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									                              Rider Profile                                                         Rider Profile

          Andrew Burton                                                           Max Timmins
Snowboarder – Halfpipe & Freeride
Torino Winter Olympian, Andrew Burton, is Australia’s number 1         Skier – Slopestyle, Big Air & Rails
ranked snowboarder. He finished the world cup circuit in 2005 ranked   Based in Jindabyne but a regular at Blackcomb, Whistler (CAN), Max
number 10 in the world. When Andrew is not travelling the world        Timmins is 18 years of age. He has starred in a number of action
chasing powder, he bases himself at Jindabyne NSW.                     sports DVD’s and competed in contests in Australia, NZ and Canada
                                                                       with some fantastic results. Max also writes a monthly article of
Contest History:                                                       freeskiing for the Snowy Times.
  1st   Halfpipe,   Planet X Winter Games, 2006
  4     Halfpipe,   World Cup, Lake Placid, USA, 2006                  Contest History:
  7th   Halfpipe,   National Championships, Italy, 2006                  1st   Whistler Blackcomb   King of Rails, Canada, 2006
  7th   Halfpipe,   World Cup, Leysin, Switzerland, 2006                 3rd
                                                                               Whistler Blackcomb   Slopestyle Jam, Canada, 2006
  6     Halfpipe,   World Cup, Valle Nevado, Chile 2005                  4th   Whistler Blackcomb   Annual Skier X Open, Canada, 2006
  2nd   Halfpipe,   Australian National Championships, 2005              2nd
                                                                               Whistler Blackcomb   King of Rails Canada, 2005

Other:                                                                 Other:
  •       Featured in Digital Snowboarder Magazine DVD                   •      Involved in Photoshoot for Freeskier Magazine & SBC
  •       Featured in Australian Ski Magazine & Powderhound.                    freeskier.
  •       Featured in German Snowboarding Magazine “Monster               •     Shots in Chillifactor TV
   •      Regular on Fuel TV (Channel Nine)
                              Rider Profile                                                           Rider Profile

          Russ Henshaw                                                                    Tim Myers
Skier – Big Air, Slopestyle, Halfpipe & Rails                            Skier – Slopestyle, Big Air & Halfpipe
At only 15 years of age, Russ Henshaw is already considered one of       Originally from Tumut but also at home at Perisher Blue & Mammoth
Australia’s best emerging freestyle skiers and is definitely one to      Mountain, Tim Myers is 22 years old and has worked hard to develop
watch. Based in Jindabyne, Russ has performed in competitions all        a very impressive profile.
over the globe and was recently singed with Volki International as the
team’s youngest member.                                                  Contest History:
                                                                           1st   Vans Unbound Slopestyle, California, 2006
Contest History:                                                           1     Vans Unbound Superpipe, California, 2006
  1st   Australian Open Slopestyle 2006                                    5th   Sprite Sessions Big Air, Thredbo, Australia, 2005
  1     Australian Open Superpipe 2006
  1st   Verbier Ride Big Air Switzerland, 2006                           Other:
        Verbier Ride Rail Jam, Switzerland, 2006                           •      Featured in the Snickers (USA) Television Commercial 2006
  1st   Nokia Slopestyle Tour, Austria, 2006                               •      Featured in Australian Ski Magazine & Powderhound.
  6th   World Cup Superpipe, France, 2006                                  •      Featured in “Common Thread” by On Point Productions.
                                                                           •      Featured in the Perisher Blue Television Commercial
Other:                                                                     •      Foxtel & XYZ Channel Segments
  •       Has own segment in the Volki International Freeski Film
          coming out in 2007.
   •      Regular on Fuel TV, Channel Nine, Australia.
                              Rider Profile                                                           Rider Profile

               Ryan Tiene                                                        Damon Haylor
Snowboarder – Slopestyle & Rails
Based in Port Macquarie (NSW), Ryan Tienne is 18 years old and a        Snowboarder – BoarderX, Big Air, Slopestyle & Halfpipe
very strong competitor at The Planet X Winter games 2007. He scored     Torino Winter Olympian, Damon Haylor, is certainly one of Australia’s
the Silver medal for Big Air at The Last Planet X Winter Games and is   most respected snowboarders. At 29 he has an extremely impressive
back to push it even harder.                                            profile and an even stronger track record with numerous 1st place
                                                                        ranking at competitions all over the globe.
Contest History:
  2nd   Big Air X Games, Australia 2005                                 Contest History:
  5th   Junior Worlds, 2005                                               7th   BoarderX,   Torino Winter Olympics, Italy 2006
  2nd   Billabong Slopestyle, Australia 2005                              3rd   BoarderX,   World Cup Saas Fee, Switzerland, 2005
  1st   Newcastle Rail Jam, Australia 2005                                1st   BoarderX,   New Zealand National Championships 2005
        Sprite Rails, Australia 2004                                      1     BoarderX,   Coca Cola Shred for Bread, Australia, 2005
  6th   Playstation Slopestyle, Australia 2004                            1st   BoarderX,   Thredbo Sprite Sessions, Australia 2005

