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                                                    Voice of the Asian Chamber of Commerce

   Volume 16 Number 2                             Serving Arizona home of NBA All-Star 2009                                                               Summer 2009

    Arizona State University Asian Convocation graduating class of 2009 see p. 6

 Graduation: Now What?
  by Bryan Beach, Asian Chamber Intern
     Being in the ASU graduating class of 2009, I can’t help but have a cynical attitude
  towards the future by telling myself, “What a great time to graduate.” It’s unavoidable
  to hear the phrases, “in these tough times,” “in this struggling economy,” and “due to the (Seated):Robert & Kim Kiyosaki; Raj Kohli, Ted Kaercher, Shirley Raguindin, Claudia
                                                                                                 Kaercher, Amanda Ho, Dennis Hom, Brandi Burcham, Dorothy Lew & Tina Johnson
  recession.” Although we can point fingers and criticize particular people for their
  actions, it makes little difference now. What’s most important is moving on and doing                   Pan Asian Community Alliance Conference
  our best to recover. However, now is the moment that is most difficult for many of us.           Pan Asian Community Alliance hosted a successful conference in Tucson, where
      Person after person has asked me, “Now what?” in regards to graduation. Grad several Asian Chamber and AZ National Guard atteneded. Our own Claudia Kaercher
  school? No. Travelling around the world? If only I had the money. Find a job? Bingo. presented Micronesia to a packed classroom. Keynote speakers were the world renon-
  I’m ready to get into the working world and finally start a career, but that’s where the wned couple, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki who live in Phoenix but travel all over the
  problem lies. People are losing their jobs so companies can reduce expenses. Even with world with their message from their best sellers, Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Rich
  companies that are hiring, these positions are becoming more competitive with new job Woman, respectively. Robert has a new game out called “Cash Flow.”
  seekers and people who have been laid off. The concept of a dog eat dog world is                The conference took place at the beautiful new Chinese Cultural Center in Tucson.
  becoming more visible.                                                                        Phoenix people were very impressed with the Center and came home to Phoenix won-
    I feel that people in my age and position are living in a time full of accomplishments dering how the Asian American community can emulate their success. Ray Faus-
  and upsets. Although I had hopes for a prosperous future when I first started college, I same and company are looking into that very idea. Ray visited the Tucson Center to
  realize now that it will be more difficult than I originally expected. I see that I am igno- get ideas and data on how they did it and what pitfalls to avoid. (continued next issue).
  rant in many aspects of the world. Still, that proves the point that learning doesn’t stop
  after high school or college. It is an ongoing process that should encourage us to adapt
  and deal with problems to the best of our ability. Although people can do great things
                                                                                              Asian Chamber reps attend
  in the world by being handed everything in life, I find it more admirable to endure hard-
  ship and come out a stronger person from those experiences. In other words, I can be
                                                                                              American Indian Chamber Meeting
  brought down and made to feel useless, but I’ll keep going. The popular Japanese song by Otto Furuta
  called, “Ue o muite aruko,” can be translated as, “I walk looking up.” I believe that liv-      The Asian Chamber was invited by Loren Tapahe, Executive Board Member of the
  ing by this attitude can make a difference and I intend to practice it in my own life.       American Indian Chamber to their luncheon meeting on May 15 at the Eagles Buffet in
                                                                                               Casino Arizona (101 and McKellips). This was an opportunity for both organizations to
       ASU M i n o r i t y A d v i s o r y C o u n c i l                                       meet and explore potential collaboration and identify synergies.
by Dion Owyang, Asian Chamber intern
                                                                                                  Attending for the Asian Chamber were Madeline Ong-Sakata and Otto Furuta. Also
   When most people think about Arizona, they don't think about the diversity that exists
here. Coming from San Francisco I only knew that Arizona was majority white and I had          attending was Cindi Harbottle, President of the Japanese American Citizens League.
the notion of thinking that Arizona had no diversity what so ever. I was wrong, there is This was a very exciting, enjoyable, well organized event!! In addition to Loren, we met
plenty of diversity around the state and especially at ASU. Over the week Madeline invit- with President Virginia Loring, President-Elect Carlyle Begay, and several other mem-
ed the interns and me for President Crow’s Minority Council meeting that was convened bers of the Board.
by Dr. Betty Capoldi, the new ASU Provost. It was held at the Downtown campus and
was represented by different minority groups across the Valley. Much of the meeting was          The guest speaker was Mr. Jonathan Grey Eyes, new President/CEO of The National
about the data collected from 1998 to 2008 and the progress at ASU in terms of minority Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED). Jon is a dynamic
enrollment and faculty retention.                                                              leader with international business expereience who came out of the Boeing organization
   The main issue with the Asian community and us interns was that the Asian Pacific in Seattle and also has broadcasting experience. A firm believer in continuous improve-
American Studies Program is not a major at ASU. All of the other minority groups has
turned their studies into majors while the Asian Pacific American Studies is not even a ment, Mr. Gray Eyes is in the information gathering phase to see what works and what
minor but just a certificate. Being Asian American I feel offended by the decision of not needs improvement in NCAIED. We have no doubt that under his leadership, NCAIED
having Asian Pacific American Studies as a major. I feel that it is very important for stu- will enhance its value to the American Indian community.
dents, not just Asian Americans, to learn about the history and struggles of Asians and           One of the measures of success for a meeting is how well attendees mingle and how
Pacific Islanders in America. I want people to know about our story, from our perspec-
                                                                                               long people stay after the meeting is over. We think this was one was an “A+”.
tive. As I have heard from other students that every year the school makes an excuse of
why they were not making Asian Pacific American Studies a major. The same old reasons             The vision of the Asian Chamber of Commerce is to create opportunities for their
were budget issues, not enough students, hard to find the right professors and so on.          members to initiate and
   This year we are experiencing a recession which impacts greatly on ASU's budget. To grow their businesses
me I feel like the school is going to                                                          through improved skills
use this reason again especially
now that they dont have the funds                                                              and knowledge, acquisi-
to make it into a major. A glimpse                                                             tion of new business
of hope is that Madeline and the                                                               tools, broadening per-
rest of the APAS deparment can                                                                 spectives, advocacy, and
rally Dr. Crow’s council and per-
haps in the near future we can final-
ly have an APA Studies Major at                                                                   We will be discussing
ASU.                                                                                           the opportunities for col-
  Editor’s note: Since this writing,                                                           laboration with both
ASU has given APA Studies the go                                                               NCAIED and the Ameri-
ahead to apply for their major.
Thanks to the interest and inistence                                                           can Indian Chamber. I
                                                                                                                          Native American Chamber of Commerce Meeting
of the community and students.          LtoR: Dion, Dr. Capoldi, Bryan and Brandi              will keep you posted.
   2          Asian SUNews Summer 2009
           Asian SUNews                            Asian Chamber of Commerce
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         The Asian SUNews Staff
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Editor/ Publisher Madeline Ong-Sakata
                                                            Marie Hanna (Tucson)
Photography Benny Yee / William Woods                  Arlyn Herrera (SRP-Phoenix)
Editorial Board: Amanda Ho, Ted Namba,                     Maria Hooker (Tucson)
Sophia Swangaroon, Stephen Tsang , Jeff Lim                Ted Kaercher (Phoenix)
             Feature Writers                           Luzviminda Kendrick (Hawaii)
                                                             Donn Kong (Tempe)
Jeri Kishiyama-                Ted Namba                    Dorothy Lew (Tucson)              Christmas morning 2008: Father Emery blessed Baby Jesus
Auther                Christine Anne Ong              Dr. Richard Matsuishi (Glendale)        for Claudia at the Franciscan Retreat Center
Patricia Ong Din              Chef Bill Sy              Enrique Medina (Arvin, CA)
Patrick Eng                Stephen Tsang
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                                Peter Tran
                                 Joan Yen
                                                          Kim Miglorin (Scottsdale)
                                                         Michelle Namba (Glendale)
                                                             Victor Ong (Phoenix)
                                                                                              Father Emery 1927-2009
Claudia Kaercher          Dr. James Yuan             Nampet Panichpant (Los Angeles)          by Madeline Ong-Sakata
Dorothy Lew                                               Pui Pongtractic (Phoenix)              When I received a message from Alice Tang, Father Emery’s sister, I
Mindy Luzon                                               Lou Ann Tampos (Mesa)               didn’t want to call her back because I already knew what she was going to
                                                       Molly Woon Stilley (Flagstaff)
                                                                                              tell me. She kept saying she had some good news to tell me and I told
                                                         Sophia Swangaroon (ASU)
                                                            Sin Vilay (Scottsdale)            Jolie, my daughter, how can Father Emery dying be good news? She
  Asian SUNews is the largest Asian                    Evelyn Yanagihashi (Tucson)            answered matter of factly, “Father Emery lived his life as a priest and
     American monthly publication in                        Marian Yim (Phoenix)              when they die they have reached heaven.”
 Arizona with an issue date of the 15th                   Andrias Yose (Singapore)               Well, that was good enough for me because now I had Father Emery to
 of the month and is distributed free to                    Edward Yue (Phoenix)
    the general public at designated
                                                                                              call upon when things get dark and gloomy.
      centers. Back issues are $1 if                                                             I first met Father Emery about 10 years ago at the Phoenix Chinese
  available. Asian Chamber members                                                            School reunion where he was the keynote speaker. Growing up Catholic
                                                         Board of Directors                   in San Francisco, believe it or not we never met or came in contact with
    receive a free subscription of the
               publication.                   James Rocky Tang                    President   an Asian/Chinese priest. I knew that there was a Chinese priest from
                                              Tom Tam                       Past President    Phoenix when my mom and dad received an invitation to Father Emery’s
                                              Larry Dong                     Vice President
The views expressed in this publication                                                       investiture and I remember saying to my self, “Wow, a Chinese priest, that
 are not necessarily the views of our
                                              Ken Ihori                      Vice President
                                              Madeline Ong-Sakata       Exec.Dir./Secretary   is unusual.”
     sponsors. Editorials, news and
 opinions expressed by columnists do          Jim Shee                  Assistant Secretary      Well it wasn’t until 50 years later that I met Father Emery face to face
not necessarily reflect Asian Chamber         Lisa Sakata                         Treasurer   at the reunion and heard him speak. First the voice will surely get you,
 policy except those expressed by the         Claudia Kaercher          Assistant Treasurer   deep and resonant. And then you have to keep in mind
  president of the Asian Chamber of           Tram Chu                              Auditor
  Commerce and the publisher of the
            Asian SUNews.
                                              Ted Namba                             Auditor   See Father Emery page 3

