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                              Fairlawn Area Chamber of Commerce Newsletter • November/December 2007

Plugged                          November General Meeting / Luncheon
                 in...                 Monday, November 12, 2007
                             Hilton Akron / Fairlawn - 3180 West MarketStreet
                                           11:00 a.m. Networking                                         Summit County Chapter
      board and
                                     11:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Luncheon
                                                                                                        Speaker: Mark Fairhurst
committee rosters                Reservation Deadline: November 8, 2007
                         Reservations: 330-777-0032 or
                                                                                                        Director of Public Support

                           A native of the Akron area, Mark grew up and attended Mogadore High School and earned a Bachelor
dates to remember          of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Graphic Design, from the University of Akron.
                           He began work with the American Red Cross in August of 1999 as the Director of Financial Develop-
                           ment and has combined the departments of Communications and Financial Development into the
                           department of Public Support. During this time he has been involved with… to mention a few…
                             • helping maintain $500,000+ in local campaign and special event revenues
                             • serving as assistant fund raising and communications coordinator for the 2000 Capital Campaign
executive directors            to help build a new $7 million Red Cross Service Center for Summit County.
                             • helping identify and secure funding for over 1,100 specially designed first aid kits into the class-
                               rooms (k-5) of the Akron Public Schools

     profile circuits         • serving as assistant fund-raising director for special events and communications activities
                             • playing a lead role in leading up to our Chapter receiving the national 2003 American Red Cross
                               Community Award
member benefits &
  discounts roster

     to your health                                             The FACC Annual Holiday Auction
                                                                   Monday, December 10, 2007
                                                         Hilton Akron / Fairlawn - 3180 West Market Street
  investment ideas                                                      11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
                                                             Reservation Deadline: December 6, 2007
                                                    Reservations: 330-777-0032 or

                          It is people like you that help make the Fairlawn Area Chamber of Commerce and our local business area
                          successful. That is why we are asking your help to make this year’s Annual Holiday Auction a success!
                          This is our only fundraiser of the year. Some of the proceeds will be given to local charities and the re-
                          maining monies will remain in the Chamber. These monies help to provide our programs FREE of charge.
                          Please see the Holiday Auction insert in this newsletter. Please give generously!
                          Again this year we are selling raffle tickets for $10. You will have a chance to win one of three major prizes.
                          We are also happy to announce that the Carolers from Copley/Fairlawn School will return for the festivi-
                          ties. All are welcome at this event, so bring family,
                          friends, and co-workers. Be sure to make reserva-
                          tions for yourself and those who you invite please!
                          The event is free for members and $20 for guests.
                          We already have some great gifts!
                             “We raised over $9000 last year!”
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     Rostercircuit                          dates to   Remember
Interested in expanding your networking
opportunities by participating on a FACC
                                                       November General Meeting / Luncheon
                                                           Monday, November 12, 2007
  committee? Please call the chair of the
                                                           Hilton: Akron/Fairlawn
 committee you are interested in joining.
                                                           3180 W. Market Street

        2007-2008                                          11:00 am Networking
                                                           11:45 am – 1:00 pm Luncheon
                                                           Speaker: Mark Fairhurst
Board of Directors &                                       American Red Cross-Summit County
                                                           Reservation Deadline: November 8, 2007
 Committee Chairs                                          Reservations: 300-777-0032 or

