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					                                          Unapproved Minutes
                             Board of Commissioners of Converse County
       The regular meeting was called to order on August 2, 2011 at 8:00 a.m. Present were Chair
Mike Colling, Vice-Chair Jim Willox, Commissioners Dave Edwards, Major Brown, Tony Lehner and
County Clerk Lucile Taylor.
       Flags will be flown at half-staff at the Courthouse in memory of Converse County Deputy Bryan
Gross who lost his life responding to an incident.
       Mr. Edwards moved to approve the minutes of the regular meeting on July 19, 2011, Mr. Brown
seconded, motion carried.
       Mr. Brown moved to approve accounts payable: 625825.22: 1200 A Diamond Trucking; 355.50
AT&T; 512.02 Ace Calibrations; 3450.43 Aflac; 5.50 Alltel; 455.92 ALSCO; 40 Anderson, Warren;
800.45 Arrow Electric; 70 Ascent; 51.57 Atlas Office; 781.69 B&B Leasing; 95.03 Bison Pump; 37.02
Bloedorn Lumber; 84559.27 BC/BS of WY; 700 Botany Bay; 1875 Boys & Girls Clubs of Central
WY; 178 Bramston, Kay; 427.63 Brownells; 838.10 Bush-Wells; 5103.40 CANDO; 93 Cas-Pure
Water; 440 Casper College; 44.92 Casper Star Tribune; 345 CCI User Group; 191.41 Center Printing;
266.90 Chemsearch; 103 Christianson, Cheryll A; 102.67 Circuit Ct of CC; 1215.62 City of Douglas;
150 City Shoe; 670 Clerk of Dist Ct; 600 Clerk of Dist Ct Casper; 190 Comm Technologies; 61.95
Comm Services; 3562.70 CSA; 203.40 Conseco Health Ins; 172.48 CC 4-H Council; 88002.88 CC
Bank; 17000 CC Firewise; 379.50 Cornerstone Programs; 200 Cottonwood Garden Club; 1400
Covenant Ins; 115.20 Cowboy Car Wash; 9200.75 Crick Water Grill; 208 Culligan Soft Water; 81.50
Daniels Barbara; 11.75 Decker Auto Glass; 36.30 Deer Creek Drug; 6443.14 Dept of Employ; 330
Dexter, Mark D; 416.67 Douglas Area Chamber; 1106 Douglas Budget; 509.17 Douglas Business
Center; 1310.25 Douglas Hardware Hank; 6666.67 Douglas Sr Citizens; 105 Douglas Tire Center;
110.50 Drive Train Ind; 778.21 Emery Septic; 333.25 Farmer Bros; 197.29 Fastenal; 220 FleetPride;
2700 Gantre Homes; 182 Garrelts, Jodee; 29.78 Gene’s Plumbing; 103 Gibson, Richard P; 202
Glaxosmithkline Financial; 53.65 Glenrock Hardware Hank; 6666.67 Glenrock Sr Citizens; 2250
Gorman Funeral Homes; 684.72 Grainger; 104 Green, Milton; 877.14 Greenline Equip; 1444.12
Hartford Life; 75 Henrie, Jacque L; 33.30 Holler Jane; 19482.59 Homax; 571.36 Honnen Equip; 75
Hopkin, Danielle; 176 Howard, George J; 225 HUB-BHJ Ins; 24.48 Hunter Ann; 15438.40 Inberg-
Miller Eng; 50 Insurance Corner; 105.95 Interstate Batteries; 800 Ireton, Marcia; 300 Jerry Post PsyD
PC; 332.77 Jerry’s Welding-Steel Fab; 500 John A Lambert & Assoc; 24213.22 Johnson Controls;
55825.19 Judd Construction; 210 Kinneberg, Ira James; 495.88 Knudsen Law Offices; 142.08 Leetch,
Pam; 22 Les Locksmith Service; 387.40 Lexisnexis Matthew Bender; 6150 Little Shell Trucking; 75
Longtine, Lauri; 178 Mason, Veronica; 66.60 McCullough Pamela; 263.40 McKee Medical Center;
6.50 McPherson, Brian; 748.50 MHCC; 8.18 Mills, Thomas; 1535 Modern Electric; 37177.02
Motorola; 55 NACRC; 592.67 NAPA; 37.51Norco; 30.65 Notary Law Assoc; 5.49 O’Reilly; 1388.03
Office Depot; 347.03 OK Wrecking; 3128.84 Orbitcom; 5624.92 Orchard Trust; 42.61 Pamida; 12500
Paris Wayne; 1065 Patrick C Allen MD PC; 420 Peak Fitness; 280 Peech, Benjamin; 159.99 Peterbilt
of WY; 244.76 Pitney Bowes; 519.03 Plainsman; 7179.84 Platte Co SO; 350.82 Power Equip; 102.60
Pre-Paid Legal; 5850 Price Pumping; 4774.51 Qwest; 733.32 R&R Rest Stops; 153 Rapp, Arlene
Zerbst; 218.67 Reiter, Pat; 348.45 Respond First Aid Systems of WY; 15.32 Richardson, Holly; 100
Richardson, Jonathan William; 57.17 Robinson John B; 6276.43 RMP; 167.85 Ron’s Supply; 150.60
Roscoe Steel; 5000 RUB Fund Drive 2011; 51.48 Safeway; 91.28 Safeway; 600 Sage Landscaping;
654.05 Sam’s Club; 1674.87 Sanofi Pasteur; 178 Schwartz, Leslie; 100 SGGS; 239.98 Shad’s KM
Electronics; 181.30 Frontier Drug; 300 Sherard Cole; 14 Sheriff’s Office Petty Cash; 275.40 Slough
Jeanne; 1095 SolarWinds Worldwide; 7100 Sonesen, Keith; 32.93 Source Gas; 4521.06 State of WY
Public Defender; 731.25 Stearns, Jane MS LPC; 285.43 Steingrebe, Tessia; 741.63 Stericycle; 979
Supply Cache; 111.21 Taser Intl; 104.50 Taucher, Genn M; 4017 TY Pickett; 106.11 Top Office;
919.80 Town of Glenrock; 622.98 Tri-State Equip; 1800 Two Way Radio; 704 USPO; 40.14 Utility
Bill Solutions; 36 V-1 Oil; 2076.51 Verizon; 203 Villmow, Ashley; 11615.07 Visa; 486.72 VCN; 736
VoA; 845 WACO; 590 Weeks, Joel; 3197 Weidenhamer, Leslie; 1294.80 West Group; 1995.05
