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									Craig Feinberg
PO Box 1906  Park City, Utah  84060-1906  435-940-1060 and 435-513-5171 

Qualifications Summary
Over 17 years of international microfinance and small business development experience. Initiated, developed and managed complex
multi-donor nationwide microfinance sector development project in Sierra Leone. Designed, developed and managed two micro credit
programs. Served as a long term resident technical advisor for three microfinance institutions, two non-bank financial institutions and
one commercial bank. Extensive experience with rural and urban individual and group lending methodologies; small medium enterprise
lending; product design; training and technical assistance; market research and writing policy and procedure manuals, reports and
proposals. Five years of domestic sales and marketing. Fluent Spanish, intermediate Russian, basic Portuguese.

Rwanda                 ShoreBank International, Resident Advisor to Fina Bank                       September 16, 2009 – July 1, 2011
                      Provide training and technical assistance to the Fina Bank Micro, Small
                       and Medium Enterprise department on providing loans from $1,700 -
                      Recommended and implemented institutional changes in initial interview
                       and site visit procedures and forms; verifying applicant information,
                       determining loan amounts and installments, collateral assessment,
                       monitoring and delinquency management.
                      Mentor credit management and staff.
                      Disbursements of 56 term loans with an outstanding portfolio of $1.3
                       million under implemented methodology through March 2011. Portfolio at
                       Risk 30 days 1.6 per cent. Disbursements of 41 loans, leases, overdrafts
                       and lines of credit with an outstanding portfolio of $1.5 million with 100
                       per cent repayment rate.
                      Introduced and implemented credit committee procedures to review loan
                      Designed and conducted training sessions for 25 credit and senior
                       management staff on applicant screening, site visit procedures, balance
                       sheets, profit/loss statements, cash flow projections, ratio analysis,
                       verifying information, collateral assessment and monitoring.
                      Conducted delinquency management training for 48 lending, credit
                       administration, legal and recovery staff.
                      Conducted process mapping training to analyze loan approval process,
                       increase efficiency and reduce turn-around time.
                      Wrote policies and procedures for loans for tenders.
                      Revised credit risk loan analysis template. Trained and mentored risk
                       analysts on identifying credit risks associated with loan purpose, credit
                       history, client character, management, business sector, loan security and
                       financial statements.
                      Analyzed and documented all procedures for automatic loan processing

Ethiopia, Ghana,       AYANI Consulting, Microcredit Consultant                                     August 25 - September 11, 2009
Zambia, Malawi        Assessment of microfinance technical service providers and trainers for
                       inclusion in the Social Microfinance Facility database.

The Gambia             ShoreCap Exchange through Enterprising Solutions Global                      January 2008 – July 2009
                       Consulting, Lead Credit Consultant to Reliance Financial Services
                      Recommended and implemented institutional changes in initial interview
                       and site visit procedures and forms; verifying applicant information,
                       determining loan amounts and installments, collateral assessment, credit
                       committee procedures, monitoring and delinquency management.
                      Designed and conducted training sessions for 25 loan and senior
                       management staff on applicant screening, site visit procedures, balance
                       sheets, profit/loss statements, cash flow projections, ratio analysis,
                       verifying information, collateral assessment, monitoring and delinquency
                       management. Trained trainers to conduct subsequent trainings.
                      Wrote loan officer field manual and training manual on client financial
                  Designed and developed policies and procedures manual for a $75 - $250
                   Individual Express Loan. Trained management and staff on
                   implementation. Trained trainers to conduct subsequent trainings.
                   Managed piloting and expansion phase.
                  Designed and implemented staff incentive systems.