      Kristina Schotzinger                             After 5
              President                                    November to be announced
     Kristina Schotzinger, CPA
                                                       December Holiday Auction Luncheon
          Mike Ameling                                     Monday, December 6, 2007
           Past President                                  Hilton: Akron/Fairlawn
        Ohio Pension Services                              3180 W. Market Street
                                                           11:00 am – 1:00 pm Luncheon
          Michele Gensel                                   Reservation Deadline: December 6, 2007
          President Elect                                  Reservations: 300-777-0032 or
       A.G. Edwards, & Sons
           Tim Walters                                 No other activities for the month of December
    Walters & Hanna Insurance
            Don Luscher
              Secretary                                           ALL RESERVATIONS TO:
        Stewart’s Caring Place                                         330-777-0032
         Theresa Carter
     OMNOVA Solutions, Inc.                 Don’t forget...Power Networking starts at 11:00 am before every luncheon meeting.
                                                                  Bring your business cards and join us!
     Circle of Excellence Chair
          Paula Chesser
    Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc.
        Directory Co-Chair
                                                    Now                    Your reservations are important to us! Please
                                                                           call the chamber at 330-777-0032 or email to
                                                                  for all events!
     Holiday Auction Co-Chair
          Terry Meinen
    Primerica Financial Services                                                                    Diane Ash
     Holiday Auction Co-Chair               additional committee         Chair                   In Working Order
         Laura Palmer                                                                                After Fives
    Membership Committee Chair
       Directory Co-Chair
        Lenny Morella
      My Office Products
    Business Showcase Chair
 Member to Member Benefits Chair
             Polly Riffle
          Executive Director
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investment          Ideas                                                                            from the      President
                   Common Questions about Social
                   Security and Medicare                                                                        Let FACC help YOU
                                                                                                                be READY…
                  To build a secure retirement, you will likely take advantage of
                  multiple building blocks to establish your overall plan. Two of                              The end of another year is quickly
                  the important pieces people most often take advantage of are                                 approaching! Soon many of us
Social Security and Medicare. Unfortunately, while many will eventually rely on                                will be planning our business
these programs to assist in their retirement funding, relatively few have a good                               goals for 2008. What are we ex-
understanding of how these programs work. Following are the answers to a few                 pecting in the new year?
commonly asked questions, to help educate you a little more on the subject. We’ll
                                                                                             Will the economy remain strong? How will its
also provide you with sources you can turn to for more information about these
                                                                                             strength or weakness in 2008 affect our business-
                                                                                             es? How will the Presidential campaign play out?
Q: What is the minimum age for Social Security retirement benefits?
                                                                                             Oftentimes we cannot predict or control the affect of
A: You can begin receiving “early” Social Security retirement benefits at age 62.             national and world events on our businesses. But we
   However, if you retire at 62, your monthly benefits will be permanently reduced.           could have a “game plan” for our business. Perhaps
   Under the current system, which includes varying rates based on your birth                as the new year approaches, we may want to take
   year, that reduction starts at 20 percent for those born in 1937 or before, and           a hard look at business continuance in light of up-
   climbs to as high as 30 percent for those born in 1960 or later. In addition, the         heaval – bad weather forcing employees to remain
   full-retirement age – the age when you can claim your full benefits – is actually          home for several days; electrical outages covering
   increasing. Previously, retirees who waited until age 65 to apply would receive           a large area; an epidemic of flu or other illness; wa-
   full benefits. Now, however, the full-retirement age is gradually increasing to            ter line breaks in cold weather; key suppliers going
   age 67. Your full-retirement age is a combination of years and months, and                out of business or raising pricing; customers leaving
   again depends on the year of your birth.                                                  your company and going with another vendor, etc.
Q: How much can I work and still receive my Social Security benefits?                         Do key employees have the ability to access your
A: No matter how much you earn from your job, you can receive all of your ben-               server from a remote site? Do you maintain copies
   efits, provided you are full-retirement age or older. However, if you’re younger           of recent backups offsite? Can your backups be
   than full-retirement age, you must limit your on-the-job earnings to avoid losing         restored efficiently on a backup server? Where are
   benefits. The earnings limit for most workers is $12,480 in 2006. If you exceed            your key papers? Do you have copies of important
   the limit, $1 will be withheld from your benefits for every $2 earned in excess            papers offsite? Are employees cross-trained in key
   of the limit. Keep in mind, only employment earnings count against the limit.             areas? If you are a larger organization, you may have
   Pensions, interest, dividends, capital gains and other investment income do               a backup generator. Smaller organizations may con-
   not count, nor does money distributed from IRAs or from 401(k), 403(b) or                 sider having an agreement with another business
   other deferred-compensation plans.                                                        several miles away in the event that a site becomes
                                                                                             unusable for a period of time.
Q: When can I qualify for Medicare?
                                                                                             If you are not a business owner, how will your pay-
A: Medicare coverage does not begin until age 65 for most individuals, even if               check or commission be affected if a “hiccup”
   they start receiving Social Security benefits at age 62. Three groups that can             occurs? Can you make sales calls from your home
   receive Medicare coverage before age 65 include: people who receive Social                office? Can you access the internet effectively from
   Security disability benefits because they have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis               home? Can you reroute your telephone calls to an-
   (Lou Gehrig’s disease); other disabled people who have received Social Secu-              other voice system?
   rity disability benefits for at least two years; and patients of all ages who need
   kidney dialysis or a kidney transplant because of end-stage renal failure.                Do you know what is going on with key customers
                                                                                             and suppliers? Do you have “backup” suppliers?
Q: What does Medicare cover?                                                                 Have you diversified your customer base to minimize
A: Medicare consists of Hospital Insurance (Part A), Medical Insurance (Part B)              impact if a customer leaves?
   and Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D). More specifically, Part A                Do you have a line of credit with your bank to see
   helps pay for inpatient hospital care, hospice care and skilled home health               you through if a large order comes in, or if customers
   services for homebound patients. It also helps with short-term inpatient care             begin to pay slower? The best time to obtain a line of
   in Medicare-certified skilled nursing facilities if the patient is there for rehabilita-   credit is when you don’t need it.
   tion. Part B helps pay for doctors’ services, outpatient hospital care, and some
   medical equipment and supplies.                                                           There is a lot to think about – and one thing with
                                                                                             which to remain confident. The FACC’s commitment
While these are just a few of the many questions you may have about Social Se-               to provide you with the contacts necessary to assist
curity and Medicare, the idea is to get you thinking about how these programs                you in every aspect of your business!
will fit into your retirement plan. Remember, these certainly won’t be able to cover
all your retirement expenses, but they can be an important part of your overall              Wishing much peace, health, happiness and suc-
strategy. To find out more about Social Security, you can visit            cess to you, your family and loved ones, and your
or call 1-800-772-1213. To learn more about Medicare, go to or call             associates as we approach the Holiday season and
1-800-MEDICARE                                                                               New Year!
                                                                                                                                 FACC President
                                                                    Michele Gensel,
                                                                                                                Kristina M Schotzinger, CPA, LLC
                                            A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc., Member SIPC
                        Page 4 • Fairlawn Area Chamber of Commerce Newsletter • November/December 2007

