Volume 2, Issue 1                                                                           January 2010

Commanders’ Column                                          Escape the Winter Blues & get some
                       Cdr. John P. Chalmers, AP
                                                                       Winter Relief
There is nothing for it but to think ahead to April    FRIDAY EVENING FEBRUARY 19TH
and May. For now, there are only winter                                  7:30 PM
occupations and our wits to keep us civil. The           SHERIDAN SHORE YACHT CLUB
Engine Maintenance course, taught by John           Author Libby Hill Will Speak on the Origins &
Gartner, has blasted away through the early                         History of the Chicago River
                                                    Libby Hill, author of “The Chicago River, a
chapters of the manual with nine students in
                                                    Natural & Unnatural History”, will speak at a
attendance including a majority from our sister     dessert & coffee combined meeting of SSYC &
squadron at Skokie Valley. Each Saturday morning    the Evanston North Shore Sail & Power Squadron.
I motor out to Westmarine in Highland Park for      She brings together years of original research &
this class and check the sale items on the table    the contributions of dozens of experts to tell the
going in and coming out.                            Chicago River’s epic tale from the formation in
                                                    prehistoric bedrock to the notable rejuvenation it is
                                                    still undergoing today, & every exciting episode in
Keeping to this nostalgic theme everyone at the our between.
Holiday party at Lou Malnati’s last December 13th      Her 40 minute, Power Point presentation will
was focused on the images Dennis Stein collected include a segment on the construction of the
of squadron boats on summer water. Something        controlling lock at Wilmette which provided the
north of thirty members, friends and family got     opportunity for the development of Gilson Park,
                                                    Wilmette Harbor & Sheridan Shore Yacht Club.
together for good food and conversation. Coming
                                                    Speaker Hill will introduce us to a body of water
up on the calendar look for the boat shows in       we thought we knew with new facts & delight us
January (see the calendar in this EvaNSIGN or on with new ways to think about our Chicago River.
our new web site at                                    Libby has an MS in Geography &
http://www.evanstonsquadron.org/ ).                 Environmental Studies & teaches with that
                                                    Department at Northeastern Illinois University.
                                                    She lives in Evanston with her husband Wil.
The nominating committee has been busy and the          Her 302 page paperback book will be available
slate for the coming year is posted elsewhere in    at $15 a copy.
this issue. No doubt there are a few slots “open”         Reservations are requested & can be made by
and you should contact Gary Raphael if you are      calling the Sheridan Shore Club Manager at (847)
interested in filling a position in 2010.           251- 2211 not later than Monday, February 15th.
                                                    Please leave a message.

         Continued Page 2                    Evanston North-Shore 1
                                                                                          Next years proposed Bridge
                                                                                              2010-2011 Slate:
                                                                                Please Note; These are the positions
                           2009 – 2010 BRIDGE                                      you will be voting for at the next
Commander…………….…………….…Cdr John P. Chalmers, AP                                      General Meeting, January 17th,
Executive Officer……………………………Lt/C Birute Apke
                                                                                 please feel free to throw your name
                                                                                  in the hat if you see a position you
Education Officer……………………...Lt/C Gary Raphael, AP
                                                                                would like to have—you can email or
   Assistant Education Officer…...Lt/C Thomas Claggett, AP
                                                                                 call any bridge member to get your
Administrative Officer...………
                                                                                              voice heard)
Secretary ….…….……………………….Lt/C Mark J. Wilson, P