USA                United Nations Capital Development Fund, Microcredit Consultant               March 20 – May 15, 2009
                   Recommended microfinance investments and conditions. Reviewed,
                   analyzed and scored 14 business plans from financial service providers
                   applying for funding from the Savings Lead Market Leaders for Building
                   Inclusive Financial Sectors (MicroLead).
Sierra Leone       Enterprising Solutions Global Consulting, Director                            July 2004 – December 2007
                  Established and managed the Microfinance Investment and Technical
                   Assistance Facility (MITAF), a $9.3 million program to build Sierra
                   Leone’s microfinance sector. Raised additional $15 million for the
                   microfinance sector through commercial capital, donor funding and bank
                   deposit mobilization.
                  Assessed and recommended five microfinance institutions (MFIs), four
                   rural community banks, one microfinance commercial bank and one
                   international implementer of village savings and loan associations for
                   grant and loan funding. Presented financial analysis and performance
                   assessment to Investment Committee members. Set performance
                   conditions and monitored performance. Designed investment risk scoring
                   system and implemented due diligence of microfinance institutions. Wrote
                   Investment Committee manual. Over $3.3 million in grants and $1.2
                   million in loans approved.
                  Sector grew from 20,140 clients at the initial period of funding disbursals
                   to 57,122 clients by December 2007. Operational sustainability of partner
                   institutions increased from zero to six institutions. Five MFIs developed
                   governance structures, underwent external audits and reported to an
                   external reporting forum. Outstanding portfolio increased from $1.2
                   million to $8 million. From zero to nine partners trained and capable of
                   submitting financial statements.
                  Identified training and technical assistance needs of MFIs and the Banking
                   Supervision Department of the Central Bank. Coordinated appraisal,
                   training and technical assistance missions with international consultants.
                  Devised scoring rating system and criteria for choosing one of five
                   international bidders to enter local market. Resulted in July 2007 opening
                   of international microfinance commercial bank, ProCredit Bank Sierra
                  Designed and conducted delinquency management, business planning,
                   governance, introducing individual lending and client financial analysis
                   training. Designed group loan training and conducted training of trainers.
                   Coordinated trainings on human resource management, internal controls,
                   due diligence, external auditing, accounting, financial analysis,
                   management information systems and regulation and supervision.
                   Provided technical assistance to funding recipients. Designed reporting
                   format and procedures for funding recipients.
                  Established partnership with governmental microfinance training and
                   technical assistance institution. Developed microfinance network.
                  Coordinated legal workshop on regulation and supervision. Liaise with the
                   central bank, government ministries and civil society. Wrote donor
                   reports, fundraised and coordinated funding disbursals based on
                  Hired, trained and supervised international and local staff. Recruited and
                   managed six experienced long term technical advisors.

Mozambique         Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA), Microcredit                 May 19 - June 16, 2004
                  Conducted viability study of merger between MEDA and Save the
                Children’s microcredit programs to one locally registered program.
               Analyzed and compared each institution’s mission, legal status, capital
                resources, compatibility of loan products, geographical coverage, human
                resources, operational cost structure, market segment, portfolio indicators,
                financial statements, MIS, accounting capabilities, and strengths,
                weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
               Provided guidance and recommendations on executing the merger.

Guatemala       Save the Children, Microcredit Consultant                                      March 15 - 31, 2004
               Served as Team Leader to conduct feasibility study of merging Save the
                Children’s microfinance program with one of five institutions for forming
                an independent local institution.
               Scrutinized each institution’s mission, compatibility of loan products,
                expansion strategy, cost structure, market, capital, portfolio, MIS,
                management and personnel resources.
               Analyzed strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of each of the
                institutions, advantages and disadvantages of merging with the respective
                institutions, merger conditions and potential risks. Made recommendations
                on merger and subsequent action.

Palestine       Save the Children, Microcredit Consultant                                      February 27 – March 10, 2004
               Assessed obstacles of reaching donor targets for FATEN, Palestine for
                Credit & Development. Devised strategy for donor relations, revised
                targets, efficiency and productivity targets and establishing an internal
                audit unit.
               Presented recommendations on use of group loan officers for individual
                loan products, flexible repayment schedules and donor reports.

