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Fast Twitter Profits
By Fuad Tolieb


Alright, you bought Fast Twitter Profits and you want to start reading this short and
clear report but before you do we need to clarify a couple of things. This report is for
informational and entertainment purposes only. I don’t take any responsibility for the
use or misuse of information contained within this report nor do I accept any liability
for any consequences resulting from the direct or indirect implementation of
techniques detailed in the this report.

This report contains no income goals or expectations and my results are not typical.
Your results may vary and will be based on a variety of factors of which this report
will be only one.

Apart from the 30 day refund guarantee there are no other guarantees, implied or
otherwise. To qualify for your refund you must supply the Paypal transaction ID and
Paypal ID in an email to to receive your refund. All Paypal
disputes will be ignored and refund will be delayed until email is received.

To qualify for support you must provide your purchase reference number, as found in
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Pirates will be pursued with a big stick and shouted at. Really. Like the late Gary
Halbert said: “Don't even think about reproducing and/or selling... even one
sentence... of this report in any form whatsoever. This is copyrighted and, if you do
rip them off, I guarantee you will have a "legal experience" so unpleasant... it will
give you nightmares forever!”

Tables of content:

  1. Introduction To Fast Twitter Profits……………… 4

  2. What Offers To Promote………………………….. 8

  3. Creating A New Twitter Account ………………… 11

  4. Creating A Link Shortener………………………… 12

  5. Conversational Keywords………………………… 13

  6. Setting Up Your Yahoo Pipe……………………… 17

  7. Creating A Tweet Hopper Account And Bot……. 29

  8. Conclusion………………………………………….. 32

 Introduction To Fast Twitter Profits

Hey you!

Welcome to my short but effective report on how to finally leverage from
Twitter’s user base to make some money on auto-pilot.

A lot of people have been telling me that making money with Twitter is
hard and for a while I believed that as well because I followed many
techniques and methods to make it work but I always ended up wasting
a lot of time.

To be honest, I wasn’t really looking for a way to make some money with
Twitter. It was only after a discussion with a programmer of mine that I
stumbled on this sweet technique that you can set and forget, literally!

I’m not the type of guy that likes to use fancy schmanzy words to make
my point clear so trough out the whole report I will talk to you as if you
are my 11 year old cousin to make sure this will sound as easy as
possible for you. Please don’t take this the wrong way but I have found
that this helps avoiding confusions and dumbass questions! I know,
there’s no such thing as dumb questions, only dumb answers but you get
what I’m saying right?

Anyway, there are some things/tools that we are going to use to make
this work and the best thing is that it’s all 100% free. Here’s a list of the

      Yahoo Pipes account
      Google FeedBurner Account
      Twitter account
      Gmail
    account

   Alright, don’t sign up yet because I will explain on how to sign up later
   in the step-by-step instructions. We are going to need them to make it
   all work.

The resources above is just for setting up a campaign to drive easy
traffic on autopilot but we can’t drive traffic to a blank page, we want to
monetize the traffic and from my experience the best ways to monetize
from this traffic is with:

    CPA offers
    Squeeze pages

Trying to ask a Twitter user to pull out his credit card without pre-selling
him is like asking him to drive a car without an engine. This is interruption
marketing meaning that they are not out to buy something right away
although the kind of traffic we are going to drive to our offers will be the
most targeted traffic you can get from Twitter.

This is where 99% of marketers trying to make Twitter work for them
make the mistake. They assume that once they have 100,000 followers
on Twitter that they will be rich in no time but that’s really not the case.
Why do people on Twitter follow someone? It’s not to eventually buy
something but more to entertain their selves with the info shared by that
Twitter user.

IMPORTANT: the method that I will be teaching you has nothing to
do with getting followers or anything related to that. We are going to
spy on tweets from people who are talking about something that they
need help with or have a desire for so that we can provide them with the
solution. The best thing about this method is that we are going to set it
up once so that its fully automated.

Many times you hear people talking about quality being better than
quantity and that is very true but in this method it’s all about the quantity.
But don’t worry, we are not going to harass people who have nothing to
do with what we are offering. Also, everything will become crystal clear to
you once you read through this whole report. Everything will be
explained in a step-by-step matter so that you know EXACTLY what to
do and how to do it.

