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					Plum Creek
  A Publication of the Homeowner’s Association
                                                                                             Volume 10, Number 10
                                                                                                 October 2009
                                                                                Plum Creek Neighborhood - Kyle, TX

October 10th Brings Seed & Stomp,
Pet Fair, Fishing Day, & BBQ to PC
PC Landscape, Lake, Dog Park, and         rides! Questions: email land-        Entry fees range from $10 to $15.
Recreation Committees                        Check-in occurs on Friday, Octo-
    Once again, we’re merging                 In Fergus Park by the play-      ber 9th at 6PM. Questions: Email
several events into a great day of        scape, enjoy the Pet Fair from
family fun – a Fall Fest, if you will!    10AM to 2PM. This event serves            As part of the day’s events,
Mark you calendars for October            as a fundraiser for the Plum         enjoy music by Jenny Hollub
10th and start preparing your             Creek Dog Park and will include      Sandoval of Curious Chords and
recipes, grooming your dogs,              pet vendors, a pet costume           Company from 10AM to Noon.
baiting your poles, and saving old        contest, a pet themed cake walk,     Earle Brown will perform from
clothes for making scarecrows.            pet photos, dog dancing, pet         Noon to 2PM, and Autumn will
    First, the Lake Committee will        registration, pet adoption,          perform from 2pm to 4pm. You
host a Family Fishing Day at Lake         and more. Questions: Email dog-      can find the tunes near the Fergus
Negley from 9AM to 11AM. Poles               Soccer Fields.
and bait provided, while supplies             Just across the way, the Rec-         More information will be pro-
last. Questions: Email lake@              reation Committee will host the      vided, as available, via the Plum                       3rd Annual BBQ Cook-Off at           Creek eNews. As always, volun-
    Next, the Landscape will host         Haupt Community Center and           teers are needed and appreciated
the 4th Annual Wildflower Seed            Fergus Soccer Fields. The BBQ        at all HOA events!
& Stomp and Scarecrow Contest             competition is IBCA Sanctioned            Come out for the fun! You
at Fairway Fields, across from            with categories for chicken, bris-   can’t beat Fishing with the
Fergus Park and Negley Elemen-            ket, pork spare ribs, and an open    Family, Seeding Wildflowers &
tary. This event runs from 10AM           category. The chili portion of       Making Scarecrows, Cooking BBQ
to 1PM. We’ll seed wildflowers,           the cook-off is CASI Sanctioned.     & Chili or Hanging with your Pet!
make scarecrows, snap photos by           Other categories include beans,      It’s a perfect fall day in Texas!
hay bale critters, and enjoy hay          potato salad, and desserts!

                             Schedule of Events for October 10th
 9AM to 11AM                       Family Fishing Day                     Lake Negley

                                                                      Community Center &
  9AM to 3PM                          BBQ Cook-Off
                                                                      Fergus Soccer Fields
 10AM to 1PM        Wildflower Seed & Stomp & Scarecrow Contest
                                                                        Fairway Fields &
                                                                       Negley Elementary
 10AM to 2PM                             Pet Fair
                                                                          Fergus Park,              Form on
                                                                         Playscape Area
                              Music Schedule at BBQ Cook-Off
                      Music by Jenny Hollub Sandoval & Company,          BBQ Cook-off,                   >>
   9AM to 10AM
                                       Fergus Soccer Fields
                                  Music by Autumn,                       BBQ Cook-off,
  10AM to Noon
                                        Fergus Soccer Fields
                                 Music by Earle Brown,                   BBQ Cook-off,
   Noon to 2PM
                                 Fergus Soccer Fields
Plum Creek Press

                                                                             October 2009

                                                                       As a member of the
                                                                       Plum Creek HOA,
A tune up will cut your Electric Bill
                                                                       you and your
                                                                       immediate family
   and reduce your chances of a                                        are eligible
            big repair!                                                for membership.