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  Hello Everyone!                                                                                               SCF Arizona
     This summer I have been concentrating on the Asian Community Center
  that Ray Faussame and I are trying toopen for our community. It has been a                                Gold Sponsors
  lot of work and we hope to have some good news soon.                                                     ASIArt Design Studio
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    We have had a difficult time getting out Asian SUNews every month and so                                     Budweiser
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  and printing and mailing costs have continued to climb. So please bear with                                  City of Phoenix
  us.                                                                                                        City of Scottsdale
   I want to take this opportunity to thank Stephen Tsang, Amanda Ho and Jeff                     Farmers Insurance Larry Panyon Agency
                                                                                                            General Dynamics
  Lim for helping with Asian SUNews. They have been great. Others have                                  Mesa Community College
  offered to help, but so far they have been contributing articles and we appre-                              Phoenix College
  ciate that kind of help for now.                                                                             Phoenix Suns
    Madeline has asked me to let all our individual members know that she will                               Salt River Project
  be catching up with memberships as soon as she can. She is still trying to get                    South Mountain Community College
  settled without Lee’s help. Wish us all luck with our projects! Rocky                                    The Arizona Republic
                                                                                                          Trilogy at Shea Homes
                                                                                                                US Airways
  Father Emery continued from page 2                                                                            Wells Fargo
    that you were listening to a priest. I certainly never heard any priest deliver a
                                                                                                           Silver Sponsors
sermon, keynote address or speech like Father Emery. He was funny, witty and you
                                                                                                            City of Chandler
never tired of hearing him speak. Afterwards I stayed to meet this remarkable priest                  Air National Guard of Arizona
and he being Asian/Chinese made it even more delightful.                                                    Bank of America
                                                                                                Fragonmen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP
    After that I was hooked. I took a very small part in planning the reunion so I was                 Golden Buddha Restaurant
present at one of the planning meetings, so after the event, we had another wrap-                      Dr. William & Michy Woods
up meeting and I became friends with Alice, Father Emery’s sister who has been                                SUMCO USA
my go-between. It was Alice who gave me permission to reprint Father Emery’s
                                                                                                      Copper/Small Business
book, Food for the Journey and China Connection which we are printing now.                       Advanced Cardiac Specialists, Chartered
    We had a wonderful time. I introduced Father Emery to Claudia and Ted                                  Area Agency on Aging
Kaercher, Jeri Kishiyama Auther and Amanda Ho. We became Father Emery fans                                 Arizona Diamondbacks
                                                                                                   ASU Institutional Advancement Dept.
and whenever he was in Phoenix giving a speech, etc. we made sure we got our                                 Colonial Mortgage
“Father Emery fix” as Jeri so aptly put it. I told Alice, you know what is so impres-              City of Phoenix Aviation Department
sive about Father? When he speaks, young and old listen to him. This was so evi-                  City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services
                                                                                                City of Phoenix Small Business Programs
dent when Amanda first heard Father Emery , she was just as moved as all the mid-                     Eddie Ong Continental Leasing
dle aged, and seniors, Amanda being barely over 21. And there is Alice Mar, whom                              Doris Ong Realtor
I haven’t seen since we were in 8th Grade at St. Mary’s in San Francisco. Alice e-                    Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
                                                                                                            Free Arts of ARizona
mailed me when she read an article about my Dad. We started trading e-mails and                           Mark Tamaron E-Loan 44
I told Alice about Father Emery’s book. Well, she has also become a fan and listens               Shane Nguyen Community Auto Sales
                                                                                                      Sherry Scott - Russ Lyon Realty
to his tape, too. Craig Fujii and Jim Wong were also impressed by Father Emery’s                     MCbiz – Maricopa County’s Small
book. These are just a few people that I know whose lives he touched.                                  Business Enterprise Program
    Then I remember when Father Emery threw the first pitch at the Diamondback                            Paul H. Rhee, MD PLLC
                                                                                                Southwest Business Financing Corporation
game. Asian Chamber hosted Asian Pacific Night and I told them that Father
Emery was going to throw the first pitch, you should have seen their faces when I                     Organization Members
told them he was going to wear his Franciscan robe...before they had a “coronary”,                                   4A of AT&T
I told them never mind, we are surprising Father with a Diamondback jersey with                      Arizona Asian American Bar Association
                                                                                                       Arizona Department of Public Safety
his name on it!!! I remember telling Father Emery, remember now, after you throw                         Arizona Dragon Boat Association
the first pitch, they will give you the ball, so don’t forget to have the “catcher” sign                     Arizona Historical Society
it. When Jack Connor held out his hand to shake Father Emery’s, he thrust a pen in                                  Arizona OIC
                                                                                            Arizona State University Asian Pacific Students Coalition
his hand and shook hands after Connor’s autograph!!                                                              Asian Arts Council
    So you see, Father Emery became a part of our lives that cannot be matched by                              Asian Hispanic Alliance
                                                                                                         Asian Pacific Community in Action
any holy person I have ever met. He freed you of fears that you grew up with. His                        Asian Pacific Islander Association
eyes showed such pain when you told him of things that you learned as a young                       ASU Asian Business Leaders Association
student in Catholic school. When I told him how I was present when my youngest                   ASU Asian Pacific American Alumni Association
                                                                                                   ASU Asian Pacific American Studies Program
daughter was embarrassed and humiliated in the busy hallway at Xavier, you could                           ASU Center for Asian Studies
see the pain just for a second in his eyes. He asked me how he helped me and I told                   ASU Southeast Asian Studies Program
him you have renewed my respect for the Catholic Church. I was so turned off                        Bergen Community Regional Blood Center
                                                                                                              Catholic Social Services
because of the nuns at Xavie Prep and how they treated my daughter, I lost faith                         Center for Buddhist Development
in the them and wondered if it were true that all they cared about was how well                    Chinese American Citizens Alliance National
their girls did in sports or how much money their parents have.                                 Chinese American Citizens Alliance Phoenix Lodge
                                                                                                         Community Information & Referral
    When Lee was so ill, we missed Father Emery’s 80th Birthday celebration. But                           Flagstaff Convention Bureau
Father Emery gave us the greatest gift of all. He came over with Alice to see Lee                     Governor's Office of Equal Opportunity
                                                                                            Grand Canyon Minority & Suppliers Development Council
and blessed us, blessed our home and very important, he blessed our faithful dog,                             Great Info Organization
Zoey!                                                                                                       H.T. Chen Dance Company
    So, Jolie was right. Father Emery is in heaven looking down upon us mortals and                   Indo-American Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                        Japan Business Association Arizona
enjoying the ultimate gift for his sacrifice. We down here on earth can now cry out            Japanese American Citizen League Arizona Chapter
for his help. There is so much more that can be said about this remarkable man. But                       Korean Chamber of Commerce
it is for certain that he has indeed given us food for the journey and the first Valen-                         Light of the Institute
                                                                                                      Mayo Clinic Asian Diversity Leadership
tine. I am forever thankful that I got to hear Father Emery say Mass on Christmas          National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)
Day at the Franciscan Retreat. For me, that was something because all my Christ-                          National Marrow Donor Program
mases were spent with getting up with the family and recently with all the grand-                      Pacific Rim Advisory Council (PRAC)
                                                                                                     Pan Asian Community Alliance in Tucson
children. But for some reason, I was determined to go to Mass and see Father                             Phoenix Sister Cities Commission
Emery. It was one of the best Christmases and I will remember it always. Father                 Planned Parenthood of Central & Northern Arizona
                                                                                                              Pueblo Grande Museum
Emery loved to sing and there was live music, Christmas Carols and great Christ-                      Thai American Friendship Organization
mas spirit.                                                                                                 The Leadership Consortium
    Recently Claudia, Amanda, Jeri, Rocky Tang and Ray Faussame and I attended                     United States Equal Opportunity Commission
                                                                                                          United States Tennis Association
Father’s memorial service at the beautiful St. Mary’s Basilica..I have only been to          University of California Asian American Studies Center
St. Mary’s three times (I was born here). The first time at Father’s Golden Anniver-                      University Physicians, Tucson
sary, then to hear him speak as an invited guest, and lastly at his memorial to say                          West Valley Art Museum
goodbye and celebrate the wonderful legacy he has left us all.
    To the Tang Family, our best wishes and prayers. Thank you for sharing Father
Emery with all of us. How we will miss him....
         4         Asian SUNews Summer 2009

