; Essay My Big Fat Greek Wedding 200 points
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Essay My Big Fat Greek Wedding 200 points


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									Essay: My Big Fat Greek Wedding: 200 points
Objective: The student will construct a five paragraph essay about ethnocentrism in My
Big Fat Greek Wedding. In the movie, there are many examples of ethnocentrism
displayed by different characters. First, recognize three examples of ethnocentrism and
explain why those acts are considered such. Next, explain whether or not the specific
ethnocentric act was justified. For example, sometimes ethnocentrism is acceptable, was
this one of those times. Finally, describe, if any, sanctions placed upon those ethnocentric
acts or people. (Refer to your text p. 98-100 for definition and examples)
Procedure: An essay consists of five paragraphs. Each paragraph has a specific purpose.

      Paragraph 1 – introduction and thesis
          a. Thesis
          b. Main points 1,2 and 3
          c. Hook

      Paragraph 2, 3 and 4 – body paragraph to support points in paragraph 1

      Paragraph 5 – conclusion, almost exactly what was in the first paragraph.

The essay is to be typewritten, Size 12 font, Times New Roman. Margins must be no
more or no less than 1 inch. To set margins click on the File tab on the tool bar, next
click on page setup, under the margins tab make sure all margins display 1”.
The complete essay is due Wednesday February 25, 2009
Each paragraph will be worth 25 points.
Paragraph 1 must have a thesis, three main points and a hook
Paragraph 2 must support your first main point
Paragraph 3 must support your second main point
Paragraph 4 must support your third main point
Paragraph 5 must be a restatement of your introduction
Spelling and grammar, DO COUNT. I will take 1 to 2 points off per paragraph for
multiple mistakes in spelling and grammar. PROOF READ your work.

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