Colorful Interchangeable Cloth Diaper Trainers Soon from Gro-Via by grovia


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									Colorful Interchangeable Cloth Diaper Trainers Soon from Gro-Via!

Trainers for growing up babies! Your little one has reached the age for trainers, and the
choices and options. At this stage, babies benefit from trainer pants, which are a useful
aid to potty training.

This December, GroVia® is launching an innovative trainer series, the MyChoice™
Trainer. This one-of-a-kind cloth trainer allows your little ones to independently mix and
match colorful panels and create their own stylish look. Now, potty learning can be fun.

For parents, potty training need not be a daunting task any more. Excellent options are
now available so the baby seems to effortlessly go through the training process and
actually enjoy it. Most children respond very well to cloth trainers. They look more like
real underwear. Older children find them more comfortable. Cloth training pants have a
clear grown-up appeal. Waterproof underwear style trainers offer good protection when
going out. They look and feel just like underwear, but come with a waterproof barrier.
Choosing a cloth option provides good control over absorbency.

The MyChoice™ Trainer comes with Side-Flex™ Regular size and Side-Flex™ Plus size
panels. The Regular size will suit most babies. The Plus size is for a roomier fit or for
older babies.

The stylish and colorfully designed interchangeable side flex panels can be snapped on
and off to mix and match.

The trainers come with a hidden pocket for added absorbency during nights and sleep
time. Also very handy in case the diapers can’t be easily changed, like in a long journey
or at the movies. Grovia MyChoice Trainers have an exclusive GroCool™ inner layer that
lets the child sense it when wet. The inner layer is made of hundred per cent polyester.
MyChoice™ Trainers feature a unique pull up design. Rise snaps in the MyChoice™
Trainers provide a custom fit.

GroVia® MyChoice™ Trainers with exclusive GroCool™ inner layer, combined with Side-
Flex™ panels assure of the best and safest fabric, quality, absorbency, waterproof
protection and comfortable fit. They are great for early potty learning.

Grovia My Choice Trainers have an exclusive Gro Cool inner layer that lets the child
sense it when wet. The inner layer is made of hundred per cent polyester. Grovia
Trainers feature a unique pull up design.
You can easily save money with reusable potty training solutions. The cost savings
depend on when you start the potty training process and how long it takes. Should you
invest in reusable training pants – what if your child quickly grows up through potty
training? After buying reusable potty training supplies your child trains fast, so you need
them no longer. You can resell your supplies – you save.

All in all, cloth training pants are a good idea. Reusable training pants are more
comfortable than disposable pull-on diapers. Cloth training pants, especially day time
training pants, are not necessarily bigger or more unwieldy. With night time training
pants, just adjust the absorbency as the child needs.

You can typically start with six to eight trainers, and if you are just switching out of
diapers, you may buy fewer and use them along with diapers. It also depends on how
often you plan to do the laundry. Training pants can be washed in the washing machine.

There is a trim and absorbent cotton/ hemp core in the trainers that is good for the baby
and good for Mother Earth. MyChoice™ Trainers come with a waterproof TPU outer, which
is ultra durable, to keep the baby’s clothing dry.

MyChoice™ Trainers from GroVia® are the result of a refined design that gives them the
look and feel of real underwear.

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