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The process of job hunting [and/or reinvention] sometimes offers more questions than
answers. In coaching individuals over the past decade, I have learned and seen what
does not work – and what has proven to be effective in a highly competitive market. No
matter what the industry, level, job title/description, or salary, the basic “4Rs” are

      Resume. A resume MUST show how your experience translates into solutions
       and assets an employer can use;

      Responsibility. YOU are responsible for demonstrating how you will be of service
       and convey this during every step of the process;

      Reach. Connections matter. How you reach your network, the people you want
       to work for, the gatekeepers and every single person you speak to along the
       journey of the job hunt is forming an impression of you.

      Results. When you present yourself with confidence, ease, clarity of purpose,
       and you know what you want to convey, you get results.

I’d like to share a few tips that I’ve collected over the years, which have been valuable
to past and present clients:

      Be (not play!) the part. People hire sincere people who actively listen, relate to
       them and are engaging. Even the shyest clients have been hired based on their
       ability to be present when they are in conversation.

      Look successful. How you appear sends a message, starting with your clothing,
       so avoid extremes and dress the part according to the company’s culture. Be
       remembered – but not for your clunky jewelry, overpowering cologne, and
       smoker’s breath.

      Be upbeat. You’d be surprised at how many people get this one wrong by
       making a “low-energy” impression. Be remembered for your energy – not your
       lack of it.

      Presentation is everything. From the moment you send your first email,
       everything else up to and including walking in the door looking like you are ready
       to do the job, your “brand” is “on” – every bit of interaction is making an
        impression. As a coach I’ll see situations from not only the job hunter’s viewpoint
        but the employers’. I know what the “trick questions” really are meant to uncover
        and how you can best answer them.

       Being informed is impressive. Read the newspaper, any pertinent trade journals,
        blogs, and other publicly available information before you interview. Your
        competition is informed – and you should be. About.com frequently lists helpful
        tips. http://jobsearch.about.com/cs/jobsearchhelp/a/jobtips.htm, and offer a
        wealth of information.

       Be truthful. Many companies do thorough background, education, drug and
        credit checks.

       Ask questions! It shows initiative and confidence; you are interviewing them as
        well. The more knowledgeable you are, the better your ability to make an
        informed choice.

       Know your story. What do you want to convey in an interview? On a resume?
        At a networking event where you have ten seconds to connect with the key
        people in the room?

In today’s market, “good enough” isn’t where to aim. You have to be great and
memorable since your time with decision makers is limited.

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Laura Rivchun
LR Consulting
917. 951-1383

How will you stand out from the competition in today’s job market? Know the four R’s:

A resume is only the beginning. And it has to be great, clearly show your job history,
accomplishments, and the professional uniqueness of YOU. How does your resume get to the
top of the pile of the hiring manager’s desk? Laura’s clients have resumes that get them in the
door and land them jobs.

The rigors of today’s job market demand clarity so employers know exactly how you will serve
Will an employer reading your cover letter, resume or email know exactly what is great about
you? Are you applying to the right jobs? It is your responsibility to let employers know how your
achievements translate into their success.

It is important to reach out, know how to make your networks work for you, and find the people
who can hire you for your next job. As you make contacts are you prepared to discuss your last
jobs’ accomplishments and goals in both formal interviews and informal settings? Connecting
through networking, professional organizations and groups are the likeliest ways to find jobs.

Knowing how to talk about your strengths allows you to effortlessly present yourself with
confidence, ease and clarity of purpose as you navigate your job search. A well-executed plan
brings great results.

How does the assessment process work?
An in-depth interview where Laura asks targeted questions reveals and reshapes a job seeker’s
core strengths and accomplishments to best prepare them for their job search.

What can I expect?
Every assessment is different. Laura coaches her clients in resume writing and how to
present it to potential employers, interview preparation, overall presentation, handling an
interviewer’s “curveball” questions and avoiding common interview traps.
I’ve been out of work a long time/laid off/am changing careers. What can Laura do for
Developing an effective way to interview and strengthening all of your tools, no matter what
your present circumstances, is possible. Laura’s methods will build your confidence, create
clarity around your job search, and improve your chances of standing out in the crowd
About Laura

                              Laura Rivchun is a "door opener" in
                              every sense. Her fearless, proactive
                              approach with professionals of all
                              levels prepares them for today’s highly
                              competitive marketplace. Her proven
                              techniques in coaching, resume
                              development and interview
                              preparation have helped people win
                              jobs at Fortune 500 companies
                              including Goldman Sachs, Standard
                              and Poors and The McGraw Hill
                              Companies. For over 12 years,
                              Laura’s relational approach has made
                              her an invaluable resource to job
                              seekers advancing their careers.
As a former Executive Recruiter, Laura gives her clients an insider’s
look at how companies hire, why they screen candidates and resumes
the way the do, and what you can do to set yourself apart from the

Want to learn more? Contact Laura at: 917-951-1383
or laura_rivchun@yahoo.com or visit

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