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                                                        a newsletter for Signal Financial Federal Credit Union members

                                                                Happy “E” Year!!
                                                            e-Services @ Signal Financial!
                                                                     ur busy on-the-go world leaves us little extra time for waiting in branch lines or on
                                                                  hold to ask a question about your account or loan balance. Many of the services you
                                                                  need from us at the credit union can be done self-service from the comfort of your
                                                            home or office! Here’s your To-Do List for the month of January:

       Equity Loans:                                        1  SIgn up for e-StatementS.
                                                               Love your itemized statement, but hate the clutter? Save a tree AND the clutter by getting
        Special Low                                         FREE e-Statements, available each month, online through NetTeller. We’ll let you know via
                                                            e-mail when your statement is available for viewing. To sign up, log in to NetTeller, go to the
     Introductory Rate                                      e-Statement tab, then follow the instructions. pLeaSe See fee notICe BeLoW!
        1.99% APR*
                                                            2   get ConneCted to netteLLer, our free onLIne BankIng ServICe!
                                                                You’ll love the convenience of quick account access through our secure website.

R     eady to do some home improve-
      ments before Spring? Make it
happen by tapping into the equity in
                                                            Transfer funds, check balances, view cleared checks, pay bills online ... all free with just a
                                                            click of the mouse. Sign up online at

your home to fund whatever project
you choose: make home improve-
ments, consolidate debt, pay for
                                                            3   GET MobiLE bANkiNG!
                                                                This FREE NetTeller feature allows you to access account information and conduct
                                                            transactions from a web-enabled wireless phone. make loan payments, check balances,
tuition, purchase an automobile . . .                       transfer funds and much more! You must be signed up for NetTeller to use the program.
the list is endless.                                        (FYI: Depending on the type of web-enabled phone you have, you can also access NetTeller
home equity Lines of Credit*
Enjoy our low introductory rate with
the ability to make multiple advances,
                                                            4  dIaL In to teLLer phone!
                                                               on a tight schedule? Can’t make it to the branch? Try Teller Phone, our free, 24-hour
                                                            bank-by-phone service. Check account balances, verify if checks have cleared, transfer
whenever you need them.                                     funds between accounts, withdraw funds ... all from the privacy of your home, office or cell
 Introductory rate of 1.99% apr**                           phone. To sign up, call Member Services at (301) 933-9100 ext. 298, or visit your local
for 6 months                                                branch, to obtain your PiN.

fixed Second trusts
Enjoy a fixed-rate for the entire term of                   5SIgn timefor dIreCt depoSIt! paycheck. instead, have your paycheck deposited
                                                                       waiting in line to cash your
the loan.                                                   directly to your checking account, safely and securely. See your Human Resources
    5 years      3.99% apr**                                Department today to set it up! Signal Financial Routing #: 255075495.
  10 years       5.99% apr**

                                                                                          Important Fee Notice
  15 years       6.49% apr**

                                                                Effective April 1, 2011, we will begin charging $2.00 per month for those who elect to receive paper
PlEASE NoTE:                                                 statement. We have always been committed to keeping fees at a minimum for our members, sometimes
APR=Annual Percentage Rate                                     waiving customary fees at our discretion. Scheduled fees apply for items that can be done more cost-
*The floor rate is 4.50% APR and the ceiling rate is
18.00% APR. Following the six month introductory period,      effectively through the many e-services we offer free to our members -- such as NetTeller, Teller Phone
the rate will become Wall Street Journal Prime Rate -        and e-Statements. The more you help us save, the less fees we will charge ... and the more competitive
.25%.                                                                              your rates and better your overall credit union experience will be!
** Closing costs up to $500.00 will be rebated if loan is
maintained for 2 years. Maximum loan-to-value (lTV) is                If you do not have computer access, please give us a call -- (301) 933-9100, ext. 298
80.00%. Other restrictions may apply.

