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					EPISODE 9
                                                                                            17. STEVEN:            No guys, I am late for school.
                                                                                            18. JOHN:              Then what are you still doing here?
   1.     Ext. Rock Bay lakeside. Early morning.
   2.     B/G SFX: Water lapping, birds, women fishmongers and fishermen                    19. ANDREW:            (JOCULAR) It is that Stella the stalker that has cast a spell
   3.     STEVE,     JOHN,     ANDREW,       STELLA,   WOMEN        FISHMONGERS,                on him.
                                                                                            20. SFX:               LAUGHTER
          FISHERMEN HAGGLING AND QUARRELLING                                                21. STEVEN:            You guys. Silly chaps! (GOING OFF) I’m off.

   5.     JOHN:     (CALLING OUT) That is it! Fish is over.                                 22. STELLA:            (CALLING IN) Hey, Steven wait. (COMING IN) Steven, are
                                                                                                                   you trying to avoid me?
   6.     WOMAN:             You men! You do not know how to do business. Is that all
                             you have. Really are you fishermen?                            23. STEVEN:            No Stella, I have… its just…

   7.     ANDREW:            We had to use the standard nets and the Lake doesn’t seem      24. STELLA:            (INTERROGATING) Steven, what is the matter? You
                             to agree with us.                                                                     haven’t come to see me at all.

   8.     STELLA: Andrew that is how it is. Unless you want to be arrested again.           25. STEVEN:            (WITH CHARM) Stella, relax. If today was tomorrow we
                                                                                                                   would be talking about / tonight.
   9.     WOMAN:             You, Stella, you are always getting every good fish those
                             men catch. So you can talk that way.                           26. STELLA:            / (STERNLY) Look Steve, you should be more active with
                                                                                                                   me. I pay your bail, look after your sick mother, but what do
   10.      STEVEN:          (DEFENSIVELY) Ah, no. I always distribute this fish                                   I get? Nothing. Am I still not good enough for you?
                             equally and according to your / money.
                                                                                            27.   STEVEN:          Understand that my mother is still at the health centre. I
   11.      WOMAN:           / You don’t even talk. Steven, you think we don’t have eyes.                          have had to look after home by myself. And school…
                             We always see you keeping the big fish for Stella.
                                                                                            28. STELLA: No Steve, you just don’t care about me.
   12.      JOHN:             (AGITATED) Ah, you women. Always this, always that!
                             Just take your fish and go. Also come back and complain        29. STEVEN:            (CHARMINGLY) No darling, it’s just that things have been
                             tomorrow.                                                                             tight lately. In fact I am even looking for the money you lent
   13. STEVEN:               You heard the man, okay?!
                                                                                            30.   STELLA:          But Steven, maybe you don’t understand what I tell you.
   14. JOHN:                 Andrew we turn this boat over and return to our wives.                                The crime is that you are not giving me what I want. Maybe
                                                                                                                   I should go looking elsewhere for it.
   15. ANDREW:               Sure John. (JOCULAR) Steven can follow his fish monger
                             over there.                                                    31. STEVEN:            No Stella, I don’t want you to go elsewhere. I am your man,
   16. SFX:                  LAUGHTER

32. STELLA: Then come and see me soon
                                                                                    50. REBECCA:          Oh… my… God! (GASP)
33. END.
                                                                                    51. FLOWER:           And that…
34. Scene 2
                                                                                    52. REBECCA:          Ah! Everybody in here is half naked.
35.   Int. Classroom. Day.
36.   B/G SFX: Low murmur of pupils in class                                        53. FLOWER:           Girl you should get the feel of the real thing not just these
37.   REBECCA, FLOWER, TEACHER MARK                                                     pictures.
      HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA—READ FROM AN ACTUAL TEXT BOOK,                        54. REBECCA:          (GIGGLING) That one with pointed nipples looks like
      F/G- PAGES OF A MAGAZINE TURNING, OCCASIONAL LOW MURMURS                                            teacher Mark. (GIGGLES LOUDLY)
                                                                                    55. TEACHER MARK: (BARKING) Rebecca, have you gone mad.
39.    FLOWER:       (WHISPERING ALMOST LOUDLY)You think this is
                     amazing, Rebecca. Wait I will even show you a better one.      56. SFX:     RUSHING PACES COMING IN.