  Call us or visit our website for
 details of our Maintenance Plan!

                                          Save Time. Save Money. Earn Money.

                                            210-945-3300 or 1-800-580-3300
                                                                     Federally insured by the NCUA.
     Plum Creek Press
!                                                                                                        =#')*$,&)"-.-&*$-0$>"#3')?08#3#8?@A&'*$'0*$B&,C$59)8&)?$

                                                                       (#8*7F!                                       Complete hearing evaluations
                                                                          !                                     ?@ABC!BDE4@BEB!/#,='!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?@ABC!BDE4@PDR!<*L!
    &')/$0#%&$$                                                                                                        Conveniently located in Kyle
                                                                                                                       800 Goforth Square complex,
    '0*$"1)#'"$                                                                                                          near Fuentes Elementary
                              =#')*$,&)"-.-&*$-0$>"#3')?08#3#8?@A&'*$'0*$B&,C$59)8&)?$                           to schedule your appointment today.


                                                      YOUR PLUM CREEK REALTORS
    (#!1=)'80&'!7#0+!*%%#,-($'-(!                 ?-'*+!M0'-('1!;&'$'-(*+7C!
                (#8*7F!              BAA!;&$)0+1(N!J0,('!;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>7&'N!6O!PEDQH!
                   !                 ?@ABC!BDE4@BEB!/#,='!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?@ABC!BDE4@PDR!<*L!

                                                      I WILL STAGE YOUR HOME TO
         DENNIS AND MARIEL                            GET IT READY TO SELL FOR
      CELL: 217-1451
      CELL: 217-1450
      HM: 449-8288                        WE LIVE HERE,
                                                      WORK HERE, AND
                                                      LOVE PLUM CREEK!

                                                                                             October 2009

                                                                                        Photos by Sean Claes

Plum Creek’s lost coffee shop has been found. The Lucky Cup ( closed it’s doors at the en-
trance to Plum Creek a few months ago leavingpeople to wonder what happened. Well, at the beginning
of September, The Lucky Cup opened back up in downtown Kyle. Seems owner, Aaron Saucedo, had
been working on this for a few months. He promises to have a proper grand opening soon. In the mean-
time, if you hanker for a cup of his coffee, it’s open and they are ready to serve you.. at 108 Front Street.

                        IRRIGATION LEAKS AND
 Dave Brown                          reported a misfiring of an          number: RealService (Real
 Community Association Manager       irrigation system in Plum Creek.    Manage) at 1-866-473-2573
                                     Reporting such problems is          or 1-512-748-6946.
     As you are aware, water is      greatly appreciated. Several            Also, you may want to rein-
 at a premium and currently,         calls and emails were sent, in-     force your sighting by emailing
 regulated in its use. The HOA       cluding ones to the HOA Manag-,
 has diligently complied with the    er’s office, the HOA Manager’s      the HOA Manager, landscape@
 current water restrictions, as      mobile phone, the Landscape, the HOA
 stated by the City of Kyle.         Committee, the City of Kyle,        Landscape Committee, and/or
     However, during the Labor       RealManage, and the landscap-,
 Day weekend, several irrigation     ing company used by the HOA.        the HOA Safety Committee.
 systems in the community were            When you see such a prob-          Your calls and emails
 observed to be partially run-       lem, who do you call for ob-        about any irrigation
 ning, running for too long of a     served irrigation system leaks      problems are very appreciated.
 duration, or running during the     or irrigation running too long or   Thanks again to those who
 wrong time of the day.              at inappropriate times?             reported any problems during
     Thank you to everyone who            Please call the emergency      the holiday weekend.