China Connection                                                                                 Asian LEAD Academy Celebrates 15 Years
Journey to My Ancestral Home                                                              By Bryan Beach
                                                                                            June 19th marked the Asian LEAD Acad-
by Father Emery Tang                                                                      emy’s banquet to commemorate 15 years
“The West can teach the East how to
                                                                                          since it was originally founded. The event
get a living, but the East must even-
tually be asked to show the West how                                                      took place in ASU’s Old Main building.
to live.”              -- T. Hsieh                                                        Celebrating past and present students who
       Departing from the Beautiful                                                       have participated in the program, the Asian
Land, Mei Kuo, our airship soared                                                         LEAD Academy continues to exemplify its
across the vast ocean to the shores of
                                                                                          goal of supporting young Asian Pacific
the Central Kingdom. A day had
passed when our great metal bird                                                          Americans in their education and well-
landed in the City Up From The Sea.                                                       being.
     By train we journeyed to the                                                           The keynote speaker was US Marshal
enchanting City Across The River                                                          David Gonzales, who spoke of his experi- US Marshal David Gonzales
(Hangzhou), thence to the lovely
                                                                                          ences as a law enforcement officer and
City of Plentiful Waters (Suzhou)--
being reminded of the ancient saying                                                      the importance of being thankful for those who make a difference in
that “In heaven there is paradise. On                                                     people’s lives each day. Thus, his discussion marked the fundamental
earth there are Suzhou and Hang-                                                          ideals within the LEAD Academy.
shou.”                                                                                      The current members all went up on stage for group performances to
  We journeyed onward to the South-
                                                                                          showcase what they had discussed and learned during their two weeks.
ern Capital and boarded our airship
again for our flight to the Northern                                                      Topics included Asian stereotypes, the various methods of interacting
Capital. It was there that we passed                                                      with others via game show, a humorous rendition of Mulan to develop
the the Gate of Heavenly Peace to                                                         styles of personality, and an overall reflection of their time in LEAD.
behold the largest public square in the world. We strolled through the Forbidden City       It goes without having to say that these young ladies and gentlemen
where the Imperial Palace remains the abiding symbol of Old China.
                                                                                          shared enjoyable moments that will serve as a positive experience in
  We hastened to the City of Western Harmony where more than 6,000 terra cotta war-
riors beckoned us to visit them, each one a unique and handsome face. Bidding farewell, their futures. If I had known about such a group when I was in high
we flew on to the City of Light And Brotherhood.                                          school, my own feelings of being misunderstood and rejected by others
  Not to be outdone, the region of Fragrant Cassia Woods called us to see for ourselves would have been reduced much earlier. Nevertheless, I’m happy for the
the living tapestries etched and carved in limestone by the winds and the rains along the participants of the LEAD Academy as well as those who will be
River Li.
                                                                                          involved in the future.
  But my heart was set on seeing at last The Broad Region of my father and his family,
origin of the world-famous cuisine that has stood for a hundred years as the standard of
Chinese American food.
   Guangzhou, that is, The Broad Region, is a city of more than five million souls now,
not a village any longer, nestled against the northern bank of the Pearl River Delta.
  And so, as we ended our flitting-butterfly sampling of the mighty Central Kingdom in
twenty-two days, we drank in the exciting beauty of The Fragrant Harbor and immersed
ourselves into its teeming life.
  The foregoing journey reads like a lyrical fairy tale as the proper names of places and
cities are translated literally. Color it eastern.
  Its factual western “translation” follows...
China: The Mythical Land
  Sinanthropus Pekingensis is young. These earliest protohuman remains found in China
are only 20,000 years old. He’s just a kid who grew up in Asia. My roots reach across the
thousands of miles from that continent.                                                          Congratulations to the Class of 2009 Asian LEAD Academy Graduates!
   Until 1274, when Marco Polo arrived from Venice and remained for seventeen years,
China, the second largest country in the world and the most populous, lay like a huge
maple leaf (nearly 3,700,000 square miles in area) whose stem is the Yellow Sea. Mon-
golia sits astride the upper portion of the leaf, shaped like a giant’s bite, serving as a
buffer between Russia and China.
                                                                                                    Micronesia at JACL Hall
   Since 2,000 B.C., a unique and fairly uniform culture has spread throughout most of
the country, even though, without the unifying force of a centralized government, an
incredible linguistic and ethnologic diversity developed randomly.
  Historically, the China Story is like the repeat of a familiar refrain: the rise and fall of
dynasties and political regimes, a period of oppression with the gutting ot the common
welfare and, finally, with a mighty upheaval, the convulsive overthrow of a regime.
  For two hundred years before Christ and two hundred years after his death, China was
basking in the peaceable and progressive reign of the Han dynasty. This was the imperial
age when art and literature flowered, iron tools and irrigation advanced agriculture, and
trade, even with faraway Rome, bustled along the Silk Road.
   Gradually, the China border formed its maple leaf shape as its far-flung boundaries
stretched to embrace the towering Himalayas of Tibet, the steamy jungles of Indochina
to the south and the wide open grasslands and steppes of Inner Mongolia to the north.
China: The Mystical Land continued next issue.

                                 China Connection

    Having finished printing the last chapter of Food for the Journey in
    our August issue, we are proud to bring to our readers China Con-
                              nection By Father Emery Tang, wriiten
                                                                                                 Claudia Kaercher giving her presentation & Ray Faussame adjusting the volume

                              some 20 years ago. Photos in this book
                                                                                                 by Ted Namba

                              were taken by the author himself and brush
                                                                                                   Claudia Kaercher’s presentation was not only informal but delicious, too! She brought

                              paintings by Paul Kuo. We are honored that
                                                                                                 with her a magnificent PowerPoint presentation, genuine artifacts, and an assortment of
                                                                                                 native foods.

                              Father Emery has given Asian SUNews per-
                                                                                                   Her friends, Rick and Susie Gumba, Anicia and her other half, Ted, helped her cook up

                              mission through sister, Alice Tang to share
                                                                                                 a real feast.

                              China Connection with our readers. Our
                                                                                                   For just a while we traveled together to the mystical and enchanted region in the Pacific

                              readers enjoyed Food for the Journey so
                                                                                                 through PowerPoint. On this journey, you listened to stories about the traditional artifacts

                              much we hope you will find
                                                                                                 and learned about the region’s history. Our journey ended with the tasting of “Chamorro”

                              China Connection just as inspiring and
                                                                                                 food from the Mariana Archipelago. It seemed that the chicken kelaguin dish was the
                                                                                                 favorite, followed by the dessert lantiya (also delicious).

                               entertaining. -Asian SUNews
                                                                                                    Claudia, a JACL board member has made it a point to share her culture with friends
                                                                                                 and members and is her contribution as a JACL Board member.
                                                                                                   For information on the food, contact Rick Gumba at 602-218-6637.
                                                                                                                          Summer 2009                  Asian SUNews                  5

Asian Pacific Community in Action                                                                           Meeting with the Mayor
     2009 Fundraising Event                                                                    Asian Chamber met with Mayor Jim Lane of Scottsdale to discuss Chamber’s involve-
                                                                                             ment with their City. Specifically if Scottsdale had any interest in housing an Asian
                                                                                             Pacific Community Center for the APA community via any buildings Scottsdale may
                                                                                             have to mothball because of the declining economy.
                                                                                               Mayor Lane suggested that Chamber go through the channels of Economic Develope-
                                                                                             ment and/or the school districts. Ray Fausamme and Rocky Tang were particularly inter-
                                                                                             ested since Scottsdale School District was closing schools that would be central to the
                                                                                             community and those interested in supporting the project.
                                                                                               Asian Chamber member, Cindy Harbottle has taken the course Scottsdale 101 to get a
                                                                                             better grasp of how Asian Americans can be more active in the Scottsdale diversity pro-
                                                                                               Scottdale is a Gold Sponsor of Asian Chamber and when the City’s website posted an
                                                                                             unsavory picture depicting Asians, Asian Chamber met with Scottsdale’s diversity group
                                                                                             who were horrified about the incident. It was decided there and then that Asian Chamber
                                                                                             and Scottsdale have a better relationship to avoid faux pas in the future.
                                                                                               Scottsdale is sponsoring a cultural diversity series and Asian Chamber will be present
                                                                                             at their planning meetings via Cindy Harbottle and others who have an interest. Several
                                                                                             Asian Pacific community members attended the Asian/Chinese presentation that featured
                                                                                             Evangeline Song, Jack Song and George Kishiyama, Cindy’s father. They spoke about
                                                                                             the early days of Scottsdale and how the Song family were pioneers of old Scottsdale.
                                                                                             George spoke about his and the other beautiful flower fields that banked Baseline Road,
                                                                                             a wondrous blend of colors that swayed in the breeze. Baseline was a tourist attraction
(l-r): Madeline Ong-Sakata, Ki Ngo, Christine Wilkinson & Kelly Hsu                          and was enjoyed by virtually every citizen of the Valley. Gone are the flower farms
                                                                                             because of progress, a generation that went on to college and pursued jobs in the corpo-
   More than 200 people attended the fundraiser reception hosted by the                      rate world and the fierce competition in today’s flower market.
Asian Pacific American Community in Action, an organization responsi-                          Kudos to Scottsdale’s diversity team for their vision to bring diversity and inclusion to
ble for bringing awareness to the public and government agencies, the dis-                   their population.
                                                                                                Scottsdale has always been a national getaway that featured a western theme, but has
eases that are prevalent among Asians and doing something about it.                          now realized the advantages being known as a welcome destination for everyone.
   It was not too many years ago that this was just Dr. Kelly Hsu’s dream.
She gave much of her time during her busy practice, caring for her family
and parents. This evening showed the progress that Kelly and her col-
leagues have made. They now have a dedicated executive director, dedi-
cated to Kelly’s dream, loads of volunteers and an Advisory Board who
will carry out Kelly’s goals.
  At the fundraising reception at the Phoenix Art Museum, APACA hon-
ored three community activists: Madeline Ong-Sakata, Ki Ngo and
ChristineWilkinson who all share Kelly’s dedication for a healthier and
informed APA community. Kelly’s goal was to bring awareness to govern-
ment agencies that were unaware of the those specific diseases that plague
Asian Pacifics and get their attention and help.
   APACA sponsors seminars, experts in the hepititis and breast cancer
arena, tobacco abuse and at the same time has to work to raise money to
get these things done.
   Congratulations to the progress Kelly Hsu has made in this long and LtoR: Cindy Harbottle, Ted Namba, Madeline Ong-Sakata, Mayor Jim Lane,
sometimes thankless endeavour. Asian Chamber is proud of her.              Willie Mae & Rocky Tang, Mona & Ray Faussame at meeting in Scottsdale

