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Medieval Castle Becomes Centerpiece of New ITI Campus by sdfgsg234





                                   I N T E r NAT I o NA L                       T H E o L o g I C A L                  I N S T I T u T E

         CE             FO
              RVUS AD

                                                                                                                                        SuMMEr 2008

                                 Medieval Castle Becomes Centerpiece
                                 of New ITI Campus
                          tarting in the academic year 2009/2010, the Interna-
                          tional Theological Institute (ITI) will move to Trumau
                      near Vienna and will be housed in Castle Trumau, its sur-
                                      rounding buildings and newly constructed
            The geographical dormitories. The move will give the Insti-
     location will enable our tute space to educate more students in an
     students and faculty to area filled with cultural significance.
                                         Trumau is closely associated with
      make use of the wide- the famous Cistercian Abbey of
      ranging academic and Heiligenkreuz (“Holy Cross Monastery”)
                                      and with the imperial dynasty of the
        cultural facilities that Austrian-Hungarian Empire and its rich
       Vienna offers, as well history. In 1138, the town of Trumau was
        as allow visitors and donated by Leopold IV, ruler of Austria                         Kupferstich von Vischer, 1672
                                      and son of Saint Leopold III, to the Ab-
          friends of the ITI to bey of Heiligenkreuz. Members of the                           and a view of the lower Austrian Alps. The backdrop of
        conveniently visit the Austrian imperial family would visit the                        Trumau is truly spectacular with a 2000 meter peak, the
                     campus. castle and surrounding hunting grounds.                           Schneeberg, in the distance. The campus is easily ac-
                                      In its 900 years of history, Trumau has                  cessible due to its close proximity to Vienna and Vienna
                      risen again and again from the many natural disasters,                   International Airport. In addition, there are excellent
                      wars and other political turbulences that have ravaged                   public transportation connections and easy access to two
                      this part of Europe. Trumau has proven itself as a place                 main highways. This special geographical location will
                      of enormous vitality and perseverance.                                   enable our students and faculty to make use of the wide-
                                                                                               ranging academic and cultural facilities that Vienna
Inside                           Trumau and its surroundings                                   offers, as well as allow visitors and friends of the ITI to
Graduation 2008                  Trumau is only 20 minutes south of Vienna by car.             conveniently visit the campus.
Trip to Lisieux                  Located in one of Austria’s beautiful wine regions with
Msgr. Hogan‘s 40th               a remarkably mild climate, the landscape surrounding          Main set-up of the campus
Papal Visit to Austria
                                 Trumau is mostly flat with agricultural fields, vineyards     Castle Trumau, which will be the centerpiece of
                                                                                                                                        continued on page 2
ITI Formation Program

                                                                            Fighting the Marriage Crisis –
Alumni Reunion
Spreading the News
Welcome and Farewell                                                        Success in ukraine
                                                                            I  TI graduate, rev. Yuriy Kolasa, a Byzantine Catholic priest from
                                                                               ukraine, has spent the past several years fighting the marriage crisis
                                                                            in his archdiocese of Lviv. The fruits of this work are evident not only
                                                                            in his archdiocese, but also throughout the entire country.
                                                                               After his graduation from the ITI in 2001, Father Yuriy was appointed
                                                                                                                                      continued on page 3

Consortio                                                                                                                                                   1
                      Trumau continued from page 1

                     the Institute’s new campus, will
                     be the location for classrooms,
                     offices and events. The castle
                     includes a beautiful baroque
                     chapel where there will be daily
                     Mass and adoration. With its
                     peaceful inner courtyard, the
                     castle is also an ideal gathering
                     place for the ITI community.
                     Across from the castle, there is
                     another historical building called
                     the “Hofrichterhaus” which will
                     eventually serve as the ITI li-        Hofrichterhaus
                     brary and provide study facilities
                                  for students and faculty.
     It is not by chance renovation work on
         that after a long this building will start
                                  as soon as the necessary
     and careful search funds have been raised.
    the ITI has found its A tree-lined alley
     new campus here. leads from the main to
                                  entrance of the castle
     Trumau’s history of the plot of land where
      perseverance and housing is being con-
          vitality provides structed for ITI students
                                  and some of the faculty.
        fertile soil for the These buildings will
       mission of the ITI be constructed with
                                  apartments for single
                     students as well as families. Con-
                     struction work starts in September
                     2008, with completion scheduled
                     for the start of the 2009/2010 aca-
                     demic year. The whole of the campus Schloss Trumau
                     is situated at the edge of the town of       tionship between faith and
                     Trumau, and within walking distance all aspects of family and
                     from the town’s center with its newly civic life…Here (young
                     restored baroque parish church,              people) will experience
                     schools, shops, and a modern sports          “in what” and “in whom”
                     facility.                                    it is possible to hope, and
                                                                  be inspired to contribute
                     The Mind of the Church in the Heart of       to society in a way that
                     Europe                                       engenders hope in others.
                     In April 2008, His Holiness Benedict             It is not by chance that after a long    life given by the faculty and students
                     XVI gave an address on Catholic              and careful search, the ITI has found        – just as our Holy Father proposes.
                     education. He said, Education is in-         its new home here. Trumau’s history          By moving to Trumau, the ITI will
                     tegral to the mission of the Church to       of perseverance and vitality provides        be better equipped to offer its unique
                     proclaim the Good News. First and            fertile soil for the mission of the ITI to   formation to even more young men
                     foremost every Catholic educational          form hearts and minds and thus to con-       and women, and thus be a beacon of
                     institution is a place to encounter          tribute to the new evangelization. At        hope for the Church and society.
                     the living God who in Jesus Christ           the Institute, young people are formed           You can help us complete the
                     reveals his transforming love and            through their theological studies, a vi-     new campus project. We still need
                     truth…in practice, “intellectual char-       brant faith community, and through the       many generous donations, and
                     ity”…strives to articulate the rela-         living example of the Christian family       above all, your daily prayers.

