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					           Jackson College of
           Graduate Studies Newsletter
                                        Dr. Richard M. Bernard, Dean                                  Spring Semester
                                        Ms. Lorna Deaton, Executive Assistant II                       February, 2011
                                        Ms. Elise Ellis, International Admissions Specialist
                                        Ms. Terry Nolan, Graduate Admissions
                                        Ms. Syretha Leverett, Graduation Specialist                    Nigh University Center
                                        Ms. Phyllis Pennington, Publications & Web Specialist                       Room 404

Inside this Issue                       Graduate Studies Blog Site
                                         The Graduate Studies Blog Site is now into its fourth semester and is going
Graduate Blog ........... 1
                                        strong. To check it out and follow us, go to and meet
Making A Show ........ 2                some of our blog team.
                                        Meet Our New Blog Team Members:
Music Students ............ 2
                                         Our newest blog team members are from the College of Liberal Arts and are both
Spring Admissions ..... 2               pursuing an MA in Political Science; Ashley Schubert and Scott D’Amico.
                                                             Meet Ashley:
Graduation Apps ....... 3
                                                             I am a Political Science graduate student with a concentra-
MFA Design ............. 3                                  tion in Public Administration. I did my undergraduate work at
                                                            Southwestern Oklahoma State University. I currently work at
                                                            the Oklahoma State Capitol as a Legislative Assistant. I live in
                                                            Yukon with my husband, Bronson, and our two dogs, Ethel Mae
                                                            and Blitz.

                                                             Meet Scott:
                                                            I am a first year graduate student studying political science.
                                                           After a stint in the Air Force, I graduated from Oklahoma Sate
                                                           University with a degree in political science and journalism.
 Graduate College                       However, I’m a born and bred Sooners fan. I live in Stillwater with my wife, LuElla,
 Events Schedule                        and our two cats, Winston and Salem.
                                                            Meet Our Veteran Blog Team Members:
Grad Council meeting ... Mar. 8                              Meet Adrien:
Spring break .................. 14-18                        I am a graduate student in the Family and Child Studies/Infant
                                                            & Child Specialist program here at UCO, and I expect to gradu-
Priority registration. ....... Apr. 4
                                                            ate May 2011. I am also a Registered Dietitian. I am married to
Grad Faculty mtg .........Apr. 12                           Marc & we have a mini dachshund named Sydney. My areas of
Sum/Fall regis. .............Apr. 25                        interest in my studies include social/emotional development in
                                                            young children and infant mental health.
Spring classes end ..........Apr. 29
                                                             Meet Rhoda:
Spring commencement ....May 6
                                                             Hello Bloggers, I am a wife, a mother,and a graduate student
(see Graduate Calendar for                                  in the Counseling Psychology Program. I am originally from
further details)                                            Kaduna State, Nigeria. This is my last semester and I am very

           Jackson College of Graduate Studies Newsletter
           Spring semester February, 2011                                              Next        Previous         2

 The Graduate Bloggers have posted over 600 articles since we first began in Fall 2009 semester. We currently
promote our blog site through our Graduate Studies and our pages.

Previous UCO Student and Spouse are Making a Show of It
 Brett and Jenny Rottmayer own Upstage Theatre and Performing Arts Studio in Edmond. Brett received his
Bachelor’s degree from UCO and Jenny is attending UCO while studying for her master’s in music with an
emphasis in performance and directing.
 Seems that both of these UCO students are putting their training and skills to good use at Upstage Theatre
where they offer classes in Set Design, Stagecraft and Directing.
                                                                               Edmond Life & Leisure, January 27, 2011

UCO Music Students are Top Winners
Casey Cross and Lei Xue are piano performance music students at UCO.
 Casey is a sophomore and won the Music Teachers National Association Young Artists’
Competition for Oklahoma.
                       Lei Xue, of Chengdu, China, is pursuing her master’s in piano perfor-
                      mance. Lei won the Oklahoma Music Teachers Association Graduate
                      Piano Competition.                                                              Casey Cross

                       “Both of these students are talented, dedicated musicians whose hard work is being no-
                      ticed. We are very proud of them,” said Chindarat Charoenwongse-Shaw, head of piano/
                      keyboard studies in the UCO School of Music.

       Lei Xue

 Lixin Tong, of Shenyang, China, and a graduate student in UCO’s School of Music won first place in the
graduate division of the State National Association of Teachers of Singing competition in Spring 2010.
Kudos to UCO’s School of Music students. We are very proud of you, your talent and all your hard work.