                2009 Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration Luncheon
by Madeline Ong-Sakata                                                                       ored guest, gave a moving declaration of his involvement in the service and his most per-
   When Captain Ryan Pumford contacted me to find a speaker for Luke AFB’s Asian             sonal feelings about the imprisonment of Japanese Americans citizens. Something that
Pacific Heritage Celebration, one person came to mind: Mas Inoshita. I told Ryan about       many who were too young to know or remember, and must be reminded that this must
Mas’s involvement in the community, his great stories, his educational worth, and Ryan       never happen again.
said, “Perfect!”                                                                               This event gave Asian Chamber and the APAs who were involved, a window into Luke
  Well, I told Ryan that I would get into big trouble with Marilyn, his daughter, who like   Air Force Base which has been in the Phoenix area for decades. The rumors that fly about
all good daughters worry about their Dads, and that he would have to chauffeur Mas to        closing Luke has given APAs an ownership to this base. It is our hope that Luke AFB
and from the base in case Marilyn was not available and Ryan said, “Done!”                   personnel has equally learned about our community and how we can partner to make
  I also contacted Claudia Kaercher because Ryan wanted some entertainment, and who          Luke more involved and take advantage of not only the APA community but also the cit-
better than some Pacific Islander dancers and music to really celebrate APA month in         izens of the Valley who have forgotten the value and patriotism that Luke means to us.
May. (They were beautiful, cute and gave the celebration the added ambiance!)                  To wrap up the event: Everyone had a great time. Thank you Capt. Ryan Pumford and
   As it turned out Marilyn, Allen and I, including granddaughter Claire attended the        Brigadier General Kurt Neubauer for celebrating Asian Pacific Month with the APA
luncheon along with Kyle Kobashigawa from the National Guard. How wonderful the              community and giving APAs an opportunity to share their culture, adventures and expe-
event was! To see all the members of the Base file in with their camouflage clothes, both    riences. Mas and his entourage (us) were treated to a tour of the jets, pilots, and roar of
men and women, was a patriotic moment. And Mas, who sat quietly on the ride to Luke,         the engines. Did you know before you could step onto the site of the jets, your tires, etc.
brightened up, was in his element among the brass and the enlisted.                          must be clear of all debris, little rocks, etc. because they can get sucked up in the jet
   The young hula dancers marveled at the military, Mas, who was featured as the hon-        engines. Our guide also told us we could get sucked up, too. What a good time we had!!!!