  On the next page you will see an outline of what we are going to
     create to have a fully functioning system working for us:

To make it visual for you I will show you what will happen if we complete
all the steps:

  1. A twitter user has posted a tweet with one of our keywords (Im in
     love) just like this:

  2. Our automated system will identify the above tweet and will
     immediately Retweet with our short message and link:

  3. This will happen on an ongoing basis day in day out fully
     automated so I guess you can see the great potential here.

           What Offers To Promote

As I already explained in the introduction we are going to promote either
CPA offers or squeeze pages to build our list. I would recommend going
for a squeeze page as you can ALWAYS promote any product in your
market using emails and even make instant money on the backend if you
want to.

Not to mention that building a relationship with your list will make sure
that whenever you promote a product you WILL make money. This
report is not about how to build a relationship with subscribers or what
exactly to sell once you build a list. You can learn relationship building
from people like Frank Kern, Harlan Kilstein, Tristan Bull (and me of
course) by opting in to their list and see how they communicate and what
kind of info they share with their list.

However, I released 1 video from The Traffactory System for you as a
bonus. This video will teach you how to create a good squeeze page
plus you get a free squeeze page template. You can watch the video


Now when it comes to promoting CPA offers directly I would say they are
good if you need money right now and you’re not interested in building a
list. Don’t get me wrong, there are marketers who are making as much
as 6 figures per day all with CPA offers but they are doing heavy media
buying. All in all CPA is still a profitable business even for the little guy.

If you don’t know what CPA means, it basically stands for Cost Per
Action. There are companies who need leads, sales or traffic. Many of
them go to a CPA network and have the affiliates who signed up at that
network to promote their offers. The CPA network stands as a middle
man connecting the advertiser with the affiliate. The CPA networks
makes money every time an affiliate has successfully generated a sale
or lead for the advertiser by taking in the difference between the CPA set
by the company/advertiser and the commission that the affiliate earns
which is set by the network. The beauty of this is that we can promote
offers that do NOT require a credit card which is very good when driving
social traffic.

However, I will explain what markets and what offers work the best so
that you don’t waste your time on stuff that doesn’t work with this

Here’s a list of markets that will work well when sending traffic to a
squeeze page:

      Make Money Online
      Weight Loss
      Stop Smoking
      Muscle Building
      Recipes
      Dating
      School Exams

These are markets based on my success but there are a lot of markets
that you can profit from using Twitter As long as you know it’s a market
where people talk about and is big enough to make you money.

Here’s a list of the type of offers that work well when sending traffic to a
CPA offer:

      Free downloads
      Email submits
      Zip submits
      First page form submit
      Ringtones
      Toolbars
      Quizzes
      Dating
These are all offers that do not require a person to pull out his credit
card. If the action required from the visitor is fast and easy then that is
most likely the best kind of CPA offer that you can use to drive traffic to
using this method.

IMPORTANT: Stay out of the iPod and iPad niche because a lot of
people have been spamming that niche like crazy!

TIP: Focus on smaller niches where people need to have a problem
solved or have a passion for.

There are a TON of CPA networks out there and if you don’t have an
account yet at a CPA network then I suggest to go for
since they offer a wide variety of offers and their affiliate managers are
normally very cool.

Here’s the trick to get in to every CPA network you want and it so simple
that I don’t understand why a lot of people don’t do this but here it goes:


This is so powerful and it also separates the people who are eager to get
started and want to promote offers right now from the people who are
just signing up and don’t feel confident enough to be accepted.

The networks know this and when they have you on the phone it
instantly tells them that you are serious. However, you need to position
yourself as an experienced marketer even if you just started doing
affiliate marketing yesterday. Just tell them you are driving a lot of traffic
using PPC, PPV and Social Ads. Speak confident about yourself but
don’t overdo it alright?

Alright, now that we got all the boring stuff behind us lets jump right into it
and start with the step-by-step instructions. Don’t question the steps, just
do them and eventually everything will make sense.

Creating A New Twitter Account

  1.    First create a new Gmail email. We are going to use it to
        create a new Twitter Account.

  2.    Go to and create a new account

  3.    When signing up use a fake name. You can get fake
        names by going to Fake Name Generator.

  4.    Make sure your username has your fake name in it.

  5.    Once you have your new account try to add a description
        about yourself in the Bio and make it look real.

  6.    Upload a picture of a real person to your profile. This
        can either be a picture of you or a picture of someone
        else. Use to get real amateur pictures but
        don’t use professional pictures of models because that will
        get you banned.