Other:                                                                  Other:
  •       Featured in Digital Snowboard Magazine.                         •       Starred in various snowboarding videos including;
  •       Featured in Australian Ski Magazine & New Zealand                       Underexposed, 88 two fat ladies, Terminus, Outbound, Mad
          Snowboarding Magazine.                                                  Play.
   •      Featured in snowboarding video, Mad Play.                        •      Featured in all 5 Digital Snowboard Magazine DVD’s.
                               Rider Profile                                                            Rider Profile

         Jarryd Williams                                                       Cheyne Southwell
Snowboarder – Halfpipe & BoarderX
Jarryd Williams is based in Mt Eliza (VIC) and is only 16 years of age.    Snowboarder – Big Air & Slopestyle.
He is considered one of Australia’s top juniors and is definitely one to   Based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, 24 year old boarder Cheyne
watch at the Planet X Games 2007. In Australia, Jarryd bases himself       Southwell travels regularly to Falls Creek, Jindabyne and Mammoth
at Mt Buller, in the summer months he can be found ripping it up at        Lakes in California. He has featured in a number of snowboarding
Vail, Colorado USA.                                                        DVDs and has an impressive list of competition results.

Contest History:                                                           Contest History:
  1st   Halfpipe (Junior) Australian Open of Snowboarding                    1st   Style Wars, Australia, 2005
        Slopestyle (Junior) Australian Open of Snowboarding                  3     Sprite Big Air, Australia, 2005
  1st   SOS BoarderX, Beaver Creek USA u/16                                  1st   Fructus Slopestyle, Australia, 2005
  6th   Australian National Championships (Pro Division)                     1st   Coke Big Air Peri
                                                                             2     Sprite Big Air, Australia, 2004
Other:                                                                       3rd   Sprite Rails, Australia, 2004
  •       Featured in Milo/Channel V Rail Jam
  •       Segments on Fuel TV
  •       Sponsored by Von Zipper, Venue Snowboards, Northwave             Other:
          Boots, Drake Bindings, Bakoda Logics & Transitionist               •      Featured in various snowboarding DVD’s including; The
          Snowboard Camp.                                                           Code & Australian Digital Snowboard Magazine.
                               Rider Profile                                                           Rider Profile

         Holly Crawford                                                               Jenny Owens
Snowboarder – Halfpipe & BoarderX                                        Skier - SkierX
Torino Winter Olympian, Holly Crawford, is 22 years of age.              Born in Sydney but now based in Harbord, 28 year old Jenny Owens is
Based in Sydney, she is one of Australia’s top female snowboarders.      ranked 12th in the world for SkierX. She is also excited about
After spending most of 2004/2005 out due to injury, she returned to      competing in the slopestyle, halfpipe and rails events at the Planet X
the field to qualify for the Australian team and compete at the Torino   Winter games 2007.
Winter Olympic Games in February 2006.
                                                                         Contest History:
Contest History:                                                           4th   SkierX, World Cup, Spain
  4th   Halfpipe,   World Cup, Leysin, Switzerland, 2006                   3rd   SkierX, Salomon Crossmax, Switzerland
  18 th
        Halfpipe,   Olympic Winter Games, Italy, 2006                      2nd   Jeep World Professional SkierX Championships
  3rd   Halfpipe,   World Cup, Valle Nevado, Chile, 2005                   6th   Giant Slalom, Salt Lake City Olympics
  6th   Halfpipe,   National Championships, New Zealand, 2005
Other:                                                                     •       Ranked 12th in the world for SkierX
  •       Featured in Australian Snowboarder Magazine & Chik               •       Starred in the latest Action Sports DVD
   •      Starred in numerous Snowboarding DVD’s
                             Rider Profile                                                         Rider Profile

