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									Governor George Wallace

        By: Brisa C.
                    Interesting Facts
•   Governor George Wallace was
    best know for his pro-
    segregation attitude.
•   He was against desegregation.
•    In 1958 George lost the
    governor elections to John
    Patterson. While John was
    supported by the KKK, in all
    irony Patterson was supported
    by the NAACP.
•   In 1962, he was elected
    governor on a pro-segregation,
    pro-states' rights platform in a
    landslide victory.
Actions He took during the Civil Rights
On June 11.1963 he stood
in front of Foster
Auditorium at the
University of Alabama in
an attempt to stop
desegregation of that
institution by the
enrollment of two black
students, Vivian Maloen
and James Hood. This
became known as the
"Stand in the Schoolhouse
Door." Wallace stood
aside only after being
confronted by federal
                     …….more facts
•   Alabamas state constition prevented
    him from running a second term as
    governor so he then places his wife
    in the race. She won. She died in
    office May 7, 1968
•   Wallace then ran for president in
    1968. Wallace won the election
    again from white voters in the south.
•   Hippies called him a “born-again
•   Famous for his quote "I was killing
    facist when you punks were in
    diapers." To other so-called hippies,
    who were simply non-Nazis, he said,
    "You shout four letter words at me,
    well, I have two for you: W-O-R-K
    and S-O-A-P."
•   Wallace disagreed with Abraham
    Lincoln that blacks should be able to
    vote, serve on juries, or hold public
    offices. Although he did agree with
    lincoln that equality for blaks could
    come with education, uplift and time.
•   1970 he was elected governor
    of alabama for a second term
    but lost.
•   Was know for running one of
    the “nastiest campaigns in
    state history” while using racist
    rhestoric. "Do you want the
    black block electing your
    governor?" and circulated an
    ad showing a white girl
    surrounded by seven black
    boys, with the slogan "Wake
    Up Alabama! Blacks vow to
    take over Alabama."
•   A gallup pole at the time
    showed Wallace to be the
    seventh most admired man in
    America, just ahead of Pope
    Paul VI.
 Near Death Experience
• 1972 wallace ran for president
• During this election as he was
  campaignin he was shot five times      Arthur Herman
  in a would be assasin. One of the      Bremer shot Wallace
  bullets was lodged into his spinal
  cord leaving him paralyzed for life.
  After this assasin attempt he
  dropped out of the race to be
         Death of George Wallace
•   In the late 1970s Wallace
    became a born again
    christian, and in the same
    era apologized to black
    civil rights leaders for his
    earlier segregationist views,
    calling these views wrong.
    He said that while once he
    sought power and glory,
    he realized he needed to
    seek love and forgiveness.
•    Wallace died from septic
    shock in Montgomery,
    Alabama on September
    13, 1998

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