White's Mountain Motors; 61.89 Williams, Nancy L; 69.38 Willox Jim; 866.85 Wireless Advanced
Comm; 50.49 Witmer Public Safety Group; 8905 WBI; 14479.85 Wy Dept of Health-Public Health
Nursing; 568 WLEA; 3434.31 WY Machinery; 54793.61 WRS; 1000 WSF; 84.87 WY Stationery;
3283.90 Xerox; 103 Yocum, Jason; 2500 YDS; 253.90 Zep; monthly reports: Jun Clerk 35869.67,
Clerk of Dist Ct 1596.25; Offender Monitoring (DC) 630, Circuit Ct 26962; Jul Clerk 29,720.25,
Assessor 1,624.24; other monthly reports: FSA, Airport, CCTPB, 4-H, Library; tax refund 2011-229
Chesapeake 5689.84, 2011-239 Moose Oil 5.59, 2011-412 Osborn Heirs 153.53, 2011-413 Osborn
Heirs 7.10; warrants to void 35114 Glock 12; Mr. Lehner seconded, motion carried.
        Mr. Edwards moved to approve the Lease Agreement between the Converse County Coalition
and Converse County effective July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2013, Mr. Willox seconded, motion
        Mr. Willox moved to approve the Permit Application of DCP, Douglas, to bore under Highland
Loop Road (CR 32), Mr. Lehner seconded, motion carried.
        Mr. Lehner moved to approve the mil levies for FY 12: Weed and Pest 1.000; Soil
Conservation 0.306; Special Hospital 3.000; Special Cemetery 1.400; Glenrock Area Solid Waste
Disposal District 3.000; City of Douglas 8.000; Town of Glenrock 8.000; Town of Rolling Hills 8.000;
CCSD #1 Foundation 12.000, County Wide School 6.000; Special School 25.000; Recreation 1.000,
BOCES EWC 0.500 and Gillette Campus 0.100; CCSD #2: Foundation 12.000, County Wide School
6.000, Special School 25.000, Recreation 1.000, BOCES 0.250, Mr. Brown seconded, motion carried.
        Ms. Ashley Garrelts, UW-CES, said there could be an iron deficiency, lack of water or disease
killing the Juniper shrubs around the Courthouse. She suggested thinning or removing the Juniper
shrubs. The Commissioners felt it may be best to remove the shrubs and plant grass in those areas.
        Mr. Mark Smith, Director of the Wyoming Neuroscience and Spine Institute, along with Ms.
Stacey Zeidler, discussed their grant through Wy Workers Safety and Compensation Division to
evaluate patients who have sustained work related neck and back injuries because the occurrences of
back surgeries in Wyoming exceed, by a large margin, the number of surgeries performed in other
areas of the United States.
        The regular meeting recessed at 12:00 p.m. and reconvened 1:00 p.m.
        Mr. Thad Hunter, IME, discussed the bids that were received for the Ross Road Rehabilitation
        Mr. Jim Willox moved to accept the bid of Simon Contractors for the Ross Road Rehabilitation
Project at a total cost of $2,871,088.30 that includes a base bid of $2,554,110.30 for 5.75 miles and an
alternative bid of $316,978.00 for an additional two (2) miles of overlay, Mr. Edwards seconded,
motion carried.
        The meeting recessed at 4:50 p.m. and reconvened at 8:00 a.m. on August 3, 2011.
        Ms. Dixie Huxtable, County Assessor and Ms. Kim Gullickson, Converse County Firewise
discussed a Pictometry project in the Esterbrook area, then west along the mountains. The
Commissioners authorized Ms. Huxtable $10,000 to partially help fund the $30,000 project in
conjunction with Converse County Firewise.
        Mr. Willox moved to accept the bid of US Imaging, Inc. to scan the all the records in the Clerk’s
vault at a cost of $179,036.49, Mr. Edwards seconded, motion carried.
        HD 3 Representative Hans Hunt presented ideas for a statewide redistricting plan and said that
each house district should have 9394 people, with an allowance for a variance of plus or minus 5%.
       Mr. Willox moved to send a letter of support for Representative Hans Hunt’s Statewide
Redistricting proposal. Discussion, the letter will be considered based on the outcome of the Clerks’
Association meeting on redistricting, Mr. Edwards seconded, motion carried.
       The regular meeting recessed at 11:30 a.m. into a Public Hearing for citizens’ input on the
Proposed Revised Converse County Subdivision Regulations. The proposed revisions include changes
required by state statutes. There were no comments from the public.
       The regular meeting reconvened at 11:33 a.m.
       Mr. Lehner moved to adopt the Revised Converse County Subdivision Regulations as amended,
Mr. Brown seconded, motion carried.
       The regular meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m. on August 3, 2011. /s/ Michael F. Colling, Chair
Attest: Lucile K. Taylor, Converse County Clerk
       Publish: Aug 17/18, 2011