            Sarah Sauvey                                                    Stephanie Hickey
Skier - SkierX
Based in Melbourne, Sarah Sauvey, is 22 years of age.                 Snowboarder – Halfpipe & BoarderX
She has competed in SkierX events all over the globe with some very   20 year old Stephanie Hickey has certainly impressed the world of
impressive results. At home she bases herself at Mt Hotham (VIC)      Snowboarding. Based in Melbourne but also at home at Mt Hotham,
                                                                      Stephanie has some serious results from her career competing and
Contest History:                                                      snowboarding around the globe.
  4th   Austrian National Ski Cross Championships, Austria 2006
  18th World Cup SkierX, Les Contamines, France 2006                  Contest History:
  8th   Skier X, Europa Cup, Zweisimmen, Switzerland, 2006              1st   BoarderX, Overall Winner, Honda Tour of Champions
        SkierX, Dynastar Moro Freerider Series, Turoa, New Zealand      1st   BoarderX, Noram Cup, Big White, Canada, 2005
  14th World Universiade, Innsbruck, Austria, 2005                      1st   BoarderX, Noram Cup, Nakiska, Canada, 2005
                                                                        1st   Italian Nationals, Sulden, Italy, 2005
Other:                                                                  1st   Balistyx FIS Championships, Mt Hotham, Australia, 2005
  •      Starred in the latest Action Sports Videos.                    3rd   New Zealand Nationals, Cardrona, NZ, 2005
  •      Awarded an RMIT Sports Grant to compete at the World
         University Games in Austria.                                 Other:
                                                                        •      Sponsored by Salomon Snowboards, Billabong, Bolle & Orbit
                               Rider Profile                                                              Rider Profile

             Gee Cormack                                                             Natalie Sirianni
Snowboarder – Slopestyle & BoarderX                                         Skier – Slopestyle & Halfpipe
With an very impressive track record, Gee Cormack is set to be one of       At 18, Stephanie is one of the youngest female competitors at the
the strongest competitors at the Planet X Winter games 2007. At 21          Planet X Winter Games 2007. Based in Melbourne, she travels the
years of age, Gee bases herself in Manly but rides all over the globe, if   world competing and pushing hard to continually build her already
she had a home mountain it would be Jindabyne.                              reputable global profile.

Contest History:                                                            Contest History:
  1st   Slopestyle, Canadian Okanagan Spring Jam, 2006                        5th   Slopestyle, US Freeskiing Open, 2006
  1st   BoarderX, RadGalz                                                     9th   Halfpipe, US Freeskiing Open, 2006
  5th   Slopestyle, Fructis Open Women’s, 2006                                2nd   Queens Cup, Park City, 2006
        BoarderX, USASA, Mammoth Mt, USA                                      5th   Slopestyle, US Freeskiing Open, 2005
  1st   BoarderX Coca Cola Shred Fest                                         1st   Pepsi Freeride Big Air, Australia, 2004
        Pro International Wild Winter Series                                  1     Pepsi Freeride Halfpipe, Australia, 2004

Other:                                                                      Other:
  •       Featured   on Channel Ten Nightly News with the Bondi Rail          •       Featured in various Skiing Magazines
          Jam                                                                 •       Starred in various Snowboarding DVD’s and Videos.
   •      Featured   on Fuel TV                                               •       Sponsored by K2 Skis & Spy Optics
   •      Featured   on Channel Nine, Wild Winter Weekend.
   •      Featured   in Snowboarder Magazine
                              Rider Profile

          Emily Thomas
Snowboarder – Slopestyle, BoarderX & Big Air                          For Further Information, Hi Res Pics,
Another world class Torino Winter Olympian, Emily Thomas is no             Interview opportunities etc
stranger to Thredbo and is one of the strongest female competitors.
At 32, Emily bases herself in Sydney but can often be found                     Please Contact:
gallivanting around the globe chasing powder and the best possible
                                                                                 Nikki Jones
Contest History:                                                                  ShoutPR
  1st   Halfpipe,SA Championships, Valle Nevado, Chile 2006
  3rd   BoarderX SA Championships, Valle Nevado, Chile 2006        
  21st BoarderX, Torino Winter Olympics, Italy 2006                              0411 412 142
  5th   Slopestyle, X Games, Aspen, 2005                                         03 9593 6834
  5     Slopestyle, WSSF, Whistler, Canada, 2005
  1st   Big Air Sprite Sessions, Thredbo, Australia, 2005

  •       Featured on Cactus Garden (Ten), Planet X and various TV
   •      Host on Fuel TV
   •      Featured in Global Boarders Documentary (ABC TV 2003)
   •      Featured in various snowboarding DVD’s & Videos.

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