  7.    Make the design of your profile a bit unique so that you
        look like a real person instead of a company.

  8.    Follow a couple of people to make your profile look

  9.    Post 3 tweets every day for 1 week long. right after
        signing up. 1 tweet early in the day, 1 in the afternoon and
        1 in the evening.

  10.   While you are doing this let your new Twitter account
        age for 3 days before you create a live campaign.

Creating A Link Shortener

1.   Once you have selected the market and offer you want to
     promote (squeeze page or CPA offer) you need to get the
     (affiliate)link of the landing page first

2.   Once you have the link go to and sign up for a new
     account because we need their tool to shorten our links.

3.   Type your link in the box and click on Shorten:

4.   It will automatically create an unique url.

5.   Copy your new link and save it in a text file.

        Conversational Keywords

We are now going to come up with conversational keywords instead of
just normal keywords. This is probably the most important element of the
whole method to make it really work for us. Basically we need the
conversational keywords to attract the right kind of audience so that we
can easily make them aware of our offer. Let’s say we are in the Dog
Training niche. Here are some examples of conversational keywords:

     My dog is annoying me
     Why can’t my dog listen to me
     I need to train my dog
     My dog needs to obey me
     I want to teach my dog some tricks

These are just examples of “conversational keywords” but there are a lot
of them and basically they are very short sentences that people might
type into their tweets. People on twitter are always sharing stuff they
want, need, worry about, feel happy about, have experienced and so on.
So just imagine yourself being someone who is very active on Twitter,
what kind of stuff would you tweet about and what could a potential lead
type into their next tweet?

Here’s a rule, don’t get a conversational keyword of more than 10 words
because unless it’s a VERY popular sentence it will be very unlikely for
someone to type that in to their next tweet.

Okay, so here are the steps:

        1.    Go to

        2.    Try to come up with 4 conversational keywords.

        3.    Type your keyword in the search bar using quotes, for
              example “my dog is annoying me”

4.   Add a –http after your keyword so that it looks like this:

     This is to make sure you don’t get results of marketers
     who are promoting some website.

5.   A conversational keyword is good enough if you see
     results on the first page of tweets that are posted within
     the last 24 hours. Here’s an example of a good keyword
     that is conversational and has the first page full of tweets
     posted within the last 2 hours:

6.   If you have found a conversational keyword that has
     tweets on the first page posted in the last 24 hours and
     you also see that the tweets are from real people and not
     some companies or marketers then you want to grab the
     RSS feed of each query (keyword):

     Right click on the Feed button and click on “Copy Link
     Location” and paste the link in a text file. The RSS Feed
     link should look like this:

     You can also use the above RSS Feed link and replace
     my keywords with yours. Just separate each word with a
     plus: +

7.   Once you have the RSS Feed links of each conversational
     and broad keyword and you have edited them like
     explained above you want to save them in a text file just
     like this:

8.   Sometimes you will be limited to the amount of searches
     you do with Twitter. If you experience that you can still
     continue searching by going to Google. You will need the
following query code for Google to find the results. It will
retrieve the most recent tweets posted with your keyword:

Replace I love my dog with your keyword in quotes. If you
see the first page full with tweets posted in the last 24
hours you have yourself a good conversational keyword.
Just make sure the keyword itself is conversational and

This time there is no “Feed for this query” button but all
you have to do is add your keyword in the Twitter RSS
Feed link below:

      Setting Up Your Yahoo Pipe

CHECKPOINT: At this point you should have:

     An offer to promote
     A new twitter account
     A short link
     Your RSS Feed links of the keywords.

First, here’s what Yahoo teaches us about what Yahoo Pipes really is:

Pipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and
mashup content from around the web.

Like Unix pipes, simple commands can be combined together to create
output that meets your needs:

     combine many feeds into one, then sort, filter and translate it.
     geocode your favorite feeds and browse the items on an interactive
     power widgets/badges on your web site.
     grab the output of any Pipes as RSS, JSON, KML, and other

Alright, we are going to connect all of the components in the checkpoint
list above together and put them in a Yahoo Pipe.

                This is how a Yahoo Pipe will look like:

It might look difficult but trust me, it’s very easy to set up and we are
going to cover this step-by-step so don’t worry. Also, you don’t have to
have knowledge about every little thing inside Yahoo Pipes, as long as
you follow what I’m saying and execute the steps you will be just fine!

