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					               Final Food Drive Show                     Nevada Gay Men’s Chorus                        Annual Christmas               Wear a Red
                   December 18                              Inaugural Concert                             Open House                    Ribbon on
                     Ten99 Club                          Trinity Episcopal Church                          The Patio                   December 1
                       10 pm                              December 11 7:30 pm                           December 9 7pm                World AIDS Day

                  the reno gay page     December 2010
                                                                                                                             Reno, Nevada
                                                                                                                           Peavine Mountain Media

                                The gay and lesbian community news source of northern Nevada and the eastern Sierra

 In Review
     During 2010 there were
seven cultural events, four
social events and three po-
litical events which have
shaped the gay, lesbian,
transgender, bisexual, in-
quiring, questioning, queer,
ally and discovering (GLB-
TIQQA? Just to be politically
correct) community in north-
ern Nevada. These events
have created a better sense
of community as events
are not just bar centered as
                                    Gay Men’s Chorus debuts December 11 .............................. page 2
the GLBTIQQA? community
grows and spreads its wings
in northern Nevada. Here is
a recap of those events:
                                                                                                                              Bartender’s Bash at
    Cultural Events:
    The Reno Gayla Film Fes-                                                                                                  The Patio..... page 7
tival (October): The second
annual event featured four
GLBT themed films. The at-
tendance doubled from the
first year.
    The Nevada Gay Men’s
Chorus (September) was
formed. They will present
their first concert at Trinity
Episcopal Church on Satur-
day, December 11.
    Reno Pride Celebration
(August) went from just one
celebration in the park to
three separate celebrations:
a parade, the festival in the                                                                                                 James Allen Clark
park and Pride parties done         21st Annual AIDS Benefit held................................................ page 4
by Reno Rainbow Fest.                                                                                                         visits Reno... page 6
    Art at the 5 Star (on go-
ing): Remodeled, redone
and bursting at the seams
with artwork is the 5 Star
Saloon in downtown Reno. It
started in July with Art in the
Park for Artown. It was so
successful that owner Shan-
non Dobbs teamed with
art entrepreneur Meredith
Tanzer and bingo The 5 Star
walls became an art gallery.
Each show lasts a month.
    God-Des and She (April)
visited Reno for the Salon
7 White Party. The hip-hop
rock and soul duo brought
the house down.                                                                                 Laughing with Jackie
    The Utility Players (April/                                                                 Beat ............ page 6
June/July) presented three
Really BIG Gay Comedy                                                                                                         World AIDS Day
Shows at the 5 Star Saloon.
The local not gay, gay Improv
                                    Sisters warm 4                                        December 1 .. page 7
comedy troupe is a local fa-
vorite and will be starting its
fourth season soon.
    BUMP! The Travel Show
(February) came to Reno to
feature the Biggest Little City
in the World as a gay travel
destination. Host Shannon
McDonough called Reno
“eclectic and a little bit dif-
ferent, a little wilder, a little
woolier and a little other
worldly, and that is how they
like it.”

    Social Events:
    Reno’s Biggest Little Sis-
ters (June) became a fully
professed house of the Sis-
ters of Perpetual Indulgence.
Seven brothers who became
Sisters created a new face of
charity in Reno.
    NLA-NNV (April and
July): The National Leather
Association held two public
             continued on page 4

                                    IGRA Annual Convention held in gay rodeo’s birthplace........................................... page 6
   2                                                                    The Reno Gay Page                                                                                 December 2010

Nevada Gay Men’s Chorus Inaugural Concert
Make the Yule Gay will see Sugar Plum Fairies, solos and a trio in Song
     Sugar Plum Fairies will be
at Trinity Episcopal Church, but
probably not dancing.
     The Nevada Gay Men’s Cho-
rus Holiday Concert will feature a
little spirited number with Sugar
Plum Fairies on Saturday, De-
cember 11 at Trinity Episcopal
Church in downtown Reno, when
the chorus presents its Inaugural
concert, Make the Yuletide Gay!
      “I love to sing,” Jim Christie,
who is a baritone in the chorus,
said. “By doing this, I am a part of
the community sharing the gift of
song. It is a lot more work than I
thought, but it is well worth it.”
     The chorus has 16 members
who, in a brief short 15 weeks,
have put together an amazing
united sound. Rehearsals are
used to work on tweaking the
notes and sounds that come
from the voices.                         The Nevada Gay Men’s Chorus in rehearsal as they prepare for the first public concert on December 11 at Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Reno
     “O isn’t a diphthong.” Moore       amazing, very dedicated group
told the chorus. “It’s a vowel and      now and we will only enhance                                                                                              one of three that are planned for
you all know what shape it is!”         the sound we have now as we                                                                                               the Inaugural season of the Cho-
     The chorus jokes with the          add more voices.”                                                                                                         rus, will feature 16 songs, a quar-
artistic director and he will quip          The Chorus also has a subsid-                                                                                         tette, a trio, plus a solo thrown in
back. It’s a relaxed, fun environ-      iary group to support it for those                                                                                        here and there.
ment and puts the members at            who do not sing, The Friends of                                                                                               “I am just amazed at the dedi-
ease. The atmosphere gets the           the Nevada Gay Men’s Chorus.                                                                                              cation there is here in Reno,”
singing juices in the members go-       The group helps at concerts,                                                                                              Moore said. “The chorus has
ing and the sound is something          does fund raising, helps with sets                                                                                        had 100% attendance at each re-
one would find in a well seasoned       and staging. If you are interested                                                                                        hearsal. In my 25 years of direct-
chorus that has been around for         in becoming a friend, you can                                                                                             ing choruses that is unheard of.”
years, not weeks.                       email:                                                                                                 Tickets to the concert are $10
     “I have waited for something           The chorus was formed on                                                                                              and are available from any mem-
like this for a long time in Reno,”                                                                                                                               ber of the Chorus or by contact-
                                                                                                                                                                  ing the Nevada Gay Men’s Chorus
                                                                                                                                                                  at Parking
                                                                                                                                                                  for the concert will be available
                                                                                                                                                                  at the county lot on the corner
                                                                                                  Shaun Gray                                                      of Court and South Sierra Streets.
                                                                                                                                                                  Parking at the church is limited.
                                                                                   September 13 by its artistic direc-
                                                                                   tor Matthew Moore, who came                     Practice makes perfect
                                                                                   to Reno in July, after serving as
                                                                                   the Artistic Director of the New
                                                                                   Mexico Gay Men’s Chorus.                  If the community wasn’t here
                                                                                       “I want you all to know that
                                                                                   you are all amazing, dedicated
                                                                                   and hard working,” Moore told
                                                                                                                             There would be no program
                                                                                   his chorus at a rehearsal recently.           “The community totally funds     Benefit, the Thanksgiving and
                                                                                   “We are ready for the concert,            the Residence Program,” Scott        Christmas Guest Bartenders, the
                                                                                   we are just tweaking things -- and        Brenneke, who has served as          Easter Basket Auction and Shuttle
                                                                                   you sound amazing. The audi-              chairman of the program’s board      Weekend provide the program
                                                                                   ence will thoroughly enjoy you!”          for the past 21 years, said. “The    with the funds that allow it to
Jeff Lopchuck and Phillip Alternman            Kurt Jacobowitz-Cain                    The Holiday Concert, which is         program would not exist without      operate. The program also has
                                                                                                                             the support of the community.”       people from the community who
                                                                                                                                 The first client in the Resi-    donate to it as individuals.
                                                                                                                             dence Program was in January               “I have to thank the people
                                                                                                                             1987. It was called the Nevada       at The Patio, Ten99, Divas on the
                                                                                                                             AIDS Foundation and they had         Run, Reno’s Biggest Little Sisters
                                                                                                                             a house to live in for those with    and of course the community for
                                                                                                                             AIDS. Since then, the house is       all that they do,” Brenneke said.