2                                                                                                                                   Summer 2008
Fighting the Marriage Crisis – Success in ukraine continued
as head of the Archdiocesan Commission of Marriage                ukraine, where the program was not implemented, the
and Family. In three short years, the commission set              divorce rate rose to 80%.
up thirteen marriage-preparation centers, published                  In 2006, the program was brought to the attention of
a marriage-preparation manual and prepared more                   state officials as a way to overcome the family crisis in
than 3000 couples for matrimony. The program itself               ukraine. In January 2007, a team of lay people started
is substantially based on the guiding documents for               a pilot program for the state in Kyjiv, the capital of
premarital preparation given by the                                                     ukraine, at one of the state offices
Pontifical Commission on Marriage                                                       for marriage registration. Since it
and the Family. A team of people leads                                                  is secular, the marriage preparation
the meetings: a priest, a medical doctor,                                               program developed for the state is
a psychologist, a lawyer, and a mar-                                                    different from the program used
ried couple bearing personal witness.                                                   in the Church, yet it also aims to
After beginning in Lviv, the program                                                    proclaim the truth about the human
was also used as a model for other dio-                                                 person, about genuine love, and
ceses of the ukrainian greek Catholic                                                   about god.
Church.                                                                                    In January 2008, after examin-
   The Commission soon found that                                                       ing the program for a year and
this work of the Church was also af-                                                    interviewing young couples who
fecting the state statistics– with a re-                                                participated, state officials decided
markable result. In the year 2000, the                                                  that the program should continue
divorce rate in the Lviv region was at                                                  and be implemented in the whole
54%. From the moment the Church                                                         city of Kyjiv. Now there are seven
began to implement the marriage              Father Yuriy celebrates Divine Liturgy      marriage-preparation centers in
preparation program, the situation im-                                                   the capital of ukraine that prepare
proved. In ukraine, young couples are the most likely             couples who have civil weddings. If this goes well, it
to get divorced, but in the four years after the program          could be approved for the whole country. Father Yuriy
was implemented, the rate of divorce in the Lviv region           began a project for his archdiocese, and he is now help-
declined to 40%. In the regions of Eastern and Southern ing to save his country.

First official Alumni reunion
o      ver thirty ITI alumni from around the
       world joined in the graduation festivities
to celebrate the first “official” alumni reunion.
It was dubbed the “first official” reunion be-
cause it seems that every alumni wedding or
priestly ordination has been the occasion for
an ITI reunion. The alumni met, exchanged
stories about former classes and professors,
and spoke of what they are currently doing.
Alumni also seized the opportunity to network
and to see how they could help each other in
their jobs. Michael Waldstein and Jay Thomp-
son led a seminar on the Common good, and
everyone was pleased to find that they could
still carry on a rational discussion. As a special
part of the reunion weekend, all gathered at the
pilgrimage shrine of Mariazell and ITI graduate, Professor Jay Thompson and alumni exchange laughs during the reunion.
rev. gregory Arby, from India, celebrated a Mass              over and over, alumni said, “I could not be doing
of Thanksgiving. In looking at the faces of the alumni     what I am doing now without the education that I re-
and hearing their stories, there is much to be thank-      ceived at the ITI. Thank you.” After the special week-
ful for. Many seeds were planted at the ITI and by the     end, everyone is hoping this will be the first of many
grace of god they have born fruit.                         “official” reunions.

