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      There’s a new way of looking at the automotive locksmith supply business –
      superior service and quality products from HATA’s Preferred Distributors. They’re knowledgeable and dedicated,
      able to respond quickly and correctly whenever you call. All of them stock the full line of HATA goods –
      key machines and blanks, software, tools, cutting wheels, accessories and more. When you call, they’ll have
      the part – guaranteed – to save you backorder delays and frustration.

       H ATA             ORIGINALS                                                                                                         High-Security, VATS & Transponder Keys

                 HAT-265                         HAT-320                     HAT-367                       HAT-380            HAT-380            H-72-USA                  H72-PHCT                    H72-PHT-R                                 H72-PHT-Y                       H72-PHT-B
                 Cadillac                        Cadillac                     Pontiac                        Chevy                GM                 Ford                      Ford                         Ford                                      Ford                            Ford
                     SRX                             CTS                   Grand Prix                        Malibu                               Mustang                   Mustang                     Mustang                                   Mustang                         Mustang
               New for 06’                                                New for 06’                   New for 06’       New for 06’
               Cadillac DTS                                               Pontiac G-6                 Circle Plus Keys   Circle Plus Key
                Circle Plus                                               Circle Plus                HAT-380-CP Chevy     HAT-GMZ-CP
               HAT-272-CP                                                 HAT-381-CP                 HAT-222-CP Buick

               MIT-7315                      B-108-OEM                       B-108-CY                       V-32318         B99A-HPT             B-97-HPT                   H86-HPT                     H-72-HPT                              TR-47-HPT                        B-107-PK3T
               Mitsubishi                         Chevy                        Canyon                      VW-Jetta        Oldsmobile               Buick                      Ford                         Ford                                   Toyota                           Chevy
                Montero                        Colorado                                                                        Aurora                Park                    Focus,                     Mustang                              Avalon XLS,                           Malibu
                   Sport                                                                                                                           Avenue                    Escape                                                      Camry, 4Runner,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Land Cruiser
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Rav-4, Solara,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Sienna XLE

               B99B-HPT                        B99P-HPT      For your transponder key programming needs be sure                                 DA-34-HPT                 Y-160-HPT                HD-106-HPT-5                                      B-99-HPT                   B-103-HPT
                  Buick                          Pontiac     to ask your Distributor about information on ASP's                                    Nissan                   Chrysler                   Clonable                                         Buick,                      2003
                LeSabre                           Aztek                                                                                            Altima,                                               Honda                                        Pontiac,                     Pontiac
                                                             “T-Code or find it for yourself                                                      Murano,                                                                                             Cadillac                  Grand Prix
                                                             at www.tcodeusa.com.”                                                                Maxima,

      Speed & Control: Framon’s Redesigned Sidewinder Key Machine                                                                               B-107-HPT                      VATS                         VATS
                                                                                                                                                 2004-05                   B-82-P-1                     B-62-P-1
      Long an industry favorite, the Sidewinder key machine is now faster and smoother than ever.                                                  Pontiac                     thru                         thru
      We’ve added a spring-loaded carriage and handle for extra quickness and accuracy—the carriage                                             Grand Prix                B-82-P-15                    B-62-P-15
      now also features CNC-grade linear bearings that ride on hardened steel pins.

      The Sidewinder can cut any side-milled, high-security automotive keys in use today—
      and you won’t need to buy extra components. See why Framon gives you the greatest
      speed and control of any key machines on the market.

      • Two guides and four cutters included     • Compact and efficient design with rugged construction                                                     HATA INCORPORATED              Headquarters: 1500 Uhler Road Easton, PA 18040 • 866.888.HATA (4282) • 866.299.4282FAX

      • A free demonstration video               • Full one-year parts, labor, and freight warranty*                                                    601 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest • Suite 900, South Building • Washington, DC 20004-2601 • 202.434.8182 • 202.639.8238FAX
      • A pair of VW/Audi vises for easy interchange as needed, included at time of purchase                                                                                                                  *Cutters are not included in warranty coverage.    w w w. h a t a i n c . c o m

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