Plum Creek Press

    At the Fence
     Playgroup for 2 & 3 year olds at Fergus Park on Thursdays this fall from 9:00 to 10:30am.
     Come and go as your schedule allows. Call Tamarie (512) 743-2162, if you have ques-

     Are you or a member of your family in the Armed Forces? Plum Creek publicist Cile Mont-
     gomery would like to interview you for a story about living in Plum Creek. If you’re inter-
     ested, please contact Cile at 512.462.4666 or

     OCTOBER 7
     Walk to School Day is Oct 7
     If students want to walk to school in a group we are meeting at the park near Fergus and
     Hartson (I think those are the cross streets)
     We will meet at 7:10 and start walking to school at 7:15
     Parents are required to stay with their child until an adult who is leading the group to the
     school is present. Fruit and water will be available in front of the school along with prizes
     and stickers stating “I walked/biked to school today”

     Pumpkin Patch Moves to Kyle United Methodist Church
     For the last 3 years, the youth of Kyle United Methodist Church (KUMC) have hosted
     pumpkin patch in Plum Creek. This year, they are hosting one again, but it’s being moved
     to the Church in downtown Kyle. KUMC is located at 408 W. Lockhart Street between the
     Kyle Library and the First Baptist Church. Once again, enjoy the same pumpkins, some
     great photo opportunities, and more. Pumpkins should arrive on or about October 10th.
     Come out and support this great cause once again, Plum Creek! For hours and updates,

     ThE PAGETURNERS (Kyle Book Group) meet every third Thursday at 7pm at the
     Kyle Library. The book selection for October has yet to be made. Come and meet new
     people and share your perspective on the following books. If you have questions, feel
     free to call Judy Lyons at 440.263.5665, Becky Watts at 268.5685, or the Kyle Library

     Month/Date           Book                         Author
     Sep 17               The Last Lecture             Pausch, Randy
     Oct 15               (to be determined)           (Texas author or Book Festival author)
     Nov 19               The Reader                   Schlink, Bernard
     Dec 17               Three Cups of Tea            Mortenson, Greg

     If you have an At the Fence item you’d like to submit, email pcpress@plumcreektxhoa.
     com. Have a great Fall!

                                            October 2009


                      




Plum Creek Press

how to Make Your Own Scarecrow for the Contest!
How to Make Your Own Scarecrow for the Contest!

Making a scarecrow is a fun way to dress up the garden, and it may even scare off those pesky bird bud-
dies. In this case, we’re trying to keep them from eating our wildflower seeds!!

Feel free to change or completely, disregard this basic design in your creations, but hopefully, these in-
structions will give you a great place to start!!

What you need:
The “t” for the scarecrow (We’ll have some available at the Seed & Stomp) - string, wire, and safety pins
- pantyhose or tights - small flour bag or pillow sack for the head - straw or other material for stuffing,
including old leaves, poly fill, newspaper, plastic bags, and more - clothing, props, and other items to
make your scarecrow unique

how to build your scarecrow:

The head, face, hair, and hat: If you are using stockings for the head, cut off the legs and put one inside
the other for extra strength. A flour sack or pillowcase works, too. Floral patterns are fun, or you can
use white! Start with a pencil and then, paint a face with permanent marker or paint. You can stitch
features, too. Stuff it into the shape of a head. Tie the head loosely at the neck end. Attach strands
of wool, raffia, straw, or other fiber under a hat for hair. A hat certainly makes building your head easier,
and a baseball cap is just as good as a straw hat and may last longer. Slide the head onto the short end
of the vertical pole and attach the head to the body by tying tightly with string or wire. If you haven’t
done so already, fix the hat onto your scarecrow’s head using string or safety pins. Pumpkins, balls,
gourds, masks, or cut-outs may be used for heads, too.

The shirt, jacket, and vest: An old shirt, a jacket, and/or a vest will make your scarecrow more lifelike.
Put the shirt on the scarecrow, using the short stake as the arms. Button most of the way to the neck.
Tie the arms closed at the end with string or knots. If you are adding gloves, leave a couple of inches
of the stick poking out of the sleeves and tie the cuffs firmly around the stake. You can tuck the shirt
into the trousers or skirt and fill it with stuffing. Then, close the last buttons. If you want the shirt to
hang over the trousers, fill a second pillowcase for inside the shirt and tie it to the stake, button the shirt
closed over it, and stuff only the arms. Be sure to tie the arms closed at the cuff before filling. Tuck the
head into the neck of the shirt.

hands: Tie gloves to the outstretched ends of the crossbar and fill with stuffing.