Consortio                                                                                                                       3
                                                                               Introducing the
                                                                                course of a few     Master of Theological Studies
                                                                                years had dis-
                                                                                covered adven-      on Marriage and the Family
                                                                                ture. They had
                                                                                in fact discov-                         Dmitry Kamil
                                                                                ered the truest                         russia
                                                                                sort of adven-                        Thesis: Commu-
                                                                                ture, which, as                       nicative Nature of
                                                                                Plato so power-                       the Human Being
                                                                                fully indicates,                      in the Light of
                                                                                always comes                          Revelation. Dmitry
                                                                                 “from above”       will work with youth and teach cat-
                  Scott Hefelfinger, 2008 Class Speaker
                                                                                 and strikes like   echism instructors at his parish in

                  T  his year’s graduation in May
                     was another beautiful occasion.
                The graduates represented a varied
                                                          a divine madness. This seems to
                                                          be indicated by the word adventure
                                                          itself—we cannot, properly speak-
                                                                                                    Vladivostok. He also plans to con-
                                                                                                    tinue studying theology.

                mix of cultures and countries - from      ing, set out on an adventure; we can                          Vita Kuliaviene
                California, uSA, to the far eastern       set out on a journey perhaps, but                             Lithuania
                                 corner of russia, in     adventure is what happens when                                Vita, who
 There is no other option Vladivostok. The                something beyond us and unfore-                               welcomed her first
                                 Abbot of Lilienfeld,     seen strikes us. It comes not from                            child this year, plans
  for the one who knows the right reverend                within us, but it comes from the                              to be in gaming
    and loves the Word— Mag. Matthäus                     outside toward us—ad-venture. And                             next year while
there is only one path to Nimmervoll, o.                  what higher form of “coming from          her husband finishes his studies. The
                                 Cist., granted the       above” is there than that offered         couple will then return to Vilnius,
follow and it goes by the degrees and brought             by our common Faith? “The Word            Lithuania where they have the approval
    name of adventure or a smile to faces as              became flesh and dwelt among us,          of their Bishop and parish priest to
                                 he “helped” to move      full of grace and truth.” This is the
  divine madness. This is the tassels or put on           surprising encounter that begins
                                                                                                    begin marriage preparation courses for
                                                                                                    couples in their parish.
 the path we have found the hood. ITI presi-              the truest and most radical form
          here in Gaming. dent, Msgr. Larry               of adventure. It is no mere coinci-
                                 Hogan, reflected on      dence that there is found a striking      madness. This is the path we have
                his forty years of priesthood and         similarity between the words ad-          found here in gaming.
                the difficulties facing the world in      venture and Advent: Adventure, in            We have many people to thank
                1968. He encouraged the graduates         the Christian-liturgical understand-      for introducing us to this adventure
                in their future of continuing to bring    ing, is epitomized in the season of       and for guiding us along the way.
                hope to the world that had seen           Advent, where god comes towards           To our professors—thank you for
                so many great changes in a short          us, where the Son dwells among us,        showing us the path; thank you for
                time. Scott Hefelfinger, voted to be      where divine madness, or as St Paul       teaching us to open our eyes. To the
                class speaker, gave his reflections,      might prefer to put it, “the foolish-     families—thank you, especially you
                in both English and in german, on         ness of god,” becomes evident.            mothers looking after a large number
                the graduates’ time at the ITI. Here      god, coming into the world, is the        of children, thank you for living the
                is an excerpt from his speech in          ultimate reason for en-thusiasm,          adventure, sometimes in the form of
                English:                                  god-in-us. The Spirit being sent          running after little divine gifts who
                   “I think all of us graduating          among us is the ultimate reason for       run away in the courtyard after Mass.
                today have discovered something           in-spiration. The encounter with          To our priests and religious—thank
                here, and when people ask me what         the foolishness of god leads us to        you for providing, in a supreme way,
                exactly that is, I would explain it in    live foolish lives characterized by       a special, sacramental encounter with
                this way. What if I were to tell you      the words “divine madness.” There         Christ, the source and cause of our
                that somewhere, in a quiet little val-    is no other option for the one who        adventure. Thank you to those friends
                ley, in a very quiet, very little town,   knows and loves the Word—there is         and loved ones who have become
                in a contemplatively quiet little         only one path to follow and it goes       wayfarers with us, who have become
                Kartause, a few graduates over the        by the name of adventure or divine        part of the adventure continued on page 6

4                                                                                                                         Summer 2008
ITI graduates of 2008
Master of Sacred Theology

