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                                    MEETING MINUTES
                                   BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                SAME ORANGE COUNTY POST

To:              Distribution
From:            Jeff Davis
Date:            August 6, 2007
Subject:         S.A.M.E. Orange County Post Board of Directors Meeting – July 2, 2007
Board Members (in attendance):

 - Peter Supko                    - Jeff Davis                     - Judy McKeehan
 - Alicia Meza                    - Ron Everly                     - Jim Carter
 - Bob Yelin                      - Will Manker                    - Steve Tayanipour
 - Raylene Brown                  - John Cromwell                  - Bart Patton
 - Emil Popov                     - Penny Cornwall

A meeting of the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Orange County (OC) Post of the Society of
American Military Engineers (SAME) was held at the offices of Ninyo and Moore on Monday,
July 2, 2007. Bob Yelin, SAME OC President, called the meeting to order at approximately
11:56 am after lunch.

1. Minutes Review
   -    Draft minutes from the June 2007 BOD meeting were reviewed. The minutes were
        approved with no modifications.
2. Treasurer’s Report
   -    Penny Cornwall, SAME OC Treasurer, presented the monthly treasurer’s report. The
        account status is the following:
           o Checking                        $7,123.14
           o Investment CD                   $14,460.31
           o CD – 8 month (4.69%)            $10,000.00
   -    Penny discussed that cash should not be used to pay for events.
   -    Raylene Brown was reimbursed for the Angel tickets.
   -    The BOD approved removing the Immediate Past President, Ron Everly, from the
        checking account and adding the new President, Bob Yelin, to the account.
   -    The BOD discussed reviewing the existing accountant and possibly getting a new

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3. Summer Camp
   -   John Cromwell reported that one student from Santa Ana High School, Robert Macias,
       will be attending the Seabees Engineering Construction Camp in Port Hueneme. The Post
       will not be sending any students to the Air Force camp in Colorado Springs.
4. Old Business
   -   Website: Jeff Davis reported that the website is up-to-date. The monthly expenditures for
       website maintenance should be approximately $60-70. The sustaining members logos
       need to be placed on the website. Ron Everly will be providing a current sustaining
       members list to Jeff for posting on the website.
   -   Streamer Requirements: Will Manker did a great job in summarizing the Post’s standing
       relative to the streamer requirements. The BOD discussed that a Readiness Committee
       needed to be formed to update the Readiness Plan. The BOD decided that the BOD
       would be part of the Committee and the topic would be discussed at every BOD meeting.
       Steve Tayanipour will be the Readiness Chair with Sub Chairs consisting of John
       Cromwell, Ron Everly, and Jim Carter.
5. Program Committee Report
   -   The BOD discussed that the Camp Pendleton meeting was a great success. We are
       looking forward to next year.
   -   The BOD discussed the upcoming programs for 2007:
          o The calendar for the remaining monthly Post meetings is as follows:
                     July 23 – Angels Game; Raylene Brown ordered 75 tickets. 50 tickets will
                      be donated to families at Camp Pendleton, 25 tickets will be sold to the
                      Post membership.
                     August 23 - UCI University Club, Dave Shuter - LAWA
                     September 28 – Golf Tournament, Green River Golf Club
                     October 25 - UCI University Club, Scholarship Meeting; This meeting
                      will discuss the Seabee Camp as well as have a potential speaker from the
                      Sherriff’s office or Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach (Dave Bailie).
                     November 15 – Business Opportunity Symposium, Costa Mesa Hilton
                         1. Committee: Raylene Brown, Jim Carter, John Cromwell, Jeff
                            Davis, Bob Yelin
                         2. Need speakers for this event, possibly Col Magness, Bob
                            Kirkbright, MCI West, GEN Combs, NAVFAC SW CO
                     December 8 – Holiday Ball, Fort MacArthur
6. New Business
   -   Small Business Liaison: Jim Carter agreed to be the small business liaison.
   -   Young Member Chair: The BOD is seeking a Young Member Chair.
   -   Meeting Rates: The BOD is considering an increase in the non-member meeting rates.

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7. Next Meeting
   -   The next Board meeting will be at Ninyo and Moore’s Irvine office on Monday, August
       6, 2007. Lunch sponsor for this meeting will be Steve Tayanipour.
   -   Meeting adjourned approximately 1:07 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

   Jeffrey A. Davis
   O.C. Post Secretary

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