Captain Ryan Pumford & Mas Inoshita flanked by the Luke Air Force Color                      (l-r): Mas Inoshita, honored guest speaker and Brigadier General Kurt Neubauer,
Guard at the Asian Pacific Heritage Month celebration at Luke AFB                            Luke AFB’s Top Man. (see related pictures in this issue’s picture pages).
        6        Asian SUNews                      Summer 2009
                                                                                        2009 Arizona State University Asian Convocation
Periscope Potpourri
                        It was supposed to be a moment of limitless jubilee and
                     the culmination of months worth of hard work. A young
                     twenty-something year old half-Asian, half-Hispanic boy,
                     whom shall remain nameless, recently walked onto a grimy
                     used car lot on VanBuren. With glimmering enthusiasm in
                     his heart, he went to make a $800 down payment on his very
                     first car purchase.
      Christine          Not even a week flittered by and this boy returned back to
      Anne Ong       the used car lot wanting to repeal his purchase. “You sold
                     me a dud of a car,” the boy directed at the owner of the lot.
Shortly thereafter, the boy’s mother, who is Hispanic, returns to the used car lot
alongside her son in a heated panic.
    “You sold my son a rotten car,” she shouts. “Give him his money back. If
you had a son you would be standing here doing what I am doing now,” she
   Unrelenting and firm, the used car lot owner said he would do no such thing.
Moreover, he responded to the mother, “He’s not your son, you’re not Chinese.
You don’t have slanted eyes the way he does.” The mother and son left won-
dering what slanted eyes or no slanted eyes had anything to do with being
ripped off.                                                                            (l-r 1st row) BrandonYu, Rudy Bustamonte (standing): Karen Kuo, Madeline
     In a world where vain doesn’t even begin to describe the lengths many peo-        Ong-Sakata, Tamlyn Tamita, Claudia Kaercher, Kathy Nakagawa, Jeffrey Ow
ple go to look a certain way, to fit a role and slip on a part in the everyday play      Asian Convocation 2009 was quite special. Not only did we have
of living, it is sometimes hard to stand tall in the face of adversity, especially     Tamlyn Tamita as our keynote speaker, but it was also announced that
when that adversity is directed toward how one looks.
   We are all born to two parents, a mother and a father. We have a string of          Asian Pacific American Studies received permission to apply as a Major.
genetic information we are born with in the form of DNA strands. We can’t              At last! Everyone was thrilled, what a way to celebrate the 10th
change who we are and therefore we should accept who we are and what we                Anniversary of APA Studies!
look like, right?                                                                         The Convocation program also honored two community members:
    Never mind making do with what one is endowed with, nor being happy just           Claudia Kaercher and Madeline Ong-Sakata, both who work in unison
the way one is—even proud of the way one is. No, today we live in a day and
age of listening to other people tell us “what’s hot today.”                           for the students and ASU and are dedicated to them.
   Scanning down the “hot list” we see that big round eyes made the list. Nope,           Tamlyn Tamita gave a moving keynote address that told the students
negative on that one. A nice tapered nose, not too big and definitely not flat.        not to give up, go out there and don’t lose hope. Her speech encouraged
Nope, looks like another strike out. And that round, flat face—whoever should          the graduates to look for the positive in life and overcome the hurdles.
be cursed with that. Third Strike and out. Call it the three-strikes-and-you’re-       Thanks to Ted Namba, who has been moving among the national movers
out curse if you will.
   I remember growing up and people asking me, “why are your eyes different,”          and shakers, we were able to reach Tamlyn who was convinced that her
or “your nose is flat not like mine.” Indeed, the whole notion of wanting and          presence was very welcome and fought the hot weather!
yearning for Asians to be like their Caucasian counterpart is deep seated and             Each year Asian Convocation has grown to an attendance by the fami-
so invasive that it thrusts some Asian Americans to such great lengths and             lies of the graduates. Although we would like to see more APA graduates
heights to mitigate the stares and to look more like what society, the media and       participate, it is heartwarming to see the bright and eager faces in their
the mainstream public tells us is “hot.” And in many cases what is “hot” is what
Asians are not.                                                                        maroon and gold looking toward the future. Congratulations!!
   If the emotional pull isn’t enough to tell the story, the numbers enumerate the
picture much better. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons,
Asian Americans went under the knife 246 percent more between the years of
2000 and 2008.
   Many Asian Americans who seek cosmetic surgery and correction often have                                rea   lace
                                                                                                          Great Place Work!
                                                                                                          Great Place to Wor
                                                                                                        A Great Place to Work!
the most Asian-Asians have what some call “monolids,” which lack a crease.
Still, others apply various tape and glue products to their eyes to make them
larger, wider and more publicly acceptable. Everyone wants that western-look-                                                   th
                                                                                                                    Come Grow With Us.
ing physique.                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                         www.maricopa edu/hrweb
                                                                                                                          ww aricopa ed / rw b
                                                                                                                              aricop du/h we
                                                                                                                               ric       /hrweb
   There is evidence showing that some parents in Taiwan, Japan, and Korea
have their children go under the knife for the kind of eyes that parents believe
everyone has their eyes on. To get noticed, to be beautiful is to be without
Asian features—eyes of course, but also noses and faces are propagated as
being unattractive. Thus, the bar has been risen to a worldwide epidemic.
   According to an article written in Salon in 2000, due to the less regulated
plastic surgery industry in Asia, some Asian American families are even travel-
ing to Asian countries to have eyelid surgeries done unto their kin.                                      “The community
                                                                                                                                                           The Maricopa
   So that while we look at society’s standard of beauty, Asians are being held                           colleges are about                               Community Colleges
                                                                                                                                                           Co ommunity
to a yard stick that we don’t meet. But not only do we not meet the American                              inclusion and
                                                                                                           nclusionn                                       are fast-growing,
                                                                                                                                                           are fast-growing,
standard of beauty, but due to narcissist persuasions, Asians in America and                                      y
                                                                                                          diversity. I enjoy                               lifelong learning
beyond are holding themselves to a yard stick self-set. After all, who would                              teaching because
                                                                                                           eachingg                                        institutions with
                                                                                                          my students and
want to be shunned to the banishment of the uglies?                                                                                                        great facilities
                                                                                                          I take the journey
   I once spoke to a Asian American female journalist. While speaking with her                            of teaching
                                                                                                             teaching                                      and full bene ts.
of the pressures of being Asian and being a public figure, she told me of the                             and learning
pressure to look westernized. She admitted herself to having cosmetic surgery                             together.”
                                                                                                                  r                                        Job opportunities exist
to open up her eye lids and give her a bigger crease.                                                                                                      in faculty positions
   The Asian American Journalists Association, a national organization for Asian                          –Stephanie Fuji
                                                                                                          –Stephan nie                                     (part-time and full-
journalists, she said, holds seminars each year. Of which one of the topics that                          Estrella Mountain                                time), management,
often comes up, she said, is plastic surgery and working in the media.                                    Community
                                                                                                          Commun   nity
                                                                                                                                                           technology, support
   Even the truth tellers, the delivers of information to help shape our lives are                                                                         staff, facilities and
shaping themselves, in many cases, to society’s truth. I suppose it is an exam-                                                                            other areas.
                                                                                                                                                           otther areas.
ple of how one’s truth becomes one’s reality or how another’s truth becomes
your truth and reality. If your being told you don’t fit in, then it is only natural
that after time you, yourself, believe that you don’t fit in.                                              employment         io               rtunities
                                                                                                       All employment applications and job opportunities are
   How much should we let our looks define us? That while a distinguished eth-                                                 on
                                                                                                                        posted online at:
nic group, we are quickly killing the thing that makes us who we are. Should                                    w
                                                                                                                www                 eb
we not throw speed bumps and caution rope around surgeries to erase who we                                                         or visit:
are, our truth and reality will be one of killing a culture. Why I ask? Because a
                                                                                                               Maricopa Community C ll ges
                                                                                                               M i      C         Colleg
                                                                                                                              it Colleges
sly car salesman made fun of our slanted eyes?
     As with many of my columns, I will end on a positive note. That, while there
is a lot of negative in the world, attitude is everything. An optimistic attitude
                                                                                                                        2411 W. 14th Street
                                                                                                                        2411 W.
cannot only lift spirits, but it can also lift a culture in this case.                                                 Tempe,
                                                                                                                       Tempe, Arizona 85281
     It is my hope, my plea that all vanity aside, we preserve a culture many of                                          480.731.8444
us so closely identify with, not kill it. No matter if one is 100% Asian or half                               NE APPLICATIONS
                                                                                                                        A             UIRED.
                                                                                                           ONLINE APPLICATIONS ARE REQUIRED.
Asian as the boy in the story at the beginning of this piece, my two sense is
this: people can try and knick your pride, but don’t let that knick in the ego
                                                                                                             The Maricopa Community Colleges are EEO/AA Institutions.
make you go under the knife to change your culture, your identity, everything
you are. Editor’s note: Please have the young man contact Asian Chamber.
                                                                                                              Summer 2009              Asian SUNews                 7
                                                                            BUSINESS NOTES
Change in credit scoring system                                                               IRS Offers Summer Tax Tips
                    It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your credit                                         PHOENIX - - Before you start a summer job, take a vacation
                 score. But changes to the credit scoring system may                                              or send the kids off to camp, the Internal Revenue Service
                 make it more important than ever to be vigilant.                                                 wants you to know that certain summertime activities may
                    Fair Isaac, the company that created the FICO score,                                          qualify you for tax breaks. The IRS also advises that you can
                 has introduced a new scoring method for 2009 that                                                avoid problems at tax time by addressing certain issues now.
                 focuses more on credit balances, not just on-time pay-                                           “Enjoy the summer, but be careful not to miss out on tax
                 ment records. In fact, reports say that the new FICO                                             breaks or create tax problems,” said IRS spokesman Bill
                 revision will actually allow a bit of lenience on late pay-
                                                                                                   Ken Ihori      Brunson.
  Patrick Eng    ment – something that might affect more than a few con-
                                                                                                                     Here are some tips from the IRS that may help you lower
                 sumers with the downturn in the economy. Obviously,
this won’t mean that someone can chronically pay late, but once or                            your taxes and avoid tax problems:
twice won’t make the same impact on one’s credit score that it has in                            1. Make sure summer employer classifies you correctly. Summer workers
the past.                                                                                     sometimes are misclassified as independent contractors (self-employed) rather
   Yet credit utilization – essentially the amount of credit you’re actual-                   than as employees. Employers who do this usually fail to withhold taxes from
ly using relative to your credit limit – is a much bigger deal simply                         the worker’s wages, often leaving the worker responsible at tax time for paying
because high balances are so prevalent right now. From the lender’s                           income taxes plus Social Security and Medicare taxes. Workers can avoid high-
perspective, high balances mixed with a tough economy means a high-                           er tax bills and lost benefits if they know their proper status.
er risk of default among customers.                                                             2. Summer workers may be exempt from tax withholding. If you got a refund
   Your top priority under this new credit scoring system? Get debt bal-                      of all withheld income taxes for 2008 and you expect the same for 2009, you
ances down. A good target utilization rate for all your revolving credit                      may claim “exempt” on your Form W-4 when you’re hired. That can increase
accounts is no more than 50 percent of your credit limit. If you can get                      your paycheck and possibly let you avoid having to file a 2009 federal tax
it significantly lower than that over time, that’s a good plan. The lower
                                                                                              return. If you claim exempt status, your employer should withhold Social Secu-
your credit utilization, the better your score.
                                                                                              rity and Medicare taxes from your wages but no federal income tax.
   What does that mean for ordinary Americans who don’t meet that
under-50 percent goal? It means you shouldn’t be applying for new                                3. Getting married? Newlyweds can help make the wedded bliss last longer
credit or refinancing for awhile. But because most lending institutions                       by doing a few things now to avoid problems at tax time. First, report any name
may continue their strict lending requirements, you might as well defer                       change to the Social Security Administration before you file your next tax
borrowing goals in favor of reforming your credit behavior.                                   return. Next, report any address change to the Postal Service, your employer
   So, instead of bemoaning your tougher chances of getting a loan for                        and the IRS to make sure you get tax-related items. Finally, use the Withhold-
a home or a car, why not use the current environment to launch a cred-                        ing Calculator at to make sure your withholding is correct now that
it makeover that will position you for a better shot six months to a year                     there are two of you to consider.
from now? Some ideas:                                                                           4. Clean out, donate, deduct. Those long-unused items you find during spring
   Budget: If you’ve never reviewed your spending and picked out areas                        or summer cleaning can probably be donated to a qualified charity and may gar-
where you can cut, you’ve never done a budget. Start tracking your                            ner you a tax deduction as long as they’re in good condition. You must itemize
spending and pinpointing what spending you can shift over to paying                           deductions to qualify to deduct charitable contributions and you must have
off debt. Go after your balances with the highest interest rates first.
                                                                                              proof of all donations.
   Get some advice: It might not be a bad time to sit down with a tax
                                                                                                 5. Help with service project, deduct mileage. While there’s no tax deduction
professional or a financial adviser to talk about the way you're going to
manage your debt going forward.                                                               for time donated toward a charitable cause, driving your personal vehicle while
   Once you’re paid off, don’t close the account: In the world of credit                      donating your services on a trip sponsored by a qualified charity could get you
scoring, closing accounts (even those that have not had balances for                          a tax break. Itemizers can deduct 14 cents per mile for charitable mileage driv-
years) is a lousy idea. Lenders want to see a long record of credit man-                      en in 2009. Keep good records of your mileage.
agement, and longtime accounts that you haven't touched in years may                            6. Get tax credit for summer day camp expenses. Many working parents must
actually help your score because it shows you have some restraint.                            arrange for care of their younger children under 13 years of age during the
                                                                                              school vacation period. A popular solution — with favorable tax consequences
   Patrick Eng is an investment advisor for Perspective Financial Services, LLC, in           — is a day camp program. Unlike overnight camps, the cost of day camp may
Phoenix and has more than 20 years experience in the financial services industry. His         count as an expense towards the Child and Dependent Care Credit.
fee-only practice is focused on helping individuals and families with their financial plan-      7. Owner of vacation home may get two tax breaks. First, mortgage interest
ning and investment needs. You can call Patrick at 602-281-4357, email PEng@Mon-
                                                                                              and real estate taxes paid on a second home are usually deductible if you item- or visit the company website at
                                                                                              ize. Second, if you rent your vacation home out fewer than 15 days per year,
                                                                                              that rental income is typically not taxable.
IRS Office Moves To Glendale                                                                     8. Report winnings, possibly deduct losses. If Lady Luck smiles on you dur-
                                                                                              ing your vacation, remember that gambling winnings must be reported on your
   The Phoenix northwest IRS office is moving to 7350 W. Camino San
                                                                                              tax return. Losses are deductible only if you itemize and have winnings that
Xavier, Glendale, Ariz., 85308 and will be open for business beginning
                                                                                              equal or exceed your losses. Good records are a must.
Monday, June 1, at 11:30 a.m. Normal hours of operation are Monday                               9. Deduct job-related moving expenses. Relocating due to a job? A tax break
through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. IRS offices are located at 210 E.                      may be coming your way and you won’t have to itemize deductions to get this
Earll Dr., in Phoenix and 1818 E. Southern Ave., Suite 14, in Mesa.                           one. If you can satisfy the distance and time tests, job-related moving expens-
  “We apologize for any inconvenience during this move. Other ways of                         es are deductible. Other requirements apply if you are self-employed. Members
doing business with the IRS are available. Payments can be mailed or                          of the armed forces do not have to meet these tests if the move was due to a per-
electronically deposited and tax information is available anytime at                          manent change of station. ,” said Jeni Ruby, office manager. “Area residents can also                         10. Deduct storm damage losses. Recent law changes make it easier to claim
call toll-free, 1-800-829-1040 for assistance in English or Spanish,” she                     a casualty loss for the reduction in value of property damaged by storms, fire
said.                                                                                         or other disasters. And if your county was declared a federal disaster area, you
  The three IRS offices in the Phoenix metropolitan area, also known as                       may be able to file a tax return immediately to claim that loss.
Taxpayer Assistance Centers, provide face-to-face help to taxpayers in
understanding and meeting their tax responsibilities. Taxpayers are assist- For details about any of these topics, visit or call the IRS toll-free at 1-
ed on a first-come, first-served basis.                                     800-829-1040.