                    Scott gerard                               Iris reinmiedl                            Dionisie-raul
                    Hefelfinger                                germany                                   Silvasan
                    uSA                                        Thesis: Hunger or                         romania
                   Thesis: The Meta-                           Human Seeking                              Thesis: The Neces-
                   physics of Crea-                            for Fulfillment and                        sity of Law for
                   tion: on the role                           Completion in Re-                          Man: Love as the
                   of negation and                             lationships                                Source of Man’s
relation. Scott will teach philosophy        Iris has been hired to work for the      Creation, Vocation and Salvation, - In
in gaming while preparing for his            World Youth Alliance as the Direc-       the Light of Saint Thomas Aquinas’
doctorate and upcoming marriage.             tor of operations for Europe. At         Teachings
                                             WYA she will be promoting the            raul said that having learned from the
                    Marija Magdič            dignity of the person and promoting      ITI how to allow the Light of Christ
                                             solidarity among youth from devel-       to make a way into his life, he hopes
                    Thesis: A Return to                                               the Light of Christ will shine both
                                             oped and developing nations.
                    the Lived Body                                                    through his life and through the lives
                    Marija will attend                         John reves             of those who encounter him in the
                    the licentiate pro-                        uSA/Austria            future. He hopes to continue studies
                    gram at the JP II                            Thesis: In thy       in communication or philosophy and
institute in rome and prepare for her                            Kingdom: The         will offer his help to his Bishop in
upcoming marriage. After graduating                              Church’s Par-        romania.
in rome, she plans to teach, promot-                             ticipation and
ing Theology of the Body. During this                            Experience of the
time, she will also give talks, translate,   Kingdom in the Liturgy of the Byz-       Licentiate in Sacred Theology
and work for “Europe for Christ.”            antine Rite according to Alexander
                                             Schmemann                                                  Petra Porubcová
                    Br. Benedict             John and his wife, Mirella, will be
                    Jeremy Adam              helping to found the Spiritual Center
                                                                                                         Thesis: Remote
                    Nivakoff, oSB            of Saint Nicholas of Myra and Saint
                                                                                                         Preparation for
                    uSA/Italy                                                                            Marriage
                   recently ordained         Maria of Egypt which will be open-
                                                                                                         Petra plans to work
                   a deacon in Norcia,       ing soon in Salzburg. The Center will
                                                                                                         with young people
                   Italy, Br. Benedict,      work to share the treasures of the
                                                                                      at a high school level, teaching and
will return to normal monastic life          Eastern rite with the people of Salz-
                                                                                      concentrating on special activities
with his brothers and prepare for his        burg. John would also like to pursue
                                                                                      focused on faith and religious issues.
ordination to the priesthood.                ordination to the diaconate and even-
                                                                                      She also wants to get involved with
                                             tually study for a doctorate in either
                                                                                      the marriage and family prepara-
                    Dragos Pascalau          Byzantine Liturgy or iconography.
                                                                                      tion and counseling programs in her
                                                               Stephen Duenas         Eparchy.
                   Thesis: The History
                   and the Resistance                          ronnow
                                                               uSA                                       rev. Francis
                   of the Greek-Cath-                                                                    Lyubomyr
                                                               Stephen plans on
                   olic Church from                                                                      Shydelko, oSBM
                                                               working for a year
                   Valacau de Jos,                                                                       ukraine
                                                               and then continu-
Romania, before and during the Com-                                                                      Thesis: Spiritual Di-
                                                               ing his graduate
munist Ruling of the Country                                                                             rection in the Chris-
Dragos would like to teach history                                                                       tian Family Life
and religion in high school and is                                                    Father Francis is going to teach for
making plans to do volunteer work in                                                  his order at the Basilian seminary in
Africa.                                                                               ukraine.

Consortio                                                                                                                        5
                   graduation                  continued from page 4
                   itself. I must thank my classmates, for the uniquely adven-   up with our craziness, but for encouraging it in the best
                   turous experiences we had in the classroom;…we might          way—encouraging us to grow wings, as Plato would say,
                   have been a little confused sometimes in class, “asking       or to grow into the form of Christ, as Saint Paul would
                   questions…I mean…trying to figure out what…that is…           say. Thank you above all to our heavenly Father, the giver
                   in other words…do you know what I mean?” We might             of all good and divine gifts, the fountain and origin, the
                   have wandered a bit here and there, but we never strayed      destination and goal of this adventure.
                   from the path of adventure. And, my dear classmates, if          We, the graduates of 2008 came here a little bit
                   we continue to be true to divine madness, we are certain      crazy, and in search of adventure; we have found it; we
                   to meet the giver of this precious gift. Thank you to so      have been changed by it; and we will continue to live it.
                   many here at the ITI—thank you for not only putting           Thank you.”