                                                                       Signal Newsletter                                January 2011
                                              REFI or Buy?
                                            Save Money NOW!
                                          W       ith interest rates at their lowest in decades, now is without a doubt
                                                  the best time to refinance your mortgage loan. Maybe it’s time to
                                          shave a few years off your loan and move to a 20- or 15-year loan. on the
                                        fence? Ask yourself this: Can you afford to refinance? or, can you afford
                                        NoT to? Refinancing a home is a big decision to make, but sometimes,
                                        circumstances come up where the homeowner finds themselves in financial
                                        distress and needs to get a lower payment for their current mortgage.

                                       Is Refinancing Smart For You?
                                Consider the following before you start the process:
                             * What are your goals for refinancing? Are you trying to lower your monthly pay-
                            ment? Are you trying to pay off your loan sooner? Access your equity? Switch from an
                           ARM to a fixed rate?
                       * What’s the value of your home? Find out approximately what your home is worth by going
                   to or Both sites can provide a rough estimate as to property
                     values in your neighborhood; however, an appraisal is a requirement for refinancing.
                      *How long will you stay in the home? If you expect to remain in your home for at least 2
                        years, you will likely recoup the closing costs of refinancing.

                             There are so many options available, and we are eager to help our members
                             into more affordable loans to help beat the rising costs of living.
                             You’ll have peace of mind knowing we service your loan from start to finish.

                                  We offer the following types and terms:
                          t10-,15-, 20-, 25- and 30-year fixed rates
                        		tSuper-Conforming loans ($417,001 to 729,750)
       			       	       	t3/1, 5/1 & 7/1 ARMs (Special low rates! See our website for details.)

    Contact a Signal Financial Mortgage Representative today for more information:
                               (301) 933-9100, ext. 257

SIgnaL fInanCIaL Coupon                                         Changes to Fee Schedule
 Save $200 on your First Trust                                  Please note the following changes and effective
                                                                dates to our official fee schedule:
   mortgage application fee
                                                                wUncollected Funds:            $20.00 Effective 1/1/11
     Standard fee $795 - $200 = $595                            If you deposit a check in your checking account, a hold
                                                                may be placed on it. While the hold is in effect, any
       Include this coupon with your mortgage
                                                                transactions hitting your account above the available
       application to receive a $200 discount on
                                                                balance will result in a $20 Fee.
       the application fee at settlement.
                                                                wNon-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $29.00      Effective 2/1/11

       discount valid through march 31, 2011.                   wPaper Statement Fee       $2.00 Effective 4/1/11
                                                                 (Exempt: Kitty Club & Members over 65)
                  Ring In the New Year                                              Driver’s Choice
                    with a New Car!
     Refi Or Buy at rock Bottom rates!

                                                                                         Driving Tips
                                                                       AS LOW AS
                                                                                    R    emember “Snowmaged-
                                                                                         don” during the winter of

                                                                        APR*        2010? Get prepared NoW
                                                                                    for 2011 just in case there is a
                                                                                    repeat performance! Use this
                                                                                    checklist to get ready. Have
                                                                                    you done the following?
                                                                                        o Checked your tires?