                  New Members
                  September and
                  October 2007
Laura Palmer, Membership Chair, Herbalife

     Liliya Feinstein
     Lily Home Care
     Pilgrim Square
     2295 W. Market, Suite L                      L-R: Kristina Schotzinger, CPA, FACC President; Geoff Moore, CyGem, Ltd.; Lilya Feinstein, Lily Home
     Akron, OH 44313                              Care; John Parr, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield; Dave Kalavsky, Farmers Ins. Group; Keri-Ann Kalavity,
     330-869-0806                                 Gillmore Security Systems; Matthew Reid, Digital Reliability; Laura Palmer, Membership Chair, Herbalife.

     Keri-Ann Kalavity                        Geoff Moore                            John Parr                               Matthew Reid
     Gillmore Security Systems                CyGem, Ltd.                            Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield           Digital Reliability
     26165 Broadway Avenue                    1245 S. Cleve-Mass Rd., Suite 9        1611 Menlough Ave.                      11 Lincoln Way W. Ste. 6B
     Cleveland, OH 44146                      Copley, OH 44321                       Canton, OH 44708                        Massillon, OH 44647
     440-232-1000                             330-668-1660                           330-313-4416                            330-259-7462 ext. 101

                                                                                  • Non-Deductible Expenses - Think about restructuring non-deductible
                   Are You Fiscally Fit?                                            interest expense, such as auto loans or credit card debt, to deductible
                                                                                    interest, such as a home equity loan. However, be aware of the AMT
                  With the busy holiday season and the end of the year              limitations on these types of deductions (see below).
                  fast approaching, there is no better way to mark the
                  occasion than by setting aside time to review your fi-           • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) - Review your position with respect
                  nancial plan with your financial and tax advisors. The             to the AMT to determine if exercising stock options or accelerating or
                  following checklist can serve as a guide for your year-           deferring deductible expenses is appropriate. The AMT is an alterna-
end financial check-up.                                                              tive tax system that may limit the benefit of certain deductions or cause
                                                                                    otherwise tax-free income to become taxable.
Investment Planning
                                                                                Retirement Planning
 • Investment Asset Allocation - When it comes to investment planning,
   review your investment asset allocation to determine if it is still appro-     • Retirement Account Contributions - Make sure you have made the
   priate given your goals and time horizon. Your financial advisor can              maximum retirement plan contribution for which you are eligible. Also
   help you prioritize what is most important for you and your investment           consider making a contribution to your traditional or Roth IRA prior to
   portfolio.                                                                       year-end. Consider converting your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA prior
                                                                                    to year-end.
 • Rebalance your portfolio - Even if your target asset allocation is still
   appropriate, you may need to review how the portfolio is actually struc-       • Take any required distributions - If you are over age 70½, determine
   tured. Over time, some asset classes outperform others, causing your             if you are required to take any distributions from your retirement ac-
   portfolio to become out of balance and perhaps incur more - or even              counts before the end of the year.
   less - risk than you anticipated.                                            Other suggestions to help you achieve end-of-the-year fiscal fitness in-
 • Gain/Loss Assessment - Review your net short- and long-term gains            clude:
   or losses. There may be an opportunity to sell a losing stock and offset       • Gift Tax Exclusion - Take advantage of the annual $12,000 gift tax ex-
   gains from other sales. If you sell a security for a loss, beware of rules       clusion by making gifts to family members.
   that limit your ability to deduct the loss should you repurchase it either
   just before or after the sale.                                                 • Education Savings Programs- Establish a Coverdell Education Savings
                                                                                    Account or a Section 529 Plan as a way to provide tax-free savings for
 • Margin Interest - Make sure you will have enough interest, and short-            education.
   term gains to deduct any margin interest you may have paid during the
   year.                                                                        Since the end of the year is when many people begin to gather their finan-
                                                                                cial documents, this also may be a good time to take care of other items
Income Taxes                                                                    that don’t necessarily relate to year-end:
 • Tax Liability Projection - For income tax purposes, review your with-          • Make sure your estate documents are still current. These documents
   holding and estimated payments to make sure you will not be subject              should be reviewed every 5 years or more frequently if there have been
   to underpayment penalties. On the other hand, make sure you aren’t               significant family changes or tax or estate law changes.
   paying more than you need to now. The goal is to pay what you need to
   by year-end to avoid penalties, and pay the rest when you file your tax         • Review any beneficiary designations on insurance policies, retirement
   return.                                                                          plans, annuities, etc.