40.    REBECCA:      (WHISPERING ALMOST LOUDLY, COWARDLY) No put                    57. TEACHER MARK: What are you doing? Flower what are you hiding in that
                     this thing away, Flower. Teacher is going to find us.              bag?

41. FLOWER:          (LOW MUFFLED GIGGLING) Look, look, Rebecca / look.             58. FLOWER:           Eh-eh, Nothing sir?

42. REBECCA:         (PANIC) / Quiet Flower, you shall get us caught. The           59. TEACHER MARK: Bring that bag here.
                     teacher is looking in our direction.
                                                                                    60. SFX:     FUMBLING OF BAG ZIPS. MAGAZINE COMING OUT, PAUSE
43. FLOWER:          That one, he is stupid. He must be thinking we are paying
                     attention to our books on the desk. Relax.                     61. TEACHER MARK: I asked a question whose bag is this?

44. REBECCA:         You, we are drawing his attention.                             62. SFX:     SILENT PAUSE

45. FLOWER:          There! What do you think of that? All male! Now I imagine      63. REBECCA:           (BAFFLED) Mine, sir.
                     Steve has exactly the same.
                                                                                    64. TEACHER MARK: Rebecca, where did you get this filth. Flower I am sure you
46. REBECCA:         How do you know? Have you seen it?                                               have something to do with this!

47. FLOWER:          I have X-ray powers girls which can undress a man in           65. FLOWER:            (BOLD) Teacher mark, me I do not.
                                                                                    66. TEACHER MARK: So Rebecca, while everybody else is busy reading. You are
48. REBECCA:         Eh, me I never see those things. I even fear to look at one.                     busy showing off pictures of naked men from Magazines /
                     Where did you get this magazine? I have never thought I                          Go and wait for me outside.
                     could see so many naked men in a few pages.
                                                                                    67. SFX:     / WOOING BY THE REST OF THE CLASS. LAUGHTER
49. FLOWER:          You think that is all? See this!

68. END.                                                                           85. HEADMASTER: Shouldn’t you have thought of the repercussions before you
                                                                                                     started looking at that magazine?
69. SCENE 3
                                                                                   86. REBECCA:          Sir, please.
70. Int. Headmaster’s Office. Day.
71. B/G SFX: School break sounds                                                   87. SFX:              PAUSE
                                                                                   88. HEADMASTER: Ah-ah, in fact, I am going to double your punishment since
73. HEADMASTER: So, this is the history you are reading? A magazine full of                         you are a teacher’s child. You are going to be an example to
                       naked men and women!                                                         the rest

74. SFX:               FURIOUS FIST ON THE TABLE                                   89. SFX:              Rebecca breaking down, crying

75. HEADMASTER: (SOUNDING DISAPPOINTED) In all my years as                         90. HEADMASTER: What else are you up to Rebecca? Do you enjoy looking at
                  Headmaster of this school, I have never come across such                          people having sex?
                  filth. Hmmm? Rebecca, you of all people?! Where did you
                  get it?                                                          91. REBECCA:          (CRYING) No, (GASPING) no Sir…

76. REBECCA:           Sir I / was…                                                92. HEADMASTER: Are you having sex?

77. HEADMASTER: And you think I actually want to know? What was going on in        93. SFX:              Rebecca mumbles
                 the head of yours? Who else were you with?
                                                                                   94. HEADMASTER: Then why all these sex pictures. Is that what you are taught
78. REBECCA:           (PANIC) No, it was only me. I found the magazine on the                       in class?
                       road, near the gate.
                                                                                   95. REBECCA:          Headmaster, I am so sorry. The devil is the one who
79. HEADMASTER: You are lying aren’t you? Flower was with you.                         tempted me.