Trousers, skirt, socks, and shoes: Tie the ends of the trousers with string and fill with stuffing. Lean the
trousers against the frame so the ends are just above ground level or add boots or shoes. Tie the trou-
sers to the stake using the back belt loop. Trousers are easier than a skirt, but if you have an old pair
of boots, a skirt is fun. It moves in the breeze, making it a more effective bird-scare. If you use a skirt,
some old leggings make a good lower body for your scarecrow. Put the skirt over these and attach using
safety pins. Then, attach both to the stake using string or safety pins.

Extras: Experiment with any materials you can find. Dangling washed cans or old CD’s from the arms
will reflect light and help deter the birds. Old tools, a rake, a trowel, or spade make a hardworking scare-
crow. A plastic glass and a book create a relaxing scarecrow. Corks dangling from your scarecrow’s hat
will give it an ‘Outback Aussie’ look. Sunglasses make a sophisticated and sun-wise scarecrow. Add a
scarf around the scarecrow’s neck or a basket to carry.

Whatever you do, make sure that you have fun building your scarecrow!
October 2009

Plum Creek Press

     Plum Creek Press Classified Section
Plum Creek Press Classified ads are FREE for residents of Plum Creek. Deadline for submitting your
classified ad is the 10th of each month. Homeowners must E-mail their classified ad (30 words or
less) each month to They will run for one month. There is
no carryover from previous months. We reserve the right to refuse a submission and edit for length.