                                                                                                                             gone and those on the program        “I can not believe how generous
                                                                                                                             receive up to a maximum of $300      and giving the Reno community
                                                                                                                             a month for rent or utilities.       is. Thank you so much for that, so
                                                                                                                                 “Clients are reviewed ev-        our program can continue.”
                                                                                                                             ery six months,” Brenneke said.           At present, the Residence
                                                                                                                             “They have to meet certain           Program’s annual budget is about
                                                                                                                             guidelines that we have estab-       $25,000. There are no paid posi-
                                                                                                                             lished and part of qualifying is     tions in the program, it is all vol-
                                                                                                                             based on need.”                      unteer.
                                                                                                                                 From its meager beginnings            “We are financially sound un-
                                                                                                                             with one client when the pro-        til January,” Brenneke said. “This
                                                                                                                             gram began to its height when        is the biggest fund raising time
                                                                                                                             25 clients were being served and     for the program with four of the
                                                                                                                             nearly $5,000 a month was being      major community fund raisers in
             Joe Guffey                                                                Mark Taxer and Howard Craig
                                                                                                                             spent, the community has pro-        the next two months.”
                                                 Phillip Alterman                                                            vided most of the funding for the         Last year, the guest bartend-
Mark Taxer, a chorus member,                                                                                                 program.                             ers on Thanksgiving and Christ-
said. “I have always enjoyed sing-                                                                                               “There have been grants and      mas raised a total of just over
ing and Reno needed a chorus.                                                                                                other aid the program has re-        $1,800, the AIDS Benefit raised
It’s a lot of hard work but I enjoy                                                                                          ceived in the past,” Brenneke        $14,000 and the 25th annual
it.”                                                   follow us:                                                            said. “But today it is the commu-    Shuttle Weekend raised $1,500.
     “I used to sing in LA,“ Paul                      Thereno Gaypage                                                       nity that keeps the program go-             Approximately $11,000 of
Cain, who is in the chorus with                                                                                              ing. We are the longest running      the Residence Program’s 2010
his husband of 21 years, Kurt                                                                                                long-term residence assistance       budget has been raised to date.
Jacobowitz-Cain, said. “It was                                                          follow us:                           program in Nevada for people         Additional funding has come
when I was first coming out and                                                         @renogaypage                         with AIDS.”                          from various other organiza-
I made great friends there who                                                                                                   Federal programs like HOPWA      tions who have raised funds for
helped me through the process.
I learned a lot and hope to pass                     The Reno Gay Page                                                       and Section 8 have reduced the
                                                                                                                             number of clients the Residence
                                                                                                                                                                  the Residence Program: the Eas-
                                                                                                                                                                  ter Basket Auction (April) raised
that on to those who join the                  The Reno Gay page is published monthly by Peavine Mountain Media. To          Program has to serve, as for-        $3,900, hosted by The Patio; the
chorus here in Reno.”                      contact: write P O Box 1191 Reno NV 89504 (775) 453-4058 or e-mail:               mer clients could qualify and be     AIDS Benefit, hosted by Divas on
     If you are interested in sing- Events for the community calendar can be sent           moved from the Residence Pro-        the Run, raised $7,100 and the
ing and becoming a member of               to and letters to the editor can be sent to       gram to one of the government        Guest Bartenders at The Patio
the Chorus, you can contact Mat-           If you have a smartphone you can       programs. At one time, there was     raised $1,100. Shuttle was this
thew Moore for an audition. For            capture the newspaper on your phone by using the QR code.                         a three year waiting list for Sec-   past weekend. As of press time,
information on the Chorus or to                At present advertising is not accepted as this is done as a community ser-    tion 8 housing.                      a final total to be distributed had
set up an audition, e-mail: ne-            vice. No part of this publication may be reproduced without permission c 2010         A majority of the funding for    not been announced. Bust had                            PMM. This publication is available via electronic distribution by e-mailing the   the Residence Program comes          been estimated near $1,000.
     “I want to see the chorus             address above.
                                                                                                                             from fund raising efforts the com-   Christmas Guest Bartenders at
grow,” Moore said. “I have an                                                                                                munity puts on. The Annual AIDS      the Ten99 is yet to come.
December 2010                                                      The Reno Gay Page                                                                                                     3
Sisters warm the homeless for winter by handing out coats and clothes
    “Thank you so much,” one          barrels were placed around the         as they filled up and stored the
man said who just got two pairs       community, asking for dona-            items until November 7, when
of socks.                             tions of winter clothing to keep       they sorted 1700 plus items into
    “Thank you I found a coat to      the homeless warm this winter.         children’s, women’s and men’s
keep me warm,” another man            Barrels for the Winter Coat Drive      piles so they could be distrib-
said.                                 were placed in all the gay commu-      uted.
    “Thank you I found a bun-
ny suit for my son to keep him        nity bars, Washoe County Health            “We collected over 1700
warm,” a woman pushing a              Department, Northern Nevada            items of winter clothing thanks
stroller with two kids in it, said.   HOPES, Nevada Backyard, Black          to the generosity of the commu-
    “Thank you for the boots. I       Hole Body Piercing and Bar USA.        nity to be able to give to those
won’t have a wet foot with water      The Sisters emptied the barrels        less fortunate in our communi-
getting in the shoes I have now                                              ty,” Abbess PaPa Bubble said. “It
                                                                             shows the community does care
                                                                             when it comes to keeping those
                                                                             in need warm in the winter.”
                                                                                 Besides the two rooms set up
                                                                             in the center, the Sisters filled a
                                                                             cart with various items for men
                                                                             and women to take out to those
                                                                             excluded from the building for        The Sisters take to the street to hand out winter clothing to the homeless
                                                                                                                                                           ing red AIDS ribbons for $1.00. As
                                                                                                                                                           of November 20, the Sisters had
                                                                                                                                                           sold about 1,000 ribbons. The
                                                                                                                                                           funds are being donated to the
                                                                                                                                                           Residence Program at the An-
                                                                                                                                                           nual Reno AIDS Benefit hosted by
                                                                                                                                                           Diva’s on the Run.

      The clothes being ready for distribution at the Resource Center
on this project to help those in       one reason or another and those
need,” Abbess Papa Bubble said.        who live in tent city.
“We couldn’t have done what we             With help from St. Mary’s
did without the support of the         Regional Medical Center and
community and our house. Reno          their laundry service, Associated
Biggest Little Sisters thanks ev-      Laundry Management, cleaning
eryone.”                               of 300 items was provided to the
     This year’s annual Winter         Sisters for donated items in need
                                                                                   Clothing gathered, had to be sorted and counted by the Sisters
Coat Drive started September           of being freshened up.
1 and went through the end of              “We appreciate Associated         Sisters learned that socks, coats     ing drive in 2011.