                    Trip to Lisieux
                               “A      ll is grace.” These
                                       words hung on
                              the wall in the classroom
                              we used for our retreat in
                              Lisieux. The words repre-
                              sent the story of the ITI.
                              In her short history, the
                              ITI has been the recipi-       Masses in the crypt of the Shrine.     dream, a woman told him the year,
                              ent of many graces – her       A special moment for all of us         month and day when he could go
                              founding, formation, pro-      came when we knelt in front of the home. That was the day of Stalin’s
                              fessors, students and the      relics of Saint Thérèse and prayed. death. Father Joseph’s grandfather
                              fruit that is now reaching     We brought                                            passed away before he
                              to the far corners of the      all of our in-                                        could visit the Shrine
                  earth in the work of her graduates.        tentions be-                                          of Saint Thérèse to
                  Many times, the ITI was on the point       fore her and                                          give thanks, but his
                  of closing due to lack of funds, but       gave thanks                                           grandson, Father Jo-
                  Saint Thérèse always found a way to        for all those                                         seph, remembered and
                  help us, her little way.                   that Saint                                            carried his thanks to
                     The long-overdue pilgrimage             Thérèse has                                           the feet of the saint.
                  and retreat of thanks at the Shrine        inspired to                                           Yes, we can truly see
                  of our beloved patroness was also          help the ITI                                          that “all is grace,” for
                                 due to the generos-         in so many                                            so much has been giv-
  Yes, we can truly see ity of a donor. At the               ways. It                                              en that is greater than
that “all is grace,” for so end of November,                 was a very                                            our little efforts. Saint
  much has been given the ITI community
                                 crammed into two
                                                             solemn and joyful moment, a mo-
                                                             ment of completion.
                                                                                                    Thérèse of Lisieux, patroness of
                                                                                                    the ITI, pray for us!
      that is greater than buses and drove all                  rev. Joseph Veresh, an ITI
   our little efforts. Saint night to Lisieux. We            graduate and current profes-
      Thérèse of Lisieux, were blessed with
                                 eight priests
                                                 to have     sor from ukraine, wept as he
                                                             gave thanks for the life of his
    patroness of the ITI, us from among the                  grandfather and for the gift of
               pray for us! students and faculty.            his priesthood. His grandfa-
                                 For the two days we         ther, a Byzantine priest, had
                  were there, new ITI professor,             spent eight years running and
                  Père Denis Borel, csj, preached an         hiding from priestly perse-
                  inspiring retreat on the hidden life       cution and was saved many
                  of Saint Thérèse becoming a gift           times through the intercession
                  of vocation for the whole Church.          of Saint Thérèse, to whom he
                  We were also able to have two              prayed every day. one day, in a ITI priests celebrate Mass in Lisieux

6                                                                                                                         Summer 2008
From religion and Philosophy to Science and Politics
D     uring the past academic year, there
      was an interesting and varied lineup
of lectures for the ITI Lecture Series.
                                                                                 to know during their
                                                                                 visits and studies in
                                                                                 Jerusalem, gave a
Lecturers covered subjects from religion                                         lecture on the Jewish
and philosophy to science and politics.                                          feasts. univ. Prof. Dr.
Each lecture was followed by a question                                          Ludwig Adamovich,
and answer period, which sometimes grew                                          the former president
quite lively.                                                                    of the Constitutional
   The ITI’s grand Chancellor, Christoph                                         Court of Austria,
Cardinal Schönborn, came to campus and          Students listen to a lecture     gave a talk about how Univ. Prof. Dr. Ludwig Adamovich
spoke to students in a lecture entitled, “Fi-                                     state and religion are handled in Aus-
des, Ratio, Scientia: on the Debate over                                          tria. Touching a subject that closely af-
Evolution.” His Eminence has been creat-                                          fects over half of our students, two pro-
ing quite a stir in the public arena with his                                     fessors from the university of Vienna,
                                lectures and                                      Dr. rudolf Prokschi and Dr. Christoph
                                writings on                                       Suttner, spoke about the current debates
                                the debate                                        and work being done to solve the centu-
                                over evolu-                                       ries-old split between the orthodox and
                                tion. rabbi                                       Catholics.
                                Shimon Naf- Rabbi Shimon Naftalis ex-                A full list of the lectures can be
                                talis, from Je- pounds on Jewish themes in found on the ITI website. Visitors are
                                rusalem, whom the classroom                    welcome to attend any lectures, but please
                                many of our professors          call the office before attending, as the schedule may
 Dr. Christoph Suttner          and students have come          change.

Snapshots from the Year
                                                                                                                             Photos - clockwise
                                                                                                                             from the top right
                                                                                                                             – Newly ordained
                                                                                                                             priest, Father Ioan-
                                                                                                                             Iulian Hotico, from
                                                                                                                             Romania, gives
                                                                                                                             his first blessing;
                                                                                                                             Rob McNamara
                                                                                                                             (Ireland) enjoys
                                                                                                                             a ball game after
                                                                                                                             class; One of the
                                                                                                                             many special
                                                                                                                             Sunday meals of
                                                                                                                             the year; Simone
                                                                                                                             Ebner (Austria)
                                                                                                                             studies; Deacon
                                                                                                                             Br. Benedict
                                                                                                                             Nivakoff serves
                                                                                                                             his first Mass as
                                                                                                                             deacon at the ITI
                                                                                                                             after his ordination
                                                                                                                             at his Benedic-
                                                                                                                             tine monastery in
                                                                                                                             Norcia, Italy; A little
                                                                                                                             rain won’t stop the
                                                                                                                             after-class Frisbee