 W     hether you’re looking to finance a new car or refinance
       a loan from another lender, come to Signal Financial for a
 “better-than-a-bank” loan rate and lower car payments.
                                                                                        o Checked anti-freeze levels?
                                                                                        o Stocked your trunk with safety equipment: jumper
                                                                                          cables, flashlight, flares, kitty litter, a blanket, small
          See one of our Financial Service Representatives for more
       information. or call (301) 933-9100, and ask for Member loans                      shovel, ice scraper, protein bars?
                              to get pre-approved!
 *Rate for new auto at 36 months with checking and direct deposit.                      o Talked with younger drivers about the dangers of black
 other restrictions may apply.
                                                                                          ice and using caution in snowy conditions? Remember
 one more option: Cap Loan!                                                               to brake properly with ABS -- no pumping!
 Considering how to make those monthly payments                                     Drive Safely!
 work? in addition to our great auto loan rates, we have
 another great low-payment financing alternative: the
 Choice Auto Plan (CAP). With a CAP loan, you’ll enjoy
 lower monthly payments and bypass many drawbacks of
 typical leasing programs. it also has a several mileage
 allowance options. At the end of the loan term, you have
 three options:
    1) Sell the vehicle and pay the residual/future value
       (balloon payment), and keep the difference, if any.
    2) Refinance the balloon payment or pay cash and keep
       the vehicle.                                                                   IndIvIduaL retIrement pLannIng
    3) Return the vehicle.
                                                                                          Do You Have Questions and Concerns:
    Contact Rick Store at Driver’s Choice® for assistance                                 • Can i afford to take early retirement?
       with locating your new or used vehicle or with
                                                                                          • Will i need to supplement my income?
            questions about financing and CAP!
                                                                                          • Should i do a rollover?
                  (301) 933-9100, ext. 216.
                                                                                          • What will i do with my savings plan proceeds?
                                                                                          • How will taxes affect me?
                   Signal Financial FCU Statistics                                        • Should i elect the survivor benefit option?
                  November 2009 & November 2010
                                                                                          Call N. Thomas Turner III, CRPC
                          Nov - 2009                                 Nov - 2010           Financial Advisor of the MEMBERS Financial
                                                                                          Services Program at Signal Financial FCU.
Assets                   $272,539,297                                $284,444,033
                                                                                          To set up a no-cost consultation, call:
                                                                                          301-933-9100, ext. 289 or 273.
Savings                  $150,271,848                                $158,406,688
                                                                                          Tom has been serving the retirement needs of
                                                                                          members at Signal Financial for over eight years
Loans                    $206,674,244                                $194,140,511         and has over 26 years of experience in the financial
                                                                                          services industry.
                                                                                     Representatives are registered, securities are sold, and investment advisory services offered through
                                                                                     CUNA brokerage Services, inc. (CbSi), member FiNRA/SiPC, a registered broker/dealer and investment
Members                            32,315                                29,813      advisor, 2000 Heritage Way, Waverly, iowa 50677, toll-free (866) 512-6109. Nondeposit investment
                                                                                     and insurance products are not federally insured, involve investment risk, may lose value and are
                                                                                     not obligations of or guaranteed by the financial institution. CbSi is under contract with the financial
                                                                                     institution, through the financial services program, to make securities available to members. CRPC® is a
                                                                                     registered service mark of the College for Financial Planning®.
                   Singin’ the Holiday bill blues?                                                                NOTIFICATION
  H IT
                                           Wrap Up Your Debt with                                          ANNUAL MEETINg
 7. ida D T                                                                                             & BOARD OF DIRECTORS
   95 y
      % Lo IME                                  a Signal Financial
         AP an                                                                                          ELECTION INFORMATION
           R*                                       Holiday Loan!                              The Signal Financial member described below is
                                                                                               running for re-election on the board of Directors.

                                                                                               The nine members of the board of Directors es-
                                       id you get a little carried away with
                                                                                               tablish policies for Signal Financial Federal Credit
                                       the gift-giving this holiday season                     Union and are also responsible for the direction of
                                       and bust your budget? How to pay                        the staff.
                                for your expenses may have you bogged
down with worry, but remember that it’s not too late to take advantage of
a Holiday Loan. instead of paying minimums on high interest rate credit                                  Annual Meeting:
cards over the next few months, wrap up all those holiday expenses                                    Thursday, April 21, 2011
into a fixed-rate Holiday Loan at a special rate of 7.95% APR*. Qualified
applicants can borrow up to $1,200 and repay the loan over 12 months.                                       6:00 p.m.
You‘ll be surprised at how affordable it can be — payments on a $1,200
                                                                                                    All members are invited to attend the
loan will be approximately $104.42 per month over 12 months. Now
                                                                                                Annual Meeting in the 3rd Floor Board Room at
that’s the way to pay off debt!                                                                     Signal Financial’s Kensington Branch,
                                                                                               3015 University Blvd. W., Kensington, MD 20895
        ACT NOW! The Holiday Loan will only be available thru
         January 31, 2011. Apply online at,
             via Loan-by-Phone or in person at a branch.
*Annual Percentage Rate. Restrictions may apply.                                               Carl tebell —
      Business Services Now Offered!
                                                                                               Sr. Product Manager,
                                                                                               Comdex Consulting