October. RBLS more than tripled        Laundry Management stepping           and pants were a priority item            But the Sisters haven’t just
what they collected in 2009. Ten       forward to help in this endeav-       for the men. Jackets, gloves and      been working on their Winter
                                       our,” Sister I Drink Alotta (IDA)     scarves topped the women’s re-        Coat Drive. They held their 2nd
                                       said. “It is with people like Eric    quest list.                           Gong Karaoke at The Patio and
                                       Romero, of Associated Laundry             The Sisters have been discuss-    raised over $700 for the Sisters
                                       Management and St. Mary’s             ing having a sock hop and under-      and the Residence Program.              One of the homeless who came to
                                       lending a hand that makes this all    wear party where admission is a           Currently, the Sisters have         the Sisters Winter Clothes give away
                                                                             package of socks or underwear,        been out trying to paint Reno
                                           During the distribution, the      which will go to the Winter cloth-    red for World AIDS Day by sell-         NNOT Dirty Load
                                                                                                                                                           fund raiser set
                                      Community meeting attendance drops, but continues                                                                        The Dirty Load Party, a benefit
                                          Turnout for the second all         school officials to attend the next   will be up and running by Thanks-       for the Northern Nevada Out-
                                      community meeting at the               meeting of the group to discuss       giving, when the Reno News and          reach Team (NNOT), will be held
                                      Knowledge Center at the Univer-        bullying and what is being done.      Review plans to publish a fea-          December 4 at the 5 Star Saloon
                                      sity of Nevada saw only an atten-      Katherine Loudon (WCSD Safe           ture story on the local gay com-        beginning at midnight. Admis-
The Line waiting to select clothing   dance of 25 people on Sunday,          and Drug Free Schools coordina-       munity. The paper interviewed           sion to the event is a $5 donation
                                      November 21.                           tor), Scott Kelley (WCSD Board        members of the community after          at the door. Raffle tickets will be
                                          The group talked about the         member) and David Bobzien             complaints were made following          $1 each and several specials if
                                      organizations they were with:          (Nevada Assemblyman, on state         an article, which appeared in the       you buy more.
                                      Spectrum, Build Our Center, Na-        education committee) were             August 5 issue of the weekly pa-            The event will feature a raffle,
                                      tional Leather Association-North-      names of people who might be          per, saying there was no gay com-       go-go dancers (on the newly re-
                                      ern Nevada, Primetimers, Queer         contacted about coming to the         munity in Reno.                         designed stage with poles for
                                      Student Union, Stonewall Dem-          next meeting.                             The next meeting will be held       dancing), drink specials and more
                                      ocrats, and several interested             There was also discussion         in the Knowledge Center audi-           to raise funds for the street out-
                                      members of the community.              of legislative activities with the    torium on Sunday, January 23 at         reach program of NNOT.
                                          Also discussed was bullying in     broad based coalition, between        1 pm. The Knowledge Center is               NNOT is a collaboration of
                                      the schools, especially towards        the north and the south parts of      just south of the Student Union         13 different groups who provide
                                      gay and lesbian students. One          the state, has planned this year      building off North Virginia at 15th     information to the community
                                      member of the audience pointed         in the 2011 Legislature which         Street. The Wells Fargo Audito-         about STDs, HIV/AIDS education
                                      out that Washoe County School          begins on February 7. Equality        rium is on the lower level Room         and safe sex kits.
                                      District has a pretty extensive        Days are planned for sometime in      124. Parking is available in the            The event will also feature
                                      website on bullying and a zero-        March 2011. They were first held      large lot in front of Lawlor Events     HIV/AIDS Education information
                                      tolerance policy. But just who         during the 2009 session.              Center or the parking structure         tables.
                                      is responsible for the enforce-            Sam Olson, president of Build     to the south of it. Meters are not
                                      ment of this policy? Those pres-       Our Center, announced that the        in service on Sundays.
Sister Mary Jane says “Need socks”    ent talked about asking various        virtual online community center
with a hole in them,” a man said.
                                                                                                                      Magic’s annual
“Thank you so much!”
    Comments like that continued       Christmas Open House at The Patio
throughout the 2nd annual Win-
ter Clothing Disbursement at the
                                           The Patio, Reno’s Gathering       to kick off the holiday season,          Skee Ball for kids Christmas toys
                                       Place, will host its annual Christ-   allowing friends, family and pa-              Do you have a quarter, a        the community and those in
Homeless (Resource) Center on          mas Open House on Thursday,           trons to come together, celebrat-
Record Street put on by Reno’s                                                                                         handful of quarters, a roll of      need at Christmas time.”
                                       December 9 from 7 to 10 pm.           ing the season.”                          quarters or more than that?             Magic says she got the idea
Biggest Little Sisters of Perpetual        The event is in its 13th year
Indulgence (RBLS) on Saturday,                                                    This year, the decor will be         If you do, then you can par-        several years ago and it has just
                                       and has been part of the Reno                                                   ticipate in the 4th annual          grown to be a fun little event
November 13.                                                                 sort of non-traditional but will
                                       gay community holiday tradition                                                 Magic Skee Ball Birthday Bash       over the past three years.
    “This is amazing and great,”       since the “gay” community bar         remain within the theme of the
Kris Rinearson, Volunteer Coordi-                                            season.                                   starting at noon on Saturday,           “We have been able to get
                                       opened its doors in 1998. They                                                  December 4 at the Circus Cir-       a lot of toys and things for the
nator at the Tom Vetica Resource       will also serve as a food donation        “Come and see, then cel-
Center, said. “We can’t tell you                                                                                       cus arcade. All toys or prizes      kids,” Magic said. “It helps
                                       center for canned food items be-      ebrate with us December 9,” KD            won will be donated to the          those in need and we have fun
how much we and our clients ap-        ing donated to the All Community      said.
preciate what you have done.”                                                                                          All Community Food Drive for        doing it!”
                                       Food Drive, presently underway.           The Patio now opens at 9 am           families with children.                 If you aren’t into playing
    All seven fully professed              “It is always a good time and     on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
members of the Reno house, two                                                                                              “It’s a hella lotta fun!”      skeet ball, you can bring an un-
                                       fun,” Katie Douthwit, who co-         Check The Patio’s website for             Magic said. “We meet at the         wrapped toy, stuffed animal,
saints and the pope participated       owns The Patio with her partner
in the sorting and distribution of                                           details on upcoming events and            arcade and then see what we         game, etc. and drop it off at
                                       of 28 years Nina Brown, said.                                                   can do with the quarters we         The Patio, the 5 Star Saloon or
the winter clothing to the home-                                             Sunday brunches at www.thepa-
                                       “People come together and cel-                                                  have. It is for fun and helping     Ten99.
less.                                  ebrate the holiday season with
    “The whole house worked            family and friends. It just our way
   4                                                                              The Reno Gay Page                                                                                        December 2010

 The Great Spirit kept the snow away to raise $7,100 for Residence Program
                                                                                           There is no misinterpretation           shuttle people from the Sands
                                                                                      in the language of the heart, Love           to the MGM Grand for a movie
                                                                                      is in any language fluently spoken           premiere featuring Richard Drey-
                                                                                      here... was the sentiment per-               fuss. The rest is history and here
                                                                                      formed by Empress V, X, XV Jack-             we are 21 years later,” Jack-E
                                                                                      E, which closed the 21st Annual              said. “And I will be here as long as
                                                                                      AIDS Benefit held at the Reno                there is a need.”
                                                                                      Ramada on Saturday, November                     The annual event brings out
                                                                                      20. The house was packed with                many in the community who at-
                                                                                      supporters of the beloved local              tend nothing else. The AIDS Ben-
                                                                                      AIDS program.                                efit has become the social event
                                                                                           “I am so happy and pleased              of the fall for the community.
                                                                                      to announce tonight we raised                Organizers of the event always
                                                                                      $7,157 for the Residence Pro-                manage to empty the pockets of
                                                                                      gram,” Mistress of Ceremonies                any cash brought to the event.
                                                                                      Jack-E said. “If it wasn’t for you               “This is an event where you
                                                                                      and your support this would not              need to come and donate to
                                                                                      have been possible. Thank you!”              the cause,” Terry Melonsen, of
                                                                                           Over 300 people ignored the             Sparks, said. “I came with friends
                                                                                      warning of possibly a heavy snow             who said I would enjoy it and
                                                                                      storm with blizzard conditions               have a good time. I have and I                      Residence Program Chairman
                                                                                      and came out to support one                  am so glad they brought me with                            Scott Brenneke
                                                                                      of the most beloved assistance               them.”