Nepal           Save the Children, Microfinance Technical Advisor                              January 2003 – February 2004
               Provided technical assistance to Nirdhan Utthan Bank Limited. Oversaw
                program objectives of increasing active clients from 35,400 to 50,150;
                opening eight new branches; introducing new savings and loan
                methodology for under-served rural hill region; introducing more flexible
                micro-insurance, savings, and loan products in existing rural branches.
               Designed system and wrote manual for client monitoring.
               Designed incentive system with senior management.
               Wrote research and development manual for product design in rural hill
                regions. Conducted market research in hill region. Designed market
                research system for product modifications of existing savings and loan
               Wrote manual for new group loan product targeting clients in semi-urban
               Wrote loan write-off policy and procedures.
               Wrote proposal that secured funding to provide innovative savings and
                credit services to former bonded laborers.
               Assessed individual loan program and trained senior management on
                revised methods of client screening, initial interviews, site visits, credit
                committee, credit manager approval and client monitoring.
               Revised business plan.

China           United Nations Development Programme, Microcredit Consultant                   November 30 - December 22, 2002
               Team Leader of 10 staff members for rural “Sustainable Microfinance to
                Alleviate Poverty” product development assignment.
               Created marketing, active and former client surveys and database.
                Conducted surveys, analyzed data and designed new group and individual
                loan products. Recommended improvements on methodology, group
                sizes, repayment frequency, loan terms, credit rating, penalties and
                program systems for existing rural farmer group loan product.
               Wrote manual for new group loan product. Conducting training on
                management structure, group formation, loan processing, credit rating,
                internal controls, loan disbursals, loan repayments and monitoring.
               Conducted delinquency management training.
Mozambique        Save the Children, Microcredit Consultant                                    October 27 - November 25, 2002
                 Assessed program stagnation, financial control system and general
                  procedures. Pinpointed deficiencies, made concrete recommendations and
                  documented the need to increase loan sizes, simplify loan approval
                  process, modify incentive scheme, and decrease loan staff attrition rate.
                  Introduced client marketing scheme, credit rating system and client audit.
                 Trained senior management on use of client exit interview, client audit
                  and financial ratios. Wrote reporting and monitoring manual.

                  Save the Children, Regional Microcredit Technical Advisor                    April 2001 – October 2002
                  Provided technical assistance to microfinance institutions in Armenia,
                  Georgia and Azerbaijan. MDF Kamurj in Armenia disburses group loans
                  from $50 - $950; over 6,000 total clients; outstanding portfolio
                  $1,140,000. Constanta Foundation in Georgia disburses group loans from
                  $50 - $1,000, individual loans from $1,000 - $3,000; over 14,000 total
                  clients; outstanding portfolio $1,600,000. Save the Children Azerbaijan
                  disburses group loans from $100 - $300 and individual loans from $300 -
                  $2,000 to 1,500 rural based refugees; outstanding portfolio $145,000.

Armenia          Completed financial projections utilizing Microfin software. Wrote donor
                  reports and proposal that secured loan capital funding.
                 Reviewed and modified loan policies and procedures. Completed
                  operations manual on field operations, reporting, monitoring,
                  administration and finance.
                 Revised business plan. Developed board of directors.
                 Designed and conducted loan officer training seminars on analyzing
                  businesses for larger loans through balance sheets and profit loss
                  statements, delinquency control, microfinance principles, best practices
                  and interest rate calculations.
                 Designed credit rating system for groups, marketing program for client
                  recruitment, and client transfer, monitoring and loan write-off policy.
                  Restructured mid-level management.

Republic of      Reviewed policies and procedures of individual loan program.
Georgia           Recommended changes in loan application, initial interview and site visit
                  procedures and forms; verifying applicant information, determining loan
                  amounts, collateral assessment, loan monitoring and credit committee
                 Designed and conducted credit committee training seminars on analyzing
                  balance sheets, profit/loss statements and financial ratios.