Consortio                                                                                                                                        7
                   A Papal Visit to Austria
                          o                ur Lady’s
                                     September 8th,
                                                          through external force, but
                                                          proven in love and handed
                                                          on as a gift.
                                     came with a             After Mass, the Pope
                                     drizzle although     gave his blessing and
                                     students had         the Mariazell statue of
                                     prayed for clear     our Lady was carried in
                                     weather during       procession through the
                                     Pope Benedict        crowds. Despite the rain
                                     XVI’s visit to the   and the long hours of
                                     Marian shrine of     waiting and standing and
                                     Mariazell. May-      listening, our weariness
                                     be the rain was a    left us halfway through the
                                     sign of the graces   Mass and
                                     this special day     it was with
                was bringing. Despite the rain, ITI       joyful hearts
                students, faculty, staff and their        and light
                children walked an hour to the pil-       feet that we
                                                                                                                       Pope Benedict
                grimage site and stood with hopeful       made the                                                     XVI blesses the
                hearts and weary feet, waiting for        hour long                                                    Waldstein Family
                the Papal Mass to begin. ITI Presi-       hike back
                dent, Msgr. Dr. Larry Hogan, Byz-         to the buses
                                     antine Chaplain,     and home.
     His Holiness addressed rev. Juraj Terek,                The next
 Our Lady and asked her to and two ITI stu-               day, the faculty and staff of the ITI
show Jesus – the Truth and dents, rev. Yuriy              had a special invitation to attend the
                                     Kolasa and rev.      Pope’s visit to Heiligenkreuz Ab-
the Life – to us. He said the Tomas Labanic               bey. While there, the Pope greeted
attitude that considers man were all able to              several members of the ITI faculty
  incapable of truth is at the concelebrate with          and blessed their children. His Holi-
                                     His Holiness.        ness then venerated the relic of the
  root of the current crisis in rev. Juraj Terek,         Holy Cross for which the Abbey is
    the West and in Europe. a priest from a               named, and addressed the crowd that
                                     former commu-        had come to pray with him. He drew
                nist country, said, “I never dreamed      our attention to the
                I would be able to concelebrate with      importance of hav-
                the Pope.”                                ing Papal Theologi-
                   In his homily, His Holiness ad-        cal Institutes where
                dressed our Lady and asked her to         god is not merely
                show Jesus – the Truth and the Life       the “object” studied
                – to us. He said the attitude that con-   in theology but also
                siders man incapable of truth is at the   the “subject”; where
                root of the current crisis in the West    lived devotion and
                and in Europe. With this attitude,        scientific rationality
                good and evil are no longer distin-       are complementary
                guishable, and science with its good      and interdependent.
                possibilities also becomes a threat.      This was a great
                Man is afraid that truth will lead to     confirmation from
                intolerance, but His Holiness asked       Pope Benedict XVI
                us to look at Christ as he is shown at    that the ITI should continue to be a        It was a very blessed weekend for
                the shrine – in Mary’s arms and on        place “where theology is practised       the ITI and for Austria. Pope Bene-
                the cross. These images show that         ‘on bent knee’… it will prove fruit-     dict XVI, you are in our prayers as
                the truth is humble, not handed on        ful for the Church…”                     you shepherd the Church.

8                                                                                                                     Summer 2008
“Thou Art a Priest Forever …”
r    elatives, friends and former
     students traveled from the uSA,
Israel and countries in between to
                                           capacity of Vice President from 2000
                                           to 2006 and is currently President
                                           and Professor of old Testament. He
congratulate ITI president, Msgr. Dr.      is also the rector of the ITI formation
Larry Hogan, who celebrated forty          program for seminarians, religious
years of priesthood in May. ordained       men and priests.
in the uSA, Msgr. Hogan began his             To commemorate the occasion,
service as a priest in Connecticut. In     Msgr. Hogan celebrated Mass at the
the eighties, he served as a chaplain      beautiful Vienna parish of Neusim-
to the Sisters of Zion while pursu-        mering on Saturday, May 3rd. The
ing doctoral studies in Jerusalem,         day ended with a lovely dinner and
Israel. After finishing his studies        music at Saint Johanns Club. Since
in Jerusalem in 1986, he came to           he has bi-ritual faculties, the ITI
the archdiocese of Vienna, Austria,        community gave Msgr. Hogan a
where he is incardinated. Msgr. Ho-        gift of Byzantine vestments and on
gan has been a professor at the ITI        Sunday, May 4th, Msgr. Hogan used
since its founding. He served in the       them for the first time while celebrat-
                                           ing Divine Liturgy at the ITI. This
                                           was followed by a beautiful outdoor
                                           buffet with roasted lamb.