                                                                                      programs in the gay community.                   The Cantrell’s from Modesto
                                                                                      The Residence Program is totally             braved Interstate 80 with chains
                                                                                      funded by community donations.               on the car for some 57 miles to
Empress I Keith Ann collects a tip from an audience member. Tips are how the money         The benefit is hosted by Divas          come to the benefit. Dennis Sut-
is raised for the cause, a single dollar at a time.
                                                                                      on the Run, a local ensemble who             ton and Dean Bates rode a Grey-
                                                                                      raises funds for charities in need.          hound Bus from Sacramento
                                                                                      They put together the show,                  to make the benefit due to the
                                                                                      raffle, collected raffle prizes and          weather. Coming by air were: Chi-
                                                                                      sold raffle tickets to raise money           na Silk and Deana Cartier, of San
                                                                                      for the cause. Charity Case, a               Francisco; Dawna Creation, of
                                                                                      member of the Diva’s troupe,                 Portland and Jenu-Wine Beauty,
                                                                                      is responsible for collecting the            of Seattle. Remy Martin, a long-
                                                                                      raffle prizes.                               time friend of Jack-E and heir ap-
                                                                                            “I haven’t had anyone refuse           parent of the International Court
                                                                                      to donate something when I have              System was also present.
                                                                                      asked,” Charity said. “It is amaz-               “It is great to be here in this
                                                                                      ing how much people care about               community again,” Emperor
                                                                                      the Residence Program.”                      XXXIII Daniel Surreal Foxx, former
                                                                                           Reno’s Biggest Little Sisters           resident of Reno who now lives in
                                                                                      of Perpetual Indulgence, a local             Seattle, said. “I would move back
                                                                                      organization which raises money              here in a heartbeat. Just look at
                                                                                      for various charities, presented             this turn out and support for this
                                                                                      Jack-E with a check for $1,000.              event.”
                                                                                      The Sisters held a Paint Reno Red                Surreal Foxx and Jack-E co-
                                                                                      Campaign and sold red ribbons                mc’d the evening.
                                                                                      for World AIDS Day. The money                    Nearly 1,500 of the 2,000 raf-                       Rose Empress XLVIII
                                                                                      raised from the ribbon sales                 fle tickets the Divas printed were                        Dawna Creation

                                                                                      went to the Residence Program.               available when the evening start-
                                                                                      Ribbons were still being sold                ed. By the end of the evening
                                                                                      through December 1.                          less than 300 remained. There
Emperor XXXIII Daniel Surreal Foxx, who lives in Seattle now came to Reno to assist        “It all started when my hus-            was also a silent auction held for            from page 1. . .
Empress V X, XV Jack-E with hosting duties at the 21st Annual AIDS benefit            band of 32 years, Larry Mastropi-            three prints, a crystal vase and a             events featuring various fetishes.
                                                                                      erro, needed money for a bus to              5 foot tall Father Christmas figu-            and allowing the public at a River-
                                                                                                                                   rine.                                         walk Bar Crawl and Wine Walk to
    36th SDC Christmas Food Drive                                                                                                                                                experience different fetishes. The
                                                                                                                                                                                 group also sat outside a Walmart
    underway, barrels about town                                                                                                                                                 in South Reno handing out infor-
                                                                                                                                                                                 mation on domestic violence.
        The Silver Dollar Court’s          boxes (baskets) are given a full                                                                                                          QSU (October): The Queer
    All Community Food Drive is            Christmas dinner, with turkey,                                                                                                        Student Union at the University
    in high gear and will come to          dressing, potatoes and pie.                                                                                                           of Nevada, celebrated 25 years of
    a conclusion on Saturday, De-          The boxes also contain canned                                                                                                         providing a safe place for GLBT,
    cember 18 at the Ten99 Club            fruits and vegetables, soup, pa-                                                                                                      etc. students, began in 1985. The
    with the Final Food Drive              per products and toiletries.                                                                                                          QSU is one of the most respected
    Show.                                      Food distribution day is                                                                                                          groups on the Nevada campus.
        The final show concludes           Sunday, December 19 at the                                                                                                                Build Our Center (BOC) (May)
    the collecting of canned foods         Ten99 Club beginning at 10                                                                                                            formalized its board of directors
    and other items to be distrib-         am. Before the distribution                                                                                                           and looked at starting a capital
    uted to the some 70 families           one group will go out shop-                                                                                                           fund raising campaign to create,
    and individuals who are in             ping for items needed to make                                                                                                         fund and operate a GLBTIQQA
    need this holiday season.              sure each family has one of                                                                                                           community center in northern
        This will mark the 36th            everything. A second group                                                                                                            Nevada. Its first public event was
    year the Silver Dollar Court           will head out to a local big box                                                                                                      hosting the Reno Pride Parade in
    has had a function for those           store to get presents and gift                                                                                                        downtown Reno, with 29 units
                                                                                            Reigning Emperor Christopher gets the last dollar as he does a table dance
    in need during the holiday             cards, then returns to wrap                                                                                                           and more than 150 people.
    season. When the organiza-             the gifts and put the gift cards
    tion started in 1976, Christ-          in a Christmas card. Each fam-                                                                                                            Political Events:
    mas presents were gathered             ily is given a gift card so they                                                                                                          Spirit Day (October): The
    for needy children. Shortly af-        may get something they want                                                                                                           community was asked to show its
    ter its beginnings, the annual         for Christmas. The dollar store                                                                                                       solidarity and support by wear-
    event became a food drive.             is the first stop for an army of                                                                                                      ing purple, so that no one would
        “We look at the attention          10-15 people getting salt, pep-                                                                                                       ever be alone. The event was
    other groups and commu-                per, sugar, canned vegetables,                                                                                                        triggered by the six gay teenagers
    nity organizations get from            soups and paper products. Af-                                                                                                         who committed suicide nation-
    the media and wonder why               ter the items are dropped off                                                                                                         wide in September.
    we never get mentioned or              and sorted it’s back to a regular                                                                                                         Community Meeting (Sep-
    rarely do,” one long time or-          store to purchase bacon, bread                                                                                                        tember/November): An all com-
    ganizer of the annual event            and items that were not avail-                                                                                                        munity meeting was held to dis-
    said. “It is simply because we         able at the first stop.                                                                                                               cuss the issues facing the gay and
    are a gay organization. We                 After the items are dropped                                                                                                       lesbian community and how to
    are no different from any oth-         off and sorted it’s back to a reg-                                                                                                    make things better. The Septem-
    er group who is helping those          ular store to purchase bacon,                                                                                                         ber meeting focused on the com-
    in need.”                              bread and items that were not                                                                                                         munity center and its need. Five
        Annually, the event gives          available at the first stop.                                                                                                          of the seven BOC board members
    about 150 pounds of food to                Donations for canned food                                                                                                         were present at the first meeting.
    each of those on the list. The         may still be made through De-                                                                                                             Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Protest
    food is all donated or bought          cember 17 in the food barrels                                                                                                         March (September): More than
    from funds raised from the             at local gay bars, Bar USA, Ne-                                                                                                       50 people turned out to protest
    Kick-off Show and the Final            vada Backyard, and Northern                                                                                                           Congress’ failure to overturn
    Food Drive Shows. Money is             Nevada HOPES. Food may also                                                                                                           the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy
    raised, basically, one dollar at       be brought to the Final Food                                                                                                          in the military. The marchers
    a time.                                Drive Show on December 18.                                                                                                            walked from Reno City Hall to the
        Those receiving food                                                                                                                                                     Thompson Federal Building.