 • Deductible Expenses - Determine if it is better to pay deductible ex-          • Make a list of where all your pertinent financial documents can be found
   penses, such as property taxes, charitable contributions or state                in the event you become incapacitated.
   estimated tax payments, before the end of the year or after. Consider           Paula Chesser is a Senior Investment Consultant with The Whitfield
   bunching certain itemized deductions such as medical expenses and              Chesser Group at the Akron office of Robert W. Baird & Co., member
   miscellaneous deductions in order to exceed the minimum adjusted                    SIPC She has more than 25 years of financial services industry
   gross income limitations.                                                         experience and can be reached at 330 670-0350 or 877 792-7868.
                    Page 5 • Fairlawn Area Chamber of Commerce Newsletter • November/December 2007

                   I Am Glad
                                                                  director’s       message
                   I Don’t                                       It is hard to believe that 2007 is coming to a close. It has been a very busy
                                                                 and productive year for the Fairlawn Area Chamber of Commerce. Our
                   Have a                                        speakers for our monthly luncheons were exceptional this year. Thank you
                   Blackberry                                    to board member Michele Gensel, President Elect, from A.G. Edwards for
                                              arranging such interesting and informative business meeting programs.
I am writing this from Oklahoma City,
                                              We also enjoyed networking at our After 5 Events. Thank you to Diane Ash from In Working
Ok. As I was preparing for this trip I
                                              Order, for organizing such a great variety of After 5 locations. Businesses who participated in
kept hearing about a great restaurant
                                              hosting our After 5 events definitely rolled out the red carpet with fantastic food, drinks and
in OKC called Cattlemen’s. “You must
                                              even spa treatments and massages! Thank you! In addition, I would like to take the oppor-
go”! I kept hearing over and over.
                                              tunity to thank Mark DiFeo from Catering by Mark DiFeo for partnering with a number of our
I just left there and am back in my hotel     After 5 host locations to provide incredible food and service to our members and guests.
room. I was not disappointed. I could
                                              The Coffee, Tea and Contacts program chaired by Tim Walters, Walters & Hanna Insurance
write about the restaurant as a food
                                              and led by Ned Parks from New Directions Learning & Development were great networking
critic for sure, but let’s just leave it at
                                              events as well as educational business building tools that we could apply to our daily activi-
this – “You must go”!
                                              ties. Thank you Ned for helping us benefit from your knowledge of business building and
I could write about their fast on the ball    networking tips.
authentic customer service, I will leave
                                              Our annual golf outing with the Copley – Fairlawn Foundation was very successful this year.
it at this – “You must go”!
                                              We were able to raise over $4500 allowing us to provide $1000 scholarships to 4 students
What I am going to share is that I am         entering college from the Copley-Fairlawn Schools. We had additional money to donate to
really glad I DON’T have a Blackberry         the teacher’s fund as well.
or any hand held device that allows me
                                              We have welcomed new Circle of Excellence Members to the Fairlawn Area Chamber of
to go on the internet.
                                              Commerce this year. Thank you to board member Theresa Carter, OMNOVA Foundation
As I pulled in my parking spot there was      President, our Circle of Excellence Chairman for her contribution in building our Circle of
a lady that was parking right next to me.     Excellence Membership to the highest number in the Chamber’s history.
She appeared to be about my age, was
                                              The Membership Committee, chaired by Laura Palmer, Herbalife International, worked very
in a rental car and clearly did not dress
                                              hard this year and instituted new ideas to continue to make our Chamber progressive and in-
or act like a local. We were seated in
                                              strumental in helping with the growth of individual businesses. Our Speed Networking Event
adjoining booths and I over heard her
                                              in October was very successful. Thank you to Brad Lubinger, Don Luscher, Lenny Morella
tell the waiter she was traveling on busi-
                                              and Mark DiFeo for making this a great networking experience. The Membership Commit-
ness and was all excited about getting
                                              tee members also assist in making the monthly luncheons run smoothly. They have done
a chance to eat at Cattlemen’s for the
                                              an outstanding job at registration, greeting, and helping our new members and guests feel
experience. She ordered her meal and
                                              welcome. Thanks to Laura for her outstanding leadership with the membership committee.
promptly dropped her head and was
buried in her blackberry for the rest         The Business Showcase in September was a huge success as well. Forty tables were show-
of the “experience” even through her          cased. This is a great opportunity for businesses to display what their companies do, and
food.                                         how they can benefit other Chamber members. There were many terrific door prizes too.
                                              Thank you to board member, Lenny Morella from My Office Products for organizing this
I multi-task as much as anyone but I
                                              event. Thank you to all of the businesses who participated. Congratulations for a job well
sure don’t sit in a unique famous res-
taurant for the experience and then
experience my email. I would like to          I would be remiss if I did not thank Stewart’s Caring Place and Don Luscher for hosting the
meet her about two weeks from now;            membership committee meetings, speed networking event, and submitting our press re-
I can imagine that conversation going         leases for our meetings.
something like this: “Hi, I understand        Last but not least… It has been rewarding to work with each of the Board of Directors this
you went to Cattlemen’s in OKC how            year.
you did like it?” “Oh fine”, she would
say, “It was great!” “What was great          The year is not over yet though! We still have some exciting events to come. Our Annual Holi-
about it?” “Um, well, it was, um, good        day Auction is approaching. Board members Paula Chesser from Robert W. Baird & Co. and
