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Customer Success Story


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                           “HireVue improved our cost per hire, time to fill and overall attrition.” –Stephanie Owens Director
                           Talent Acquisition, Mosaic
   What HireVue
    Stands For             The Challenge
“Mosaic chose              Gaining Quality Candidates for High-Volume Hiring
HireVue’s solution to
ensure the company         As a premier provider of marketing and sales solutions for its clients, Mosaic is always
could quickly hire a
                           looking for better and faster ways to hire top-notch talent to represent unique and strong
high-volume of seasonal
                           brands, such as Dell and Apple. For Mosaic, timing is critical with the hiring process. It’s
workers matched
specifically to their
                           not uncommon for the need to hire hundreds
                           of people with less than a month’s notice to      “HireVue permanently stores every
clients’ unique cultures
and needs”                 occur. And with the variety and types of          recorded interview, resulting in a
                           clients serviced and the highly visible nature    proprietary database of candidate
                           of the roles, the company needed to get to        information that can reduce the
                           find quality candidates and know candidates       need to attract new candidates.
 Benefits of HireVue       well – and fast. Also, as a representative of     One user indicated that HireVue
Mosaic’s employment        many innovative companies, Mosaic wants           was a significant factor in
brand improved as they     solutions that project their technology-savvy     reducing job-board
became perceived as a      image to clients and prospective talent.          expenditures by 30 percent” 1
cool, tech-savvy
company because of the                                                             Source: “L1-Research Note-Assessing the
                           The Solution                                           Value of HireVue,” Nucleus Research, 2011
innovative technology
and interviewing           Interview Management Solution
                           Mosaic chose HireVue’s solution to ensure the company could quickly hire a high-volume
                           of seasonal workers matched specifically to their clients’ unique cultures and needs.
                           Starting with the urgent high-volume needs for the next quarter, Mosaic focused on
                           HireVue’s Live Video Interview solution to enable and record live two-way or panel
                           interviews with candidates.
   Convenience of
     HireVue               While pleased with the live interviews the Mosaic team added the virtual interviews to
                           improve hiring productivity and quality even more. The hiring team can now review
“The Mosaic team
                           recorded virtual interviews immediately and multiple times to identify, compare, and
immediately noticed the
                           evaluate specific candidates. Then, during live video interviews, the team focuses on final
elimination of interview
travel time and
                           inquiries around outstanding issues rather than asking redundant questions.
coordination which led
to improvements in         The Results
time-to-hire and hiring    Hiring Process, Reduced Costs, and Bonus Additions of Increased Branding
The Mosaic team immediately noticed the elimination of interview travel time and
                                            coordination which led to
 “By reducing both the number of             improvements in time-to-hire and
 candidates per position and the             hiring costs. Team productivity also
 length of time required for each            improved as less time was spent on
 interview, HireVue can reduce              interview scheduling and
 the amount of time spent on                administrative tasks.
 interviews by an average of 50
 percent” 1                                       Overall, the HireVue solution results in
                                                  a better quality of hire. Internal
    Source: “L1-Research Note-Assessing the Value
 of HireVue,” Nucleus Research, 2011
                                                  satisfaction is important to the Mosaic
                                                  HR team. Not only do hiring managers
                                                  consistently give great feedback, but
                                                  senior management also expresses that
HR is perceived as a better business partner after the HireVue solution
implementation. Mosaic finds that the powerful combination of virtual and live
interviews allows them to make the best hiring decisions faster. The virtual interview
allows the hiring team to quickly assess and share candidates’ abilities and potential
fit for the culture at Mosaic’s client companies – earlier in the hiring process, on their
own time and more efficiently than ever before. Then the live video interview allows
for probing questions with only the best candidates. And, interviewer feedback is
more easily obtained and used to make the right hiring decisions.

As an added benefit interview candidates’ perspective on Mosaic increased. Mosaic’s
employment brand improved as they became perceived as a cool, tech-savvy company
because of the innovative technology and interviewing approach. Candidates enjoy the
interview experience and appreciate being able to “sell” themselves earlier in the
process. They are able to learn more about the company from a branded landing page,
the materials in their webcam package, and personalized video messages viewed
before and after their interviews. They also love being able to keep the webcams as

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