                                                                                                     BACK) At least there is some truth in what you are saying.
81. HEADMASTER: That is not what Teacher Mark led me to believe when he said                         But you still have to be punished. If it was my choice I
                 the two of you were laughing together.                                              would give you sticks. You are going to do hard labour
                                                                                                     without pay. Pit latrines in and out. Is that clear?
82. REBECCA:           No sir.
                                                                                   97. REBECCA:          Yes Headmaster.
83. HEADMASTER: Shame, your mother is such a respectable woman. I could
                  never have imagined she could raise up a girl reading            98. HEADMASTER: And should I find any of your friends assisting you… Eh, and
                  pornography.                                                                      since your mother is away for a workshop. I am going to
                                                                                                    discipline you like a parent not a teacher. Bend over!
84. REBECCA:           Sir it’s my entire fault. My mother knows nothing about
                       this. Sir please give me any punishment but don’t tell my   99. END
                                                                                   100. SCENE 4

101. Location: Clinton Pub at lunch time                                              116.   MONDAY:    Guma, that woman has you wrapped round her little finger.
102. SFX: B/G - Ugandan music                                                                           Doesn’t she?
                                                                                      117.   GUMA:      (DEFENSE) She is quite supportive about this for your
104. SFX:      B/G-MUSIC PLAYING                                                                        information, Monday.

105.   REMY:          Guma, we need to show that radio license to the bank. That      118.   SFX:       LAUGHTER
                      will improve the chances of getting a loan.
                                                                                      119.   MONDAY:    Guma, listen to yourself talking. Isn’t this woman of yours
106.   GUMA:          Look, I still haven’t gotten anywhere with that, Remy. I                          calling the shots really?
                      have been there twice again and it was the same thing.
                      Delays and people out of office.                                120.   GUMA:      Monday, I don’t really care who is calling the shots. My wife
                                                                                                        and I are equal partners /
107.   SOLOMON:       (FURIOUS) What, you mean Okello didn’t come up with the
                      goods? He assured me… Let me call that guy…                     121.   SFX:       / LAUGHTER /

108.   GUMA:          No Solomon, let us just be patient. I feel that things are      122.   REMY:      Is that in the business sense or in your personal lives?
                      going to materialize.
                                                                                      123.   GUMA:      Well….both….I suppose…
109.   SOLOMON:       No, Guma, this is too much time wasting. Time is money
                      and our time is being wasted. Maybe I didn’t give him           124.   SOLOMON:   I am just losing my patience. Guma you are practically
                      enough. Why hasn’t he coughed yet?                                                family to me. Despite that you should know when not to let
                                                                                                        the madam stand in / our way.
110.   GUMA:          Look ahead Solomon. A radio station is a very sensitive
                      issue. If you keep paying our way, this might play against      125.   REMY:      /Hold on. Hold on. If Amelia is a partner in the radio
                      us in the future.                                                                 station, then she needs to be kept up to date on
                                                                                                        developments. Guma, is Amelia helping to get the license
111.   MONDAY:        (LAUGHING) Guma you never stop amusing me. You                                    while you’re here in Rock Point?
                      better get used to the way the world works.
                                                                                      126.   GUMA:      Well…no…but, I suppose I could ask her/
112.   GUMA:          Monday, I am telling you, not when it comes to this Radio
                      Station.                                                        127.   MONDAY:    /We don’t need some woman messing things up. Let’s keep
                                                                                                        the wife out of this.
113.   REMY:          Guma has a point, fellows. If we mess up the arrangements
                      when we’re setting the station up, it could spell disaster in   128.   REMY:      Fellows, why don’t we cool down and have a beer?
                      the years to come.
                                                                                      129.   GUMA:      Not for me…
114.   SOLOMON:       (STILL AGITATED) Guma, you should have stayed at that
                      office until you had that piece of paper in your damn hands.    130.   SOLOMON:   Come on, Guma, have a beer with us. It’s on me.
                      Otherwise what were you doing in the city then?
                                                                                      131.   GUMA:      If I drink at lunchtime, I can’t concentrate in the
115.   GUMA:          (SHEEPISHLY) I had to visit the wife and kids.                                    afternoon...

