Lane Departure Warning System

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					   Lane Departure Warning System
Lane Departure Prevention (LDP)
Beginning in 2008, the Iteris’ lane departure technology is available on the Infiniti EX and
M models as a part of the new Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) system. Both systems use
a small camera installed behind the windshield to detect lane markings in front of the
vehicle, to calculate the vehicle’s position relative to the lane markings and warn the driver
of lane drift (lane change without use of turn signal) with a visual display and audible

Iteris has upgraded the technology by improving overall system performance and expanding
the environmental conditions under which the system will perform. These enhancements to
the technology enable the system to interface with the vehicle's braking system to offer
more active support for the driver.

In addition to alerting the driver of unintentional vehicle movement outside the designated
lane using an audible/visual warning system, the LDP system uses the vehicle's Vehicle
Dynamic Control (VDC) system to help the driver maintain lane position if the vehicle
inadvertently starts to drift outside the lane. The Iteris system is the first lane tracking
system capable of supporting this type of advanced driver support application.

With its advanced engineering and relatively low cost, Lane Departure Warning and Lane Departure Prevention are
proven, reliable products with the potential to become as much a part of overall vehicle safety as seat belts, airbags
and ABS brakes.

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