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The Shadowing Program for Aspiring Principals will again be conducted in 2011. I believe it an exciting and
adventurous program that takes account of contemporary learning models for the development of future
principals. It is a state-wide program available to teachers and senior staff as well as current Band 3 Level 1
and II principals. The cornerstone of the program is the shadowing component. The program will
accommodate approximately 20 participants.

Outcomes for Aspiring Principals include:

     Developing an understanding of the different styles of leadership required to be an effective principal;
     Developing a self-understanding of their leadership style and emotional intelligence skills; and
     Developing the capability to become a school principal.

Participants in the program will fulfil the following criteria:

     Have the potential and expressed an interest to be a principal in the future;
     Have an understanding of the DoE strategic direction with regard to school improvement leadership;
     Have demonstrated commitment to ongoing learning, self reflection and be willing to undertake a self
      directed inquiry in their context; and
     Have taken some significant leadership role and are a positive influence on their colleagues.

The key components of the program for aspiring principals include;

     Completing the ACEL Capability Framework Survey;
     Accessing professional learning and skill development through reading, discussions, networks, and
      case studies;
     Observing another principal by engaging in a continuous shadowing experience for up to five days,
      plus follow-up reflective conversations;
     Examining various leadership pathways to the principalship;
     Working with a trusted colleague to learn what effective principals do;
     Being exposed to other leadership styles; and
     Developing a school leadership action research learning project tied to the needs of their current

Funding Arrangements

Participants will be funded for up to eight days relief with their school required to fund up to four days
relief. It should be noted that participants may be out of their school for up to 12 days over the year
including five consecutive days. They will be provided with other learning material, including online access
to the ACEL Capability Framework.

Matching Shadower with Shadowee will be as a result of dialogue between Principals, Managers Learning,
Program Manager - School Leadership and participants. There will be a fair spread across the four Learning

D e p art me n t of E d uc at ion
Sc h ool Le ad e rsh ip

It is strongly suggested the demands of this program be considered as once the program has
started participants will be expected to engage all activities. If potential participants are
aware of personal or professional commitments (e.g. leave, other professional learning
commitments) that may conflict with this program, then they should defer their application
for another year.


An Expression of Interest form is attached which requires your principal’s/supervisor’s endorsement.

Program Timeline

Phase                                      Description                        Dates

Selection                                                                     November/December 2010

Establishment Phase                        Workshop for principals –          March 2011
                                           Protocols of Shadowing

                                           Workshop for participants          Late February 2011
                                           (whole group). Expectations
                                           and Scoping the Year.

                                           Online Learning and out of         March – May 2011
                                           hours workshops conducted in
                                           geographical areas - Leadership
                                           styles including establishing
                                           personal leadership styles.

                                           Identify a school based project.

                                           Establish contact with principal

Enacting Phase                             Shadow a principal                 April – August 2011

                                           Initiate and enact the project

Concluding Phase                           Complete school based project      End of Second Term

                                           Plenary Session

The closing date for Expressions of Interest is Thursday, 24th November 2010. Successful applicants
will be notified by the end of the year.

Dr John Ewington

October 2010

                   Shadowing Program for Aspiring Principals
                                        Expression of Interest

Name: _______________________________                             Position: ______________________________

School: _______________________________                           Learning Service _______________________

Email Address: _______________________________________________

What has been your professional learning to date?

Describe how you hope to be able to apply your learning from this program to leadership roles that you
might undertake in the future, including the principalship (max 250 words).


Explain how you think your participation in this leadership program will assist your personal and
professional growth and development (max 250 words)

Principal/Supervisor’s comment:

Signature of Principal/Supervisor: _____________________________________

                        Closing Date: Wednesday, 24 November 2010
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