                                                                                       149.   FLOWER:    That’s a promise sweetheart. Ha, I wonder where that
132.   MONDAY:         What is there to concentrate on in the afternoon anyway?                          magazine is right now. Those old staffroom perverts are
                                                                                                         probably drooling saliva on the pages right now.
133.   SFX:             LAUGHTER
                                                                                       150.   REBECCA:   I’ve had enough of naked men. I have to clean these smelly
134.   REMY:           Barmaid!! Bring us a round of beers.                                              latrines on my own.

135.   GUMA:           Guys, relax. I will sort out the license myself. Don’t worry.   151.   FLOWER:    Hey, I could call some freshers in senior one to do your dirty
                                                                                                         for you.
136.   SOLOMON:        Okay then, but make it quick. I have already moved a step
                       ahead of this license. I have found premises!                   152.   SFX:       CREAKY PIT LATRINE DOOR OPENS

137.   END.                                                                            153.   REBECCA:   Why don’t you pick that brush and start with this one while
                                                                                                         I work on the next one.?
138.   SCENE 5
                                                                                       154.   FLOWER:    (SQUEALING WITH DISGUST) Gosh, it’s filthy.
139.   Int./Ext. School latrines. Day.                                                                   (ELUSIVELY) I think I have been here too long.
140.   B/G SFX: school sounds
141.   REBECCA, FLOWER, STEVEN                                                         155.   REBECCA:   Do as you please.

142.   SFX:            SCHOOL SOUNDS: B/G-SCHOOL BELL, STUDENTS                        156.   FLOWER:    (WHISPERS LOUDLY SUDDENLY) Rebecca you won’t
                       LEAVING CLASSROOMS                                                                believe who is coming your way. (CALLING OUT) Steve.
                                                                                                         (WHISPERING LOUDLY) Hide, just enter the toilet.
143.   FLOWER:         (WINCING) How could that old dog of a headmaster beat
                       you like that? We should turn him in!! You know, it’s not       157.   STEVEN:    (CALLING IN) Oh, Hi Rebecca!
                       allowed for teachers and headmasters to cane students!
                                                                                       158.   REBECCA:   (GRUDGINGLY) Oh, hi.
144.   REBECCA:        He did it because my Mum isn’t around to do it…
                                                                                       159.   STEVEN:    (COMING IN, JOCULAR) I thought I would find the new
145.   FLOWER:         That doesn’t matter. We should report the old fart!                               school porn queen here.

146.   REBECCA:        You should just keep quiet about it. It is you who should be    160.   REBECCA:   (AGITATED) Just leave me alone, Steven.
                       carrying these marks not me. How could you set me up like
                       that?                                                           161.   STEVEN:    Flower, aren’t you going to help your friend? After all she
                                                                                                         was brave enough to protect you when you ran away at the
147.   FLOWER:         Rebecca, I am so sorry. I wasn’t thinking. I was in a hurry                       first sign of trouble.
                       to get the damn magazine from the teacher’s sight. I wasn’t
                       looking where I was putting it.                                 162.   FLOWER:    Ha, isn’t it you who is running away from trouble right
148.   REBECCA:        That was not nice. Don’t ever do that to me again, Okay? I
                       have a good mind to kill you if my mother finds out.            163.   STEVEN:    What are you talking about?

                                                                                       164.   FLOWER:    Vicky?

165.   STEVEN:         Flower, give us a break!                                          183.   SFX:      DUSK SOUNDS

166.   FLOWER:         I will leave you two ‘love birds’ alone. (teasingly, going out)   184.   STEVEN:   Mama, have you eaten?
                       Maybe Becky will show you her stripes on her body.
                                                                                         185.   MOTHER:   I tried. The food you prepared was nice but I really don’t
167.   STEVEN:         Rebecca are you alright?                                                           have an appetite. Just leave it here. I will eat little by little.