A good thing to know is that the Twitter bot that we will create will put our
Yahoo Pipe into action like a 24/7 worker so that everything will become

NOTE: For each offer we promote we want to create a separate Pipe.

              1. Go to Yahoo Pipes. If you already have a Yahoo
                 account you can sign up with that account. You can also
                 link a Google account to your Yahoo Pipes

2. Once you are logged in click on create a pipe:

3. Your work field will look empty and so we need to drag
   the components to your field. Let’s start by clicking on
   Sources in the tabs on the left:

  Drag the Fetch Feed to your field:

  Once you dragged the Fetch Feed button to your field it
  will look like this:

4. Because we are going to create 1 Pipe per
   Conversational Keyword you want to grab your list of
   RSS Feed links and paste 1 of them in the Fetch Feed
   so that it looks like this:

  Click on the Fetch Feed box and then click on Refresh
  below and if you see tweet messages it means that the
  RSS Feed link is valid:

       5. Now close the Sources tab and open the Operators tab
          on the left.

          This time drag the Filter button to your field next to the
          Fetch Feed box and connect the Fetch Feed box to the
          Filter Box.

          Add new rules (in total 3) in the Filter box with the
          following settings:

 rule 1: Contains [Your Twitter username]

 rule 2: item.title Contains RT. *RT

 rule 3: item.title Contains @

      This is how it should look like:

  Replace where I have JeremyRise with your Twitter
  username. This will make sure that we connect the Pipe
  with our Twitter account and so that we don’t Retweet a
  Retweet. The @ will make sure that the Pipe is able to
  Retweet a tweet of anyone who has any of the
  conversational or broad keywords in his tweet.

6. Now we add a Loop box to the field:

  Drag the Loop button under the Operators tab to your
  field underneath the Filter box. Connect the Filter box to
  the Loop box.

Click on the String tab on the left:

and drag the String Builder button into your Loop box
where it says: “Drop module/pipe from toolbox here”.

In the first rule add Now we need to
add another rule but here we are going to type in the
message and url that we want to retweet to
                 everyone who has our keywords in their next tweets.
                 Create a message that does NOT sell but is more

                 For example if I would be in the weight loss market I
                 would have something like: Losing weight is so hard.. I
                 found this pretty helpful tough: http//

                 As long as you keep your Retweet message under 85
                 characters. Also, add a space before your message.

The last thing you need to do in your Loop box is clicking on the radio
button “assign results to” and then item.title. It should now look like this:

7. Alright, now we need to drag the last component Regex
   under the Operators tab in to the field underneath the
   Loop box:

  Connect the Loop box with the Regex box and add the
  following settings:

  rule in: item.title replace with @

  This will make sure that the we replace the url of the
  twitter profile of a user with @ and then the users
  username so that the Retweet can be send.

        It should now look like this:

8. The last thing to do in your Pipe is to connect the
   Regex box to your final Pipe Output so that you have
   a complete functioning Pipe:

9. To check if the Pipe is perfectly set up you must click on
   the Pipe Output box and then click on Refresh below on
   the left. If you see the same setup like you see below
   then you are good to go:

10. Save your Pipe now by clicking on the Save button
   on the top right and name it after the keyword that the
   Pipe is created around. For example: Keyword: I Love

11. Click on Back To My Pipes:

12. Click on the Pipe that you just created:

13. Nothing is happening now even though you see the
    tweets and your message. We just want to grab the
    RSS Feed of our Yahoo Pipe. You can do that by right
    clicking on Get as RSS and clicking on Copy Link

             14. The RSS Feed link of your Yahoo Pipe will look
                 something like this:


             15. Save the link somewhere in a text file because in the
                 next and final step we need that link to create a Tweet

             16. Voila! You just created your own Yahoo Pipe!

Now repeat the above process for each Twitter Feed link that we created
in the Conversational Keyword module. If you have 4 keywords you
should have 4 Yahoo Pipes once you are finished.

IMPORTANT: In each type you must have an UNIQUE message to
retweet. This is needed to make our retweets look more randomn.

