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									Advantages of Hera LED
Led Lights for Everything

LED lights are a revolution in cabinet design, and Hera LED Lights have
maximized the potential of this technology.
carries the full line of these lights, which are perfect for store displays,
kitchen cabinets, bathroom storage, and furniture applications.

Hera is acknowledged as an innovator in LED lighting. They use only
high-quality LEDs, which last much longer than conventional
incandescent bulbs. And whether it's a single cabinet or an entire
home, can help you choose the right Hera LED
lights to complete your project.
Why LED?

There are many reasons to choose Hera LED lights. Though very
compact, these lights pack a punch, and feature an extremely high and
even output. Despite their brightness, LED lights actually consume
significantly less power than equivalent incandescent bulbs, resulting in
energy savings. And because they are virtually shatter-proof and
feature a very high life time (in the tens of thousands of hours), Hera
LED lights need practically no maintenance. Consider these options for
your cabinet or furniture project:

   TwinStick-2 LEDS – compact, customizable, and powerful!
   Flexible LED cables, perfect for hard-to-reach or oddly-shaped
   Spotlights in warm white or cool white
   Connecting cables, power adapter, dimming switches, and
    everything else you need

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