 if you are a member of the credit union and work for or own a small busi-                     i have been a Signal
  ness, you’ll be happy to know that many of the same individual member                        Financial FCU member
 benefits are now available in our business Services division.                                 for over 23 years. i am
                                                                                               currently a Senior Prod-
 our business Services department is comprised of knowledgeable,                               uct Manager consulting
 service-friendly people that have numerous years of experience                                at Time Warner Cable,
 within the industry. With our competitive products and services,                              following a 16 year
 we can help your business succeed!                                                            career at Verizon. Since joining the Supervisory
                                                                                               Committee as an alternate in 1998, i’ve gained
 Contact Lekeisha kellark or kalimah Matthews for more                                         valuable experience by serving on a variety of
 information: (301) 933-9100, ext. 227 or 287.                                                 committees, including Asset, Liability & Compliance
                                                                                               (current Chairman), Supervisory (former Chairman),
            great Rates. Lower Fees. Now we can serve you, your                                Executive (Vice Chairman & Treasurer), Human
                   employees AND your business needs!                                          Resources, Member Services, information Technol-
                                                                                               ogy and Security. in 2004, i was elected to the board
                                                                                               of Directors where i currently serve as the Treasurer.
                                                                                               i’ve completed over 40 educational modules from the
 Card Skimming Scams On The Rise                                                               Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and

 A   TM skimming scams have been on the rise locally! Card skimmer devices
     are installed by thieves on existing ATM machines and can sometimes be so
 discreet that you may not even notice them. The skimmer device is placed over
                                                                                               regularly attend conferences to stay current with
                                                                                               issues and trends affecting Signal Financial FCU.

 the ATM card slot and reads the card's magnetic strip, which is then captured and             Given the current economic conditions, i couldn’t be
 stored for later fraudulent use. Dishonest cashiers can also use hand-held                    more pleased with the work that both the staff and
 skimmer devices to swipe your card after you have made a purchase.                            the volunteers do to keep our members’ money safe.
 There are a few things you can do to protect yourself:                                        For me, one of the most important principles behind a
                                                                                               credit union is the idea of members working together
                                                                                               to help other members. Volunteering with Signal
     wOnly use secure ATMs - Use an ATM inside the Credit Union or one that is under
     video surveillance. These machines are less likely to be tampered with.                   Financial FCU gives me a great sense of satisfaction
                                                                                               in making our credit union a better organization for us
     wTake notice of the ATM - Skimming devices can stick out a few inches or even cover       all.
     existing signs on the ATM. If something looks suspicious or tampered with, don't use
     the machine.
                                                                                               Any candidate not selected to run by the Nominating Committee has the
     wProtect your PIN - As you enter your PIN, cover the keypad to ensure that a hidden       option of running by petition by obtaining the authorized signatures of 1%
                                                                                               of Signal Financial’s membership (323 as of August 31, 2010). For the
     camera or someone standing too close will not be able to see.
                                                                                               purpose of verification, these authorized signatures must be accompanied by
     wWatch your card - If an ATM keeps your card, call the Credit Union immediately. In ad-   the member’s printed name. Nominations by Petition must be received by
                                                                                               February 14, 2011. if no Nominations by Petition are submitted by February
     dition, observe merchants as they swipe your card and don't let them walk away with it.   14, 2011, the election will not take place, and the candidate above will be
                                                                                               elected to the board by acclamation. if one or more Nominations by Petition
                                                                                               are submitted, voting will be conducted by mail.
 if you suspect that you've been a victim of card skimming, contact us immediately
 at 301-933-9100, ext 298.
BranCh loCaTions
                            Hours of Operation
Kensington Branch
                            Monday - Friday:
                            9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
                                                                                       Holiday Closings
3015 University blvd. W.
                            Saturdays:                                      January 17, 2011                         Martin Luther King Jr. Day
kensington, MD 20895
                            9 a.m. - 1 p.m. at
                                                                            February 21, 2011                        Presidents’ Holiday
                            kensington, Reston,
Largo Branch                Largo, Columbia Heights
9500 Arena Dr.              & Potomac Ave. branches
Largo, MD 20774                                            saviNGs rates (Shares)                                divideNd rate         aNNual perceNtaGe yield
                            Extended Hours on
                            Thursdays until 6 p.m.         Rates for savings
                                                           Regular, Personal, Teen Cache,
DC BRANCHES                 at kensington, Reston,         kitty Club, Holiday Club & Vacation                         .30%                        .30%
McPherson Branch            Cherokee and Largo             Clubs Savings (Shares)
1401 i Street, NW           branches only.
Washington, DC 20005
                                                           Checking (share draft)                                       -0-                         -0-
202-789-2818                VA BRANCHES                    (For $3,000 Min. balance)                                   .15%                        .15%
Columbia Heights Branch     Reston Branch
1400 irving NW., # 115      12355 Sunrise Valley Dr.
Washington, DC 20010        Reston, VA 20191
                                                           iRAs — Regular iRA
301-933-9100 ext. 269       703-620-5460                                                                               .60%                        .60%
                                                           (For $2,000 Min. balance)