Treasurer   ………………………......Lt/C Carol A. Cleave, SN                             Commander                    Dennis Stein, P
                                                                                 Executive Officer           Mark Wilson, P
MEMBERS-AT-LARGE (5)**                                                          Administrative Officer       Birute Apke
Lt Donald R. Allen, P                P/C Leonard H. Franks, JN                  Treasurer                    Carol Cleave, SN
                                                                                Education Officer            Gary Raphael, AP
P/C Paul T. Mulroy, SN          P/C Rebecca Sheffel Mulroy, AP
                                                                                  Asst Ed Officer            Tom Claggett, AP
P/C Dennis Stein, P                                                             Members at Large: Capt. Rebecca Mulroy, AP,
                                                                                Karen Franks, P, Don Allen, P, John Gartner,P,
                                                                                and Dave Rodelius, AP
Auditing: P/C Capt. Paul T. Mulroy, SN; P/C Capt. Rebecca Sheffel Mulroy,       Committees (three year term):
AP, and Lt/C Thomas F. Claggett, AP                                             Auditing; Tom Claggett, AP
Nominating: P/C Gary Raphael, AP; P/C Donald Sweeney, P, and P/C Dennis         Nominating: P/C Dennis Stein, P
Stein, P                                                                        Rules: Cdr John Chalmers, AP
Rules: P/C Nelson D. Rodelius, AP; P/C Norman Sussman, P; and Cdr. John P.
                                                                                Non-Elective Positions:
Chalmers, AP                                                                     Flag officer         P/C David Rodelius, AP
                                                                                 Boat Show Charman; Lt Dimitre Dragoytchev
                        C ommanders column continued from page 1
                                                                                Editor                P/C Dennis Stein, P
You might also check out SailAngle                                                Asst. Editor        CDR John Chalmers, AP
                                                                                Radio/Information     P/Lt/C Frank Zimmerman, SN
( http://www.sailangle.com ). Sooner or later you are                           PR/Liason             P/C Don Sweeney, P
going to want to sign up for this. Now is a good time.                          Safety Officer        P/Lt/C Ed Apke, P
                                                                                Legal                 P/C Leonard Franks,JN
                                                                                Historian:            P/D/C Dixie Widner, JN
                                                                                Membership:           OPEN
                                                                                Programs:             OPEN

                                                                 Evanston North-Shore 2
      Cruising the Panama Canal                            just swimming and sunning.
                                                           If you are a shopaholic, this is your place! The
                       Part IV
                                                           downtown stores offer everything for everyone.
GO WHERE?              By P/R/C Gerald Grofman
                                                           Jewelry stores by the dozen, clothing stores,
In this fourth part of our Panama Canal Cruise, we
visit Grand Cayman Island. Notable at this venue are
its spectacular beaches, great shopping, a turtle farm,
and a town named Hell! This is the only place where
you can politely invite someone to “Go to Hell!”

                                                           electronics, and art pieces create a visual picnic. One
                                                           could spend the whole day browsing through these
                                                           shops, secure in the knowledge that the prices for
                                                           merchandise here are as low as any you will find in
                                                           the world. And, it is a duty-free port! For those
                                                           shoppers from Florida, New York, New Jersey,
Grand Cayman is a sizable island, but at this time
                                                           Michigan, and especially Canada, the liquor prices
the docks there cannot accommodate the ever larger
                                                           here can’t be beaten. However, since we in the
cruise ships. Consequently, the ship’s passengers are
                                                           Chicago area already have access to the lowest prices
ferried ashore in launches. This is quite an
                                                           for liquor in most of the US, it isn’t really
undertaking, but it is usually handled expeditiously.
                                                           economically feasible to buy it on Grand Cayman and
                                                           cart it all the way back to O’Hare.
                                                           I am an inveterate tourist, so I turned my attention to
                                                           seeing what else the island has to offer. A bunch of us
                                                           from the group signed on to a tour of the island
                                                           offered by the cruise line. This tour took us to one of
                                                           the beaches, to the Turtle Farm, the Governer’s
                                                           Mansion, and, of course, to Hell.

 Once ashore, we are confronted by a myriad of
choices. One would be hard pressed to find a place
to compare with Grand Cayman for all of the
various aspects of diving. There are SCUBA diving
schools, snorkeling, and truly glorious beaches for