SERvICES                             3 Day Blinds, a company that        Partner with a dynamic team
                                     specializes in Custom Window        of women. Call Fran Mueller at
VIOLIN Seeking dedicated,
                                     Treatments (www.3DayBlinds.         713-291-5793 cell
disciplined, and enthusiastic
                                     com). We offer Real and Faux
violin students!!! Suzuki Violin
                                     Wood Blinds, Shutters, Roller       SNAKE DETERRENT/REPEL-
lessons are available for the Fall
                                     Shades, Woven Wood Shades,          LANT University tested, safe
Semester at The Studio of Mrs.
                                     Vertical Blinds, Honeycomb          around children and pets. I will
Giles, 592 Scheel. Call: (423)
                                     Shades and Roman Shades. We         treat your yard. Lasts up to 3
737-7293 or email: caroline-
                                     offer No Interest Financing and     months.Keep your children and for
                                     a Limited Lifetime Warranty         pets safe. Call for estimate.
lesson information.
                                     on all 3 Day Blinds products.       Plum Creek Resident Call Kirk #
                                     Call James to set up your FREE      709-0442
Alterations by Plum Creek Resi-
                                     in-home design consultation at
dent. Please contact Nance at
                                     512-789-1164, or email me at        Over 30 years interior and exte-
                                         rior house painting experience.
                                                                         Contact Ted at 512-618-9410
Mowing, bed & garden work,
                                     TUTORING I’m offering math          for a free estimate. Power wash-
and general landscape. Mario
                                     tutoring from Pre Algebra to        ing included in most bids
Mokarzel, Plum Creek Residence,
                                     Calculus BC. Senior at Hays
text or call 293-3001 or email
                                     HS, and available daily after       Need minor plumbing work
                                     school and weekends. Rate:          done. Looking for Plum Creek
                                     $10/hour. Contact: Lauren           plumber or handyman that will
                                     Wisener in Plum Creek @             do work on the side. Please con-
Retired Teacher, 5 1/2yr Plum
                                     512-749-7233                        tact Sandy at (512) 970-9797.
Creek resident, available to give
quality care to your Pets/House/
                                     TENNIS Former UT tennis player      CAR DETAILING- Services
Plants, while you are away. No
                                     available for private and group     include: Wash, wax, vacuum,
job too small or large. Reason-
                                     tennis lessons. Certified teacher   shampoo seats / carpet, Interior
able rates. I WILL be available
                                     and coached High School tennis      and exterior armor all dress-
Thanksgiving, Christmas and
                                     for 6 years. Please contact Anne    ing, Wheel cleaning, Tire dress-
New Year’s Holidays!
                                     at 293-7021 or email annepas-       ing, and any other services you
Contact Kathleen at plumcreek-
                                                need in your vehicle. I live In 512-680-0849
                                                                         Plum Creek so I can come to
                                     Pay CASH for Christmas with         your house or you can bring it to
Plum Creek Golf Club would like
                                     your new home business.             mine. I am a 22 year old college
to invite Plum Creek residents
                                     Usborne Books is the perfect        student looking to make some
to host their next special event
                                     for stay at home moms, home-        extra money. Call or text me at
in our brand new 4700 sq ft
                                     schoolers & teachers! We have       (469)774-9771 or email me at
Clubhouse. We are available for
                                     a great October Consultant Kit.
Weddings, Showers, Luncheons,
                                     Please look at www.BooksMyKid-      for rates - Mark
and other private parties. Con-
                                     sLove for more information or
tact Berkeley at 512-787-2606
                                     call Tamarie at (512) 743-2162.     ChILDCARE
or or
visit to                                              Listed childcare services. First
                                     Millionaire Mom or Desperate
learn more.                                                              Aid and CPR certified. Full
                                     Housewife Never miss soccer
                                     or little league game. Be there     time openings only. Taking
Looking for new Window Treat-                                            applications for children 2
                                     for baking cookies and reading
ments or want to update your                                             1/2 to 3 years of age. Hours
                                     stories. Make a full or part-time
existing ones? I am a Plum
                                     income from the comfort of your     7:30am to 5:30pm. For more
Creek resident who works for
                                     own home doing what you love.       information call 512-731-2562.
                                                                                          October 2009

********* FIRST THREE               Loving PC Stay at Home Mom        FOR SALE
MONTHS ONLY $400.00 FOR             looking to keep a few extra
THE WHOLE MONTH after that          kids during the day. Drop Inns    Inkjet printer prints sizes from
the rate is $20. per Day*********   welcome, possibly after school    postcards to 11x17. Deskjet
                                    kids as well. Reasonable rates.   1120C Professional Series with
Puppy Essence In Home Child         Call Sara @ 757-6200.             cables, manual and driver disk.
Care, Listed with the State.                                          Needs ink I’m sure, but worked
Over twenty Years experience. 6                                       the last time I used it (a year
months and up. Preschool Age                                          ago). Originally $399; will sell
Phonics and Math                                                      for $60. 268-3093.

Color,shape, number and letter                                        Palm Pilot M515 PDA in good
recognition, Dancing, Yoga,                                           condition, with expansion
Story Time, Copy Cat Games,                                           slot,cradle charger and software.
Montessori Based Exploration of                                       $35 OBO 268-3093

Water play, Field Trips, Human
Kindness and Love in all we do.
Your child’s Home Away from
Home Monday thru Friday 7:00
am to 5:30 Special Pricing for
the First Three Months CALL
512-567-4501 Ask for Trace

        Plum Creek Community E-mail Addresses
     In order to connect better with the community, we have created E-mail addresses to meet your
needs to get in touch with the people responsible for making our neighborhood such a great place to
                              live. Please feel free to drop us an E-mail.

