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                                                                                    pErFEcT For pLAYAS
                                                                                    VIp TIp: mErEDITh mcgEAchIE
                                                                                                        ‘When I’m not working I pretty much live in Playa
                                                                                                        del Carmen, a coastal city in the Mexican state of
                                                                                                        Quintana Roo. There’s a very laidback vibe to Playa;
                                                                                                        the people are open, friendly and gregarious and it’s
                                                                                                        very international – lots of Europeans live and work
                                                                                                        here. There’s not exactly a gay scene but it’s definitely
                                                                                                        gay-friendly – there’s a big gay party in nearby Can-
                                                                                    cun in September called Latin Hot.
                                                                                    My favourite nightspot is the Mezzanine Bar and Restaurant on the
                                                                                    beach in Tulum, 30 minutes from Playa – it’s incredibly stylish and the
                                                                                    food is wonderful.
                                                                                    I’m a diving maniac and the sea-life here is spectacular. In Playa itself
                                                                                    I love Ranita – a funky, Mexican-style pub run by a fabulous Swedish
                                                                                    couple – it’s the place to grab a cocktail after a day’s snorkelling. If
                                                                                    you’re planning a trip to Playa del Carmen, check out my travel con-
                                                                                    cierge company, Fresh in Playa ( and we’ll make sure
                                                                                    you have an amazing time!’
                                                                                    Meredith McGeachie played Tanya in The L Word. Between starring in
                                                                                    US TV shows Eureka and Paradise Falls, she runs Fresh In Playa

                                                                                    rEADErS rEcommEnD
                                                                                    FrIDAY Brunch In DuBAI
                                                                                                        ‘Dubai may not be a gay-friendly city, but if you
                                                                                                        know where to look, there is a “scene”. Check out
                                                                                                        the Submarine club in the Downtown area, it’s a real
                                                                                                        eye-opener! More mainstream, the Royal Mirage is
                                                                                                        spectacular – pay a day fee for all the wonderful facili-
                                                                                                        ties and enjoy poolside cocktails in a truly beautiful
                                                                                                        setting. Friday brunch is a big tradition in Dubai. Try it
                                                                                    at least once – it’s total indulgence. I love the Shangri La on Sheikh Za-
          FormEnTErA YogA                                                           yed Road. The oysters are to die for! For fun and frolics, the Barasti Bar
                                                                                    on the beach near the marina is a good, old-fashioned ex-pat hang-out.
          Formentera Yoga offers retreats for gay women amid                        I lived in the Emirate for one amazing year, and would’ve stayed longer
          beautiful surroundings where, as founder Jax Lysycia                      if I hadn’t wanted to come home to set up
          explains, ‘we can celebrate our internal connections to                   with my friends. It’s the latest way to meet like-minded, professional gay
                                                                                    women, bringing a touch of Dubai glamour to London and Brighton.’
          ourselves.’ She goes on: ‘To practice loving ourselves
                                                                                    Trudi Pearce, 36, is founder of Lipstick Ladies and life-coach in training
          and inviting love into our lives through yoga may sound
          a little hippy-dippy, but it really is the key to life – being
                                                                                    TrAVEL ESSEnTIALS!
          relaxed and open about who we are and celebrating
                                                                                    LouIS VuITTon cITY guIDES
          that with like-minded souls.’ Sunrise and sunset yoga                                           Do you ever find yourself in Miami, or Tokyo, or
          sessions are lead by the gorgeous Jax, but there’s a                                            Rome, wondering, ‘Now, what would Louis Vuit-
          host of other activities on the menu: jet-skiing, sail-                                         ton have done?’ Well, wonder no more because
          ing, cookery lessons, spa treatments and the beautiful                                          this ultra-luxe series of city guides reveals the
          National Park island are at your fingertips. Accommoda-                                         designer brand’s top tips for a high fashion
                                                                                    sojourn in a selection of the world’s most stylish cities. These guides
          tion is four star and flawlessly stylish with fantastic sea
                                                                                    would make a gorgeous gift for glam jet-setters as the presentation
          views. Visit for more information                      boxes are inspired by vintage luggage labels.
          and the next gay-only retreats.                                           Buy them for €25 at

                                                 SAncTum Soho hoTEL
                                                 Sanctum Soho Hotel is an oasis of comfort, style and sophistication in the heart of London’s buzzing West End.
                                                 Two beautiful Georgian townhouses have been converted into a sumptuous 30-bedroom boutique hotel – within
                                                 easy reach of the shops of Regent, Bond and Oxford Streets, the theatres of the West End, and the nightlife of
                                                 Soho and Mayfair. Sanctum Soho Hotel pays homage to Soho’s history as a hub of artistic and bohemian life.
                                                 From the underground cinema to the destination restaurant, No.20, and roof-top garden with 24-hour bar and
                                                 hydro spa, your every whim is catered for. In-room facilities include REN amenities, Wii consoles and Wii Fit, iPod
                                                 docking stations and state-of-the-art entertainment systems alongside much, much more.

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