                                                                                Larry Panyon
                                                                                Larry Panyon Insurance Agency

                                                                                7011 N 57th Ave. Suite E
                                                                                Glendale, AZ 85301
                                                                                Business (623) 209-5142
                                                                                Fax (623) 209-5144
8   Asian SUNews   Summer 2009

             Pan-Asian Community Alliance Conference

                      ASU Asian Convocation 2009
                   Summer 2009   Asian SUNews   9

Asian Lead Academy 2009

China Trip - Ben Stillman
10   Asian SUNews   Summer 2009

            Asian Pacific Community in Action
                     “The Art of Giving” Fundraising Event

          2009 Asian Pacific American Heritage
           Celebration Luncheon at Luke AFB
Summer 2009   Asian SUNews   11
            12           Asian SUNews                              Summer 2009

                                      Journey to Death: Conclusion
By Madeline Ong-Sakata                           the LVAD and how it works. I was glad to        Lee to “hold out Grandpa, at least until my    time with us. When Lee died, Sophia was
Writers note: This article is written for        hear about the young boy that they were         graduation!” Well, Lee made the Lunar          on the computer helping with his funeral
those readers who may want to understand         able to keep alive until a heart could be       New Year banquet and he received his           plans. I got on the computer and wrote to
the Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)        found for him. But for Lee, it was not the      Golden Sahauro Award, but he just could-       Mayor Gordon and Dr. Crow about Pacific
that Lee lived with for nine months and the      right choice and I can’t help thinking of all   n’t wait any longer and died a week before     Rim Advisory Council and Asian Pacific
effect it had in Lee’s and my life. In no way    the pain and suffering he endured so that       Samantha’s graduation.                         American Studies pleading that they do not
is this article meant to discourage anyone       he could live six months longer. It was fate       Lee became very weak and very sick          dismantel them (they didn’t). Isn’t that
from the advantages and choices in the ad-       though that prolonged his death because if      three days before he died. In fact Craig       wierd? Here, my husband had just died
vancement in cardiovascular treatment.           it weren’t for that, he would not have been     came over to see Lee and had him sign          and I was on the computer because I felt so
End of the journey                               able to take care of those necessary details    some papers and said he needed a trust so      strongly because Lee believed in these
                                                 one has to do before one know,       he would come back the next evening and        programs so much.
    It has been more than a year ago since       his last will and testament.                    bring the trust for Lee to sign. Lee became        Lee had a beautiful Catholic funeral.
Lee died and I am so fortunate to be able to         Lee did think a lot about death and we      so ill after Craig left that daughter Michy    Rev. Paul sent Father Joe to us. My chil-
write everything down because as time            talked a lot about it. I grew up Catholic and   had to call Craig and told him how sick        dren as always are my rock; my ASU stu-
goes by, I forget some of the good things        Lee was a Methodist in his younger days.        Lee was. The next day, Craig came back         dents (some former), too. Six of them car-
as well as the bad things that happened to       We talked to Rev. Paul from Hospice of the      with his partner, Jim Wong who is the          ried Lee and I know he smiled.....
us during this long journey.                     Valley many times. Lee was ready and I          will/trust expert (I bare-
  Lee died on June 9, 2008 and so I guess        was ready because we did talk about it so       ly knew Jim Wong and
my mourning is supposed to be officially         much; he prepared me well.                      here he was in my
over. It is funny how things work out be-           When Father Emery was visiting               house, helping us, my
cause I had this black wreath hanging on         Phoenix, his sister Alice brought him over      family is overwhelmed).
my gate for so long and my family would          and Father blessed us, our home and our           Anyway, there were so
ask me how long would I leave it up. I felt      dog Zoey. We were so comforted.                 many people here when
that when I was ready, it would automati-          You don’t think about those legal things,     Jim and Craig came, that
cally happen and it did, just a few weeks        but thanks to a very good friend, Craig Fu-     getting someone to wit-
after the anniversary of his death. I did        jii, he worried for us. Craig gave me in-       ness Lee’s signature was
take it down and when I had trouble get-         structions as what to do, made out our will,    not a problem at all. The
ting it untied, I managed to get it turned       told me and Lee to sign it, and we did, but     ASU former students
around to the inside of the gate, so I left it   we did not do everything that was needed        were here, and Stephen
like that for awhile and just the other day,     because once Lee seemed to improve,             Tsang and Amanda Ho
I finally cut the string and threw it away.      death did not seem so near.                     witnessed Lee’s signa-
  If you read about the young boy that re-          I remember when Lee was so sick, I told      ture. So many people
ceived an LVAD like Lee to await a heart         him he cannot leave this earth until the Lu-    loved Lee, they came to
transplant and to keep hin alive so that his     nar New Year banquet is over because it         visit all the time. Lisa
parents could join him, then you were fa-        took us months to plan it and he’d better       Loo thought we might
miliar with what the LVAD was intended           stick around until then! Then Ted Namba         be starving and brought
for and that’s a good thing. It may be that      told Lee, you have to stick around until        so much food over the
they were able to use the smaller version        April because you are going to be the re-       three times she came to
that Mayo was working on because I won-          cipient of the Japanese American Citizens       visit. Poor little Sophia
dered how that large device could fit com-       League’s Golden Saguaro Award! Then             Swangaroon, she almost
fortably in a small body.                        our oldest granddaughter whose gradua-          lost her job because she Lee’s LVAD           inside his body
     I just wanted everyone to know about        tion was in June, put in her reservation for    was spending so much

$20.8 Million Awarded to Support                                                                       Our deepest sympathy and condolences
Cancer Research                                                                                                             to the family of:
    Tucson, AZ The Arizona Cancer Center has received a five-year, $20.8
million grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to renew support for
its cancer research programs through 2014.
                                                                                                                                Lem Tang
    The grant renewal, which came with an “excellent” rating, also extends                         Always willing to volunteer, help and most
the Cancer Center’s designation as one of 40 comprehensive cancer centers
in the United States, and the only NCI-designated comprehensive cancer
                                                                                                 of all ready with his camera!
center headquartered in Arizona. The Arizona Cancer Center (AZCC) at The
University of Arizona has operated continuously with NCI support, or
                                                                                                   Lem was a childhood friend to many of us.
“core” grants, since 1978, when the cancer center received a $1 million fed-                     I remember the last words he said to me at
eral award.                                                                                      the C.A.C.A. 2008 Lunar New Year Banquet.
    “The National Cancer Institute has again recognized the high quality of                      “That’s because I let you.”
our research programs and our faculty and staff with this grant renewal,”
said David S. Alberts, MD, director of the Arizona Cancer Center. “Contin-                         As Lem and I stood in a group to take a
uation of our funding, for more than 30 years, allows the Arizona Cancer                         picture by brother John Tang, I reminded
Center to achieve its mission of serving the entire state of Arizona with                        Lem of how as children we used to have
translational research in cancer prevention and treatment, patient care, edu-                    wrestling matches and I always beat him!
cation and outreach.”
    “The receipt of this support grant renewal, and the ‘excellent’ rating, is a                    “That’s because I let you,” he said!
direct reflection on the extremely high quality and innovative work of our
entire Arizona Cancer Center team,” Dr. Alberts said.
    The Arizona Cancer Center’s five core research programs are in cancer
                                                                                                 Little did any of us know that Lem would
prevention and control; cancer biology and genetics; cancer imaging; gas-
                                                                                                 leave us so suddenly. We will miss his camera
trointestinal cancer; and therapeutic development. The shared services in-
                                                                                                 and slow, deliberate walk, his quiet personali-
clude genomics, flow cytometry and biometry, which each received “out-                           ty and dry humor.
standing” ratings from the NCI site review team. In addition, the Arizona
Cancer Center has two prestigious Specialized Program of Research Excel-                         We know that he will be missed by all of us,
lence, or SPORE, awards from NCI for research in gastrointestinal cancer                         but especially by his family.
and lymphomas. The Cancer Center also has NCI program project grants for
novel drug development, novel imaging technology, colon cancer preven-                           Peace and our prayers be with you.
tion, pancreatic cancer drug development, prostate cancer bone metastases
and skin cancer prevention.                                                                                      Madeline Ong-Sakata
    The Arizona Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Institute-desig-
nated comprehensive cancer center headquartered in Arizona. With primary                                                              and for
locations at The University of Arizona in Tucson and in Scottsdale, the Cen-
ter has more than a dozen research and education offices throughout the
state, and 300 physician and scientist members working to prevent and cure
                                                                                                      Asian Chamber of Commerce
cancer. For more information, go to
                                                                                                             Asian SUNews
                                                                                          Summer 2009                Asian SUNews                13

