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Audio, Video, Embedding Forms and
Do you want a blog?
• Do you have time to update?
  • 1-2 times a week minimum
• Do you have time to reach out to other blogs and social
  • It’s social media, so you need to be social
  • Visit other blogs with similar content, leave comments, link to them
     • Reciprocity is the name of the game
     • Hopefully they (and others) will link to you
  • Cross-promote via Facebook, Twitter
• Do you have something to say?
  • Is there a community out there that will find this information
    consistently useful?
 Blog Basics
• Outreach
  • In addition to visiting and linking to similar blogs/sites….
     • Make sure RSS feed is enabled and visible
     • Put the URL on emails, pamphlets, stationary, business cards

• Share useful information
  • Be a concise, consistent, reliable resource
• Simple, effective design
  • Pre-designed templates are very helpful for this
• Images
   • One image per post is a good rule
   • Be judicious, link content to imagery, attribute sources
• Lists!
   • People LOVE numbered lists (e.g. 10 Great Things About Windows 7)
Blog Hosting Services
• Blogger (
  • From Google
  • Easy to set up (almost instant!)
  • Well designed templates available
• Wordpress (
  • Highly customizable
  • Can have them host it, or host it yourself
  • Learning curve slightly more steep than Blogger
• Tumblr (
   • More of a micro-blogging platform
   • Popular with photo-blogs
• Xanga (
• LiveJournal (
Starting Up
• Actual blog name (e.g. Technology Toolbox)
• Unique domain name (e.g. technotoolbox)
  • Try to match title; might take a few tries to find a unique one
  • Entire URL:
• Choose a template or theme
  • Change it whenever you like                  Wordpress Dashboard

        Blogger Dashboard
Blogger and Wordpress Posting


• Two options for Blogger:
   • Upload it yourself
      • Need to be in Compose mode, not Edit HTML mode
      • Click the video icon, and upload
  • YouTube
      • Owned by Google
      • Automatically converts to Flash
      • Hosted for free
      • Go to YouTube video, copy and paste embed code into post
       (Edit HTML mode)
• Wordpress allows YouTube option only
  • Upload your own with paid subscription or plugin
  • Go to YouTube video, copy and paste embed code into post
    (HTML mode)
• Neither Blogger or Wordpress host audio
  • They both did for awhile, both shut it down

• Podbean
  • Podcast (audio blog) hosting service
  • Free (email, username, password)
  • Upload, then use embed code to post



Google Forms

• Hosted from Google Docs
• Create the form
  • How to:
• Open the form
• Form>Embed form in a webpage
• Responses instantly submitted to Excel-like spreadsheet
 on Google docs
Google Forms (con’t)
• It will probably be too wide
• Change code width attribute from “760” to “400”
• <iframe
  width="400" height="900" frameborder="0"
  marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Loading...</iframe>
• You can change height as well
Embedding Documents
• Upload document to Google Docs
• Open document
  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF
• Click Share>Publish to the Web
• Copy-and-paste embed code into blog
• Add width and height attributes for more control
  • E.g. width=“400” height=“900”
• Converts PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoints to Flash
  • Looks nice, easy to navigate, full screen option
• Upload, choose platform (Blogger, Wordpress, etc.), size,
 color, format, copy-and-paste code

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