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Pringle Mail


									                                      Pringle Mail
 Goal: To mail ONLY 5 Regular size Pringle potato chips to Mr. Duggan’s house in the
                lightest package possible without breaking any of the chips.
1.   Anything can be used to pack the chips EXCEPT more Pringles AND cotton balls (or
     similar products to cotton balls). The chips cannot be coated with any substances that
     cannot be removed. The packing materials must be removed when the package is
     opened for inspection of the chips, and all packages must have a mass under 0.318kg.
2.   All packages must be sent through the U.S. Postal Service using 1st mail or
     priority mail. Packages that are sent FedEx, UPS, or any other non U.S. Postal
     Service mail will be discounted (-5 AND ranked below legal entries). All packages
     must have a Watertown postmark. Students must have a receipt from the post office
     to prove that the package was sent INCASE the package is lost. No receipt, student
     receives a zero. Students CANNOT certify their packages. Mr. Duggan will NOT go to
     the post office to pick up your package.
3.   All packages must be postmarked by October 22, 2010. Packages postmarked
     after this date will be discounted (-5pts/day). It is expected that the packages will be
     opened sometime between November 1 and November 12, 2010.
4.   Any flavor of Pringle chips is acceptable. Chips with ridges are unacceptable. Mini-
     Pringles are unacceptable (penalty: DQ; students will earn 15pts for trying).
5.   Students will mass and open their own packages in front of the class. Chips that are
     broken in the opening process will be considered broken in transit. Students will get
     one chance to mass their package. There will be no re-massing of packages after the
     opening process begins.
6.   Cracks and chips in the chips are considered breaks.
7.   Chips CANNOT be stacked. They must be placed side-by-side, edge-on-edge (they
     do not have to be touching). Any rotation of the package that makes the chips assume
     a stacked configuration will be discounted (-5 and ranked behind legal entries).
8.   You can send multiple packages of chips (5/box) but the boxes cannot be transparent
     resulting in inspection before opening. The box to be evaluated must be chosen before
1.   Grades will be earned by placement among your peers. The person who earns 1st
     place (50 points) will hopefully have sent the package to my house with the chips arriving
     unbroken. Order of importance: Unbroken chips, mass, postmark.
2.   All subsequent places will receive lesser points (2nd=49, 3rd=48, etc)
3.   Late postmarks will have an automatic 5 point deduction/day. Packages received at a
     point where they cannot be opened in time or the loss of points exceeds the amount of
     the project will receive a zero.
4.   Students will mass and open their own packages.
5.   All students that send their Pringles on time and abide by all of the rules will receive a
     minimum grade of 35.
6.   Extra credit (+5 pts) will be awarded to students that place in the top three places out of
     all students that participate in the project. That includes classes run by other teachers.
     Send To: Mr Duggan, 664 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148

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