘00-’09 JAGUAR S TYPE &      102229       MIT16A PT       ‘04 - ‘07 MITSUBISHI         102227
          identification and authentication of federal                            ‘02-’09 JAGUAR X TYPE                     MIT17A PT       ‘07-‘08 MITSUBISHI           102228
          employees and contractors for access to               FO21T7SI          JAGUAR S & X TYPE            102230       NI01T           F/’02 NISSAN ALTIMA          076310
          Federal facilities and information systems.           H72PT             ‘96 FORD & MERCURY           060282       NI02T           F/’02 NISSAN PATHFINDER      076311
          FIPS 201 was developed to satisfy the
          technical requirements of HSPD-12 and                 H73PT             ‘96 FORD & MERCURY           060279       NI04T           NISSAN INFINITY              085705
          specifies Personal Identify Verification              H74PT             ‘99 LINCOLN LS6&LS8          069695       NSN11T2         ‘99 NSN MAX & ‘99 INFN       069696
          (PIV) requirements. The associated identi-            H86PT             F/2000 FORD FOCUS            071400       PT04PT          ‘04 GR PRIX ON BRD PRGMR     083151
          fication cards are government-issued.                 HD106PT5          ‘97 HONDA ACCORD             066218       PT04PT5         ‘04 GR PRIX NEEDS RW2        083150
                                                                HD106PT *ILCO*‘97 ACCURA & PRELUDE             065328       TOY43AT4        ‘98 TOYOTA & CAMRY           068213
          IDN H. Hoffman stocks a variety of readers            HD111PT       TRANSPONDER                      091297       TOY44D PT       FOR TOYOTA ‘06-’08           100809
          and locks that are FIPS-compatible, includ-           HD113PT       HONDA FIT ‘07-’08                101006       TOY48BT4        F/‘99 LEXUS LS,GS,RX         070927
          ing products made by Kaba and Schlage.                HO01T5        F/HONDA ‘02 CRV                  076312       Y160PT          ‘98–’99 CHRY TRNSPNDR        069160
          For more information related to FIPS 201,             H001PT            F/HYUNDAI XG300/SG350        083149       Y164PT          CHRYSLER TRANSPONDER 088006
          contact                           HU46T2            ‘98 CADILLAC                 068248       Y162PT          CHRY SEBRNG/STRATUS X21 075282
                                                                HU66T6            F/2000 VOLKSWAGEN            072299       Y170PT          CHRYSLER EMERGENCY POD 102231

                          DOOR                                                   Meet & Greet
                           GUYS                                                         IDN Automotive Guys

                          Door Specialists                                                                                                     troduce the
                                                                                                                             is pleased to in
                          • Mike Frieri                                                                 IDN H. Hoffman                 Krause & Ryan
                                                                                                                            ys: Paul
                          • Bob Josefson                                                                Automotive Gu                                   partment in ou
                                                                                                                                     r Inside Sales De years of experi-
                          E-mail your questions to:                                                      Paul Kr   ause joined ou                s over 21
                                                                                                                               in 1999. Paul ha       ive knowledge
                                                                            Chicago Branch             including extens
                                                                                                                    the industry                          ugh additional

                                                                                                         ence in                               ledge thro
                                                                                                                              nced his know            o Factory Transp
                                                                                                          keys. Paul enha            well as Jet & Ilc
          What types of products are available                                                            trainin  g on VATS, as

          to weather proof a door?                                                                                aining.
                                                                                           RYAN BLA NK der Tr                                e Sales Departm
                                                                                                                                                               ent in 2007.
                                                                     PAUL   KRAUSE                         Ryan Blan    k joined our Insid worked for our sister
          IDN One Stop stocks a selection of                                                                                   our team, Ryan                was a locksmith
                                                                                                           Prior to joining               3 years and also
          both vinyl and brush weatherstripping
                                                                                                            company    , IDN West, for               owledge with re
          and door sweeps. We also carry                                                                                           enhanced his kn                      a
                                                                                        or Ryan:               r 3 years. Ryan                          nder systems,
          thresholds, drip caps, and astragals.                        To contact Paul                      fo
                                                                                                                          training in vehi
                                                                                                                                            cle transpo
          For a full selection of products, please                     Tel: 800.323.1918 ad se provided by GCLA.
          contact We                              Pa ul: keywizard@           cour
                                                                                                                                                      u with any Auto
                                                                        Ryan: rblank@id
                                                                                         nhho                                         here to help yo
          will help you get the correct products
                                                                                                             Pa  ul and Ryan are                    the job.
          to make sure your opening keeps the                                                                                     s to help you on
          weather outside.                                                                                    questions or tip