Potomac Avenue Branch       Cherokee Branch
1391 Pennsylvania Ave. SE   5510 Cherokee Ave. Ste. 130
Washington, DC 20003        Alexandria, VA 22312           Money Market account
301-933-9100                301-933-9100 ext. 321            $002,500.00 - 19,999.99                                  0.45%                       0.45%
                            Mon - Fri: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.     $020,000.00 - 49,999.99                                  0.50%                       0.50%
                            Saturday: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.       $050,000.00 - 99,999,99                                  0.60%                       0.60%
Teller Phone                                                 $100,000.00 and above                                    0.70%                       0.70%
Calling from within DC Metro area: 301-933-5700
Calling from outside of DC Metro area: 800-447-8997        The rates disclosed above are effective as of 12/1/2010 and are subject to change without notice. Required

losT/sTolen Cards
                                                           minimum balances vary by account types. Fees and charges could reduce earnings on an account. We may
                                                           change the dividend rate on Regular, Personal, Teen Cache, kitty Club, Holiday Club, and Vacation Club
Lost or Stolen Signal VISA® credit cards                   savings (shares); Checking (Share Draft); and iRAs after the account is opened. There is a $15 penalty for
                                                           closing accounts within 6 months of opening. iRA accounts closed within 90 days of opening incur a $50
24-Hour Toll-Free number 800-449-7728                      penalty and loss of all dividends. Your savings and iRA deposits are each federally insured to $250,000 by
Lost or Stolen Signal VISA® check/ATM cards                the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency.
business Hours              301-933-9100, ext. 298
After business Hours        800-754-4128

