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									        Staying Safe
1.   Journal: If I were a new
     student at a different school, I
     would like to be treated…..
2.   Story/Discussion
3.   Notes
4.   Test Questions
5.   Game?!?!
             Staying Safe
 Story:
 Turn  to page #15 in your packet. Listen to
  the story.
 Be ready to discuss answers to the
  questions on page #15.
              Staying Safe
 1. When I read about Shanedra’s
  babysitting job, before I got to the ride
  home, how were you feeling?
 2. How did your feelings change when
  you heard what Mr. Mitchell said to
               Staying Safe
 Sexual Harassment is defined as:
 Making unwanted sexual advances, asking for
  sexual contact, and using words or gestures in a
  sexual way that offends someone.
 It is usually done by a person who has some
  kind of “power” over another person- like a boss
  or older person you know- but it can also
  happen between fellow students.
               Staying Safe
 DiscussionContinued:
 3. Does Mr. Mitchell have any power over
  Shanedra? What kind?

 4.How is Mr. Mitchell’s request of
  Shanedra a violent act?
             Staying Safe
 5. Bribery is when someone tries to force
  someone else to do something by
  promising a positive result.
 Did Mr. Mitchell bribe Shanedra? What
  did he promise her?
 6. What might Shanedra be thinking?
  What might she be feeling?
            Staying Safe
 7.  Sometimes when people are harassed
  or abused sexually, they report feeling
  shame, guilt and embarrassment.
 Do you think Shanedra should feel guilty
  for what Mr. Mitchell said?
 Do you think she should feel embarrassed
  or ashamed?
 What do you think Mr. Mitchell should
             Staying Safe
 At your table, discuss this:
 What do you hope Shanedra does in this
  situation to keep herself safe?
 Be ready to report your tables’ answer for
  the rest of the class.
         Staying Safe- Notes
 Turn  to page #16 in your packet.
 Being able to think and use methods to
  keep ourselves safe is not easy when we
  are frightened. The following are steps to
  help us stay safe from harassment and
 Can you draw a picture for each one in
  your packet?
            Staying Safe Notes
                 5 ways to staying safe:
   1. Trust your “uh-oh” voice. (If you think
    something is wrong, it usually is)
   2. Walk away. (It is the most powerful way to
    control yourself and get out of the situation)
   3. Say “NO!” loudly and clearly.
   4. RUN to a safe place.
   5. TELL- we are taught to listen to adults and
    behave a certain way. It is illegal for an adult to
    sexually harass or abuse a child. It is okay to
    tell a trusted adult in this situation.
 Staying Safe- Test Questions
 Beable to list the 5 ways to Staying Safe
 on the test!

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