      If you need additional help, please contact

           Chicago          Door Division           Cincinnati            Columbus         Grand Rapids          Indianapolis         Kansas City          Milwaukee
      P: (708) 456-9600     P: (630) 628-9441    P: (513) 271-8530     P: (614) 436-6619   P: (616) 534-1067    P: (317) 635-8100    P: (913) 599-4111   P: (262) 790-9750
      T: (800) 323-1918     T: (800) 399-3055    T: (800) 457-3963     T: (800) 774-3255   T: (800) 244-0777    T: (800) 428-9313    T: (800) 526-5897   T: (800) 882-9899
      F: (708) 456-0878     F: (630) 628-6977    F: (513) 271-8567     F: (614) 436-6697   F: (616) 534-1904    F: (317) 637-2358    F: (913) 599-4160   F: (262) 790-9754                                                                                                                                                      2
                                                                                                          Ask the
  Stocked at IDN H. Hoffman
                                                                                                          Paul Krause, C.R.L
  LSDA OFFERS SEVERAL DIFFERENT STYLES OF CYLINDERS INCLUDING:                                            E-mail your questions to:

                                                                                                          Q:           We are getting a lot of keys brought in
                                                                                                                       for construction equipment and vehi-
                                                                                                                       cles. Is there any type of reference

                                                                                                                       book like the ones for autos?

                                                                                                                       Ilco just came out with a Construction
                                                                                                                       Equipment Key Blank Reference book.
                                                                                                                       It contains information on the manu-
                                                                                                                       facturer, identifying numbers, key cuts,
  MORTISE (M1000 Series)                    RIM (R200 Series)                     DUMMY (D100 Series)                  key blanks, and notes. It also has line
                                                                                                                       drawings in the back with profiles. You
                                                                                                                       can request an Ilco Key Blank Refer-
                                                                                                                       ence book by contacting your local
                                                                                                                       IDN representative. You can also
                                                                                                                       download the book on the IDN H. Hoff-
                                                                                                                       man website, under the Tools section.

                                                                                                                  If you need additional help, please contact

THUMB TURN (T100 Series)           UNIVERSAL COMB. (C500 Series)              KEY-IN-KNOB (K300 Series)

                                                                                                                                 CL & UTCL Series

                                                                                                          Flat Key Camlocks (CL Series)
                                                                                                          Mfr.#    Cyl. Length     Max Panel Thickness EZ#
                                                                                                          CL38KD       3⁄ 8”              3⁄ 16”       009024
                                                                                                          CL58KA300 5⁄8”                  5⁄ 16”       009025
  BRIGHT BRASS (US3/605)              SATIN CHROME (US26D/626)                DURONOTIC (313/690/DU)      CL78KA301 7⁄8”                  9⁄ 16”       009034

                                                                                                          Universal Camlocks (UTCL Series)
                                                                                                                                         Max. Panel
 THE LSDA CYLINDERS ALSO COME IN A LARGE                                                                  Mfr.#       Cyl. Length        Thickness         EZ#
                                                                                                                          3⁄ 8”             1⁄ 4”
 VARIETY OF KEYWAYS INCLUDING:                                                                            UTCL38KD                                        009654
                                                                                                          UTCL58KA56800 5⁄8”                1⁄ 2”         009655
 • Arrow                                                                                                  UTCL78KA56804 7⁄8”                3⁄ 4”         009663
 • Corbin Russwin
 • Schlage
 • Weiser                                   For more information                                                                                      UTCL
 • Yale                                                                                                    CL Series                                  Series
                                    on a large variety of LSDA cylinders,
 • Sargent                      check out the 10/11 IDN H. Hoffman Catalog,
 • LSA, etc.
                                     page 305-307 or contact your local
                                      IDN H. Hoffman Representative!

                                                                                                          *For more product information, please reference the
                                                                                                          10/11 IDN H. Hoffman catalog, page 304-305.

   Minneapolis             Omaha            Quad Cities           St. Louis
  P: (952) 886-3840   P: (402) 592-1652   P: (563) 391-8366   P: (314) 692-8391                              PHONE                     FAX
  T: (800) 326-8986   T: (800) 824-0684   T: (800) 391-4633   T: (800) 392-1303
  F: (952) 886-3841   F: (402) 592-9604   F: (563) 391-7949   F: (314) 692-8395                                                                                                                                     3
                            IDN H. Hoffman Inc.
                            Corporate Headquarters
                            7330 W. Montrose Ave
                            Norridge, IL 60706


                              IDN UPDATES

                                                                                           eck o b store
                                                                                        Ch we           s
                                                                                         IDN’s ncement
                                                                                          enha dnhhoffm
    For more information,
please contact your local
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    Sales Representative.
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