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                Life 2 Model
•   Research (JISC Project)
•   Application to whole operation of Library
•   Attempts to cost common factors
•   Does not take into account certain details
        Life Model Formula
L   =    C    +   Aq      +       I     +     BP      +        CP   +   Ac
t                  t                           t                t        t

         L        = Complete lifecycle cost over time 0 to t
         C        = Creation
         Aq       = Acquisition
         I        = Ingest
         BP       = Bit-stream Preservation
         CP       = Content Preservation
         Ac       = Access
                       Life Model Detail
Acquisition            Ingest     Bit-stream      Content        Access
                                  Preservation    Preservation
Selection              Quality   Repository       Preservation   Access
                       Assurance Administration   Watch          Provision
Submission             Metadata   Storage         Preservation   Access Control
Agreement                         Provision       Planning
IPR & Licensing        Deposit    Refreshment     Preservation   User Support
Ordering & Invoicing   Holdings   Backup          Re-ingest
Obtaining              Reference Inspection       Disposal
  NLW Digital Archive Equipment
•Servers in both Machine Rooms (Sun V490)
•External Disk Array in both Machine Rooms (Sun Stortek 3200)
•Tape Library in one Machine Room (Quantum Scalar i2000)
•Optical Library in one Machine Room (Plasmon UDO1 G638)

•Large Storage Array in one Machine Room

•AMASS Storage Software
    NLW Digital Archive Support
•Server Support
•Disk Array Support
•Tape Library Support/Maintenance
•Optical Library Support/Maintenance
•AMASS Software Support
•Solaris 10 Operating System Support
     NLW Digital Archive Storage
•Tape Media
•Tape Slots
•Optical Media

•Tape Drives – based on access patterns / insertion patterns
•Optical Drives – based on access patterns / insertion patterns

•Disk Storage Area – based on project sizes
  NLW Digital Archive Computing
•Data duplicated to provide three versions of a file
•Extra copy taken to comply with preservation best practice
•Extra copy in Optical Library
•Time to taken to copy data

•If estimated to take a long time another drive in the libraries will
  NLW Digital Archive Staff Costs

•Media takes time to prepare and is a manual process
•Taking media off site and to the Copper Rooms
•Bringing media back from the Copper Rooms and off site to
•Duplicating tape contents to temporarily replace off site tapes
•Media Generation change
•AMASS Storage Database Backups
                NLW Costing Formulae
                    Media Cost
Project Size (mb) = Number of Files * Estimated Average File Size (mb)
Number of Tapes (1 copy) = Project Size / 381468 mb
Number of Optical Cartridges (1 copy) = Project Size / 28661 mb

Tape Media Cost = (Number of Tapes * £23) * Number of Copies (4)
Tape Slot Cost (10 years) = Number of Tapes * £50 (only one copy is kept in tape
Media Cost = Tape Media Cost + Tape Slot Cost
Total Archive Size = Project Size(mb) * Number of Copies (4)
These figures only show the size and number of tapes for 1 copy. Remember there
are four copies of the data.
                  NLW Costing Formulae
                   Insertion Task Time

Md5 capture time (mins) = (Time taken to generate md5*Number of Files)/60
Transfer to tape (1 copy in mins) = ((Project Size (mb)/ Tape Drive Transfer
Rate)/Number of Drives for project)/60
Optical Transfer is similar to Transfer to tape
                NLW Costing Formulae
                 Insertion Total Time
Computer Time of insertion (Hours) = (Transfer to Tape * Number of Copies (4) +
Md5 Capture Time)/60
Staff Time for insertion (Hours) = ((Number of Tapes*Preparation Time (10
mins))*Number of Copies (4)) + Time taken to move tapes to Copper Room (10 mins)
+ Time taken to move tapes offsite (45 mins)
                    NLW Curation Costs
6 Monthly Staff Curation Time (HOURS) = (Number of Tapes * Online copy check
prep time) + ((Number of Tapes * Copper Room copy check prep time)+ Trip Time
there and back) + ((Number of Tapes * Offsite copy check prep time) + Trip Time there
and back)

6 Monthly Computer Curation Time (HOURS) = (Number of Tapes * Full Tape
Read time((Size of Tape/Drive Transfer time)/60) ) + ((Number of Tapes * Full Tape
Read time)*2 (Copper Room Copy)) + ((Number of Tapes * Full Tape Read time) *2
(Off site copy) )
•No “Crystal Ball”
•Growth Rates
•Equipment Costs
               Forcasting Example
                       Forcast Sheet





                                       Curatorial Costs

                                       Staff Time in Hours