               Plum Creek HOA Manager - Dave Brown:
           Community Center Reservations for Parties:
                  Dog Park Committee - Inez Scott:
                      Lake Committee -Mike Davis:
             Landscape Committee - Christina Baese:
                     Pool Committee - Scott Brown:
                        Publicity Committee -
             Plum Creek Press Editor - Pamela Hastings:
      Plum Creek Press Classifieds - Kathleen O’Keefe:
           Plum Creek Press Advertising - Brandee Otto:
               Recreation Committee - Brandee Otto:
           Safety & Monitoring Committee - Jeffrey Morales:
                         Social Groups:
          Welcome Committee - Dennis and Mariel Perkins:
             General Plum Creek Developer Information -

 Plum Creek Press

           PLUM CREEK’s 3rd Annual BBQ & Chili Cook - Off
                        Who:    OPEN to the PUBLIC
                        What: The competition includes Meat Categories of Chicken, Brisket, Pork
                                Spare Ribs, open and Chili. Other categories include beans, potato
                                salad, and desserts! Entry fees range from $10 to $15.
                        When: Saturday, October 10th –With Check-in Friday October 9th at 6:00 PM
                        Where: Plum Creek - Fergus Park and Soccer Fields - Corner of Haupt and
                                Fairway. Self contained RV’s and vehicles welcomed.
                        Why:    Have fun! Eat great food! Win prizes and more!
                        How:    Complete the attached entry form and send your form and entry fees
                                to Brandee Otto, Plum Creek Recreation Committee, 1251 Fairway,
                                Kyle, TX 78640 – Deadline October 3rd.
                        Other questions ???
                        Email Brandee Otto at or call 512-557-2728

                                                   Sponsorships availble
                             Please call or email to see how you can be a part of this event.
     3rd Annual PLUM CREEK HOA COOKOFF — Kyle, Texas
                                    Saturday, October 10th
  Team Name:

  Name of Head Cook:
                                                   City, State, Zip:
  Mailing Address:

  Daytime Phone:                                   Other Phone:

  Email Address:

  Name of Asst. Cook:

MEATS: ___ Chicken ($15) __ Pork Spare Ribs ($15) ___ Brisket ($15) ___ Chili ($15) ___ Open ($15)
SIDES:       __Beans ($10)      __Potato Salad ($10)             DESSERT:    __ Dessert ($10)
Total: $________
One or more categories may be entered. Receive $15.00 off when entering ALL categories. Please
make check payable to Plum Creek HOA and mail with this entry form to:
Brandee Otto, 1251 Fairway, Kyle, TX 78640.

Details regarding event rules, cooking sites, cash prizes etc, will be forwarded as entry forms are
received. For any questions please contact Brandee Otto at (512) 557-2728 or email
Cook Signature: ___________________________________
                                                                                         October 2009

                                         La Casa dei Bambini
                                         Kyle Montessori School
                                         701 Scott Street
                                         Kyle,Tx. 78640

            Horticulture ~ Bilingual ~ Music ~ Cooking ~ Creative Arts
                    La Casa dei Bambini is a Montessori-based educational program for
                                       children 2 years to kindergarten
            ~ Certified by the State of Texas      ~ Locally owned and operated
            ~ Located near downtown Kyle           ~ Flexible hours of operation

   Please schedule an appointment to observe the children in an ideal learning environment.
               Limited space available for 2009 (which extends until July 17th).
                               Applications are being accepted
                        for 2009-10 (school resumes August 17, 2009).

Owners                                                             Parent references available
Tonico Vanali                                                             upon request
Chiquie Estrada

Plum Creek Press

 Toddler Time takes place every Monday at 9:30 at the community
 center/Haupt park. Activities are geared for children 20-36 months old.
 Moms attend with the children. Feel free to come any week - no RSVP
 is necessary. If you have questions, call Tamarie at (512) 743-2162.