                                                                                      Charity Case stands in front of the raffle prizes she has collected for this year’s AIDS
December 2010           The Reno Gay Page                          5
IGRA 2010 Convention comes home to where gay rodeo had its birthplace

         The IGRA Convention floor can be a busy place, as delegates confer and plan, collaborate and compromise on rule changes, admendments and other business IGRA needs to conduct as an organization
    As is, an unwritten tradition in     Gay Rodeo Finals (formerly called
the Reno gay community, the red          the IGRA Finals Rodeo) every 10
carpet of hospitality, welcoming         years in gay rodeo’s birthplace.
and friendship, was rolled out               Two local rodeos, called The
for the five day International Gay       Comstock Stampede, were held
Rodeo Association’s (IGRA) an-           in 2004 and 2005 with less than
nual convention in Reno Novem-           200 in attendance each year.
ber 10-14.                                   “We know we have a hard
    “Everything went extremely           road ahead of us and we want
well,” High Sierra Rodeo Asso-           to rebuild bridges with the com-
ciation (HSRA) President Rich            munity,” Schaal said. “The com-
Schaal said. “It has been a lot of       munity will be seeing us out and
hard work but everyone is happy          supporting the community as we
and having a good time.”                 ask for the community to support
    The local gay rodeo associa-         us.”
tion had been working for about              There has been discussion
16 months on the Convention.             about possibly hosting a one day
They put together, garnered              rodeo school and one day gym-
sponsors and support for the             khana in 2011. The HSRA is also
Convention and organized all the         hoping to revive its annual camp-
activities, including entertain-         out with the Capital Crossroads
ment.                                    Rodeo Association in the near
                                                                                   Some of the members of the High Sierra Rodeo Association who planned, organized and put on the IGRA 2010 Convention. .
    “We have advertised and              future. There could also be ro-
publicized the event to the com-         deo play days to reintroduce the
munity,” Mark Dermuth, HSRA              community to the fun that is gay                                                     vada) and a single candidate for              During the entertainment,
Convention Chairman, said. “It           rodeo.                                         The Royalty                           Ms. IGRA (from Arizona). A candi-          two candidates brought the
has been a great event!”                     Convention, as many on the                 IGRA Vice President Andrew            date must get at least 75% of the          house down with their perfor-
    The only glitch came when            IGRA circuit call the event, is bro-       Goodman (Miss IGRA 2004 Man-              total points possible to be eligible       mances. Miss Ginger Kaye Bel-
a very angry cowboy, from Flor-          ken into several parts. The first          dy Barbarell) is responsible for          to win one of the Royalty titles.          mont, representing Missouri, did
ida, came to the convention of-          day is a welcome party hosted              the IGRA Royalty team whose               This year’s Royalty competition            an amazing Devil Went Down to
fice to complain about a local           by the hosting association. There          purpose is to be liaisons to the          was close, as all the contestants          Georgia complete with a fiddle
drag queen who spit on him on            are standing committee meet-               general community and a prima-            earned at least 75% of the total           prop. The candidate from Arizo-
the bar tour bus. The cowboy             ings where items are prepared to           ry source for charity fund raising        points one needed to win one of            na for Mr. IGRA came out in Drag
was extremely upset and it took          be presented on the convention             for the association.                      the titles, Goodman announced              and became a debonair cowboy
Schaal a moment or two to calm           floor during general sessions on               During Convention, contes-            at the Silver Jubilee Show just for                            continued on page 6
him down.                                Saturday and Sunday. There is              tants who have won their local            the sashing ceremony.
    “It is too bad things like this      the Royalty competition and the            association royalty crowns can                “The number of candidates
happen to mar something that             evenings are filled with enter-            compete for the IGRA crown.               we have each year is based on
is going, overall, so well,” Schaal      tainment.                                  The competition is based on five          many things,” Goodman said.
said.                                                                               areas: horsemanship (which is             “The economy, the ability to get
    The HSRA organizers said that                                                   a video presentation of a con-            to where the competition is, be-
when they bid to host the Con-                                                      testant on a horse following a            ing able to get the time off, etc.
vention, Reno beat out New Or-                                                      prescribed routine); personal in-         and even if they want to com-
leans due to the room rate and                                                      terviews with a panel of judges;          pete.”
convenience of the hotel being                                                      western wear; public presenta-                All local associations don’t
in the center of the activities.                                                    tion (on stage question) and en-          have royalty. Goodman said it is
    The 26th annual convention                                                      tertainment (talent).                     not required.
drew 172 delegates from 27 in-                                                          On biography sheets, which                Goodman pointed out that
dividual gay rodeo associations                                                     were read during the western              the Florida Gay Rodeo Associa-
across the United States, Canada                                                    wear and public presentation              tion had its first ever competitor
and two new associations seated                                                     portion of the contest, each can-         in the Mr. IGRA category.
at this convention.                                                                 didate was asked: If you could                During the entertainment
    Part of the convention is the                                                   have the attention of the world           portion of the contest, Em-
selection of the IGRA Royalty,                                                      for thirty seconds and you had            press I of Nevada Keith Ann was
a tradition carried on from the                                                     already wished for world peace,           amongst the panel of judges.
Reno National Gay Rodeo (1976-               Miss IGRA 2010 1st Runner-up
                                              DeShannon Jewel Christie              bought everyone a puppy and               Her Emperor Phil Ragsdale and
1984), when a Miss Dusty Spurs                                                      spread seeds around the world             her created gay rodeo in 1976.
(the Drag Queen) was named,                                                         what would you do? This pre-              She received a standing ovation
along with a Mr. and Ms. Nation-                                                    vented a contestant from giving           from the audience.                                   IGRA Vice-President
al Reno Gay Rodeo.                                                                  the world peace or uniting the                                                                   Mandy Barbarell
    The HSRA is hoping to be                                                        community answer and them
able to host a rodeo in 2012,                                                       be creative with what they
but the estimated cost for the                                                      would do with 30 seconds of the
event is near $20,000, which still                                                  world’s time.
has to be raised. Schall says he                                                        Contestants also were asked
has made contacts with the Bay                                                      an on stage question that was
Area Chapter of the Golden State                                                    written by the panel of judges.
Gay Rodeo Association, Capital                                                      One contestant was asked: Why
Crossroads Gay Rodeo Associa-                                                       are you involved in gay rodeo
tion (Sacramento) and the Ne-                                                       when there is no financial gain
vada Gay Rodeo Association (Las                                                     in it? The answer was simple:
Vegas) to help with planning and                                                    “Rodeo is giving back to the
possibly helping get a rodeo back                                                   community and many of our lo-
in Reno.                                                                            cal organizations have lost touch
    Gay rodeo was last held in                                                      with that.”
Reno in 2006 at the Livestock                                                           There were four candidates
Events Center for the 30th anni-                                                    for Mr IGRA (representing Arizo-
versary of gay rodeo’s beginnings                                                   na, Florida, Colorado and Texas),
in Reno. Schaal said he would                                                       three for Miss IGRA (represent-
like to see Reno host the World              Miss Missouri Gay Rodeo Assoc          ing Colorado, Missouri and Ne-            The Last Miss Dusty Spurs, Ebony, who lives in Arizona now and Empress I of Nevada,
                                                  Ginger Kaye Belmont                                                         Keith Ann, who co founded the Reno National Gay Rodeo in 1976 with Phil Ragsdale
    6                                                                           The Reno Gay Page                                                                            December 2010

from page 1. . .