                                              Evanston North-Shore 3
For some years now, Grand Cayman has sponsored a
                                                                          Operations Training
Turtle Farm. There at the farm, at least three breeds of                     February 20
endangered turtles are propagated and cared for.
                                                              Operations Training will be held in Peoria
Tourists are encouraged to view the turtles in their
tanks, and even to pick them up and hold them. This is        on Feb 20 and will run from 10am til 3pm
limited to the smaller ones though, as some of the            All members are encouraged to go, but
turtles are quite large!                                      especially those who will be holding
                                                              bridge positions now and into the future.
                                                              The day starts with a welcome and at 11
                                                              the keynote speaker talking on listening
                                                              and connecting to potential members. At
                                                              1:45pm there are the break-out sessions
                                                              where you can instruction in your
                                                              specific position. At 3pm you can learn
                                                              how to use DB2000 or how to get the
                                                              most out of ‘Sail Angle’. This is a good
                                                              opportunity to take a road-trip to Peoria
At the beach, you may rent equipment to snorkel, or
you can just flake out for a while on the white sand.         and to get your skills sharpened.
The bottom deepens gradually, and the water is calm                ____________________________________
because the best beaches for bathing are mostly on the
lee side of the island.
Then, it’s off to Hell! Hell is a real town, actually a       Movie Night is Back Again
real small town. It has a gas station, a bar, and a           Don’t miss Errol Flynn making a guest
souvenir shop. Its most important feature though, is its      appearance (as Capt. Peter Blood) at the
post office. From that post office you may mail your          Raphael house on January 17th at 3pm
friends a letter postmarked from “Hell.” Then, at the
souvenir shop you can buy a tee shirt that says “I’ve
Been To Hell And Back!” The town was named for                Arr..it be Pirate night and the grog will be
the hellish volcanic structures found there. Looking          flowin…. The Raphael’s will provide the
out at this lava field provides a truly hellish landscape.    grog, but ask that you bring a snack to
Since I usually set out on these ventures from my
                                                              share to help round out the table fare.
condo in Ft.Myers, I try to leave enough time at the
end of the day to buy what I need to restock my
condo’s bar. Florida’s booze is pretty expensive,             --The management asks that you leave
especially compared to Chicago, but since I am going          your Sabre’s and Cutlass’s at home, they
to be returning by car, it makes sense for me to buy          will not be allowed in…
duty free.
Next month I’ll take you through the Panama Canal,
and into Panama itself.                                       Please RSVP to gary either by email:
                                                              garyraphael@admintl.com. or phone him
Jerry                                                         at 847-242-9310

                                                 Evanston North-Shore 4
                                                              We asked our own P/C Dave Rodelius, AP to run a
                                                              column about the significance of our yearly awards.
EVANSTON NORTH SHORE SAIL AND POWER                                      This issue, Dave explains:




USPS NATIONAL MEETING                                              THE BUSTED PROP
DATE: 2-7 FEBRUARY                                                      AWARD
                                                                                  By: P/C Dave Rodelius,AP
                                                             This Award came to mind towards the end of my year
                                                             as Commander in late 1979. Yup, this one is all my
TIME: 7:30

OPERATIONS TRAINING                                          Warren Perkins, Hubie Widner, Harold Frauenhoffer,
                                                             Miles Bailey, Ralph Lucchesi, Dixie Widner, Jerry and
                                                             Ilene Grofman and probably a couple of other Boating
                                                             course cadre (please remember that I’m recollecting
                                                             here and it ain’t easy after this many years) were
                                                             having ice cream at Peacocks after a Boating class and
                                                             I mentioned that I would need another award to
                                                             present to someone special at the C O W in April of
                                                             1980. This person had really busted his A__ for me
The Squadron will hold it’s                                  and the Squadron during the year and really merited an
                                                             award but we didn’t have enough to go around. Well
annual bowling party at                                      we started beating ideas up and around and the
Wilmette Bowl either in                                      infamous group decided we couldn’t call it the
                                                             “Busted A__ Award”. So we had to come up with a
February or March (trying to                                 different name. We asked ourselves what else can get
                                                             busted when we’re boating and some wise apple came
get a firm date) so make sure                                up with “prop”. Thus the name came easy after our fill
to watch for details and mark                                of delicious Peacocks ice cream. “The Busted Prop
                                                             Award. Awarded each year to the Individual who has
your calendars. This is a very                               busted his “Prop” in dedicated service to the Evanston
popular well attended event!                                 Power Squadron”.