                                         October 2009

             Kyle Animal Hospital
Treating Kyle area pets as family members for
               the last 10 years
             Guy G. Mathews, DVM
             Dan A. Nowland, DVM
             Sally O. Nowland, DVM
             Cord Offermann, DVM
*Major Credit Cards and CareCredit Accepted*
 **New 12 month payment plans available**
     Visit our Web site
Across from the Plum Creek entrance on Jack
                C. Hays Trail
100 Hall Professional Center Kyle……………………………….268-5003

 Plum Creek Press

                                    Buda / Kyle
                                    190 S. FM1626
                                    (FM 1626 & 967)
                                    Buda, Texas 78610
                                    Phone: 512-312-1626

                                    San Marcos
                                    1515 Aquarena Springs, #103
                                    (Thorpe Ln. & Aquarena Springs)
                                    San Marcos, Texas 78666
                                    Phone: 512-878-2233

                                    New Braunfels
                                    144 Landa Street, #154
                                    (In the Landmark Building)
                                    New Braunfels, Texas 78130
                                    Phone: 830-625-7766

First Class Service, Bottom Line Results from Your Local Realtor
                                                                                                                                                             October 2009

                                      COMING SOON!
                         United Heritage Credit Union

                                           Kyle Location
                         Opening for business on Wednesday, September 23 at l0 a.m.
             Join us for a special ribbon cutting ceremony, great food, prizes & free goodies.

                                                  GRAND OPENING GOODIES!
                                                   • SmartDesign VISA Debit Card - free 1st week with this ad
                                                     Turn your debit card into a personal work of art.

                                                   • Special Grand Opening Auto Loan Rates
                                                   • Free Safe Deposit Box for 1 year when you open your
                                                     new account
                                                   • Free food every Thursday through October
                                                     Join us for donuts in the morning and lunch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

                                                   • Great weekly prizes
                                                   • Free ice cream all day, everyday through October

                                                  Membership open to anyone who lives or works in
               ANYONE CAN JOIN!                   Travis, Williamson, Bastrop, Caldwell or Hays County.

              5029 Kyle Center Dr (S FM 1626)

              Kyle, Texas 78640





              LOBBY: Mon-Fri: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


                     Sat: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.



              DRIVE-THRU: Mon-Fri: 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.                                                                     ay

                          Sat: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

                                                                                                          W Cente
                                                                                                                  r    St

                                                                                                   5029 KYLE CENTER DR • KYLE, TEXAS 78640

                                                                       Heritage Checking-High Interest Free Checking: Membership required. Benefits
              Be Smart. Bank Smart.                                    earned with designated account activity. APY may change at any time after account
                                                                       opening and there is a three account maximum. Limited market restrictions apply.
              512.435.4545 WWW.UHCU.ORG 800.531.2328                   SmartDesign VISA Debit Card: Some restrictions and fees apply.
                                                                       See for details.
UHCUplumNPadfin.indd 1                                                                                                                                         8/4/09 4:15:00 PM
Plum Creek Press

                                                                                                October 2009

                                                                    THE JUMPY PLACE
            Music                                                  Music
                                                              Kyle's First Indoor Playcenter
             Lessons                                           241 Weldon Johnston Way
!              Instruments
               include, but are
              include, but are
            include, but are
                                    Call Today!
                                     !Call Today!
                                                                       include, but are
                                                                                             Call Today!
68             not limited
              not limited to
            not limited to to
               piano, voice,
            piano, voice,
              piano, voice,
                                    512-268-0168                       not limited to
                                                                       piano, voice,
                                                                        NOW OPEN IN KYLE!
!              clarinet, guitar,
              clarinet, guitar,
            clarinet, guitar,          New Location!
                                       New Location!
                                     New Location!            Our      clarinet, guitar,      New Location!
                                                                    facility has huge inflatables,slides
              bass guitar and
               bass guitar and
            bass guitar and                                            bass guitar and
              music composition
            music composition
               music composition                                       music area, parent's lounge
 ol                                 Hablamos EspaÒol
                                      Hablamos EspaÒol              (TV & WIFI),and PARTIES! EspaÒol
Plum           Let’s make
              Let’s make
            Let’s make                 Located in Plum
                                    Located in thethe Plum
                                      Located in the Plum
                                                                            the public everyday! in the Plum
                                                                    Open tomake
                                                                      Let’s                Located
 at at
              some music.
              some music.
            some music.               !
                                    Creek subdivision at at
                                      Creek subdivision at
                                       Creek subdivision
                                                                      some music.          Creek subdivision at
m Circle                              168A Kirkham Circle
                                       168A Kirkham Circle
                                    168A Kirkham Circle                                    168A Kirkham Circle
                  Jenny Sandoval
                  Jenny Sandoval
               Jenny Sandoval                                            Jenny Sandoval
8               Owner/Teacher
                   Owner/Teacher       512-268-0168
                                    512-268-0168                          Owner/Teacher        512-268-0168