Azerbaijan       Developed and supervised loan portfolio recovery strategy and staff
                  development procedures. Pinpointed deficiencies, made
                  recommendations and trained senior staff on group formation, financial
                  and staff reports, loan repayment and disbursal accountability, verifying
                  applicant information and monitoring. Recommendations resulted in
                  repayment rate increase from 68% to 99%.
                 Reviewed policies and procedures of individual loan program. Modified
                  overall procedures of financial assessments, verifying applicant
                  information, underwriting loans, determining loan amounts, collateral
                  assessment, forms and loan monitoring.
                 Designed and conducted loan officer, credit committee and senior staff
                  training seminars for individual loan candidate screening, balance sheets,
                  and profit/loss statement analysis, verifying information, monitoring and
                  program procedures.
                 Wrote group and individual loan policies and procedures manuals. Wrote
                  program extension proposal that was approved.
                 Recruited and supervised training consultant and expatriate technical
                  advisor. Trained technical advisor on financial projections utilizing
                  Microfin software.
Moldova            Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Microcredit Consultant                                 August 2000 - December 2000
                  Created policies and procedures training manual for rural Savings and
                   Credit Associations’ board members and business plan preparation
                   instruction manual for loan applicants. Program disbursed individual loans
                   from $400 to $3,600 to farmers for land purchases.
                  Designed loan monitoring, subsequent loan, board member eligibility and
                   arrears policy.

Kyrgyzstan         Mercy Corps International, Small and Medium Enterprise Program                June 1998 - August 2000
                  Developed and managed individual loan program for $500 to $25,000
                   loans. First monthly profit made after five months of lending and eight
                   months of operation. Broke even in September 1999. All operational
                   expenses plus profit returned to donor.
                  Established loan disbursal and payment system with local banks.
                   Designed client credit rating procedure and loan officer incentive system.
                   Made loan decisions with credit committee, monitored arrears, managed
                   budget, portfolio and all operations.
                  Disbursed 1,041 loans totaling $4,707,754. Average active clients 404,
                   loan size $4,510 and outstanding principal $1,255,750.
                  Designed loan officer training seminars on program marketing, candidate
                   screening, balance sheets, profit/loss and cash flow statements, verifying
                   information, market analysis, collateral assessment and payment
                  Supervised 12 loan officers, five lawyers, three office managers, and a
                   management information systems officer in three offices.

Turkmenistan       Mercy Corps International, Trainer/Advisor                                    March 2000
                  Trained loan officers on communication, marketing, candidate screening,
                   subjective analysis, balance sheets, profit/loss statements, verifying
                   information, credit committee and collateral assessment.
                  Consulted on budget, banking partnership and loan processing forms.

Republic of        International Rescue Committee, Microcredit Program Manager                   April 1996 - May 1998
                  Designed, developed and managed individual loan program for refugee
                   businesses. Designed training program, devised criteria for loan selection,
                   repayment schedule and monitoring. Established participant criteria,
                   interest rate and program infrastructure. Disbursed 96 high-risk loans
                   averaging $1,200. Repayment rate 94%.
                  Designed, developed and managed group-lending program. Established
                   participant criteria, savings plan, interest rate, repayment schedule and
                   program infrastructure. Created Loan Officer Training Manual. Fifty-six
                   credit groups formed with 448 borrowers. Repayment rate 100%.
                  Implemented partnership with local non-governmental organization
                   (NGO). Secured funding to establish small business training, consulting
                   and resource center and to transfer loan portfolio to NGO through capacity
                   building. Advised in the areas of training, credit management, providing
                   business proposal assistance to seminar participants, consulting with
                   business owners and proposal writing.
                  Conducted business planning and business proposal writing training
                   seminars for over 60 prospective business owners. Transferred
                   responsibilities to local NGO. Over 300 participants trained in marketing,
                   pricing, cost analysis, cash flow projections and calculating break-even
                  Reviewed business proposals and consulted with participants.
                  Provided technical assistance to clients in marketing, management and
                   maintaining cash flow and profit/loss statements.
                  Supervised loan monitoring, training, consulting and translating staff.

