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Convergence Exercises

Your visit today has revealed that you have a convergence weakness.

 This is a deficiency in the ability of the eye muscles to sustain convergence effort. The
symptoms include tired eyes, headaches or eyestrain after prolonged close work such as reading,
sewing, or computer use.

The cause is usually weak muscles predisposing you to this problem and old age tends to make it

Close work does not cause the problem - it just makes the symptoms appear.

One treatment option is eye exercises. These should be done twice daily for at least 3 minutes
each time.

Try to work the eyes so that they can manage to bring the target you are using as close to your
nose as possible. The common targets are a spot card or a pen.
It may take as long as 6 weeks to achieve this.
After doing intense eye exercises it is important to relax the eyes by staring out a window or
across a room for a couple of minutes, or closing the eyes.

Initially you may have eye strain symptoms after exercising but you should notice this tendency
decreasing as it becomes easier to do the exercise.

In addition to the exercises ensure you -
   1 use a relaxed reading posture
   2 avoid glare in your reading environment
   3 take a regular break during prolonged close work.

If symptoms reappear you may need to repeat the course of exercises since the problem may
always be underlying. Some people are not able to achieve or maintain symptomatic
improvement with exercises. In these cases prism corrected reading glasses are indicated. It is
rare for surgery to be required.

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