                                           Rodeo Association, Kimberly                premiere gay rodeo organization           Helander said that gay rodeo          na, California, Texas plus a group
                                           Foxx and Ms. IGRA, representing            in the world. There have been         is the weakest in the west. Mon-          from Oklahoma created the as-
crooner on stage, complete with            Arizona, Sharon Stark was an-              some inquiries from other coun-       tana, Utah, and Wyoming don’t             sociation after the collapse of the
a sawhorse horse.                          nounced along with first and sec-          tries where rodeo and the west-       have any gay rodeo chapters. On           National Reno Gay Rodeo. The
    “The IGRA Royalty team trav-           ond runner-ups in all positions,           ern lifestyle exists, but nothing     the east coast western rodeo is           Reno National Gay Rodeo’s de-
els a lot during their year, serving       but for Ms. IGRA 2011, there was           more at present. Helander said        a novelty, as it is very much part        mise would not have affected the
as ambassadors for gay rodeo               a single candidate.                        “You never know what the future       of the American West. Iit is very         creation of the association, which
and our association,” Goodman                                                         will bring and IGRA is positioning    popular in DC, Florida, Chicago           provides standardized rules and
said. “They help with fund rais-               IGRA President                         itself.                               and Philadelphia. There is also a         regulations for the sport of rodeo
ing, community outreach and                    Brian Helander                             “All of our associations are      Pacific Northwest Gay Rodeo As-           and propagates the western cul-
helping to promote and continue                “It is important that us older         strong and just like everything       sociation (Washington, Oregon             ture and lifestyle.
the western lifestyle.”                    folks teach the younger ones               else rodeo, as is our association,    and Idaho) who have never held                The IGRA and Reno met again
    At Convention 2010, IGRA               about our culture and heritage             is ever changing, developing, im-     a rodeo.                                  when the short lived Silver State
Royalty celebrated its 25th an-            and continue the western life-             proving and growing,” Helander            “Just like any sport, gay rodeo       Rodeo Association tried to host
niversary with the Silver Jubilee          style we know as cowboys or                said. “Two new associations:          is suffering due to the economy,”         the third Finals Rodeo in 1988.
Show in Sammy’s Showroom.                  cowgirls,” Brian Helander, retir-          Iowa, which was created follow-       Helander said. “What IGRA does            They were plagued by financial
Featured were many past IGRA               ing president of IGRA, said. “Our          ing Heartland Gay Rodeo As-           is provide help, structure and or-        problems and lacking a space
Royalty, the last Miss Dusty Spurs         organization is very strong and            sociation’s (formerly Nebraska        ganization for our chapters to be         to hold the rodeo. Even after a
1984 Ebony, who now resides in             committed to our community.                and Iowa) disbanding and Kan-         able to weather the storm. We             space was secured, in Churchill
Arizona, and Empress I of Nevada           By being around, those who live            sas, who has been inactive and        are the clearing house for rodeo          County, a loud protest by the
Keith Ann, who co-founded gay              in rural areas, have role models           rejoined IGRA this year, were         rules, which all our member as-           citizenry caused the special use
rodeo.                                     to turn to, so they know they are          seated at convention. Rodeo As-       sociations are committed to fol-          permit needed to be denied.
    To conclude the Silver Jubilee         not alone and can be who they              sociations are becoming more          lowing.”                                  Only the dances and parties were
celebration of IGRA Royalty, the           are.”                                      regional in nature. There are             According to Helander, one of         held. The Lahontan Valley News,
2011 Royal Team was named.                     Recently, the Finals Rodeo             the statewide associations and        the accomplishments he is proud           the Churchill County newspaper,
Taking the titles were: Mr. IGRA,          was renamed the World Gay Fi-              then there are other associations     of is the branding of the finals          wrote an editorial in support of
representing Arizona Gay Rodeo             nals Rodeo. Helander said, IGRA            which serve a specific region or      rodeo as the World Gay Finals             the gay rodeo.
Association, Michael Butts: Miss           needed to brand itself as it is the        geographic area.”                     because it is the best of the best.           Reno did not think about
IGRA, representing Nevada Gay                                                                                               Only the top 20 finishers in each         holding a rodeo again until 2002,
                                                                                                                            event are invited to participate in       when a group of people came
                                                                                                                            Finals.                                   together to start the High Sierra
                                                                                                                                “Being the president of IGRA          Rodeo Association and bring Gay
                                                                                                                            has been a great experience,” He-         Rodeo back home to Reno.
                                                                                                                            lander said. “I have been able to
                                                                                                                            travel and meet people all over                Gay Rodeo Legacy Project
                                                                                                                            the country. It is something won-              The IGRA, through its Royalty,
                                                                                                                            derful that I have done.”                 is in the process of raising $5,000
                                                                                                                                  “The HSRA needs to also             toward the Gay Rodeo Legacy
                                                                                                                            be congratulated for its efforts          Project, which will create a gay
                                                                                                                            in putting on the 2010 Conven-            rodeo collection to be displayed
                                                                                                                            tion,” Helander said. “They have          at the Autry National Center.
                                                                                                                            worked hard to make this year’s           The Center features a history of
                                                                                                                            convention special. They deserve          western culture and lifestyle. The
                                                                                                                            our thanks and appreciation, as I         project will highlight gay rodeo
                                                                                                                            know what work it takes to make           from its inception forward from
                                                                                                                            a convention successful on the            the IGRA archives.
                                                                                                                            logistics end.”                                During the weekend, tips
                                                                                                                                                                      from past IGRA Royalty, who en-
                                                                                                                               Reno and IGRA                          tertained, at the Royalty western
                                                                                                                               Reno is responsible for the            wear and presentation and Silver
                                                                                                                            creation of IGRA. In 1985, rodeo          Jubilee Royalty Shows were do-
                                                                                                                            associations in Colorado, Arizo-          nated to the project.

                                                                                                                                James Allen Clark sings in Reno
                                                                                                                                                                      ville). In Nashville, through the
                                                                                                                                                                      encouragement of a friend, Clark
                                                                                                                                                                      put out his first album with 4
                                                                                                                                                                      songs on it titled, First Attempt.
                                                                                                                                                                      He also began to build a fan base
                                                                                                                                                                      after moving.
                                                                                                                                                                          While making his way in the
       Reno’s Brandy Cashe is picked out of the audience for interaction with Jackie Beat in Sammy’s Showroom at Harrah’s                                             music industry, Clark has done
                                                                                                                                                                      many benefits and shows for
Getting you to laugh is what Jackie Beat does best                                                                                                                    charities.
                                                                                                                                                                          “I enjoy being able to enter-
    Take traditional old gay come-         a year in the Big Apple, for Pride         available to purchase and down-                                                 tain people and put a smile on
dy and throw in a twist, a presen-         and Christmas, which still pack            load on-line at www.jackiebea-                                                  their face,” Clark said. “The joy
tation through the amazing world           the venue. Ms. Beat presently     Ms Beat also                                                  for an entertainer is when you
of a drag queen and you have a             resides in Los Angeles, where              has a facebook page: Jackie Beat.                                               see you have warmed the audi-
hilarious side splitting hour and          she says she has enough work to                Ms. Beat appeared as the                                                    ences heart.”
a half of laughter and song only           pay the bills and allow her to do          opening act for Roseanne Barr’s                                                     Clark is now represented by
Jackie Beat can provide.                   what she loves--entertain people           national tour. Beat says it was a                                               Top Priority Management. He
    Jackie Beat came to Reno, for          with her wit, humor and song,              great opportunity to tour with                                                  has been playing the rodeo cir-
the first time, to be amongst the          all being just a little bit “dirty”.       Ms. Barr and put her in a spot-       He casts a big shadow as he works to be
                                                                                                                                                                      cuit, both gay and straight, small
entertainment featured at the              She travels for performances as            light exposing a different audi-                    a country star
                                                                                                                                                                      clubs, hotels, etc almost any
International Gay Rodeo Asso-              needed. Following Reno, she had            ence to her style and brand of            Beloved at gay rodeos across
ciation’s Annual Convention held           another gig before heading off to          humor.                                the country, Nashville based
November 10-14.                            New York for her holiday show.                 When asked if she was bullied     country singer James Allen Clark
    Ms. Beat took to the stage in              Yes, she can carry a tune, is          in school she said yes, but she       came to Reno to entertain the
the legendary Sammy’s Show-                very good at it and in what spare          made people laugh and it was          delegates at the IGRA Annual
room at Harrah’s Reno. She was             time she has is the lead singer            hard to hit someone when you          Convention on November 13.