Board of directors                                            LOAN RATES (Fixed)
Chairman                     Andrew Mekelburg                                                                      Term                Annual Percentage Rate
Vice Chairman                Mary McCormick                   New Auto Loans
                                                              Fully secured on 2008-2010 model years               up to 36 Months         as low as 2.79%***
Treasurer                    Carl Tebell, PMP                 up to 100% financing of net discount                 37 to 48 Months         as low as 3.14%***
Secretary                    Donna J. Hauprich                price plus taxes and tags, excluding war-            49 to 66 Months         as low as 3.49%***
Directors                    M. Eileen booker                 ranties. Down payment may be required.               67 to 72 Months*        as low as 3.99%***
                             Deborah A. Cullen                                                                     73 to 84 months**       as low as 4.74%***
                             Michael Harris                   Used Auto Loans
                                                              Financing available on 2002-2007 model               up to 36 Months         as low as 3.29%***
                             Dennis Fike
                                                              years. Finance amount is determined                  37 to 48 Months         as low as 3.64%***
                             Jonathan Morrison                by your credit score, and current NADA               49 to 66 Months         as low as 3.99%***
supervisory committee                                         values; term dependent on model year of              67 to 72 Months*        as low as 4.49%***
                                                              auto. Down payment may be required.
Chairman                     Loretta boyd
                             Mark Fieni                       Personal Loans                                       up to 66 months         as low as 8.95%
                             William keene                    Collateral may be required.

executive staff                                                *$20,000 minimum. **$30,000 minimum. Loan rates are effective as of 12/1/10. Rates are subject
President/CEo            Dan Stake                            to change without notice. All loan applications are subject to credit approval. Additional rules and
Exec. Vice President/Coo Terry L. Powers                      restrictions may apply.
                                                              ***Rates shown are for members with Checking and Direct Deposit. Rate is 1% higher for members
SVP/CFo                  Anil k. Sood                         without Checking and Direct Deposit.
                                                           the Connection, Signal Financial Federal Credit Union’s newsletter, is published quarterly. The
  & business Development Don Creel                         purpose of the Connection is to share information about Signal Financial FCU and its services with
SVP/Commercial Lending   Guy Tegler                        members, staff, and friends. Please send any comments or suggestions to: The Signal Financial, 3015
  & Services                                               University boulevard West, kensington, Maryland 20895-1990. if you have any comments or concerns
                                                           about Signal Financial, please write to: Supervisory Committee, P.o. box 2229, Wheaton, Maryland
                                                           20902. The articles and opinions in this publication are for general information only and are not intended
Editors:                     Janice Forostiak              to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. We suggest you consult your attorney,
                             Adriana Vargas                accountant, or financial or tax advisor with regard to your individual situation. Signal Financial may
                                                           provide references for articles published in the Connection, but does not endorse any external
                                                           companies or publications listed therein. All rates published in this newsletter are subject to change
24-hour member services hotline                            without notice.
301-933-9100 (toll-free 800-368-0108)
Signal financial web site:                         This newsletter printed on recycled paper.

email us at:
                                                                                                                           RETURN SERViCE REQUESTED
                                                                                                                                  kensington, MD 20895
                                                                                                                                  3015 University blvd. West
Ring in the New Year by Consolidating Debt with our
       NEW VISA® Switch & Save!
         id you overextend yourself this holiday season? Paying off debt
         may have you bogged down with worry, but now you can manage
D        your debt with ViSA® Switch & Save! Say goodbye to those high-
rate department store credit card bills, and wrap them up into a fixed-
rate, fixed-term on your existing ViSA® card.
beginning January 15th through February 15, 2011, members can
choose from one of the balance transfer rates** below:
(Your term cannot be changed once booked)
          v	3.95% APR* for 36 months
          v	4.95% APR* for 48 months
          v	5.95% APR* for 60 months
          v	6.50% APR* for life of the transfer— offer good
                                                                                                                    Don’t have a card? Apply online at
                  through June 30, 2011
As a special bonus, members will receive 1,000 reward points on their                                                 Or call 301-933-9100 ext. 298.
card if they transfer $5,000 or more to us.
                                                                                                                • No annual fee, balance transfer fee,
Switch & Save Today!                                                                                               or cash advance fee.
                                                                                                                • Earn reward points with every purchase!
                                                                                                                  1 point for every $1! ***
*Annual Percentage Rate.
**once you have committed to a rate, you may not change it. If a transferred balance remains at the end of
                                                                                                                • Credit limits to $50,000.
the term, or if account is closed during the promotion, the remaining balance will revert back to the regular
rate of the card. other restrictions may apply.
***Reward points subject to change without notice.

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