To remind you again of how the end result of your Yahoo Pipe should
look like, here is a screenshot of the Yahoo Pipe example I created:

       Creating A FeedBurner Bot

CHECKPOINT: At this point you should have:

     An offer to promote
     A new twitter account
     A short link
     Your RSS Feed links of the keywords.
     4 Yahoo Pipes
     RSS Feed links of your 4 Yahoo Pipes

We now need to make the Yahoo Pipe work and go live. To do that we
need to set up a new bot and give the bot the RSS Feed link. Don´t
worry, it´s 100% free! Just follow the steps below:

              1. Go to Google FeedBurner and log in with your Gmail

              2. Once you are logged in copy 1 RSS Feed link of a
                 Yahoo Pipe from your text file and paste it in the box
                 that looks like this:

              3. Click on next and on the pages that you will be
                 redirected to. Once you have clicked on Next 4 times
                 you will arrive at your dashboard that will look like this:

4. Click on Publicize:

5. Now click on Socialize in the left menu:

6. Now click on Add a Twitter account:

   You will need to login to your Twitter account to
   authorize Google to use your accounts for sending out
   the retweets.

   Just click on “Authorize app” when you filled in your
   login info and you will be redirected back to your
   Feedburner dashboard.

7. Once you land on your dashboard you need to have
   the same options as in the picture below:

               8. Now click on Active below the options:

                   Once you click on it it should say Active like this:

You are now done! You created the bot that will send out all the retweets
for ya. You need to create 4 of these bots in Feedburner because you
have 4 Pipes. It can take up to 2 hours before it starts working. After that
it will send Retweets every 1 hour. This will make you fly under the radar


You have successfully created the bait and the reel to catch some fish!

I advise you to use this carefully without spamming anyone! To keep a
good Twitter account going it is best to have around 100 – 150 retweets
going out per day. This also depends on the keyword of course but as
long as you don’t go overboard with keywords that will have you send out
1,000 retweets every day. That will get you banned real quick! Its better
to divide that over a 5 or 6 Twitter accounts.

It is very important for you to know the power behind this and see the
potential so you can be motivated enough to put this into practice.

Also, the Twitter accounts will last very long. In fact here’s a screenshot
of 1 account that was created in early 2010 and it’s still live:

This is because the way it’s set up makes the whole tweeting thing very
dynamic without time intervals or predictable behavior. We only tweet as
a reply when another user is tweeting about one of our keywords.

Anyway, Let’s sketch a scenario of what you can expect when
implementing Fast Twitter Profits:


    You have a squeeze page that gives people a free report on how to
     lose 10 pounds in the next 2 weeks without going on a diet.

    You create your new Twitter account

    You use to shorten the link to your squeeze page

 You get 4 conversational keywords about weight loss. You
  checked and saw that they meet the criteria that we discussed in
  the Keyword module.

 You get the RSS Feed links of each Twitter/Query (keywords)

 You create your Yahoo Pipe per Conversational Keyword

 You then get the RSS Feed link of each one of your 4 Yahoo Pipes
  and you create your automatic Retweet bot at Feedburner.

 You are done setting the system up and you wait 2 hours to check
  if the bot is working and is sending Retweets to people who tweet
  about one or more of your keywords

 After 2 hours you see your Twitter account already sent out a
  couple of Retweets so now you just leave your Twitter account for
  24 hours and let the Yahoo Pipe and the Bot work for you.

 24 hours later you check your Twitter account and you see that in
  total your account has sent out 150 Retweets.

 Let’s say already 60% of the Twitter users who received your
  Retweet (reply) clicked on your link (90 clicks) and went
  straight to your offer page

 If it is a squeeze page you are promoting and it converts at 50%
  you should now already have received 45 opt ins in just 24 hours!
  In a month that could mean 1350 subscribers with just 1 twitter
  account in 1 market.

 If it’s an CPA email submit you promoted and it converts at around
  20% with a payout of $2,00 you should now have already made
  $36 in just 24 hours all on auto-pilot! That is around $864 per
  month with just 1 little offer. What happens if you duplicate this
  over and over again? I leave that up to your imagination.

    This is NOT theory, this is what I have experienced.

Using this technique I have pulled in a lot of targeted traffic and
conversions on my landers. If I can do it so can you! Just make a plan
and take action because only people who NEVER quit are the kind of
people who make it big.

If you need my help or assistance you can create a ticket at my online
helpdesk here:

Again, thank you for purchasing Fast Twitter Profits and I hope you
enjoyed this short but powerful report. I would appreciate it if you could
leave me a review on my WSO thread

To your success,

Fuad Tolieb


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