Womenly Speaking
Le t t h e C l i c k i n g do the Winning-A n d n o t t h e S i n g i n g
by Luzviminda Parco-Kendrick, LCSW                                            her make up has been so custom made that I long for her natural face she
   Have you ever watched American Idol? Click, click, click, 38 million       had in the campaign. As to the President, there is still not a day that he is
times more and the winner is Kris Allen, from Conway, Arkansas. Win-          not on TV for everything and anything, daily, conducting the affairs of the
ners are the shrieking pre teens, 20,000 of them, assembled for the home-     government on television and satiating the media with his presence. And
town welcome prior the final day of the count for the winner. California      they love it, of course. So much so that his staff has created its own You
slept for the loser but highly talented rocky voice of Adam Lambert, a San    Tube media management outfit. Well-oiled and controlled media blitz
Diegan, and British co producer Judge Simon Cowell. Less record sold, as      inside out of the White House. Fortunately, Sasha and Malia with their
he was almost certain that Adam will rock the Billboard nine times more       puppy no where to be seen. I am convinced now that our President is a
confirmed by the PopEater survey with 57% voting, 53% not buying              genius and a master of media manipulation, speech production, and great
Allen’s album. Underwood and Clarkson, the only two female winners            use of Teleprompters. I should really be impressed.
who have reached the billboard top. Adam could still now be the dark          Read Your Credit Statements, Please
horse in sales instead of the winner Kris. With his theatrical unusual          Beware! With the recession, the AIG fiasco, and the Presidential scrutiny
singing voice he may likely not join in the way side the other male win-      of our banking system, your credit statements will carry incorrect transac-
ners in the likes of Clay Aikens, Rubin Studdard, Taylor Swift, and David     tions or sudden changes of finance charges. To top it all be careful when
Cook. Seventh placer in her season Jennifer Hudson hit the jackpot with       you call the phone rep. They will play as the victim. I had an interesting
record sale, movie and Broadway. Filipina 3rd placer Jasmine Trias did        experience with the Bank of America 866 number when I questioned a
not do as bad but no national record album despite the clickers from          hundred dollar overdraft protection on my credit branch account in Scotts-
Hawaiian Filipinos. From 45 million to 100 million clickers or viewers as     dale, Arizona. I have been with the bank for about 18 years and only on
compared to last year watched what I consider the best finale show. With      occasions make a call. This time the lady associate refused to hear that I
professional singers Kiss, Lionel, Rod Stewart, and Cindy Laufer, Steve       did not apply for an overdraft protection instead was immediately accused
Martin performing. Kiss and Adam were just WOW. Kris joined Keith             of being very abusive. Insisting that I sign for it, but can only cancel future
Urbane in their cowboy effort, but not as impressive. American Idol is a      transaction. I do not give my name to the public, she rudely insisted. In the
good pastime for the stressful weary day of keeping up with the economy.      past, phone associates would normally share their first name if not the
It is free, and exciting to see young aspiring talents put their efforts to   agent number. Not anymore I guess, as we become the mean account hold-
enter the world of entertainment in decent and rewarding way. It is surely    ers, no longer have the comfort to question our account. Could this be the
a family oriented show good for all. Kudos to Fox News for keeping it for     repercussion of the present Administration bank clamp down and the new
the last seven years. The best reality entertainment show around.             safety credit charge cushion signed by the President. The banking institu-
Our President, a Celeb Package                                                tion’s only right is to turn the tide against us. We become the bad borrow-
   Have you ever subscribed to a magazine and every time you receive a        ers, the bad guys. Is this guilt for us enabling the bailouts? So be careful
copy President Obama is its cover? I do. 17 times since the last six          and take time to go over all your accounts, credit or not. Make sure to
months. How about the First Lady Michelle. Same thing. In fact, I just        start your conversation with, “Please listen, I am here not to be abusive but
received a copy titled The Meaning of Michelle. On all the other mag cov-     to inquire a mistake on etc, etc.” Or better yet lie and begin by telling you
ers, she has been sporting her well toned, gym pop arms in most photo         are recording the conversations. In the meanwhile, in these hard times,
shoots, and speaking engagements. Amazing way of enticing all ladies to       pretend happy and stress free.
do the same, be envious and troop to the gym. Did you notice, too, that

                                                Pacific Islander, always...
By Claudia Kaercher                                                                                   She also had the opportunity to meet the Secretary
   This story is about two young Pacific Island women, one serving as an                              of Defense, Robert M. Gates at a town hall meet-
intern with the NBC “Today” show in New York, and the other serving in                                ing. What an honor.
                       the U.S. Army in Alaska.                                                          “I’m doing well up here, although I am still
                                        Maria Hechanova                                               adapting to the weather change. It is very different
                           From Glendale, Arizona, Maria Hechanova was                                up here compared to Arizona. I hear the winters
                       chosen to be part of the fellowship program for the                            here get to freezing in the negatives. I hope it’s not
                       NBC “Today” show for 10 weeks this summer in                                   too hot when I come back home,” said Kayla
                       New York.                                                                      Kayla and her family are from Guam. She is the
                          “I heard about the internship through the Asian                             daughter of Rodney and Eileen Petry Delarosa.
                       American Journalist Association (AAJA). I applied,                             Kayla and her family moved to Phoenix when she
                       and was selected. I am called a Fellow because of                              was just in grade school.
                       the stipend I received to help me with expenses. I
found a place to live through Educational Housing Services and my room-
mates are also NBC fellows. One is a student from the National Hispanic
Journalist Association and she's interning with WNBC and the other is a
student from the AAJA interning with Dateline NBC,” said Maria. Maria
also said after her internship, she will be going to Boston for the AAJA
Journalism Convention.
   Maria graduated from Northern Arizona University (NAU) with a B.S.
in electronic media and film and a minor in public relations. Her goal is
to be a TV reporter in Phoenix. She is the daughter of Rudy and Henny
Hechanova who lives in Glendale, Arizona. Maria and her parents are
members of Lau Kanaka No Hawai’i (the Arizona Hawai’ian Club) and
active with the Polynesian Dance group “Ka’ea Mauna Lani” formed by
kumu (teacher) Matalena Anglemire. Perhaps you may have seen Maria
perform at the annual Arizona Aloha Festival and Harold’s in Cave Creek.      Jeri Kishiyama Auther, representing Governor Jan
You can follow her internship experiences on her blog; found in her web-
site ---
                                                                              Brewer, presents Rhea Gomez, with a Proclamation prais-
                               Kayla Delarosa                                 ing Asian Lead Academy’s contribution of leadership, edu-
  From Phoenix, Arizona, Kayla Delarosa joined the U.S. Army and after        cation, assertiveness and development to high school
boot camp and Advance Individual Training (AIT), she is now stationed         students. Asian LEAD Academy celebrated its Fifteenth
in Alaska.                                                                    Anniversary with a banquet that hosted the Academy’s
  Kayla’s busy tour of duty has not prevented her from participating in       founders, and the Inaugural Class of 1995. Keynote
other events. She was given the honor to sing the national anthem during
the Asian Pacific Heritage Month event which was held at Ft. Richardson.
                                                                              Speaker was US Marshall David Gonzales.
         14       Asian SUNews Summer 2009

Chef Sy’s culinary choice f or May                                                            JACL Annual Awards Luncheon
                                                                                                                                                                Standing L to R:
  Mushroom Quiche                                                                                                                                               Brain Flannigan,
                                                                                                                                                                Will Auther,
   2 Tbs (30 ml) butter                                                                                                                                         Patrick Kishi,
                                                                                                                                                                Stephen Koons,
   2 shallots, finely chopped
                                                                                                                                                                and Beth Cole
   1 lb (450 g) mushrooms, trimmed and
sliced                                                                                                                                                          Sitting L to R:
   2 Tbs (30 ml) dry sherry (optional)                                                                                                                          Masako
   3 eggs                                                                                                                                                       Takiguchi, Joe
   1 1/2 cups (375 ml) half-and-half or milk                                                                                                                    Allman, Gladys
   2 Tbs (30 ml) finely chopped parsley                                                                                                                         Sallas, Fred
   Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste                                                                                                                      Tomooka, and
   A grating of fresh nutmeg                                                                                                                                    Ayako Tomooka
   A 9-inch (23 cm) pie shell
                                                        Chef Bill Sy MBA, CEC,                 by Bryan Beach
   1/2 cup (125 ml) grated Gruyere or Swiss               AAC, CMC-China                         April 26th marked the Japanese American Citiaens League’s annual luncheon and
cheese                                                        Co-Director,                  scholarship awards to incoming college students. Being a fellow Japanese American, it
                                                             Culinary Arts                  was a pleasant experience to go to an event like this and get familiar with the Nikkei pop-
  Heat the butter in a skillet over moderate               The Art Institute                ulation in the Valley.
                                                               of Phoenix                        The food prepared by the culinary staff of Phoenix College was excellent and the
heat and saute the shallots and mushrooms
                                                             602-331-7612                   keynote speaker was journalist Adam Schrager, who wrote a book about how Colorado
until tender, about 5 minutes. Add the
                                                                                            governor, Ralph Carr, openly opposed the imprisonment of Japanese Americans during
optional sherry and cook until it is absorbed, about 2 minutes. Whisk                       World War II. This, in turn, damaged Carr’s political career as a result of his principles.
together the eggs, half-and-half, parsley, salt, pepper, and nutmeg in a                         Events such as this remind me of the importance of maintaining a collective Asian
mixing bowl. Transfer the mushrooms to the pie shell and pour the egg                       American identity. Although we descend from many ethnicities, our shared experience
mixture over them. Sprinkle with the grated cheese and bake in a pre-                       and suffering from discrimination serve as a reminder that we are still Americans with
                                                                                            unique backgrounds. Thus, we are Asian American and do not have to choose one side
heated 350F (180C) oven until the top is golden brown and a knife
                                                                                            or the other. In the future, I will be an active member of the JACL along with other APA
inserted in the center comes out clean, about 40 minutes. Let stand for 10                  organizations in the Valley that bring an identity to young people who may have been
minutes before serving. Serves 4 to 6                                                       confused about who they are and where they belong.