Guests celebrate the 40th Anniversary of
Msgr. Hogan’s Priesthood

Knighthood Bestowed on Horst Laimer
o    n June 13, 2008, Horst Laimer
     received knighthood in the Pa-
pal order of Saint Sylvester for his
                                           Saint Sylvester is conferred on those
                                           who exhibit exemplary service to the
                                           Church through their professional
                                                                                     of the
                                                                                     ITI was
years of service at the International      duties. Horst Laimer worked for           matched
Theological Institute. The order of        the ITI for ten years, serving as the     by his
                                           Finance Director and as a member          concern
                                           of the Board of Trustees. In addition     for each
                                           to the experience he brought from         and every
                                           his commercial background, he was         student.
                                           most valued for his prudence and          Thank
                                           charity. He forged deep friendships       you, lie-    Horst Laimer receives the Papal Order of Saint
                                           with each of his co-workers, always       ber Horst, Sylvester from Cardinal Schönborn
                                           encouraging those around him to set       for the love
                                           their sights on Christ and His King-      and dedication you give to the Inter-
 Horst Laimer and his wife, Hilde.
                                           dom. His love for the vision and          national Theological Institute.

Consortio                                                                                                                                          9
                       “So That You Can Act in His Name”
                              B            esides the
                                           work of edu-
                                      cation, there are
                                      many things that
                                      happen in the life
                                      of the ITI. Initia-
                                      tives grow as
                                      the need arises.
                                      Msgr. george
                                      Sarauskas, who
                                      was on the ITI
                                      Board as a rep-
                                      resentative of the
                                      uS Conference
                                      of Catholic Bish-
                 ops, recommended several years
                 ago that the ITI should take par-
                 ticular care of the priests, religious
                                     men, and semi-                 Priests, Seminarians and Religious Men in the ITI’s Formation Program
      Each member enrolled narians who are                          Men and Priests (IFP).                       The IFP is under the direction of
      in the program actively entrusted to us by                       Inspired by John Paul II’s en-            Msgr. Dr. Larry Hogan, and rev.
  participates in the liturgies their superiors for                 cyclical letter Pastores Dabo Vobis,         Yuriy Kolasa, as prefect.
                                     their theological              the program was given a two-fold                Since its beginning, this pro-
  and devotions of both the education. Msgr.                        mission: to prepare well-educated            gram for our religious students has
       Roman and Byzantine Dr. Larry Hogan,                         clergy and other leaders to serve            flourished. This year the program
                                                                    the Church in their countries; and           had fifteen participants with priests,
      rites. This participation rector, and rev.
                                     Juraj Terek, Byz-              to provide spiritual formation for           monks and seminarians represent-
     supplements classroom antine rite Chap-                        seminarians, religious, and priests          ing both the roman and Byzantine
             knowledge of the lain, acted on                        as the foundation of their future            rites and seven different countries –
                                                                    service. Each member enrolled in             from the uS to russia. As an added
   universality of the Church this advice and                       the program actively participates in         blessing, through the example of
                                     with the approval
 with personal experience of of grand Chan-                         the liturgies and devotions of both          those in the IFP, several students
         Her rich spiritual life. cellor, Chris-                    the roman and Byzantine rites.               who were not admitted to the ITI
                                     toph Cardinal                  This participation supplements               as seminarians decided to enter the
                 Schönborn, began a full seminary                   classroom knowledge of the univer-           seminary program, with the ap-
                 program, named the ITI Formation                   sality of the Church with personal           proval of their bishops.
                 Program for Seminarians, religious                 experience of Her rich spiritual life.

                                                                     A Warm Welcome
                                                                     and a Fond Farewell
                                                                     W       arm welcomes were extend-
                                                                             ed to new ITI professors,
                                                                      rev. Dr. Denis Borel, csj and Dr.
                                                                                                                 to their families who have given a
                                                                                                                 great example, by word and deed,
                                                                                                                 to all who have known them here.
                                                                      habil. Markus riedenauer, who                 Michael and Susie Waldstein
                                                                      joined the faculty this past year          will be teaching at Ave Maria uni-
                                                                      and are enriching the ITI family           versity in Florida, and Jay Thomp-
                                                                      with their presence. As the aca-           son will be teaching at Thomas
                                                                      demic year closed, fond farewells          More College in New Hampshire.
                                                                      were said to Dr. Michael Wald-                rev. Dr. Denis Borel joined
                                                                      stein and Prof. Jay Thompson,              the ITI in the fall and is now As-
Prof. Jay Thompson (top center) and Dr. Michael Waldstein, (below
and left of Jay), with ITI alumni.                                   founding fathers of the ITI, and            sistant Professor continued on page 12