Spring Admissions
 Terry Nolan, the JCGS receptionist and Graduate Student Admissions Specialist, has been keeping very busy
for Spring semester admissions. When the applications come in to the Graduate College, Ms. Nolan and Ms.
Ellis, our International Student Admissions Specialist, process the students applications. Once the Graduate
College has received all of the students paperwork, the application materials are scanned and sent on to the
graduate advisors via email. This not only saves us from an accumulation of paper, it makes receipt of the student
files by their graduate advisors available almost instantaneously so the student can be accepted into their pro-
gram of choice and admitted.
 Ms. Nolan reports that 460 domestic and international applicants were admitted to the Graduate College for
Spring 2011 Semester. Good work, Elise and Terry!
           Jackson College of Graduate Studies Newsletter
           Spring semester February, 2011                                             Next      Previous       3

Graduation Applications for Spring and Summer 2011
 Ms. Syretha Leverett has been very busy checking applications for graduation. The number of graduate students
completing the requirements of their programs in Spring is 160. The filing deadline is February 15th and the
final deadline for applying for graduation online is March 1st. Any students applying for Spring graduation later
than March 1st must come to the Graduate offices and fill out an application in person.
 So far, 21 students have applied for Summer graduation. Since the deadline for applying is rapidly approach-
ing, Ms. Leverett is expecting a mad rush of applications by the deadline on February 15th. Leverett expects the
totals to be well over 200 this semester.

UCO MFA Design Student goes to Italy
                      Melissa Santana, a graduate student seeking her MFA in Interior Design, is one of ten
                     graduate scholars worldwide who were selected to present her research at the 2011 Design
                     Principles and Practices International Conference, held in Rome, Italy, Feb. 2-4.
                      “The Design Principles and Practices International Conference is a cross-disciplinary fo-
                     rum which brings together researchers, teachers and practitioners to discuss the nature and
                     future of design.”
                        Santana’s research paper explores architecture of Havana, Cuba and how the preservation
                       &/or rehabilitation is influenced by political and economic changes. Her paper is titled
                       “500 years of Architecture: A Comprehensive Analysis of Historic Preservation and Reha-
bilitation Efforts in Havana, Cuba.”

Increases in Admissions & Enrollments in JCGS
 The number of applications and admissions to JCGS continues to go up. From 2007 to 2010 we have seen an
increase of 28% more applications. There has been a 9.4% increase between 2009 and 2010 admissions.
 Between 2007 and 2010 the number of enrolled new graduate students is up by 20%. Between 2009 and 2010
the increase in number of enrolled new graduate students is 8.1% and the number of first time graduate students
has increased from 2006 to 2010 by 23%. There has been an increase from 2009 to 2010 of 10.4% in first time
graduate students.
                          Prospective & Current Graduate Students, 2006-2010                  All Grad Students
       Fall                # Applied      # Admitted       # Enrolled     1st Time                  Headcount
      2006                                                                      295                      1294
      2007                       751             594              484           368                      1414
      2008                     1007              746              561           410                      1568
      2009                       947             690              559           430                      1679
     2010                      1045              791              608           480                      1850
 Total Increase                  294             197              124           112                       436
Percent Increase                28%             25%              20%           23%                       24%

The overall headcount increased from 2006 to 2010 by 24% and the increase between 2009 and 2010 is 9.24%.
                Jackson College of Graduate Studies Newsletter
                Spring semester February, 2011                                                                           Next            Previous              4

                   Student Headcount
                                                                          The graduate student population is now 74% female vs.
     Fall         Female Male     Intnat’l. Students
                                                                         26% male. We have seen an increase of 29% in female
    2006             961    333                  120
                                                                         graduate students and a 32% increase in male graduate stu-
    2007            1039    375                  106                     dents between 2006 and 2010. The increase in international
    2008            1159    409                  117                     graduate students between 2006 and 2010 is up by 30%.
    2009            1204    475                  112
    2010            1361    489                  172
 % Increase         29%    32%                  30%

§ CBA Headcount has increased by 30%                                                    Student Headcount by College
  between 2006 and 2010;                                              Fall              CBA CEPS CFAD CLA CMS Non-Deg.
§ CEPS Headcount has increased by 26%                                2006                154    856    21    158     99    9
  in the same time frame;                                            2007                164    949    27    158     77   39
§ CFAD has increased by 53%;                                         2008                169 1017      43    178     83   78
                                                                     2009                241 1035      46    211     57   51
§ CLA has increased by 46%;
                                                                     2010                221  1159     57    291     60   24
§ CMS has decreased by 65%;
                                                                   % Change             30%    26%   53% 46% -39%       63%
§ Non-Degree Seeking has increased by
  63% between 2006 and 2010.