excited about making her Reno              of the electroclash band, Dirty            were laughing. From an early              “I have been singing for the
debut in the room where Sammy              Sanchez. Beat has released 12              age, comedy and making people         past 20 years or so,” James Allen
Davis appeared, who was a good             albums featuring her parodies              laugh was in her blood.               Clark said. “It is just in the last
friend of the late Bill Harrah,            of songs geared toward the gay                 Ms. Beat says she began do-       four years, my career has gone
founder of the Harrah gaming               community and her comedy                   ing drag one Halloween.               to the next step. I live in Nash-
empire. She took a picture of Mr.          stick, which can easily get you                “Isn’t that the gay man’s right   ville now and with the help of my
Davis that hangs in the back of            rolling in the aisle with her brand        of passage?” Ms. Best quipped.        management company put out
the showroom.                              of comedy and song. They are               Since she wanted to be an enter-      my new single, Cheaper to Keep
    “Can you imagine, making                                                          tainer what a better way to do it     Her.”
my Reno debut in such a historic                                                      – create a unique character peo-          Clark says his new single is a
room,” Ms. Beat said. “It is an                                                       ple would remember and enjoy.         great two stepping song. Two
honor to be here.”                                                                        Beat, who is Kent Fuher, is       step is a popular country dance
    Her show is full of traditional                                                   an actor, singer, song and screen     step. It was released October 15.
off color gay comedy and song                                                         play writer. Recently, she wrote          Clark was raised in south-
parodies in gay culture. She plays                                                    for a short lived WB television       ern Ohio and was introduced to
off the audience and ventures                                                         show, Hype. She is the voice of       music at an early age. His fam-
out to talk to them and see what                                                      Bertha on Nickelodeon’s Kung-Fu       ily used to sing gospel, bluegrass
stir she can create. In fact, one                                                     Spy Troll. She has made appear-       and country around the dinner                        James Allen Clark
guest who was heckling the co-                                                        ances in the movies Flawless,         table.                                          In Reno’s Bill Harrah Room
medienne one too many times                                                           Wigstock: The Movie and Adam              After graduating high school
was talked to by Harrah’s secu-                                                       and Steve, where she wrote and        he moved to Columbus and                  place where country music is
rity about disrupting the perfor-                                                     performed the song, Dance Off.        joined a gospel group. Following          welcome.
mance.                                                                                She has also made appearances         that, Clark relocated to Phoenix              Clark has a facebook page
    Ms. Beat began her career in                                                      in the television series Sex in the   where he found it hard to do              (James Allen Clark) and his single
New York City making the rounds                                                       City                                  much in the music industry. He            is available on iTunes,
of the cabaret circuit and packing                  Well........ she thinks                                                 moved back closer to his roots                For more information you can
the house. She does two shows                                                                                               and landed in Music City (Nash-           visit his website: jamesallenclark.
December 2010                                                            The Reno Gay Page                                                                                                      7
                                                                                        Reno Rainbow Fest now part of Artown 2011
                                                                                      Reno Rainbow Fest an-           along with her business partner           the proceeds will be donated
                                                                                  nounced on November 22 that         Shelly Palmer, created Reno Rain-         to a local charity. Last year
                                                                                  they had reached an agree-          bow Fest last year, said. “I think it     Reno’s Biggest Little Sisters
                                                                                  ment with Artown to host            will be great that the rainbow will       and the Northern Nevada
                                                                                  Rainbow in the Park, as part        fly over the park during Artown.”         Outreach Team were the ben-
                                                                                  of the planned Artown 2011              Plans are still being finalized       eficiaries. Northern Nevada
                                                                                  events on Saturday, July 9. The     about what will happen for the
                                                                                  event will take place in Wing-      events, but Ms. Crawford says it          HOPES has been selected as
                                                                                  field Park along the banks of       will be a day of entertainment,           the charity for 2011’s Rain-
                                                                                  the Truckee River.                  fun, socializing and community.”          bow in the Park event.
                                                                                       “I’m really excited about          Ms. Crawford said a portion of
                                                                                  this!,” Kaye Crawford who,

                                                                                The Patio makes
                                                                                changes to hours
                                                                                    As part of the expanded
                                                                                weekend hours at The Patio, Re-
Reno Biggest Little Sisters were out to Paint Reno Red for World AIDS Day       no’s Gathering Place, on Sunday,
2010, December 1 and from the looks of things on the wall at The Patio, the     November 21 Sunday Brunch was
Sisters have been doing a good job. On November 20, the Sisters announced       held to promote the new 9 am
they had sold 1,000 ribbons at a dollar a piece and still had 11 days more to   opening.
sell them.
                                                                                    “This is great! Something dif-
                                                                                ferent and new,” a bar patron,
                                                                                who asked not to be identified,
Reno/Carson celebrate AIDS Day                                                  said. “I always have a great time      The Patio was packed as patrons, supporters and friends gathered to raise money
                                                                                here and decided to check the
    December 1 is World AIDS
Day. A day which the commu-
                                        by Mojo Green, Drinking with
                                        Clowns, Jellybread, Buster Blue
                                                                                brunch out. It was great!”
                                                                                    A crowd of about 20 people
                                                                                                                      Thanksgiving Bartender Bash
nity wears red ribbons to honor         and Western Buck, there will be         came to taste the biscuits and            The Residence Program has
those with AIDS and to remem-           carnival games and acrobats.            gravy, frittata, potatoes and         long been a charity that The Patio
ber those who have been lost               In Carson City, The Red Rib-         bread pudding. There were mi-         has supported by holding various
to the worldwide pandemic that          bon Affair – Behind the Mask,           mosas available for a special         fund raisers. Among them is the
has claimed more than 25 million        Faces of AIDS, co-sponsored by          price to go with the brunch.          annual Thanksgiving Bartenders
people around the world since           The Carson City Health Depart-              “This is something different,”    Bash which raised $1.134.55 on
1981.                                   ment and Northern Nevada                one of our patrons prepared all       November 25 as friends, patrons
    In Reno, World AIDS Day will        HOPES, will be held from 6 pm           the food and brought it in and        and family came together fro the
be celebrated at the Knitting Fac-      to 8 pm at the Silver Oak Country       we made a brunch out of it,” Tom      cause.
tory in downtown Reno Wednes-           Club. Tickets for the event are         Glogowski, manager of The Patio,          “This is so much fun,” Scott
day, December 1 starting at 7:30        $25 and feature hors d’oevures,         said. “It is just trying something    Brenneke, chairman of the Resi-
pm. Admission is $8 and will fea-       desserts, wine and non-alcoholic        different! This was a success.”       dence program, said after his
ture a variety of entertainment.        beverages.                                  The Patio has been trying new     shift behind the bar. “You work
    Northern Nevada H.O.P.E.S.             The evening will feature             things and decided to change          hard in that 30 minute shift.”
is sponsoring the event which is        monologues from members of              hours on weekends. The bar is             The Patio has hosted the
aptly named Greater than Reno:          the Carson City HIV Support             now open: Monday to Thursday          event, as an additional fund rais-
The Biggest Little Carnival in the      Group, and speeches by Former           11 am to 2 am or so; Friday, Sat-     er for the program, for the past
World.                                  Nevada First Lady Dawn Gibbons          urday and Sunday it opens at 9        10 years. Each Thanksgiving for
    Besides     music     provided      and Dr Trudy Larson.                    am and closes about 2 am.             five hours the bar raises money
                                                                                    Karaoke is featured Tuesday       by all tips to the bartenders going
                                                                                to Thursday nights at 9 pm and        to the Residence Program.
