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									60 Things to do in Panama before you die

Written by Matt
Tuesday, 23 October 2007 17:20 - Last Updated Monday, 11 August 2008 22:24

This list is not in depth. The very act of publicizing these rare and once-in-a-lifetime experiences
could burn the very bridges that make them possible. Further, many of these experiences
include aspects which we are not allowed to divulge. Next to each, in parenthesis, we've listed
the related Panama province. But the rest is up to you... You can only understand a culture
so well from the air-conditioned confines of a tour bus. Comfy beds and room service can be
found anywhere in the world. However, when you are able to gain access to people, places, and
events that are perhaps off the beaten track or normally off-limits, you privy yourself to
remarkable encounters. These remarkable encounters, and the ability to experience them, are
what make Panama truly an undiscovered and magical place.

   1. Camp out with nesting leatherback turtles on Isla Canas (Los Santos)
   2. Work a shift on a tugboat on the Panama Canal (Panama)
   3. Spend island weekend with Kuna Indians of San Blas (Comarca Kuna Yala)
   4. Enjoy Panama's National Theater from the President's personal box (Panama)
   5. Break a giant marlin record off Pinas Bay (Darien)
   6. Spend a day island hopping (Bocas del Toro)
   7. Experience a Saturday night Chiva Parrandera party bus (Panama)
   8. Partake in the Black Christ festival (Colon)
   9. Undergo the revelry of Carnaval in notorious Las Tablas (Los Santos)
   10. Buy hand-rolled cigars in the streets of Penenome (Cocle)
   11. Go snorkeling on Isla Iguana (Los Santos)
   12. Buy a traditional basket from a Wounan Indian
   13. Reserve a hotel night in Panama City's historic district of Casco Viejo (Panama)
   14. Sip a glass of sunset champagne on the Amador Causeway (Panama)
   15. Charter a boat for the day through the Pearl Islands (Panama)
   16. Gamble on a live cockfight (Herrera)
   17. Learn to surf at Playa Venado also spelled Venao (Los Santos)
   18. Perfect your new surf skills in Santa Catalina (Veraguas)
   19. Research and dig for Pre-Columbian artifacts (Veraguas)
   20. Eat a ripe Panama mango off the tree
   21. Get a customary Wounan Indian tribal tattoo (Darien)
   22. Explore the underground caves of Lago Bayano (Panama)
   23. Attend a Panama-style rodeo (Herrera)
   24. Visit the secret (and massive) Tavidal waterfall (Cocle)
   25. Brunch at the Panama Canal Museum alongside cruise liners (Panama)
   26. Scuba for antique iodine bottles off the coast of Isla Bastimentos (Bocas del Toro)
   27. Go whale watching in Boca Chica (Chiriqui)
   28. Drink a cold $0.25 beer in an interior province
   29. Spot the mythical quetzal bird in Boquete (Chiriqui)
   30. Explore a top secret bunker used by the Americans during US occupation
   31. Camp out a night on Isla Coiba (Veraguas)
   32. Hunt for gold in the old Fort San Lorenzo
   33. Do a shark dive off the coast (Chiriqui, Veraguas)
   34. Learn to box with Roberto "Stone Hands" Duran (Panama)
   35. Experience a sunset booze cruise overlooking the Panama City skyline (Panama)

60 Things to do in Panama before you die

Written by Matt
Tuesday, 23 October 2007 17:20 - Last Updated Monday, 11 August 2008 22:24

  36.   Partake in a culeco (don't forget to wear your bathing suit) (Los Santos)
  37.   Drink Seco con leche with a farmer
  38.   Go waterfall hunting in the Darien Jungle (Darien)
  39.   Eat fresh ceviche at the Mercado de Mariscos (Panama)
  40.   Hike to the top of Cerro Ancon (Panama)
  41.   Walk Metropolitan Rainforest, situated within Panama City limits (Panama)
  42.   Visit Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (Panama, Colon, Bocas del Toro)
  43.   Go spear fishing for tuna off Pedasi (Los Santos)
  44.   People-watch at a bar on Calle Uruguay (Panama)
  45.   Reserve corner table at La Posta, Eurasia, or Market Restaurants (Panama)
  46.   Chew the coca leaf or taste Viagra fern (Darien)
  47.   Paddle traditional wooden panga with Ngobe Bugle tribe (Comarca Ngobe Bugle)
  48.   Swim in the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean in the same morning (Panama, Colon)
  49.   Get healed by a local shaman in El Valle (Cocle)
  50.   Learn to windsurf off the coast of Chame (Panama)
  51.   Relax in thermal hot springs and mud baths (Cocle, David)
  52.   Kayak through the little-known Lake Alajuela (Colon, Panama)
  53.   Sneak into a hotel pool for an afternoon of sun and drinks (Panama)
  54.   Hike the largest hill on Isla Taboga to reach the giant white cross (Panama)
  55.   Join in on a game of dominos on the historic streets of Casco Viejo (Panama)
  56.   Trace the steps of the ancient Camino Real
  57.   Venture out for a morning of bass fishing on Lake Gatun (Panama)
  58.   Have an ice cold agua de pipa in Rio Mar beach
  59.   Watch the Panama national soccer team live at Rommel Fernandez stadium
  60.   Spot the colossal Harpy Eagle in it's natural habitat

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