food yea that’s it!”                          Terry Meinen from Primerica are Co-Chairing this event. The committee members are hard
                                              at work getting unbelievable donations to make this event the best ever. This is our one and
Wow, now there is an experience!              only fund-raising event of the year. Some of the proceeds will be donated to local charities,
                             Ned Parks        while a portion will stay in the Chamber to continue to provide our events for FREE to our
                New Directions Learning       membership. The Fairlawn Area Chamber of Commerce is the only Chamber that does not
                      and Development         charge extra for lunches, After 5 events or other networking opportunities. We are proud to
                                              be able to say that, but it will only be possible with your participation in our Holiday Auction.
                                              Please donate generously, plan to attend the Holiday Auction on December 10th. It is fun,
                                              festive, and a great way to get your holiday shopping done early!!!
                                                                                                                                  Polly Riffle
                                                                                                                           Executive Director
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                                                                                                         Holiday Exercise Tips
                   to your      Health                                                                    The holidays are fast approaching. First
                  Digestive Health Tips                                                                   there is Halloween with Thanksgiv-
                                                                                                          ing soon to follow. Christmas and New
                    Your digestive system is extremely adaptive and can un-
                                                                                                          Years are close behind. These several
                    dergo a lot of stress and abuse through hurried meals,
                                                                                                          months at the end of the year can play
                    poor diet, a stressful lifestyle, and lack of physical activ-
                                                                                    havoc with your exercise program. With your busy schedule
ity. Having said that, your digestive tract can only take so much over a long
                                                                                    you don’t have to go to the gym everyday, but try to continue
period of time. If you see yourself in the first sentence in any way, your time
                                                                                    to exercise at least three days per week. During these ses-
without digestive problems may be limited. Here are some steps that you
                                                                                    sions you should do lifting and cardioactivitity. To make these
can take to improve your digestive health.
                                                                                    workouts quicker use circuit training or supersetting. Here are
 1. Eat plenty of fiber. An average American typically consumes 10 to 15             some additional tips to keep your program going strong in
    grams of fiber daily. According to the American Medical Association,             between the parties and the actual holidays.
    adults who eat at least 23 grams of fiber a day are less likely to gain
                                                                                    An easy way to continue exercising is to simply take a walk or
    weight over the long term than those who don’t regularly consume this
                                                                                    a run. You can take a walk in the park, around the neighbor-
    amount. The study also revealed that fiber-eaters have lower insulin
                                                                                    hood, or around the parking lot of your job. When you shop
    levels, which could help lower the risk of obesity.
                                                                                    at the mall, park away from the door. Also to combine your
 2. Reduce fats and oils. Excess fat consumption slows digestion and can            exercise with your errands you can walk to the store or take an
    lead to heartburn, bloating, and constipation. A high fat diet can in-          extra lap around the mall while shopping. If you are going to
    crease your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and gallbladder disease. It        the airport, you can take a walk around the airport while wait-
    may worsen the symptoms of conditions such as irritable bowel syn-              ing for your flight or to pick up relatives and friends.
    drome, pancreatic and Crohn’s disease. Research shows a diet high in
                                                                                    You can exercise before you leave the house. This way if you
    saturated fats-animal fats may increase your risk of cancer, especially
                                                                                    are running late in the evening you will have already completed
    colon cancer.
                                                                                    your exercise for the day. Coming home late and having to
 3. Drink plenty of water. Your body is one half to four fifths water depend-        start your exercise for the day will only make you dread exer-
    ing on how much fat you have. Water helps prevent constipation and              cise and stress you out. Also doing chores around the house
    helps to dissolve minerals, fat soluble vitamins, and other nutrients so        is a good form of exercise. Make exercise an appointment,
    that your body easily absorbs them. Generally you need about 8-10               put it down in your appointment book, and stick to your time
    glasses of water per day. Milk and juices are more than 90% water so            allotted. If you run short on time, shop online so you can save
    they can help but caffeinated beverages and alcohol don’t count. They           time for your exercise program.
    are diuretics and cause fluid loss.
                                                                                    To make exercise a family affair, play with the kids. Go out-
 4. Practice good eating habits and maintain a healthy weight. Eat moder-           side and rake leaves or build a snowman together. Stroll thru
    ate proportions and on a regular schedule. Skipping meals can lead to           the park or around the neighborhood to admire the colored
    excessive hunger and lead to overeating which results in obesity. In ad-        leaves. Take a walk with the entire family after dinner. You can
    dition, try to take your time when you are eating and enjoy your food.          also take family members to the gym as your guests. This
 5. Get regular exercise. Aerobic exercise stimulates activity of your intes-       will enable you to get in your exercise and also visit with your
    tinal muscles and will also help you maintain a healthy weight.                 family.