            Music                                                     Music
            Music                                                     Music
            Lessons                                                   Lessons
!             Lessons
              Instruments             Call Today!
                                    Call Today!                       Lessons
                                                                      Instruments            Call Today!
!              Instruments
            include, but are
              include, but
               include, but         Call Today!
                                      Call Today!                     Instrumentsare
                                                                      include, but           Call Today!
68             include, are
              include, but are
              not limited are
            include, butto to
            not limitedbutto
               not limited
                                    512-268-0168                      include, but are
                                                                      not limited to
              not limited
            not limited to to
            piano,limited to
               not voice,
              piano, voice,
               piano, voice,
               piano, voice,
            piano, voice,
              piano, voice,
              clarinet, guitar,
               clarinet, guitar,
            clarinet, guitar,
                                       New Location!
                                       New Location!
                                     New Location!
                                                                      not limited to
                                                                      piano, voice,
                                                                      piano, voice,
                                                                      clarinet, guitar,
                                                                                              New Location!
!              clarinet, and
              clarinet, guitar,
            bass guitar guitar,
            clarinet, guitar,
              bass guitar and
               bass guitar and       New Location!
                                       New Location!
                                       New Location!                  clarinet, guitar,
                                                                      bass guitar and          New Location!
            bass guitar and
               bass guitar and
            music guitar and
              music composition
               music composition                                      bass guitar and
                                                                      music composition
 ol            music composition
              music composition
            music composition       Hablamos EspaÒol
                                      Hablamos EspaÒol                music composition      Hablamos EspaÒol
 ol                                   Hablamos EspaÒol
                                    Hablamos EspaÒol                                         Hablamos EspaÒol
 m             Let’s make
              Let’s make
            Let’s make              Located in thethe Plum
                                      Located in the Plum
                                       Located in Plum                Let’s make              Located in the Plum
 m at
mat at
               Let’s make
            Let’s music.
              some make
              Let’s music.
            some make
              some music.             Creek subdivision at
                                    Creek subdivisionPlum
                                       Creek subdivision
                                      Located in the at at
                                    Located in thethe Plum
                                       Located in Plum
                                      168A Kirkham Circle
                                    168A Kirkham Circle
                                       168A Kirkham Circle
                                                                      Let’s make
                                                                      some music.             Creek subdivision at
                                                                                              Located in the Plum
                                                                                              168A Kirkham Circle
m Circle
              some Sandoval
              some music.
                 Jenny Sandoval
              Jenny Sandoval
                                       Creek subdivision
                                      Creek subdivision at
                                    Creek subdivision at at
                                      512-268-0168 Circle
                                    168A Kirkham Circle
                                       168A Kirkham
                                      168A Kirkham Circle
                                                                      some music.
                                                                        Jenny Sandoval
                                                                                              Creek subdivision at
                                                                                              168A Kirkham Circle
               Jenny Sandoval
                  Jenny Sandoval
                  Jenny Sandoval                                          Owner/Teacher
                                                                         Jenny Sandoval
8               Owner/Teacher
                   Owner/Teacher       512-268-0168
                                    512-268-0168                          Owner/Teacher       512-268-0168
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