10                                                                                                                                      Summer 2008
Spreading the good News –
Vienna, California, London
I  TI Board members hosted a se-
   ries of events in three different
countries to spread the word about
                                         Bea Bennett coordinated the
                                         flowers, and Institute gradu-
                                         ate Wendy-Irene Zepeda, née
the great work that the Institute is     grimm, delighted the guests
accomplishing. The first event was       with her singing. In San Fran-
held in December in                                     cisco, Ignatius
the festive rooms of the                                Press and Mr.
Palais of the Archdio-                                  and Mrs. Mi-
cese of Vienna. Chris-                                  chael Lambert
toph Cardinal Schön-                                    hosted a dinner
born, the ITI’s grand                                   in rooms with
Chancellor, spoke                                       a great view of
about the importance                                    the golden gate
of the Insti-                                           Bridge. rev.
tute’s mission.                                         Joseph Fessio,
Christiaan                                              S.J. spoke about
Alting von                                  his work assisting the start
geusau                                      of the ITI, and his happi-
pointed out                                 ness with its success. In
that working                                March, the ITI held its first
                                                                                            ITI Graduate,
for the ITI is                              event in London, which was host-                Wendy Irene Zepeda
truly a voca-                               ed by Mr. and Mrs. graham Hut-                  charms dinner
tion, not just                              ton, with the venue provided by                 guests with her
a job.                                   Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Coulson.
   In February, a small team of ITI          In each place the ITI repre-
representatives traveled to California   sentatives greeted old friends,
to attend several events, and present    forged new friendships, and
a visible presence of the Institute’s    spread the good news of hope
accomplishments. In addition to Car-     for our troubled world.
dinal Schönborn, two ITI graduates,
rev. Juraj Terek (Slovakia) and rev.
Yuriy Kolasa (ukraine), spoke about
how their lives had been influenced
by their theological studies and for-
mation within the vibrant commu-
nity of various cultures. Both priests
gave examples of how their experi-
ences now help provide significant
changes in the lives
of others.
   ITI Board Chair-
man Jim Holman
and his wife Clau-
dia hosted an inti-
mate dinner in San
                                                                               Friends in Vienna,
Diego. ITI-uSA                                                                 London and California
board members also                                                             enjoy visiting and
provided a dinner                                                              hearing about the ITI.
in Los Angeles,
hosted by Paul and gloria griffin.

Consortio                                                                                                        11
                   A Warm Welcome and a Fond Farewell                                                                                        continued from page 10

                                                            of Philosophy. Father, who is a member of the Community of Saint John,
                                                            which was begun in France, received his Ph.D. summa cum laude from
                                                            the Sorbonne in Paris. He became a member of the faculty just in time to
                                                            show the ITI community
                                                            around his native country
                                                            of France and to preach a
                                                            retreat on our patroness,
                                                            Saint Thérèse.
                                                               Dr. Markus riedenau-
                                                            er, who began by teach-
                                                            ing one course at the ITI
                                                            in the spring semester,
                                                            will be joining the fac-
                                                            ulty on a full-time basis
                                                            in the fall as Assistant
                                                            Professor of Philosophy.
                                                            He received his Ph.D.
            New ITI Professor, Dr. habil. Markus Riedenauer from the university of
    Warm welcomes were                Vienna and his habilitation from the univer-
                                      sity of Frankfurt. Dr. riedenauer, who speaks
       extended to new ITI six modern languages apart from his native
 professors, Rev. Dr. Denis german and who has published extensively in
 Borel, csj and Dr. Markus german and Italian, also has a masters degree
                                      in theology. He and his wife welcomed their       Dmitry Kamil (Russia) and Iris Reinmiedl (Germany) conver-
               Riedenauer. first child this year.                                       se with ITI professor, Rev. Dr. Denis Borel, csj after class.

                      ITI Academic Calendar 2008-2009                                                                                           International
                                                                                                                                                Theological Institute
                      Fall Semester 2008:                                                                                                       for Studies on Marriage
                                                                                                                                                and the Family
                      Sept 1                      registration
                                                                                                                                                Kartause Maria Thron
                      Sept 3                      Classes Begin                                                                          S


                                                                                                                                                A-3292 gaming
                                                                                                                     CE             FO
                                                                                                                          RVUS AD

                      Oct 25-Nov 3                Semester Break                                                                      
                      Dec 19                      Last Day of Exams
                                                                                                          Bank Information:
                                                                                                          raiffeisenbank Eisenwurzen NÖ, Im
                      Spring Semester 2009:                                                               Markt 39, 3292 gaming
                                                                                                          Konto: 115.717
                      Jan 19                      registration
                                                                                                          BLZ: 32800
                      Jan 20                      Classes Begin                                           IBAN: AT79 3280 0000 0011 5717
                      Mar 4-6                     Symposium: “The Mission of the Eastern                  BIC: rLNW ATWW SgP
                                                  Catholic Churches in the Life of the Universal
                                                  Church and for the Modern World.” Based on the
                                                  experience of the Eastern Catholic Churches of
                                                                                                          Betty Hartmann – (805) 649-2346
                                                  Byzantine rite in Eastern and Central Europe.
                      Mar 7-16                    Semester Break                                
                      May 16                      Commencement Ceremony

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12                                                                                                                                                       Summer 2008

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