                                              Evanston North-Shore 5
                                                                             Continued next page….
                                                            Here is a ‘travelogue’ generously contributed by
Now what should it look like? Should it be small,          Frank Zimmerman. This is a great spot for a C&R
medium or large? Will it be presented each year as a        and maybe one of our members would like to put
perpetual award? We covered all the usual trains of                      something together? …
thought that this prestigious group could come up
with. Plaque, medium for a lot of names and perpetual
each year to some one who has busted his or her                   “Puttin in” to Put-in-Bay
“prop” for the Squadron, were the answers to the                          By Frank Zimmerman, SN
                                                              At the Western end of Lake Erie, a few miles off of
I felt that it need something special and I asked          Port Clinton, Ohio, on the South shore is a nearly
everyone present if they by any chance had an old          vertical chain of islands appropriately called North
busted prop off their vessel. Sure enough “the guy that    Bass, Middle Bass & South Bass. On South Bass
had everything”, Warren Perkins piped up with “yes I       Island lies one of the most popular destinations for
have one and one blade is ripped off”. The prop had a      boaters from Lake Erie & the Detroit area called Put-
history as well and I don’t remember what it was.          in-Bay. This port draws boaters from not only the
                                                           nearby cities of Toledo, Sandusky, Cedar Point,
Great I say. How big is it, I was looking for something    Catawba Island, Vermillion & Port Clinton, but also
small and aluminum to keep the plaque light but            Cleveland about 60 miles to the East & the Detroit &
Warren said “it’s 9” diameter and brass”. When he          intermediate communities 50 miles away to the North.
said brass I knew it would be heavy.                           Put-in-Bay has the reputation of being “Party
                                                           Central” & for many reasons deservedly so. For
Warren being the only one to respond, I said let’s use     example, it has the longest bar in the world at 406 feet
it. So the construction began. If I am not mistaken        as verified by the Guinness Book of Records & it has
Warren had his woodworking class make the plague           wall-to-wall saloons & restaurants up & down the
and mount the prop and Harold Frauenhoffer did all         main street. However, in addition to all the nightlife
the original engraving for the Squadron. Maybe             activities there is a lot of history on the island as well.
Harold got the plaque too I can’t really say for sure,     This was the location of the naval battle led by
(I’m recollecting again).                                  Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry during the
                                                           Revolutionary War in 1813 where he defeated the
It turned out to look pretty cool, maybe a little top      British Fleet thereby securing the West end of Lake
heavy and would need a sixteen penny nail in the wall      Erie & the Northwest territory for the Americans. It
to hold it up. What the heck the nail will only be there   was here also that Perry came up with the famous
for one year.                                              quote “we have met the enemy & they are ours”.
                                                               This year, on our summer cruise, Nancy & I
I was privileged to present this beautiful award at the    stopped at Put-in-Bay to find out what all the fuss was
1980 Change of Watch to my dear friend and fellow          about. Prior to our arrival, while in Detroit, we were
bridge officer Hubie Widner for the great help he had      advised to avoid the weekends because the crush of
been to me as Commander of the Evanston Sail and           visiting boaters made the marinas a rafting nightmare.
Power Squadron. He had really “Busted his Prop” for        As a result we decided to wait until Sunday afternoon
the Squadron.                                              figuring that most of the visiting boaters would be on
                                                           their way home by then. Wrong, if we hadn’t called
Since then there have been many names of great and         ahead I don’t think we would have gotten a slip
wonderful members who have also busted their               because it was still jammed. However, we were able to
“Props” for our Squadron. The Squadron says thanks         get a good place to tie-up at what I think is the largest
to you all.                                                marina there called the Crew’s Nest which is located
Dave Rodelius                                              right near town. It is a membership type of club with a
                                                           ship’s store, pool, & restaurant, but they rent out their