                                                                                                   JACL Scholarship & Gold
  Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce
  1 1/2 - 2 lbs (675 - 900 g) asparagus, trimmed                                                      Saguaro Awards
  1 recipe Blender Hollandaise Sauce (see below)                                            by Ted Namba
                                                                                             The Annual Sarah Hutchings Clardy Scholarship Luncheon was a huge suc-
                                                                                            cess. Thank you: Scholarship Committee---Marilyn Inoshita Tang, Michelle
  Steam the asparagus until tender but still firm and bright green in color.
                                                                                            Namba, Kathy Inoshita, Megan Ishikawa, Jo Ann Kimura, Nancie Haranaka
Transfer to a serving platter and spoon the Hollandaise sauce over them.                    Tsubota.Gold Saguaro Committee---Joe Allman, Doris Asano, and Dr. Richard
Serves 4 to 6.                                                                              Matsuishi
                                                                                              I find myself becoming so thankful, but mostly in awe of all the intelligent,
  Blender Hollandaise Sauce                                                                 creative, and talented members in the JACL. The Scholarship Committee out-
                                                                                            did themselves this year. I heard many comments about the delicious food, the
                                                                                            professional program booklet, the beautiful centerpieces, the magnificent job of
 (Note: This recipe does not multiply well. If you need more than 1 cup                     our Mistress of Ceremonies; Megan Ishikawa and how Adam chrager’s
make two separate batches rather than a double batch.)                                      speech sent such a powerful message.
                                                                                              I felt so honored to be able to present the Scholarships to our graduating
                                                                                            High School Seniors: Will Auther, Patrick Kishi, and Stephen Koons.
  1/4 lb (110 g) butter
                                                                                              Our Gold Saguaro committee did a great job of nominating such deserving
  3 egg yolks                                                                               people for a Gold Saguaro award this year. We honored seven remarkable
  2 Tbs (30 ml) lemon juice                                                                 people who have worked long and hard making our community better and
  Salt and white pepper to taste                                                            stronger. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all our Gold
  A pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)                                                      Saguaro recipients for all their hard work and caring hearts. Thank you; Joe All-
                                                                                            man, Beth Cole, Brain Flannigan, Gladys Sallas, Masako Takiguchi, Ayako
                                                                                            Tomooka and Fred Tomooka.
  Melt the butter over a low flame until it begins to bubble. Remove from
heat. Put the egg yolks, lemon juice, salt and white pepper in the container
of an electric blender. Cover and blend on high speed for about 5 seconds.
Remove the cover and add the butter in a slow stream, blending at high
speed for approximately 30 seconds more. The sauce should be smooth
with no traces of unincorporated butter. If it is not, replace the cover and
continue blending until the butter is completely incorporated, scraping the
sides of the blender (with the motor off) if necessary. Makes about 1 cup.

  Jim Parks APIACS Board Chairman
   Washington—The Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies
(APAICS) is pleased to announce Jim Park as the new Chairman of the Board. Park
comes into the post with more than 20-years experience as an entrepreneur, a community
leader, a political appointee, and a corporate executive. In those positions, Park has
worked to advance broad based opportunities for traditionally underserved communities,
and he has worked to create sustainable homeownership and community revitalization
efforts. Park also served in the Clinton Administration as a political appointee working
in the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
   “It is an honor to serve as the Chair of an organization that has been such a powerful
advocate for the APIA community over the last 15 years. I look forward to working with
leaders in the APIA community to tackle the unique challenges facing us and help to
increase the broad civic and political participation of our community,” said Jim Park.
   “Jim is a proven APIA community leader and will make an excellent chair for
APAICS. I look forward to working with him in the coming years to move APAICS to
even greater prominence,” said Mineta, who is also Vice Chairman of APAICS.
   Upon learning of the new additions to the Board, Rep. Honda stated, “I congratulate
Jim Park on his new post as chair of APAICS.” Honda, who is chair of the Congressional
Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC) said, “Jim is a dynamic and talented leader
and I am confident that he will take APAICS to great heights. Together, we will work to
strengthen the APA by developing our future leaders.”
                                                                                                                Summer 2009                Asian SUNews                 15

---Double Hapa---                                                                          As a boy, I looked much more Asian than I do now and kids used to make fun
                                                                                         of me by singing a tune that went something like, “Chinese, Japanese, look at
                                                                                         these!” while slanting their eyes upward with their fingers. It upset me that
By Brian Beach
   To ask the question, “What are you?” is rude in my opinion. It’s as if particular     they were making fun of my Asian background because they singled me out
people are seen as foreigners who will never be completely “American” even if they       and made me feel different in a negative way. Now, I find it kind of silly,
were born and raised in this country. There are times when I know people are sim-        though having those experiences as a child can be traumatizing for some.
ply curious about my ethnic background, so I’ll tell them that I’m half Japanese.           I disapprove of the word “Jap” because it’s derogatory, although I’ve known
From there, they usually assume that the other half is white and I don’t mention it      some who are not even Japanese and claim that it isn’t offensive. In my daily
unless they ask. It’s not that I’m ashamed of saying I’m half white, but I identify      life, I don’t eat food with chopsticks all the time, I can’t play an instrument,
more with my Asian side culturally.                                                      math has never been my strong point, and I don’t know kung fu. I’m not a
   In order to develop my own identity, I’ve looked back on my family history to         gook, chink, slope, or slant. I’m an American with a mixed heritage and full of
learn “what” I am and “where” I come from. Both of my grandmothers had grown             pride.
up in Japan during World War II. My material grandmother is the closest link I have         My background as an Asian American has been one of the main inspirations
to my Japanese heritage. Out of all of her grandchildren, I’m the only one who has       for me becoming a writer. Although Americans in general are much more tol-
a passion for the culture, which included learning the language. This is how I am        erant compared to fifty years ago, I feel the main problem today is that people
able to communicate with my grandmother on a more personal level. Unfortu-               are simply ignorant of other cultures, which leads to inaccurate stereotypes and
nately, I have never been close to my paternal grandmother and know very little          discrimination. I learned many of these ideas from Asian Pacific American
about her side of the family.                                                            studies courses. Although I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching in my writ-
   My grandfathers were both white Americans who served in the army and were             ing, I feel it’s sometimes important to say things as they are instead of trying to
stationed in Japan after the war. That’s how they met my Japanese grandmothers.          hide it and hope that people understand beyond the surface.
Thus, my mom and dad are half Japanese. That’s why I like to consider myself a               It is my hope that more people will see us Asian Americans as individuals
double hapa. However, I realize that being multiracial was not always a source of        instead of judging us by our ethnicities. We are frequently perceived as others
pride back then. My parents were born in Japan during a time when interracial mar-       who can’t be understood, so people keep a distance and then distort our cultures
riages were not acceptable and mixed race children were often considered outcasts.       with stereotypes in an attempt to understand what they see only on the surface.
   My grandfather said that after my father was born, my Japanese great grandpar-         That’s what drives me as an Asian American writer. I don’t want to write
ents were furious when they first saw this half Japanese, half American baby. To         exotic stories that are meant to be sold only as commodities without compelling
them, my grandmother had married the “enemy” and produced a half breed child             ideas. Although I’d like to inform Americans as a whole what it’s like to be
who was not truly Japanese. My grandmother’s family cut all ties from her and this       Asian American, it would be wonderful to share my stories with people just like
is the main reason why I don’t know much about them.                                     me, so they can see that they’re not alone and many of their issues as ethnic
   Later, my grandfathers served in Vietnam, which has a close connection in my          Americans are felt by people all over the country.
own life. I met Lena on campus during the annual Asian culture night. It took lit-           In my work, I’ve written about Asian Americans who are angry, apathetic,
tle time for us to get to know each other and find out that we had quite a bit in com-   passionate, silent, gay, bisexual, humorous, promiscuous, and so on. What I’m
mon. Although her parents had lived in Vietnam during the war and my grandfa-            trying to create is a multifaceted perspective of what and who Asian Americans
thers had served over there, we knew that wars of the past should not prevent peo-       are—more than just stereotypes and people you see crowded in ethnic enclaves.
ple from developing relationships with each other. My grandparents are proof of          My characters and stories are creations which are meant to present the world as
that idea.                                                                               it is. Nothing is ever black and white, people change, politics shift, and the
   Lena and I are an Asian American couple and proud of that fact. She is a signif-      world can be a troublesome place for those who are different from the major-
icant part of who I am and what I want to become in the future. We’ve talked about       ity.
how when we have kids, they’ll be “Japietnamese,” speak a mixed language at                As I’ve gone out and experienced life, especially in college, the Asian Amer-
home, and be multicultural. Besides their last name, I think people will see our chil-   ican community has been supportive of my pursuits and has helped to renew
dren as Asian and humorously try to figure out “what” they are.                          my sense of purpose during moments when I felt like I couldn’t accomplish my
    Based only on outward appearance, some people have guessed me to be only             goals and dreams. Without them, I would probably be a white washed Asian
white. There have been other cases when they assumed I was more than just white          guy only interested in making money and being “successful” in life, which are
based on my looks, interests, and cultural awareness. In all, I’ve been incorrectly      not my primary goals. Instead, I want to make a difference in my community
guessed to be Chinese, Korean, Filipino, and Jewish.                                     and reveal aspects of life through my eyes as a multiracial person.

                                                                                                                      Free Arts of Arizona

                                                                                                                      103 West Highland Avenue
                                                                                                                      Suite 200
                                                                                                                      Phoenix, Az 85013 US
                                                                                                                      Phone: 602-258-8100
                                                                                                                      Fax:    602-258-1881

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