168.   SFX:            SCHOOL SOUNDS: B/G-SCHOOL BELL, STUDENTS                          186.   STEVEN:   Good. Keep trying. You remember what the doctor told you
                       ENTERING CLASSROOMS                                                                about keeping your energy up?

169.   REBECCA:        I’m really sore but I will manage.                                187.   MOTHER:   I tell you Steven, I haven’t seen any mother with a Son like
                                                                                                          you. It’s because of your efforts that I am feeling so much
170.   STEVEN:         I could lend you a hand, if you want.                                              better. Soon I will be able to weave my baskets…

171.   REBECCA:        (SUDDEN ANGER) How could Flower do this to me? It is              188.   STEVEN:   Mama you don’t have to worry. There is nothing wrong with
                       all her fault.                                                                     me looking after you. Take it easy.

172.   STEVEN:         Rebecca, Flower is just like that. You are wasting your           189.   BETTY:    Mummy, I have squeezed for you some fresh juice.
                       energy getting angry at her. (SOOTHINGLY) But, Becky,
                       you are different. You are not like Flower… special… Well         190.   STEVEN:   Oh, thank you dear.
                       forget it.
                                                                                         191.   MOTHER:   Well done Betty. Do you have some for me too? I am
173.   REBECCA:        (FLATTERED) Nobody calls me Becky like that.                                       thirsty?

174.   STEVEN:         (CHARMINGLY) Well, I have a cute little sister called             192.   BETTY:    (CURIOUSLY, CONCERNED) Mummy what exactly is
                       Betty – and well, Becky sounds nice – and I will be the only                       paining you? You get sick a lot these days. The girls at
                       one to call you that. May I?                                                       school say you have AIDS….

175.   REBECCA:        Sure Stevo.                                                       193.   MOTHER:   Don’t worry dear. I am getting better and you have been so
                                                                                                          helpful to your brother. Have you finished your homework?
176.   STEVE:          Here, give me that brush. I’ll work on the inside of this one
                       while you work on the other one.                                  194.   BETTY:    Yes Mummy, Steven helped me.

177.   REBECCA:        (SURPRISED) Thanks….you’re different too                          195.   MOTHER:   Steven what about you own homework?

178.   END.                                                                              196.   STEVEN:    I managed to complete it from school before I went off for
179.   SCENE 6
                                                                                         197.   MOTHER:   Well, make sure that you concentrate on your studies.
180.   Int. Steve’s hut. Early Evening.
181.   SFX: Dusk sounds; crickets, water bay breeze, evening birds chirping.             198.   STEVEN:   (HESITANT) Mama, I had better prepare. I have to go out
182.   STEVEN, MOTHER, BETTY                                                                              to the lake tonight.

199.   MOTHER:         Steven, not tonight. It is very cool, I feel the wind coming.   217.   SFX:       BANGING ON THE DOOR HEARD FROM INSIDE THE
200.   STEVEN:         But, Mama, this is when it’s perfect for fishing. Am sure
                       John and Andrew are already cursing over the moon that I        218.   NANA:      (CALLING FROM OUTSIDE THE DOOR) Hello, open this
                       am late. Besides, we need the money.                                              door.

201.   MOTHER:         Steven, you are fishing too much these days. I worry about      219.   SFX:       PAUSE, MORE BANGING LOUDER
                       your school work. Andrew and John will be fine without
                       you for one night.                                              220.   NANA:      (THROUGH THE DOOR) Open this door I tell you.

202.   STEVEN:         But, Mama, I already promised them. You know they have          221.   SFX:       BARE FEET WALKING TOWARD THE DOOR AS
                       a hard time fishing with just two. They need me to help                           BANGING CONTINUES
                       pull in the nets.
                                                                                       222.   SOLOMON:   (GRUMBLING) You come back late in the night and cause
203.   MOTHER:         I suppose, if you have to. But, I just don’t see the need for                     a racket? I was just about to sleep.
                       you to fish every night…
                                                                                       223.   SFX:       SOLOMON OPENS DOOR
204.   STEVEN:         I will stay home tomorrow night, Mama.
                                                                                       224.   NANA:      (FURIOUSLY) Why did you take so long in opening the
205.   MOTHER:         All right, then. Betty will look after me tonight. Won’t you                      door? If you did not want me to come in you could have told
                       my dear?                                                                          me over the phone.