                                              Evanston North-Shore 6
vacant slips during the week if there is room.           It is the third highest monument constructed in the
    In addition to all the tourists that come by         US after the Washington Monument, & the tallest,
private boat there is regular ferry service & air        the St Louis Arch. There is an observatory near the
service from Port Clinton, Catawba Island &              top from which you can see mainland Canada & the
Sandusky. In fact, these routes were among the last      States. Run by the National Park Service, there is a
to use the old Ford Tri-motor commuter airplanes         museum near the base which includes a scale model
well into the 70’s. Now they are only found in           of the naval battle, a theater, & artifacts relating to
museums although someone said that they still fly a      the history of the island all of which gives you a
restored one in to the island once a summer for old
times sake. The ferryboats can bring your car to the
island if you like, however most visitors seem to
prefer to rent golf carts after they arrive & they are
    After we got settled in, we set out to explore the
town which was right up the street from the harbor.
There is a large park all along the waterfront which
was named for one of the early founding fathers of
Put-in-Bay, named Jose Rivera. The main street is
about a half block up from the water & that’s where
the action is. It consists of several blocks of solid
saloons, tee shirt shops & restaurants, not to
mention careening golf carts. However, after
another few blocks you come to Perry’s Victory &         much better idea of the significance of what has
International Peace Memorial which is centered in a      gone on in this area.
large park & dominates the landscape.                        As crowded & busy as it was on Sunday,
    This monument is a 352 foot high Greek Doric         Monday it almost became a ghost town. By noon,
column constructed from Massachusetts pink               most of the transient boaters were gone & we had
marble & was completed in 1915. It was planned &         the marina almost to ourselves. We took a tour train
                                                         ride around the island & found many other
                                                         attractions to enjoy such as a winery, an antique car
                                                         museum, a butterfly museum, & the Perry &
                                                         Crystal Caves. Finding the Perry Cave was very
                                                         significant at the time since it was the only source
                                                         of drinking water on the island during the time his
                                                         troops were there. After seeing many of these
                                                         attractions, I biked around much of the island &
                                                         found a lovely beach & many beautiful vintage
                                                         homes off the beaten path.
                                                             We decided to move on the following day, but
                                                         after considering all that Put-in-Bay has to offer I
                                                         guess you could say that it is a lot more than just
                                                         being “Party Central”.

built by a commission of 9 states in cooperation
with the Federal Government. In addition to
commemorating Perry’s victory, it celebrates the
lasting peace between the United States & Canada.

                                         Evanston North-Shore 7
News From our Education Department
                                  P/C Gary Raphael, AP
Engine Maintenance continues with a good number
of attendee’s. They continue to work and should
finish this 10 week course in the allotted time.
So far, no one has expressed interest in the “Women
and boating” class. If you are interested, please
contact Gary before the 15th of this month so he will
have time to get the class together for the Jan 23rd
date. Remember, this is to be a course taught by a        FOR SALE BY OUR MEMBERS:
woman and attended by women.
                                                          Norm Sussman has a pair of inflatable SOS
Tom and Gary are more than happy to put together          suspenders he paid over $160 each for that he will
one to two hour seminars for our members, but they        let go for $75 each. Each is still in the original
need your participation. If there’s a topic you would     package and have never been in the water. He also
like to hear about, please contact either Tom or          has a boat hook like-new that he’s asking $25 for.
Gary. They will do their best to find an instructor and   Call him if you’re interested and I’m sure he’ll make
a site for the seminar.                                   you good deal…847-675-6096

If you think you might be interested, please contact
either Tom (tfclaggett@comcast.net) or Gary
(garyraphael@admintl.com)                                 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

There is still time to sign up
and work the boat shows
Volunteers interested in promoting our
organization, as well as receiving free
admission to the shows, are needed to
staff our booth in 2 hour shifts (or more if
desired) We will be distributing our
winter/spring boating course schedule
and giving information about USPS. Call:
Louise Potter,815-933-1470

    EvaNSIGN Delivery*
 The EvaNSIGN is distributed to the membership
   by two methods: the U. S. Postal Service and           FOR SALE WELL FOUND 1989 SEA RAY
      electronically by an e-mail attachment              SUNDANCER, WITH ALL UP TO DATE
                                                          ELECTRONICS INCLUDING RADAR, GPS,
. Distribution is split just about evenly, 50/50. If      PLOTTER, VHF WITH HAILER AND AUTO FOG
you wish to change the method by which you                HORN, ETC ETC ETC. BOAT IS IN
receive yours, please contact the Editor, Dennis          EXCELLENT CONDITION AND PRICED VERY
                                                          REASONABLY. FOR FURTHER UNFO:
Stein, by phone at 847-846-2399 or by email at            DICK ELESH, 847 256 4346.
dstein@linngroup.com                                      _____________________________________________

                                             Evanston North-Shore 8
The EvaNSIGN recommends the following services provided by our friends and sponsors:

                                                                     BUS. 847/441-6280

                                                                     RES. 847/433-0375

                  Leonard H. Franks, CPCU


                  1845 OAK ST., SUITE 5
                  NORTHFIELD, ILLINOIS 60093      FAX 847/441-5871

                  Member: NASD/SPC

                                        Evanston North-Shore 9
Evanston North-Shore Sail and Power Squadron                             BUILD RATE

5245 George                                                              US POSTAGE

Skokie, Il. 60077                                                           PAID

                                                                         PERMIT NO.


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