6. Control stress. When you’re stressed, there is less blood flow to your            When you go to a party, eat before you go to the party. Don’t
   digestive system. Digestive enzymes are secreted in less amounts,                go to the party hungry or you will overeat. While at the party
   thus can result in heartburn and constipation. Or stress could do the            dance as a form of exercise. Walk around and visit, don’t just
   opposite and speed everything up and lead to abdominal pain and                  sit in a chair.
   diarrhea.                                                                        When you travel to a motel, or family or friends house, invest
 7. Limit alcohol to one drink a day for women or two drinks a day for men.         in some portable exercise equipment. Take advantage of the
    A drink is defined as 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine or 1.5 ounces          pool and exercise room at your motel.
    of 80-proof distilled spirits. Too much alcohol can inflame your stomach         Several of the motels have maps of the area to enable you to
    lining and may cause heartburn, liver and pancreatic disease.                   take a walk or run.
8. Avoid tobacco. It contributes to heartburn and peptic ulcers and in-             In order to get the most out of your workouts do circuit train-
   creases the risk of Crohn’s Disease and possible gallstones. Nicotine            ing. Chose six to eight exercises and don’t rest in between
   may increase stomach acid production and decreases sodium bicar-                 sets. Write down the exercises, determine how long you want
   bonate that neutralizes stomach acid. Smoking may also increase the              to exercise, and how many circuits you will do. Always warm
   risk of many cancers.                                                            up and cool down.
 9. Use medications cautiously. Nearly all medications affect digestion in          By exercising thru the holidays, you won’t have that guilty
    one way or another. They may produce constipation, diarrhea or nau-             feeling of not keeping up with your exercise program. You
    sea. They also slow down the body’s ability to absorb. Some of the              won’t have to start over in January. You will keep up your en-
    most potentially damaging medications are nonsteroidal anti-inflam-              ergy level. This will enable you to complete your busy holiday
    matory drugs and include aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), naproxen           schedule. And maybe just once you can splurge on that ir-
    (Aleve).                                                                        resistible, once in a lifetime, holiday treat.
                                                                 Laura Palmer                                                  Randi Armstrong,
                                                        Herbalife International                            Armstrong Health and Fitness Training,
                       Page 7 • Fairlawn Area Chamber of Commerce Newsletter • November/December 2007