206.   BETTY:          Yes, very well.                                                 225.   SOLOMON:   (IRRITATED) Look at the time Nana. It’s after midnight! I
                                                                                                         thought you had a key. Besides it should be the other way
207.   STEVEN:         Okay then. I am off.                                                              round, you should be        opening for me!

208.   MOTHER:         Aren’t you taking something warm?                               226.   NANA:      Why didn’t you answer your phone?

209.   STEVEN:         No I am just fine                                               227.   SOLOMON:   I hate talking to you over the phone.

210.   BETTY:          Steven, you are dressed like you are going to a wedding.        228.   NANA:      What if I had a problem? I was calling you for help because
                                                                                                         one of the trucks had lost its produce. I wanted you to come
211.   STEVEN:         Never mind Betty. My fishing gear is in John’s boat. I will                       with one of the packers.
                       change there.
                                                                                       229.   SOLOMON:   I am tired of those excuses all the time. Next time call one
212.   END.                                                                                              of the truck drivers. You seem to be spending a lot more
                                                                                                         time with them than me!
213.   SCENE 7
                                                                                       230.   NANA:      (SCREAMING) how dare you?
214.   Int. Solomon’s House Night.
215.   B/G SFX: Farm sounds. Car driving off.                                          231.   SFX:       SLAP, DOOR OPENS

232.   SOLOMON:       (BELLOWING) Get out of here if you won’t speak           248.   LILLIAN:        I feel that way too, Uncle
                                                                               249.   SOLOMON:        You know that you are a very beautiful girl and I have
233.   NANA:          (SOBBING) Okay, I will. I would rather spend the night                          found myself       thinking about you often. I cannot help
                      anywhere else other than with you!                                              it. Is that wrong?

234.   SOLOMON:       (SARCASTICALLY) With your truck driver eh?               250.   LILLIAN:        (SHYLY) I don’t know.

235.   NANA:          (SHOUTS BACK, AS SHE WALKS OUT THE DOOR) Get a           251.   SOLOMON:        (SOFTLY) Your lips are so inviting. May I kiss you?
                                                                               252.   LILLIAN:        Yes, Uncle. (RUSTLING CLOTHES, BREATHING)
236.   SFX:           CAR DRIVES OFF
                                                                               253.   SALOME:         (CALLING OUT SLEEPILY) Lillian, where are you? I can’t
237.   SOLOMON:       (MUMBLING) Don’t bother trying to come back either                              sleep.
                      tonight. I won’t be getting up…
                                                                               254.   SFX:            SCUFFLE
                                                                               255.   LILLIAN:        (GASP) I’m here Salome….
239.   SOLOMON:       (SURPRISED) Eh! Lillian! You surprised me. How long
                      have you been standing there?                            256.   SOLOMON:        (GRUFFLY) Lillian, put Salome to bed and get to bed, too

240.   LILLIAN:       (APOLOGETIC) I am sorry…. I came for a glass of water.   257.   END
                      Can I get you a cup of tea?
                                                                               258.   SCENE 8
241.   SOLOMON:       No. Come, let’s sit. (WALKING TO A CHAIR AND
                      SITTING DOWN) sit here next to me. I want to talk with   259.   Ext. Stella’s House. Night.
                      you.                                                     260.   B/G SFX: close to a water bay night sounds.
                                                                               261.   STEVEN, STELLA
242.   LILLIAN:       (OBEDIENTLY) Yes Uncle. What do you want to talk to
                      me about?                                                262.   SFX:            BREEZING CRICKETS. STEALTHY KNOCKING ON THE
243.   SOLOMON:       Things are not so good between your Aunt Nana and me
                      these days.                                              263.   STELLA:         (COMING IN) Who is there?