Republic of        Save the Children, Small Business Trainer/Consultant                          February 1997
                Designed and conducted business proposal writing training seminars for
                 local NGO capacity building project.
                Reviewed business proposals, identified weaknesses and consulted with
                 funding candidates.

Guatemala        FINCA/Guatemala, Project Manager                                             May 1995 - February 1996
                Designed and managed handicraft export project with 16 rural credit
                 groups and over 300 borrowers/handicraft producers.
                Designed and computerized management information system for sales by
                 item and customer, order distribution, product delivery to central office,
                 inventory management, accounting and customer shipping.
                Trained producers on organizational development, quality control, price
                 calculations, product development and marketing.
                Developed and priced over 75 variations of 13 products.
                Produced catalog and promotional materials.
                Evaluated 18 credit groups on delinquency rate, loan administration,
                 training and attendance.

Guatemala        CONCERN/America, Project Coordinator                                         February - May 1995
                Collectively managed handicraft export project. Developed marketing
                 plan for new products. Processed orders, sales, expenses, inventory and
                 accounting. Designed and conducted client communication, marketing and
                 catalog production course for producers. Trained three cooperatives on
                 inventory management, product development and price calculations.

Washington       DevTech Systems Inc., Research Analyst                                       November 1994 - January 1995
                Reviewed and analyzed grant data for 400 Department of Education
                 Bilingual education programs.

Costa Rica       Putney Student Travel, Team Leader                                           Summer 1994
                Managed budget for program activities and accommodations for 17 North
                 American students.

Uruguay          Peace Corps, Small Business Advisor                                          June 1992 - June 1993
                Provided technical assistance to loan applicants. Defined problems and
                 developed solutions with delinquent clients. Trained over 20 business
                 owners in accounting, marketing, quality control, cash management and
                 pricing. Conducted marketing course for 23 business owners.

Costa Rica       Peace Corps, Small Business Advisor                                          June 1990 - May 1992
                Organized a women’s small business group; secured funding, established
                 client base, accounting and pricing system, pay scale and marketing plan.
                Executed feasibility study for funding of family business.
                Coordinated construction, acquisition of donations and fund-raising for
                 community playground.
                Trained 45 Peace Corps volunteers in integrated rural development,
                 leadership building and communication.
                Coordinated community fund-raiser with local sports committee.

Colorado         Arbor Fence Company, Sales Representative                                    1989 - 1990
                Promoted and sold product and service. Increased sales 30% over
                 previous year.

Colorado         Barnes Business College, Sales Representative                                1987 - 1989
                Recruited and interviewed prospective students for enrollment. Trained
                 new sales representatives in interviewing and telemarketing techniques.
                 Attained highest sales records for high school market in 1988 and 1989.
                 Counseled students with school and external problems.

Kentucky         Horsemen's Track and Equipment, Sales Representative                         1985 - 1987
                Obtained new clientele, acquired new suppliers and sold equipment.
               Handled logistics, translations and sales in Latin America in July 1993.

Colorado       Vail Associates, Customer Service                                          1983 - 1985
              Sold and distributed food to ski industry customers.
Education and Training
Washington          Business Planning and Financial Modeling for Microfinance Institutions       April 2001
D.C.                 training course.

Vermont               School for International Training                                           1993 - 1994
                     Master’s in International and Intercultural Management, major in training   Thesis presented 1997
                      and sustainable development.

Costa Rica            Peace Corps                                                                 Summer 1990
                     Spanish, cross cultural adaptation and micro-enterprise development

Kentucky              University of Kentucky                                                      1979 - 1983
                     Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.
                     Member of American Marketing Association and Sigma Chi fraternity.

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