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									               The Australasian Society for Classical Studies

     OPTIMA (Outstanding Postgraduate Talk In a Meeting of ASCS) Prize

                                           ENTRY FORM

1.       Your Name:

2.       Presentation title:

3.       Your Postal address:

4.       Your email address:

5.       Your University:

6.       Your Degree:
(The postgraduate degree in which you will be enrolled at the time of the ASCS conference, i.e., January 2011)

      Please submit electronically this entry form and a complete copy of the text of your
      presentation to j.mcwilliam@uq.edu.au [Dr Janette McWilliam, University of
      Queensland] by Monday, 9th January 2012. Expect an electronic receipt in reply.
      Please do NOT use .docx format, since it often has transmission problems. If you are
      using a Greek font, then please submit your text in .pdf format.
      If you cannot submit electronically, then please contact K.O. for information on
      hard-copy submission.
      Finally, be sure that you have PAID your ASCS MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION! You
      must be a paid-up member of ASCS to be eligible for the Competition. Your status
      as a financial member of ASCS will be verified with the Honorary Treasurer before
      the Conference begins.
      And in case you didn’t know, “Optima” is Latin for “the best things” (a neuter plural
      nominative superlative adjective).

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