UCO’s International Partners
All agreements are MOU’s unless otherwise indicated. Unmarked institutions have signed agreements with UCO. Institutions marked with an asterisk have agree-
ments in progress.
Country                  University                                                Location                 Univ. Type & Disciplines
Austria                  Carinthia UAS                                SE Austria, In the Alps               UAS. Business
Czech Republic           University of Ostrava                        NE Czech Republic                     Regional. Liberal Arts
Finland                  Arcada UAS                                   Helsinki                              UAS. Business, TV
France                   La Rochelle Bus. School                      La Rochelle, Atlantic Coast           Focused Univ. CBA, CLA
                         U. of Picardy Jules Verne                    Amiens, North of Paris                Regional. French
                         University of Savoie                         Chambery, In the Alps                 Regional. English, Amer. Studies & Bus.
                         University of Burgundy                       Dijon, Eastern France                 LA Univ. English, Amer. Studies
Italy                    La Sapienza Universita (MOI)                 Rome                                  All Fields
                         University of Trieste                        NE Corner, on Adriatic                Regional. American Studies
Latvia                   University of Latvia*                        Riga, Baltic Seaport                  Flagship. English, Bus., Am Stud
Liechtenstein            U. of Liechtenstein*                         Vaduz, Liechtenstein                  Only University. Business
Lithuania                Vytautas Magnus University                   Kaunas, near Vilnius                  LA Univ.: English, Amer. Studies
Netherlands              Amsterdam UAS                                Amsterdam                             UAS. Business & Communications
                         Fontys UAS (with TLC)                        Eindhoven, Venlo, Tilburg             For-Profit UAS. All Fields
                         INHolland UAS                                Haarlem, Near Amsterdam               For-Profit UAS. Bus, & Com
Norway                   Vestford UC                                  Tonsberg, South of Oslo               Small Regional. All Fields
Poland                   Adam Mickiewicz U.                           Poznan, W (German Sector)             LA Univ. American Studies
                         U. of Gdansk                                 Gdansk, N (German Sector)             Regional. American Studies
                         U. of Lodz                                   Lodz, SE (Russian Sector)             Regional. American Studies
              Jackson College of Graduate Studies Newsletter
              Spring semester February, 2011                                                          Next           Previous         5

Russia              Saratov State University          Saratov                          Regional. CMS Research
Spain               University of Almeria             South Spain, Med. Coast          Regional.    American Studies
                    University of Cadiz               Southern Spain, Atlantic Coast   Regional.    American Studies
                    University of Jaen                South, Inland near Granada       Regional.    All Fields
                    University of Valladolid*         North of Madrid                  Regional.    Am Studies-based but all Fields
Switzerland         Bern UAS*                         Bern                             UAS. Business
                    Eastern Switz. UAS                Chur                             UAS. Business
                    Lucerne UASA*                     Lucerne                          UAS. Business
                    Northwestern Switz. UAS           Olten, West of Zurich            UAS. Business
                    University of Basel               Basel                            Regional. All Fields
                    University of Lausanne*           Lausanne                         Regional All Fields
UK                  Swansea University                Wales’ South Coast               Regional. Various + (Co-op Ph.D. Prog.)
China               Baoji U. of Arts & Sciences       Baoji, West near Xi’an           All Fields
                    China Criminal Police U. (MOI)    Shenyang, Liaoning Province      Forensic Sci. & CJ
                    College of Tech. & Engr. (MOI)    Lanzhou                          Tech Univ. Math & Science
                    Daqing Petroleum University       Daqing, NE of Manchuria          Tech Univ. All Fields
                    Nanjing U. of Sci. & Tech (MOI)   Nanjing City                     All Fields
                    Northwest University              Xi’an (Terracotta Soldiers)      Regional All Fields
                    South China Normal U.             Guangzhou near Hong Kon          Regional Sciences
                    SW Forestry University            Kunming, Yunnan Province         Focused Univ. All Fields
                    SW U. of Pol. Sci. & Law (MOI)    Chongqing                        Focused Univ. Pol. Sci.
                    Xi’an International Studies U.    Xi’an, West of Shanghai          Focused Univ. Pol. Sci., Economics
                    Zhejiang Normal U                 Jinhua, South of Shanghai        Regional. All Fields
India               Seshadripuram 1st-Grade College   Yelahanak, Bangalore             Math and Science
                    SRI / Jain Trust                  Bangalore, India                 Math and Science
                    SRM University                    Kattankulathur                   For Profit. All Fields
Korea               Hoseo University                  Cungham, South Korea             Regional. All Fields
                    Kosin University                  Busan, Korea                     TESL
                    Pusan U. of Foreign Studies       Busan (aka, Pusan)               Focused Univ. TESL
                    Pukyong National U. (MOI)         Busan                            All Fields
                    Sookmyung Women’s U. (MOI)        Yongsan-gu, Seoul                TESL
Malaysia            INTI                                                               For-Profit. All Fields
                    UCSI (MOI)                        Kuala Lumpur                     For-Profit. All Fields
Singapore           Smartteam School of Mgt.          Singapore                        For-Profit. Management
Taiwan              Ching Yun University              Jungli City                      Regional. All Fields
                    Nat’l Taichung Inst. of Tech.     Taichung                         Tech Univ. All Fields
Turkey              Uludag University (MOI)           Bursa                            Regional Math and Science
Vietnam             VNU – Ctr. for Inat. Ed.          Ho Chi Minh City                 Focused Univ. All Fields
Mexico              Universidad Popular … Puebla      Puebla                           All Fields
Nigeria             AECDI                             Nigeria                          All Fields