Annual Fourth of July Bake Sale by wuxiangyu


									  SHOREWOOD LEAGUE BULLETIN                                                 NUMBER 4532 - JULY 2010
                                                                               The Shorewood Hills Community
We mourn the death of                                                         League would like to acknowledge
        Laurie Joiner – 3330 Tallyho Lane                                    births and deaths of Village residents.
        Dr. Jack Kammer – former dental professional on Marshall Court         Please help us by notifying Betsy
                                                                              Kramer (238-9982) with such info.

                              Annual Fourth of July Bake Sale
All bakers and sweet-lovers are invited to the annual League Bake Sale on July 4th at the Fire Station. Come
down and enjoy a homemade dessert or help by donating a baked good. We need your support! Once again,
Bagelpalooza will be available featuring a “build your own bagel bar.” Please drop off baked goods on the
morning of July 4 by 8:00 am. Thank you in advanced for your support! Contact Christy McCarthy at 238-
3695 or with questions.

A THANK YOU from Georgene Stratman, Cocoa Mulch Sale Chairperson
On behalf of the Garden Club, I would like to thank the Village crew for their help with loading and unloading
mulch and the use of Village trucks. And thanks also to Gary Anderson, Phil Heiner and Paul Rutecki for their
help with loading and deliveries. We are grateful to all who purchased the mulch and Plant Sale items. There
is still mulch left, so contact me (238-4860) if you want to purchase any.
Reminder – Please send in your Garden Club membership forms soon! (see June Bulletin for application)

    Village of Shorewood Hills Community League Ice Cream Social Sunday, July 18th
                 At the Shorewood Hills Pool – 7:00 pm – Stay to watch the Wallet Ballet Show
                                             $1.00 for one scoop
                                             $2.00 for two scoops
 All proceeds help fund Shorewood Hills Community League events. If you would like to help scoop, call
 Monica Lawson at 238-0167.

For two days in July (Saturday, July 24 and Sunday, July 25) Borders Books in Shorewood Hills will donate a
percent of sales, from all customers requesting that they do so, to the Shorewood Hills Foundation Tree
Lights Fund to support the installation and upkeep of the Holiday Lights along University Avenue. Custom-
ers only need to mention, at Borders’ registers, that they’d like a portion of their sale to go to this worthy
cause. Borders will keep track of the total and donate at least 10% of each sale. The percentage donated will
go up with the total amount that customers spend in the store. It could be as much as 25% if customers spend
more than $20,000 during the two ‘Benefit Days.’
Dr. Jack Kammer planted the 1,000 foot long row of 228 trees along the railroad tracks between Marshall
Court and University Avenue in 1984. He began decorating them with lights in 1997 and has done so every
year since then. Community volunteers along with his family and the Village of Shorewood Hills are commit-
ted to making sure this tradition continues. Clip the ‘coupon’ on the next page as a reminder of the dates for
this exciting opportunity, and thanks for participating.
  SHOREWOOD LEAGUE BULLETIN (CONTINUED)                                                                         NUMBER 4532 - JULY 2010

SERVICES                                                                           SERVICES (CONTINUED)
Green Acres Lawn Service – Now is the time to sign-up for                          Sue Jefferson, Stark Co. Realtors, “Trusted, Respected, Proven”
shredded bark mulch sales and spreading, gutter and downspout                      “True success is overcoming the fear of becoming successful.”
cleaning, lawn mowing, sidewalk and driveway edging, fertil-                                                                         – Paul Sweeney
izer and weed control programs, lawn aeration, bush pruning,                       Sue Jefferson, Your Neighbor and Neighborhood Realtor,
tree work and blacktop driveway sealing. Free estimates, fully                     has the following for sale in Shorewood Hills:
insured. Call Rob at 831-8050 or e-mail                         • 3514 Topping Road – $975,000
                                                                                   • 2701 Oxford Road – $335,000
Math Tutor (Elementary, Middle and High School) – Current                          • 3533 Topping Road – $429,900
High School Mathematics teacher and Shorewood Hills resi-                          I’m working with Village residents who plan to sell but have
dent. References upon request. Call or e-mail Steve Collins at                     not yet listed. I’m working with buyers who are moving here
233-9494 or                                                and would like a Village home. If you know someone who is
                                                                                   thinking of selling, please refer them to me. For more informa-
Call B&E Construction and Remodeling for your home im-                             tion, call me at: Cell 279-3701, Office 836-9300 ext. 313.
provements – additions, windows, siding, roofing, basements                        Sue Jefferson, Stark Co Realtors, “Trusted, Respected, Proven”
and small jobs. Call Brett at 831-5545.
                                                                                   Private, Semi-Private and Small Group TENNIS LESSONS
Free haul-away of appliances – Usually same-day pick-up.                           (Children ages 4-13) – My name is Allie Dyer. I graduated
Call Brett at 238-3688.                                                            from West High School where I played four years of varsity
                                                                                   tennis. I have taught tennis at Nakoma Country Club, MSCR,
FOR SALE                                                                           Rising Stars Tennis Program, and I am an instructor at Shore-
Lovely, buildable, wooded lot on Sweetbriar Road for sale.                         wood Hills Tennis this summer. If your child is interested in
For more information call: 213-1544.                                               improving his / her tennis skills with individualized lessons,
                                                                                   please contact me at or 608-469-5486.

 The Shorewood Hills Community League Bulletin accepts ads from Village residents and businesses. The Bulletin does not accept non-resident commercial ads.
 Non-residents wishing to buy or rent homes in the Village may place ads for such if they provide a Village reference. Limit ads to 150 words or less.

 Commercial ads placed by businesses within Shorewood Hills Village limits: 50¢ per word. Residents of the Village: 30¢ per word. Residents under the age of
 18: 10¢ per word. Make payment to the Shorewood Hills League. Mail to Annette Mahler, 3220 Tally Ho Lane, Madison, WI 53705, 233-6732. The Bulletin is
 published monthly.

 Ads are due on Friday preceding the Village Board meeting. The League is not responsible for, nor does it endorse, services advertised in the Bulletin.

     Saturday, July 25, 2010 & Sunday, July 26, 2010
                    Please donate a percentage of my purchase
              to support the Holiday Lights along University Avenue!
                                   (Shorewood Hills Foundation Tree Lights Fund)
                                Clip this coupon or mention the Holiday Lights donation at the register

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