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                                                                   Use your HiFi-Link for iPod with a:
                                                                        •    home stereo
                                                                        •    bookshelf system
                                                                        •    surround sound theatre
                                                                   or plug in a set of powered speakers to
                                                                   create a dedicated iPod music centre

                                                                   Includes studio grade, fully shielded, gold
                                                                   plated RCA cable
                                                                   Includes audio adapter cable allowing you to
                                                                   directly connect powered speakers

                                                                   High Fidelity:

                                                                       •   Built from the ground up for
                                                                           superior audio performance
                                                                       •   Processes the cleanest possible
                                                                           signal directly from your iPod’s base
  Xitel’s HiFi-Link for iPod lets you combine the                      •   Gold plated, line level RCA outputs
                                                                           replicate audiophile grade
  versatility of your iPod with the power of your                          equipment
  home stereo. Its unique dock configuration                           •   Provides and exceptionally pure and
  greatly extends your iPod’s connectivity,                                dynamic signal for a true high
  allowing it to seamlessy integrate with                                  fidelity experience
  anything from a top-of-the-line surround
  sound system through to a simple stereo or
  powered speakers

                                                                   Remote Control:

                                                                       •   Powerful remote conveniently controls
Designed by a true                                                         your iPod – up to 50 feet away
                                                                       •   Swap between tracks, playlists,
audio company
                                                                           pause, play or turn your iPod on/off
                                                                       •   Works entirely through the dock
Built from the ground up for superior performance, Xitel’s HiFi-           connector – just place your iPod into
Link for iPod replicates the high-end outpufound on audiophile             the HiFi-Link and control
grade equipment. With over 30 years experience in designing            •   Clean, integrated, full-size design
complex audio products for international brands, you can rest              makes it easy to use and easy to find
assured that your HiFi-Link for iPod is fully loaded with the
latest innovative technology. We don’t make plastic cases or
other accessories, we just make your iPod sound the best it
possibly can!                                                      Charger:

                                                                       •   Intelligent charger automatically
Photos and movies as well as high fidelity                                 powers and charges your iPod while
sound!                                                                     playing through your home stereo –
                                                                           no battery drain
HiFi-Link for iPod includes groundbreaking technology that lets        •   Use as a convenient charging cradle
you get the most out of your iPod’s movie or photo                         even when you don’t want to play any
capabilities.                                                              music
A buffered video output with gold plated composite jack allows         •   Automatically turns your iPod off after
for viewing on any regular TV. Combined with SRS TruBass®                  30 seconds on pause – resumes at the
audio processing, HiFi-Link’s cutting edge technology turns                same place when you turn your iPod
your portable video or photo compatible iPod into a home                   on again
entertainment powerhouse!                                              •   Listen at home knowing your iPod will
                                                                           be fully charged and ready to hit the
                                                                           road when you are

                                                                                •    Includes adjustable Trubass processing
                                                                                     by SRS Labs
                                                                                •    Trubass significantly enhances lower
                                                                                     frequencies creating rich, deep bass
                                                                                •    Adds back the warmth and depth audio
                                                                                     compression takes away
                                                                                •    Uses advanced physchacoustics – allows
                                                                                     smaller speakers to generate lower bass
                                                                                     than would otherwise be possible
                                                                                •    Can be totally bypassed for a pure signal
                                                                                     path when desired

                                                                           Video Output:

                                                                                •    Includes a composite video output
                                                                                     enabling photo and movie viewing on
                                                                                     any TV (for the latest iPod video, iPod
                                                                                     colour and iPod photo)
                                                                                •    Run a slide show with music and photos
                                                                                     at the same time
                                                                                •    Video buffering ensures sharp, crisp
                                                                                     pictures and movies without any audio
                                                                                •    Video buffering is a premium feature
                                                                                     found in expensive home theatre
                                                                                     equipment ensuring the best in visual
                                                                                     and audio quality


       •    Incorporates Apple’s new Universal Dock design
       •    Simple click and replace mechanism allows you to use included
            Dock Adapters for G3, G4, photo, mini and colour iPods
       •    Accepts Apple’s Dock Adapter inserts included with the iPod nano
            and new video ipods. Just click them into the HiFi-Link dock and
            you’re ready to go!
       •    Universal Dock and Dock Adapter inserts ensure compatibility
            with next generation iPods
       •    Use HiFi-Link for iPod today, knowing it will be compatible with
            other iPods well into the future
       •    HiFi-Link for iPod is made for all video model iPods, iPod nano,
            iPod colour, iPod mini, iPod with dock connector and iPod photo

                   HiFi-Link for iPod is part of the “Made for iPod” program.
                   Purchase with the confidence that we have designed and built
                   this product so that it works flawlessly with your iPod.

Apple, iPod, iPod mini, iPod photo, iPod color, iPod nano and the Made for iPod logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of
Apple Computer, Inc. TruBass technology is incorporated under license from SRS Labs, Inc. Xitel and HiFi-Link are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Xitel Pty Limited. All other trademarks are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective

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