                        Scenes from October 5th
                Speed Networking at Stewart’s Caring Place                                                         Holiday
                                                                                                                    as of 10/11/07

                                                                                                              Goodyear Tire & Rubber
                                                                                                                 Blimp Ride for Two

                                                                                                               Hudson Reserve Travel
                                                                                                              2 Round Trip Airline Tickets
                                                                                                              on Apple Vacations to Punta
                                                                                                                Cana or Cancun/Riviera

                                                                                                                 Sterling Jewelers
                                                                                                               14K White Gold Princess
                                                                                                               Diamond Hoop Earrings

                                                                                                               Portage Country Club
                                                                                                                Golf & Lunch for Four

                                                                                                                    Lucky Shoes
                                                                                                                  $100 Gift Certificate

                                                                                                                 Lucky Shoes-New
                                                                                                                 $100 Gift Certificate

                                                                                                              Great Harvest Bread Co.
                                                                                                                    Bread Basket

                                                                                                                 Residence Inn by
                                                                                                              One Night Weekend Stay &
                                                                                                                  Breakfast Buffet

                                                                                                              Springside Racquet Club
                                                                                                                Three Month Individual

                                                                                                               Raintree Country Club
                                                                                                                Round of Golf for Four/

                                                                                                               Radisson Hotel Akron
                                                                                                                     City Centre
                                                                                                              Overnight Stay/King Jacuzzi
                                                                                                                     & Breakfast

                                                                                                               Timothy B. Cox, D.D.S.
                                                                                                                  Teeth Whitening

member            Profile                                                                                            First Merit Bank
                                                                                                              Gift Certificates to Rockne’s

                                                                                                                  Fleming’s Prime
CyGem, ltd. is an information technology services
                                                                                                              Steakhouse & Wine Bar
provider. CyGem, ltd. specializes in working with                                                             Wine Gift Basket including a
small to medium businesses. By working with Cy-                                                                   $75 Gift Certificate
Gem, ltd. itís like having an in-house technology
department at your fingertips.                                                                                    Robert J. Events &
We have helped numerous organizations navi-                                                                      Hors D’oeuvres Party
gate through the technology maze to implement                                                                       for 20 guests
solutions that allow them to better serve their cus-   tion just like yours and understands the best way to    Camile Ghorayeb at DN
tomers. Many of our current clients knew what was      make your technology work for you.                            Hair Salon
possible and where they wanted to go, but needed                                                                  2 Haircuts & Style
                                                       CyGem, ltd.
a partner that could help them get there. For them,    Geoffrey F. Moore                                           Lily Home Care
CyGem, ltd. was the missing link into turning pos-                                                            Mix Media Modern Art Work
                                                       1245 S. Cleveland-Massillon Rd Suite 9
sibility into reality.
                                                       Copley, OH 44321                                          My Office Products
Whether you are a new business looking to get          Main: 330-668-1660                                       Taste of Summit County
started with an e-mail address or a mature es-         Direct: 330-668-1662                                           Gift Bastket
tablished company with more than one hundred           Fax: 330-668-4340
servers, CyGem, ltd. has worked with an organiza- •
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                                                                                   circle of
                                                                                 excellence member
                                 Page 9 • Fairlawn Area Chamber of Commerce Newsletter • November/December 2007

after      5
Sunrise Assisted Living of Bath
Sunrise Assisted Living of Bath was the setting for the Fair-
lawn Chamber after 5 on Tuesday, September 11th. Step into
Sunrise of Bath and you can’t help but feel at home. Guests
enjoyed a bounty of hors-d’oeuvres’ specially prepared and
served by Sunrise chefs.
Efim Scherbakov and his staff from Theratouch Ltd. offered
relaxing foot and body massages while guests sipped on
wine. Gary Williams from Juice Plus+ displayed nutritional in-
formation and samples of his smoothie drinks and explained
the value of this product towards better health. David Faciana,
President of Expresso-Etc of Cleveland provided Gourmet
Specialty Coffee and Beverages.
A great time was had by all while networking with familiar and
new members of the Chamber.
Sunrise Assisted Living of Bath, located at 101 N. Cleveland
Massillon Rd. in Akron, offers Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s
and Memory Care, Short-Term Stays, Adult Day Services and
Hospice Care.
                                                                        circle of

  A lot of things
  compete for
  your customer’s attention.
                                                                      excellence member

  Are YOU one of them?
   Great results.
   Stay in front of your customers and cultivate prospects with
   market winning strategies and award winning design solutions
   from Red Incorporated.