                                                                                                                          The Bartender Bash has a              Counting the the tips raised by each team
                                                                                Monday Night Football with
      AIDS Ribbons started in 1991                                              snacks starts at 5:30 pm through      team (usually) of two different
                                                                                                                      people that tend bar and work
                                                                                                                                                                is Katie Douthwit, Nina in the background
                                                                                                                                                                total raised for the assistance
                                                                                the end of December, Karaoke
    December 1 is World AIDS            awareness, becoming a politically       follows the football game.            for tips which are donated to the         program near and dear to the gay
Day and tradition has it that           correct fashion accessory on the                                                                                        community’s heart.
those who know someone with                                                                                                                                        “It is great,” Katie Douthwit,
Acquired Immune Deficiency
                                        lapels of celebrities.
                                            Today, the red ribbon is one of     Community ho-hum over RN&R story                                                who co owns the bar and counts
Syndrome (AIDS) or who died             the most well known symbols in               “Who is this Lauren Scott        said. “They obviously didn’t want         the tips, said. “My job is to cheer
from AIDS wear a red ribbon in                                                  person on the cover?” one per-        to talk to leaders like Larry of the      the team behind the bar on and
                                        the fight against AIDS. The ribbon                                                                                      rouse the customers to see what
solidarity and remembrance.
    But did you know the AIDS           is made from any length (piece)         son said, “I have no idea who she     Silver Dollar Court, The Sisters,         we can get donated in the tip jar.”
Ribbon is only 19 years old, hav-       of red ribbon, bring both ends to-      is.”                                  Leslie Long of Spectrum, Sean                “I can pour an awesome
ing first appeared in 1991. In-         gether as if to fold in half (don’t          “The story is a story that       of the NLA-NNV and am sure                drink,” Robert Harding, who is
spired by the yellow ribbons            fold it), bring the back piece out      there is a community, not what        there are more leaders not even           the coordinator at Northern Ne-
honoring American soldiers serv-        and across the front piece form-        we do, how many we help ....”         thought of. But it’s a start.”            vada H.O.P.E.S., said. “It is fun.
ing in the Gulf War, the color red      ing the ribbon. The top should          a member of the Silver Dollar             Most people asked about
was chosen for its “connection to       be dimensional and represents           Court said.                           the article in the Reno News and
blood and the idea of passion --        a heart in the opening when the              “It is a story that says there   Review asked to remain anony-
not only anger, but love, like a val-   ribbon crosses and twists.              is a community, but not much          mous.
entine.” The red ribbon was first                                               more,” another said. “From what           Out and About was spurred
                                            The red ribbon was featured
worn publicly by Jeremy Irons at
the 1991 Tony Awards. The rib-          on a special stamp issued by the        I read what we need is a commu-       by a article in the News and Re-
bon soon became renowned as             United States Post Office in 1993.      nity center. But what it doesn’t      view in August for Pride that said
an international symbol of AIDS         In the gay community, the stamp         point out is what groups we cur-      there was no community. A letter
                                        became known as the Christmas           rently have. None of those lead-      prompted the News and Review
                                        stamp. It was issued in honor           ers were interviewed and they         to want to write a story about
NLA-NNV hosts                           of World AIDS Day. Around the           are the movers and shakers of
                                                                                the community.”
                                                                                                                      Reno gay community.
                                                                                                                          “The article did say there is a
                                        world many countries have is-
Night of Fetish                         sued AIDS stamps.                            “The article was okay but
                                                                                they left alot out of it,” another
                                                                                                                      community,” Paco, who edits the
                                                                                                                      Reno Gay Page said. “So at least
                                                                                                                                                                 Okay you put what in this Robert Hard-
                                                                                                                                                                  ing asked Tom, The Patio’s manager
     The National Leather Associ-                                                                                     people know we exist. What it             Look who I get to help by volun-
ation-Northern Nevada Chapter
will host a Night of Fetish and         Grand Duke/Duchess candidates                                                 did say was what groups do what           teering.”
                                                                                                                      and how each in their own way                 The Patio was packed with pa-
Fantasy at the Ten99 Club De-               Nevada’s oldest gay social          will be held following the regu-                                                trons all tipping just a little more
cember 4, beginning at 8 pm.                                                                                          helps the gay community.”
                                        and philanthropic organization          lar monthly meeting Thursday,             Paco points out the News              than usual because it goes to the
Admission is $5 at the door.            is seeking candidates for Grand         December 9 of the Silver Dollar                                                 Residence Program.
     Mistress Rebecca will be           Duke and Grand Duchess XXVIII.          Court.                                and Review did list some of the
                                                                                                                      groups in town in a sidebar. So at            Besides the Bartenders Bash,
hosting the event that will fea-        Applications should be available            The Grand Duke and Grand                                                    The Patio annually hosts the Eas-
ture a “kinky” auction, entertain-      on posters at any of the local gay      Duchess were positions created        least some of the information is          ter Basket Auction, which is a
ment and several BDSM demon-            bars as well as the SDC website         by the sixth Empress of the Sil-      there.                                    fund raiser for the Residence Pro-
strations, like spanking and the        (                ver Dollar Court, Terry Taylor, to        “If they did a full story on the      gram held in the Spring. No date
violet wand. Proceeds from the              To qualify as a candidate you       assist the Emperor and Empress        gay community, its activities and         has been set for the auction yet
“kinky” auction will be split: 40%      must be: 21 years of age; have          and be an additional fund rais-       all the good it has done,” Paco           in 2011.
going to the Build Our Center           lived in Nevada, excluding the          ing source for the court and the      said. “The entire paper would be              Others who volunteered their
organization, 40% to NNOT and           counties of Nye, Lincoln or Clark,      charities they serve.                                                           time on Thanksgiving included:
20% to NLA-NNV.                                                                                                       one big story about the gay com-
                                        the Lake Tahoe Basin or the east-           The Grand Duke and Grand          munity and its activities.”               Sandra; Wes and Rick from the
     This will be the second event      ern Sierra territories; been ac-        Duchess are required to attend                                                  Cadillac Lounge; Adam, who
the local pansexual leather or-         tive in the community and held a        three out of town Ducal Balls             According to estimates there
                                                                                                                      are some 40,000 to 50,000 GLB-            played Zanna and is at Bruka
ganization has held at the Ten99        fund raiser during the past year.       and hold a function every other                                                 Theatre; Sister I Drink Allota and
Club. Their first public event in       The filing fee for the position is      month in town.                        TIQQA? peoples in the Western             Pope Beneficial the First, from
fall of 2009 was very successful.       $50 and can be paid by the indi-            Elections will be held Tues-      Nevada. Likely a larger number            the Sisters of Perpetual Indul-
      Besides the members of the        vidual or a sponsor. Applications       day, January 11 and the winner        due to the nature of the main in-         gence; and Patio patrons: Chris,
NLA-NNV, Reno’s Biggest Little          must be received by the Presi-          announced at Reno’s Ducal Ball        dustry in the area, the arts, and         Kelly, Joy, Tracy, Russel, Jorge,
Sisters and the Comstock Griz-          dent of the Board by 6:30 pm De-        January 15 at the Sands Regency       entertainment.                            Duane and Warren, Marisa and
zlies will be at the event.             cember 9. Candidate interviews          Hotel.                                                                          Janice.

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