244.   LILLIAN:       I am sorry, Uncle.                                       264.   STEVEN:         (LOUD WHISPER) Stevo

245.   SOLOMON:       It was not always this way…                              265.   STELLA:         (MAKING SURE) Who?

246.   LILLIAN:       Yes, Uncle.                                              266.   STEVEN:         (WHISPERING LOUDER) Steven.

247.   SOLOMON: You are somehow always there for me, though. You and I have    267.   SFX:            DOOR OPENS HASTILY.
                   understood each other in a special way.
                                                                               268.   STELLA:         (GASPING) At last!!

269.   STEVEN:   (STILL WHISPERING) You have me the whole night.
                 (GUILTILY) Stella, I really had to improvise.

270.   STELLA:   Come in, come in. (SEXUALLY CHARGED, GASPING) My

271.   SFX:      GIGGLES. Door Shuts, key locks.

272.   END.

                                                                                           (End of scene 8)
                                                                                                              -A transition into the discussion theme narration follows-

Narrator:          Last time on Rock Point 256… (edit in short clips from 2 or 3 key

                   This morning, Steven and his fishing mates have just sold their catch   EPISODE 9
                   after a bad night of fishing.
                                                                                           THEME: The challenges of adolescence
(End of scene 1)                                                                                           Social norms

Narrator:          That morning in class, Rebecca and Flower are not paying attention
                   to the lecture…

(End of scene 2)
                                                                                           NARR F:               (TEASING) Sooooo, what does it mean to be a man in Uganda?
Narrator:          Tsk, tsk…so now, Rebecca has to face the Headmaster alone. While
                   Flower gets off Scott free!!!                                           NARR M:               (UNCERTAIN) Huh?

(End of scene 3)                                                                           NARR F:               (PERSISTENT) You heard Solomon talking to Guma…what do you
                                                                                                                 think? What do you think it means to be a man in Uganda?
Narrator:          While Rebecca gets the cane, Guma is having a lunch time meeting
                   with Monday, Solomon and Remy at Clinton’s Bar.                         NARR M:               Well in my family, being a man doesn’t mean taking advantage of
                                                                                                                 young girls like Lillian.
(End of scene 4)
                                                                                           NARR F:               That whole situation is making me feel sick. Really! Why can’t
Narrator:          That afternoon, Flower finds Rebecca cleaning the latrines…                                   husbands and wives talk calmly to each other. You know Nana had a
                                                                                                                 terrible evening because of the problems with the truck. Solomon
(End of scene 5)                                                                                                 should have been there to comfort her!

Narrator:          That evening at home, Steven and Betty are looking after their          NARR M:               (AFFIRMING) But, Nana needs to take some responsibility here too.
                   mother, who is recovering from her illness.                                                   Do you really think that she can keep her marriage if she continues
                                                                                                                 with these kinds of emotional outbursts?
(End of scene 6)
                                                                                           NARR F:               Well still, that doesn’t mean it’s ok for Solomon to go with Lillian.
Narrator:          Later that night, on the other side of town Nana has arrived home…
                                                                                           NARR M:               I agree. That whole relationship is really having a problem. But
(End of scene 7)                                                                                                 these things are happening everyday in Uganda.

Narrator:           (disappointment and surprise) Oh, oh, oh, oh. What are they            NARR F:               Yeah, older men taking advantage of younger girls – tricking them
                   thinking? And, what is Steven up to at this time of night?                                    that they’ll take care of everything. I’ve seen too many girls get

                    fooled. They end up pregnant or worse yet, then end up with HIV or
                    acid burns.

NARR M:             I’ve seen it too, the guys disappear as soon as there is trouble.

NARR F:             I’ve talked to my sisters who follow me. I remember what it is like to
                    be confused about all of the changes that are happening at that age.
                    Just like Rebecca, I was curious about relationships and had lots of

NARR M:             Do you think there are others in the community that are talking
                    about these issues?

NARR F: I don’t know, but let’s ask our listeners to write in and tell us.

Narrator:           Will Judith find out about Rebecca? When will Guma get a license
                    for his radio station? And, what is going to happen with Solomon and
                    Lillian? Learn all this and more next time on Rock Point 256.



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