   Fill ‘er up.
   As a full service marketing and design organization Red delivers
   a turn-key approach including:
   • Marketing Strategy and Plan Development
   • Consulting, Oversight and Progress Reporting
   • Advertising Design and Media Buys
                                                                                                  ACCOUNTING SERVICES FOR
   • Complete Branding Programs                                                                       SMALL BUSINESS
   • Brochures and Collateral
   • Web Design and eCommerce, Internet Marketing
   • Retail POS / Trade Show Graphics                                                     ◆   Accounting/Bookkeeping     ◆   Payroll Services
   • Unbeatable Service and Commitment to Your Success                                    ◆   QuickBooks                 ◆   Installation/Set Up
   Get your customer’s attention.                                                         ◆   Training/Support           ◆   File Review
   The object of any business is to sell products or services.                            ◆   QuickBooks Point of Sale   ◆   Installation
   However, to accomplish those goals, you need a                                         ◆   Training                   ◆   Support
   plan combining solid business principles with
   strategic marketing and design elements into a
   total package. This is exactly what we do at Red                                                Kristina M Schotzinger, CPA, LLC
   Incorporated. We are not just a marketing agency,                                           Medina Ohio                   330-662-0026
   and we are not just a design firm. We are a
   business firm – intent on using our
   expertise in marketing and design to help                                                         
   you get your customer’s attention.

                  Red Incorporated                                                        We help you help your business!
                  Strategic Marketing and Design
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                                                                                                                                                      circle of
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                                                                                                                                                    excellence member
                                  Since 1959, closely-
                                  held businesses
                                  have come to rely
                                  on Bober, Markey,
                                  Fedorovich &
                                  Company for help in
                                  finding their greatest

                                        Proud To Now Be
                                        A Member of the

How to Choose a Health Care Plan
Compliments of Businesses and individuals today are looking for advice and information on
how to choose a health care plan that’s right for their specific situation.

   Here are 10 guidelines to keep in mind when decision time for health insurance comes around.
1. Consider your employee needs and demographics to guide your plans.
2. Look for an insurance carrier with a broad network of physicians and hospitals, particularly where your employees work, live and travel
   whether in the US or abroad.
3. Review your specific plan design and assess potential new plan designs and their impact on value and pricing.
4. Get to know more about new consumer choice health plans and health savings accounts to see if this works for your organization.
5. Evaluate your options on pharmacy and ancillary coverage such as vision and dental features to see if modifications here are worth
   considering to hold down overall premiums or to enhance your plan as a competitive recruiting advantage.
6. Find out about special features that may be embedded in a health insurance plan like discounts on health related items, wellness
   programs, health information resources and special offers that add value to the overall package.
7. Service is an important feature of any health care plan. Look for the service and quality track record of any health insurance carrier you
   may consider.
8. Consider the stability and reliability of the health insurance carrier of your choice.
9. Ask your broker for assistance on planning and new products and services.
10. Look for chamber and association discounts like those offered through NOACC chambers for smaller groups and ERC for large group
  insurance needs.
These 10 tips will get you started to a smart choice. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, committed to improving health, hopes these tips have been helpful and
wishes you good health and good decision-making in this important process. For further information check out
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Contact Alex Clarke to receive 10% off copies, fax,
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                                                       off work related physical exams, medical surveil-     sultant will bring our showroom to you. Ask to be
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First Merit Bank                  330-849-8956           Member-To-Member Benefits and Discounts Roster!
Call for information on the First Merit Group Bank-      Please complete this                     Lenny Morella
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or closing costs, no interest rate or fixed repayment
term, no personal collateral required, and minimal       ____________________________________________________________________
paperwork. Plus, if you qualify, you’ll receive the
working capital you need in 7 to 10 business days.       ____________________________________________________________________
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                                     To find out how a partnership
    You have big plans               with FirstMerit Bank can                                           Rick Burris
    for your business.               help your business call                                            Managing Partner
    A smart lender should            Eustacia Netzel today at
    be part of them.                 (330) 849-8989.

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