Stud_Service by keralaguest


									                      Hunter’s Rose Kennel
                        Stud Service Contract


We do hereby agree to provide stud service to the following female

Owned By_______________________________________________________________

Using the following Stud___________________________________________________

In return for the following stud service fee___________________________________

It is hereby agreed that, if the first mating does not result in a pregnancy, we will
provide a second stud service for no additional charge either to the same stud dog or
a comparable replacement dog at our discretion. If a different stud dog is selected
for a repeated breeding the two stud dogs will be considered as one and the same for
contractual purposes. In the event that a second stud service does not result in
pregnancy wee will be considered to have fulfilled our obligation to this contract
and we will be entitled to any stud fee. There will be a non refundable handling fee
of $200 due at the time of delivery of the bitch. This $200 will be deducted from the
stud service balance if the contract id fulfilled.
In the event that a bitch becomes pregnant, but not whelp live puppies and all in the
litter die, it is considered that we have fulfilled our contractual obligation for the
stud service and all fees held by us is considered forfeited.

1st mating date___________________ 2nd mating_________________________

3rd mating_______________________ Due Date___________________________

Bitch Owner _______________________________________________________




Bitch Owner Signature_______________________________________________

Stud Owner Signature________________________________________________


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